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1: 2014-10-16: youth + success = hubris
2: 2014-02-04: He spent his early life amassing wealth, property, power and the requisite hubris for a disastrous midlife crash.
3: 2013-09-11: Prosperity brings hubris, wastefulness, parasites and bureaucracy, which eventually bring the prosperity to an end.
4: 2013-05-23: sophrosyne vs. hubris
5: 2012-10-23: It's not starvation, but an excess of resources breeds its own set of debilitating diseases, like obesity and hubris.
6: 2012-09-19: Hubris is when someone rolls the dice, happens to win and thinks thereafter that he can't lose.
7: 2012-07-11: The only cure for hubris is a crash.
8: 2012-07-09: hubris — n. a tragic and often fatal condition of believing your own hype. Usually cured only by a painful crash.
9: 2012-05-17: The calamities of nations are little different that those of individuals: a bad marriage, too much debt, good intentions gone awry, hubris.
10: 2011-12-09: The most dangerous substance on Earth is called hubris.
11: 2011-11-21: When hubris leads to a crash, it is hard to not feel some schadenfreude, except that innocent people also get injured.
12: 2011-09-01: You can't blame droughts or economic downturns for the sorry state of human affairs. You should blame human hubris in the good times.
13: 2011-08-03: Boom-and-bust is the natural cycle not just of economies but of individuals. Success leads to hubris leads to collapse.
14: 2011-06-28: Apart from earthquakes and tornados, catastrophe is rarely random. It usually flows from the excesses and hubris of the previous success.
15: 2011-05-27: Hubris is thinking your romance will last forever.
16: 2011-04-26: The ultimate act of hubris is having children.
17: 2011-04-10: Youth is a period of boundless optimism—and poisonous hubris that will eventually bring it down.
18: 2011-03-18: Our 2008 essay: "Hubris: The Tragic Disease of Success" hubris>
19: 2011-03-04: Hubris can take the form of humbly thanking God for your success then assuming that God is now on your side. (cc:@Wyrdmaven)
20: 2011-03-04: hubris—n. [see @CharlieSheen]
21: 2011-03-04: Hubris is when you succeed at something and think you are charmed because if it.
22: 2010-12-07: The most dangerous substance on Earth: hubris.
23: 2010-09-26: Hubris is thinking, when a roll of the dice favors you, that the dice really care.
24: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-10: The root of every bust is the euphoria and hubris of the previous boom. When will we ever learn?
25: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: Hubris is thinking, when a roll of the dice favors you, that the dice really care.
26: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-17: "Hubris" is the invincibility you feel after some success. Next, you take on more than you can handle and come crashing down.
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