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1: 2018-11-17: Life on the Texas Panhandle has never been easy... but we do have grillin’ (my 2010 video reposted today to Instagram)
2: 2018-11-04: 🇲🇦🐫 I want to go back to Morocco, rent a car and visit the Sahara desert. It is cheap and seems relatively low-risk. These roads are heavily touristed by Europeans. {10 photos on Instagram}
3: 2018-09-29: See here for all my best posts on Instagram since 2015:
4: 2017-08-23: My selfies are better than yours. Check them out on Instagram:
5: 2017-07-01: All the amazing places I went in June 2017, as recorded on Instagram. 11 countries on 3 continents!
6: 2017-04-14: If only life were like Instagram. Everything is wonderful. Everyone has great friends. Every event is a triumph. No one makes any mistakes.
7: 2017-03-30: "If I were pretty young woman I'd have a million followers by now," I said, so I've become one on Instagram.
8: 2017-03-27: RT @Peripatetia: People watching in Kiev. Collection of 10 photos on Instagram.
9: 2017-03-21: "Are You a Multi-Tasker or a Single-Tasker?" - my first animated essay on Instagram
10: 2017-03-18: The rules of my Instagram account are found in the caption of this post:
11: 2017-01-23: All my Instagram videos from the Inauguration protests in Washington.
12: 2016-12-18: One of the biggest disappointments about dreaming is that the images and stories I experience cannot be copied and pasted into Instagram.
13: 2016-12-12: I posted this on Instagram ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, then I deleted it. I am reposting it now for historical interest.
14: 2016-10-26: One minute Instagram promo for my new travel show from Kazakhstan.
15: 2016-04-02: RT @Peripatetia: A video I took in Iceland in October has just gone viral on Instagram. Aurora borealis. https://t.…
16: 2015-07-28: My new 8-minute philosophy video on narcissism and Instagram:
17: 2015-07-13: RT @Peripatetia: All my Instagram posts from my World Tour in June: -
18: 2015-05-25: "It is the nature of the future...." As tweeted by @BadDalaiLama. Now on Instagram: -
19: 2015-05-11: My best Instagram photos and videos from around the world.
20: 2015-04-18: Spammy, Spammy Instagrammy.
21: 2015-04-17: Standard female Instagram account: selfie, selfie, food, selfie with friends, flower, selfie, food, selfie, airplane wing, selfie on beach.
22: 2015-04-16: Passed over the Manhattan skyline today. Almost close enough to touch! Also on Instagram:
23: 2015-02-23: Everyone on Instagram should follow Satiregram. You'll save so much time!
24: 2015-02-13: RT @Peripatetia: This is my 1000th post on Instagram, including 100s of videos since June 2013.…
25: 2015-01-08: A video of mine is censored on Instagram. Info: - Original video:
26: 2014-11-27: Dear Instagram girl: Your selfies and food shots do not impress us. Give us some content please!
27: 2014-11-21: Instagram tip: 100% selfies = spam.
28: 2014-11-21: Easy gauge of narcissism on Instagram: ratio of selfies to outward-looking photos.
29: 2014-11-03: RT @TheEconomist: From our Instagram: Here is our Monday Economist ad caption to start your week…
30: 2014-10-20: North Korea on Instagram. It's impossible to tell whether this is the real thing or a parody account. You decide.
31: 2014-06-29: RT @Peripatetia: My new overview of my Instagram account, including live links to my personal hashtags.
32: 2014-06-29: RT @Peripatetia: Last week was my 1 year anniversary on Instagram. Here is my first post from Istanbul on June 21, 2013:…
33: 2014-06-21: I am an intensely private man, apart from my postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and my confessions on Montel Williams.
34: 2014-05-31: See my Instagram for 500+ of my best photos from the last 6 months:
35: 2014-05-07: See my Instagram for some of my best photos of all time
36: 2014-02-27: The Good @DalaiLama is now on Instagram. 100% selfies. No food shots.
37: 2014-02-27: RT @DalaiLama: His Holiness the Dalai Lama is now on @Instagram. You can follow the official account at
38: 2014-02-27: The Law of Instagram: Selfies and food shots shall not exceed 2% of total output. #listenupladies
39: 2014-02-18: "Instagram users are overwhelmingly young, wealthy and female"... and taking a lot of selfies and food shots. (re @vindugoel)
40: 2014-01-29: Instagramming on the Keys
41: 2014-01-14: My latest 50 photos on Instagram
42: 2014-01-01: Sunsets of 2013, as posted on Instagram (15 sec video)
43: 2013-12-25: @laurenahayes Holiday request: Impossibly cute Instagram video of Kingsley.
44: 2013-12-18: Follow me on Instagram: - Family friendly, suitable for work, guaranteed nonoffensive, pretty pictures only.
45: 2013-12-11: How I Use Instagram (my new Facecbook note):
46: 2013-11-09: The color of your photo affects the number of Instagram likes it gets.
47: 2013-10-07: Follow me on Instagram, now a fad I'm actually using.
48: 2013-10-07: You can Instagram your meals, vacations and friends but not your dreams and imagination. So sad. All those dreams wasted!
49: 2013-09-28: 6-second Vines are too fast for comfortable viewing. They make me queasy. 15-second Instagram videos are just right. What God intended.
50: 2013-09-12: Anchorage Airport, July 2. 15-second Instagram video: Took a lot of planes to get it right!
51: 2013-09-07: Got time to waste? Check out my Instagram pics and videos. (I'm a newbie, so only 51 so far.)
52: 2013-08-17: Vine is, like, so six months ago. Switch to Instagram video and actually say something. cc: @MinnieGupta
53: 2013-08-08: RT @washingtonpost: Instagram update allows "latergram" for videos
54: 2013-07-09: The littlest float in the Tok 4th of July parade. (Instagram Video)
55: 2013-06-21: I have no idea what to do with Instagram video. @ Chillout Cengo Hostel
56: 2012-11-20: The proper way to eat an Oreo is to Instagram it before, during and after. "Attention, everyone, this is the Oreo I'm eating!"
57: 2012-11-16: RT @MailOnline: Amid the rockets and the bombs Israeli soldiers prepare for battle... by posting pictures on Instagram
58: 2012-04-11: Instagram for $1 billion? Definitely don't understand that one. Facebook digging itself a deeper hole? #FacebookBubble
59: 2011-12-05: Blow-up Santas seem like Instagram material. @ Lowe's Home Improvement
60: 2011-11-28: My first Instagram photo. @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
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