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1: 2018-04-07: As a Campbell, I will never forgive the MacDonalds for inviting us into their home so we could slaughter them. They sullied my family’s reputation for generations. #GlencoeMassacre
2: 2017-11-29: Today’s episode of A Prairie Home Companion is sponsored by Powdermilk Biscuits, Bertha's Kitty Boutique and WTF Is Happening.
3: 2017-07-21: RT @jonfavs: Where in Washington is there a home for an ex-White House press secretary who set new records for dishonesty?
4: 2017-04-15: Visiting a nice home is like touring a museum. I marvel at the owner's creativity, but I'm also thinking, "Who can live in a museum?"
5: 2017-03-30: .@MinnieGupta Not coming from a broken home can give you unrealistic expectations about the inherent justice of the world.
6: 2017-03-17: Many a scientist, lawyer and journalist, using their brain for a living, checks it at the door when they go home to their private life.
7: 2017-03-12: Oxymoron Alert: "homeowner" – You don't own it. It owns to you.
8: 2016-08-25: On My Bucket List: Get mad at my coworkers. Go home. Get my gun. Settle the score.
9: 2016-08-15: Why, when I was a kid boys took Shop and girls took Home Ec and if you didn't like it you could move out of America. #makeamericagreatagain
10: 2016-07-31: RT @TIME: How Homer Simpson decided between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
11: 2016-02-23: With the old folks at home.
12: 2015-12-13: Christmas is that magical time when all the bearded homeless guys get to play Santa and make some beer money.
13: 2015-07-22: Civil disobedience: buying something in Delaware without sales tax, taking it to your home state and failing to pay use tax. #thoreauabides
14: 2015-03-02: homemade pie = pie manufactured in an uncontrolled residence by unregulated labor without health department supervision or FDA approval
15: 2015-02-07: Owning your own home forces you to take a second job in Facilities Management.
16: 2014-11-21: New way to browse BDL's Twitter archive: my homemade "Keyword Sampler"
17: 2014-11-07: "Made with Real Cheese" is meaningless without a quantity. It could be homeopathic doses of Real Cheese.
18: 2014-10-25: RT @Peripatetia: My first 3D Photosynth! Homeless camp in Springfield, Mass. You can almost smell it!…
19: 2014-08-29: Homeopathy is a theory that tiny amounts of a toxin coupled with extraordinary levels of bullshit can trigger a placebo response.
20: 2014-08-24: RT @Peripatetia: I don't do extreme sports or Third World travel, but I will do extreme homelessness if circumstances call for it. #sleepan…
21: 2014-06-20: If you have ever had your cat bring home a half-eaten wood fairy, you know embarrassing it is.
22: 2014-06-07: Anti-homeless people studs in London: @Ziya_Meral - Nothing a few sheets of cardboard won't fix.
23: 2014-06-07: Early photos of reclusive copper heiress who bought extravagant homes she never occupied.
24: 2014-06-04: Dying cicada in my hand in my hometown of Bedford, Mass. (July 2011)
25: 2014-05-10: Checking out of a hotel room is easier than leaving your home. Scanning the room, you have 100% confidence you haven't forgotten anything.
26: 2014-05-07: WELCOME HOME TROOPS! We have no idea what you were doing over there, but it sure is swell that you did it!
27: 2014-04-22: RT @washingtonpost: Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is
28: 2014-03-17: The oldest Machiavellian trick in the book: Nurture external enemies to consolidate power at home.
29: 2014-03-04: Crimea is home of the world oldest pyramid, dating to the dinosaurs and presumably built by them. Via @ohboywhatashot
30: 2014-03-02: Now a lifetime member! (I only wish I were younger so I could get more out of it.) @ Casey Jones Home
31: 2014-01-19: Coastal home buyers in New Jersey will see "a foot of sea-level rise by the time they pay off a 30-year mortgage." @nytimes
32: 2014-01-15: Wisdom is looking at what everyone else is doing and saying, "Nah, I think I'll stay home."
33: 2014-01-11: Has Homer Simpson solved Fermat's Last Theorem?
34: 2013-12-29: RT @TheBosha: Edvard Munch/Home Alone emoji: /0\
35: 2013-12-21: Madonna's brother is a homeless alcoholic. This doesn't say that she is cruel but that resources aren't the problem.
36: 2013-12-12: Home of the Donald @ Trump Building
37: 2013-12-04: You travel the galaxy, fight the evil empire, restore order to the universe, then return home only to find nothing has changed.
38: 2013-11-17: Visiting a spectacular home makes me feel sad for the occupants. The home owns them.
39: 2013-10-06: The world relies on people with steady jobs, stable homes and children, but that doesn't mean you have to go there yourself.
40: 2013-08-25: Relationship advice: home renovation. Focus on that and you won't even have to think about your relationship.
41: 2013-08-21: On My Bucket List: Start a profitable and fulfilling home-based business growing marijuana or manufacturing methamphetamine.
42: 2013-08-10: On My Bucket List: Use the rest of my life to listen to every episode of Prairie Home Companion that I have missed.
43: 2013-08-10: Tourism, for dogs, is going to exotic, interesting places and playing fetch with the ball you brought from home.
44: 2013-08-08: Owning a vacation home pretty much guarantees you'll spend every vacation there, while the rest of the world goes unexplored.
45: 2013-08-08: True wealth is not owning a lot of homes and possessions but getting rid of everything so you can go where whim takes you.
46: 2013-07-31: Brave engineer: Casey Jones Home and Museum - new album shot yesterday
47: 2013-07-23: Nevada: my home for 15 years but now a place I only want to pass through quickly. An amicable but total divorce.
48: 2013-07-19: What a home computer might look like in 2004 + more from the AMAZING WORLD OF TOMORROW:
49: 2013-07-18: Homeless living is easy as long as you have a modest income and keep moving. It gets more complicated when you stay in one place.
50: 2013-06-17: A new section of featured photo albums has been added to my home page:
51: 2013-06-16: Taksim Update: All quiet. Police are holding the square and park. Crowds gone home–for now. Pro-government rally will be far away.
52: 2013-06-02: Just outside Fort McHenry in 1813, the child of a soldier does her homework.
53: 2013-05-23: RT @TheBosha: Adulthood starts with weddings every weekend, there's a brief lull for Little League and Home Depot, then it's on to funerals…
54: 2013-05-20: RT @nytimes: Welcome to your 78-square-foot home
55: 2013-04-30: @MailOnline The good news is, in his new home you'll be losing some weight.
56: 2013-04-30: No one at Homeland Security seems to be addressing the potential for radical Canadian terrorism. These people could get away with anything!
57: 2013-04-30: Just enhanced my home page with all sorts of little Easter Eggs. (You have to find them.) -
58: 2013-04-21: @lawnrocket needs to add background and header images to her Twitter home page. Understand she's an artist. Maybe she can artistificate it!
59: 2013-04-20: Be a producer, not a consumer. Producers go out and do. Consumers stay home and receive.
60: 2013-04-05: If you push your groceries home in the same shopping cart you bought them with… you might be an urban redneck.
61: 2013-04-03: Astrology. Numerology. Homeopathy. Reflexology. Search Engine Optimization.
62: 2013-03-18: Don't try this at home... if you want to keep your fingers!
63: 2013-03-17: RT @MailOnline: BREAKING NEWS: Homeless man accused of killing Sarai Sierra in Istanbul is caught
64: 2013-03-16: San Francisco: Home of the world's most colorful mental illnesses.
65: 2013-02-25: "China hacked my computer system" is the new "Dog ate my homework."
66: 2013-02-19: If you never leave home, it is easy to think you know the solutions to all the world's problems.
67: 2013-02-14: @BadDalaiLama Screen sample. This is better in many ways than our homemade archive, but we'll keep ours for a while.
68: 2013-02-09: @BadDalaiLama An official Twitter archive of our main account is not yet available. Til then, see our homemade version:
69: 2013-02-03: Wise Hobbits know the world is out there, beyond your Hobbit hole, not sitting at home watching Hobbit movies.
70: 2013-01-27: RT @KilroyCafe: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
71: 2013-01-27: The only reason to climb Everest is to go home and brag about it. You have lost many months that could have been used for better things.
72: 2013-01-22: Puerto Rico is full of sad little doggies with no home. This one stayed outside my car all night.
73: 2013-01-18: Home of the tick! (@ Old Lyme, CT) [pic]:
74: 2013-01-15: Own a piece of Paradise! Rustic homesites now available on Tatooine, Dagobah and Hoth. (Alderaan sold out.)
75: 2013-01-12: Home is a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there.
76: 2013-01-12: Home protection? Covered! (Today in Medford, Mass.)
77: 2012-12-28: The wannabe talent who is sitting at home right now, watching TV, waiting for his big break, will probably always be a wannabe.
78: 2012-12-22: My most comfortable "home" is sleeping in a rental car on a beach in Puerto Rico. Low cost. Idyllic venue. USA cell service. No worries!
79: 2012-12-16: While the TV viewing audience frets over statistically insignificant risks, substantial risks close to home are ignored.
80: 2012-12-10: One lesson of leaving home is learning all the opportunities you had at home but never used.
81: 2012-12-10: I am never more at home than when I am lost.
82: 2012-11-10: Homeopathy claims that scientifically insignificant traces of a substance can change health. Many consumer delusions are like that. #organic
83: 2012-11-04: iPhone users (IOS 6): Get Google Maps back by going to and choosing "Add to Home Screen".
84: 2012-10-25: Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Mark Twain. (2 days ago)
85: 2012-10-24: Just implemented a fancy new Photo Highlights menu on my home page Browse around the world!
86: 2012-10-24: It is sad to see homeless people on the street. Society did this to them, but that doesn't mean society can save them.
87: 2012-10-24: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama amended: start with small, low-stakes departures from home. Familiarity breeds grace.
88: 2012-10-24: Getting lost, ripped off and delayed is all part of the experience of travel. If you can't handle it with grace you should never leave home.
89: 2012-10-14: Just created a nifty new menu system on my home page. - My massive oeuvre made easily accessible!
90: 2012-10-09: My Mecca! The home of Theodore Tugboat! (@ Maritime Museum of the Atlantic) [pic]:
91: 2012-10-05: Back home again! Finest sleeping gate on the East Coast. (@ Gate B9) [pic]:
92: 2012-09-05: I'll never own a home unless it has a moat, a drawbridge and hot oil to dump on invaders. Otherwise, what's the point?
93: 2012-08-31: If ordinary bacon seems a little too healthy for ya, y'all should try the Texas Down Home Country Fried Bacon.
94: 2012-08-12: You can't rely on a yellow lab to protect your home from intruders. He'd invite them in and show them where the valuables are.
95: 2012-08-11: When a food product claims to be "made with REAL CHEESE" there's a word to describe the actual cheese content: homeopathy.
96: 2012-07-29: RT @KilroyCafe: The typical human, upon gaining relative wealth, constructs a temple to himself called a "home" in which he is entombed ...
97: 2012-07-26: I found a new friend. Can I take him home? ... More photos from Idaho:
98: 2012-07-25: domestoxicity — n. a poisonous home environment.
99: 2012-07-21: My home page has been updated with highlights of my past work (1993 to 2010). (scroll down)
100: 2012-07-19: RT @TIME: Suddenly the average American home is beginning to feel like an episode of Hoarders | (via @TIMEMoneyland)
101: 2012-07-19: This museum really "drills home" the fact we're running out of oil. (@ Permian Basin Petroleum Museum) [pic]:
102: 2012-07-10: The benefit of germs! ==> RT @WSJ Infants living in homes with dogs were healthier than those without a dog.
103: 2012-06-15: Macedonia, home of the Mastodons. (@ Shanti Hostel) [pic]:
104: 2012-06-06: People point to the amenities around them—the expensive car, the spacious home, the priceless art—and say, "See? I'm not a prisoner!"
105: 2012-06-04: Facebook is equivalent to being invited into someone's home. It is not the place to express controversial opinions. Save that for Twitter.
106: 2012-06-02: I travel the world, use public restrooms, germs galore—sick about once a year. People who stay home, use hand sanatizer—sick every month.
107: 2012-05-25: RT @KilroyCafe: The hell of home ownership is not just the burden of paying for it, but all the crap that collects in that extra space.
108: 2012-05-12: Adult Cafe in Georgia — Daily Home Cooked Specials... for adults!.. And it's For Sale!
109: 2012-05-06: Reality can be anything you want as long as you sit at home and don't test it.
110: 2012-05-02: Kitchen of an abandoned mobile home near Rock Springs, Wyoming - 360° panorama
111: 2012-05-02: RT @MailOnline: Come into my lair: Inside the Californian space-age home where Bond took a beating
112: 2012-04-27: In my hometown, even trees get their own public hearings. (Hearing was Jan. so maybe the tree won!)
113: 2012-04-24: There's always an excuse to not leave home. If you need one, you'll find it.
114: 2012-04-19: I feel totally at home in any place where I am an alien.
115: 2012-03-25: Home of the Knights who say Ni. (@ Ni River)
116: 2012-03-25: Lumbee Homecoming tribal celebration - archive photo album from 2009
117: 2012-03-17: Celebratin' St. Paddy's in the home of the Irish in Maryland. (@ Annapolis, Maryland w/ 2 others) [pic]:
118: 2012-03-10: Oops! 4sq photo was wrong! This is the real Reagan Boyhood Home.
119: 2012-03-10: Not to be confused with Elvis' boyhood home. (@ Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home) [pic]:
120: 2012-03-07: Hollywood stars serving meals at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving: productive mission or publicity stunt? "Look how caring I am!"
121: 2012-03-06: Courtroom 18, my home at Family Court. (the hard-core delinquency cases)
122: 2012-02-22: Building sandcastles on the beach only to see them knocked down by the waves prepares the child for home ownership.
123: 2012-02-09: Beaver Creek, Yukon — Home of the Westernmost Everything in Canada, including Westernmost Catholic Church
124: 2012-01-31: One wonders how many marriages consist almost entirely of the joint project of home renovation.
125: 2012-01-24: When will killers learn the ABCs of body disposal? Do your homework, pay attention, did 'em deep!
126: 2012-01-24: Once homeless on the streets of Vienna, he believed in himself and never gave up. #perseverance #courage #hitler
127: 2012-01-23: Obey every recommendation, follow every expert's advice, respect every law and you'll never leave home or get anything done.
128: 2012-01-22: How much of a home is function and how much is a Museum of the Self?
129: 2012-01-04: Home is the country you can't get kicked out of.
130: 2011-12-28: Times may have changed, but you can still get a "Support Home Ownership For All" Florida license plate.
131: 2011-12-27: When a bum asks, "Can you help out the homeless?" what he really means is, "Can you help out the self-destructive?"
132: 2011-12-14: Pity the suburban homeowner, trapped in his self-made prison, thrilled to death to see a certain breed of bird appear at his birdfeeder.
133: 2011-12-13: Sweet Home Babblama! (@ USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park) [pic]:
134: 2011-12-12: The risk of exploration is that it will reveal flaws in our existing investments. That's why most people rarely leave home.
135: 2011-12-07: I'm homeless, living out of a suitcase, and you're living in a comfortable house in the suburbs. I feel so sad for you!
136: 2011-12-05: Blow-up Santas seem like Instagram material. @ Lowe's Home Improvement
137: 2011-12-01: Betwixt NY and DC lies the nicest little tax haven this side of Andorra: Delaware! Flat fields and homey towns. DE is cute!
138: 2011-12-01: Home acquisition, decoration and maintenance give a mission to those without any.
139: 2011-11-30: Home is where the computer and peripheral devices are.
140: 2011-11-27: People have their comfort zone, their home base, their touchstone. For me it is... Walmart! #seriously #youthinkimcrazy #travelinglife
141: 2011-11-26: Another term for "dream home" is "self-designed prison".
142: 2011-11-24: @aaroncajes "Mr. Bad Dalai Lama when will you and your brother return to your home temple?" <== That's up to the Chinese authorities.
143: 2011-11-23: @xtinewu Home is where the inventory of currently unused goods resides.
144: 2011-11-23: @xtinewu So what is the meaning of "home" if you are never there?
145: 2011-11-20: A bag lady in downtown Knoxville just asked me if I was homeless. I had to confess that I was. (But "mobile" homeless is a lot more fun.)
146: 2011-11-20: A third of the homes in North Las Vegas are in foreclosure. It's the new Detroit!
147: 2011-11-15: Fine hotels and elegant homes are like plastic bubbles, isolating you from the rest of humanity.
148: 2011-11-15: If I had all the money in the world (and no one knew) I'd still be homeless, staying in hostels and cheap hotels, because chaos is valuable.
149: 2011-11-10: My home for the night, Tucson, Arizona.
150: 2011-11-03: If you grew up in a paper mill town, the smell of wet paper would remind you of home and you'd probably marry someone who smelled like that.
151: 2011-11-02: My home for the next week.
152: 2011-10-31: So sad to see the home-burdened lose their power in the Northeast. How are they going to run all their appliances and entertainment systems?
153: 2011-10-30: Madonna has a homeless alcoholic brother living under a bridge in Michigan. Daily Mail:
154: 2011-10-23: The homeless life is expensive! I spend $2/day on socks and underwear alone, another $15 on food. It all adds up... to way less than rent!
155: 2011-10-18: The Deep South—home of deep fried goodness and the corpulent bodies to prove it. This ain't Santa Monica!
156: 2011-10-16: RT @Harrington_Knox: @BadDalaiLama it's a hell of a lot better than sitting at home and taking it silently and complacently.
157: 2011-10-16: .@Harrington_Knox "It's a hell of a lot better than sitting at home..." <== But not as good as taking responsibility for your own life.
158: 2011-10-07: Funny thing: Merely the act of buying coffee perks me up. I don't have to actually drink it. (Must be homeopathy!)
159: 2011-10-05: Marriage and home improvement recursively justify each other.
160: 2011-10-05: Forced to watch DIY Network for the first time. Appears to be home improvement porn. (Doesn't do anything for me, cuz I ain't got one.)
161: 2011-10-05: The mentally ill homeless who collect cans and smell bad are totally different from jet-setting homeless who sleep in airports. (Right?)
162: 2011-10-05: .@AirportSleeper My pleasure! Thank you for providing this excellent service to the jet-setting homeless community!
163: 2011-10-04: RT @nytimes: Homecoming Queen and Winning Field Goal on Same Night
164: 2011-10-02: Housewares, home improvement, furniture — stores I only visit to use the restroom. (@ Lowe's Home Improvement)
165: 2011-10-01: Funny how the "American Dream" of home ownership has turned into an American Nightmare of not being able to afford it.
166: 2011-09-24: Home in the Mojave... or is it Senoran? Never can tell. (@ Wiley's Well Rest Stop)
167: 2011-08-29: Our newly resigned home page, assembled in London.
168: 2011-08-14: Alamo, Nevada, home of the real West.
169: 2011-08-12: If you listened to all the advice of experts, you'd never dare leave home.
170: 2011-08-03: RT @guardian: Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions
171: 2011-07-29: You can't permanently own a home. Eventually you will have to sell the delusion to someone else.
172: 2011-07-28: When adults come into a little money, they try to reproduce their ideal childhood (perfect home, all the toys), which becomes their prison.
173: 2011-07-19: My home for the next 24 hours. Now approaching Loch Ness.
174: 2011-07-13: Who can resist a bigger home, more income, more free time? Yet good fortune is often our demise, as our resources exceed our discipline.
175: 2011-07-13: Nicholas Cage: hoarder! How else do you explain his financial problems with his enormous income? He couldn't stop collecting homes!
176: 2011-07-13: Even the very rich can become hoarders, collecting homes and possessions until the whole system collapses.
177: 2011-07-13: The most dangerous thing you can give some people is a large home. They don't have the discipline to manage the space.
178: 2011-07-13: One of the greatest burdens of owning a home is all the useless stuff that usually accumulates in it.
179: 2011-07-13: Homeless people build "nests" of treasured belongings the same way hoarders with homes do.
180: 2011-07-13: The main burden of the mentally ill homeless is not their personal presence but all the junk they collect around them.
181: 2011-07-12: Local residents of my hometown. They have never set foot outside it.
182: 2011-07-11: Every time you go back to your old home town it gets smaller.
183: 2011-07-10: RT @nainysahani: More I think about it, more I believe it. RT@BadDalaiLama Home is an imaginary concept, not an achievable destination.
184: 2011-07-10: .@nainysahani Home is an imaginary concept, not an achievable destination.
185: 2011-07-03: Retire to a luxury gated community surrounded by a golf course — the ultimate nursing home for those without a brain.
186: 2011-07-02: My campsite last night: an abandoned homestead in Cuba.
187: 2011-07-01: "Doctor, my woman is coming back home late today. Can you maybe give me something?..." <== Listen, Barry, doc can't help with that.
188: 2011-06-29: You can have a better quality of life living at Motel 6 than in a home you own but have to maintain.
189: 2011-06-22: "A home without books is a body without soul."—Cicero <== Dear Cis, can you translate that into internet terms? What is a "book"?
190: 2011-05-06: The male throughout history has been oppressed by the female, who demands that he support her while she stays home and cooks supper.
191: 2011-04-16: Hostels separate relaxed, flexible people from the uptight and inflexible. The latter belong at the Hilton or should never leave home.
192: 2011-04-04: The Bad Dalai Lama's pedigree explained. (new graphic on our home page)
193: 2011-04-02: Homeless Tip: Wherever you have Walmart, you have lodging. Buy a sleeping bag and tarp and camp in the field behind the store.
194: 2011-03-29: Homeless Tip: RVs are a burden. You'll go a lot farther for less by traveling light and using airlines, rental cars and cheap lodging.
195: 2011-03-19: Packaged travel experiences gain you nothing. You'll come home the same person as you left. You could have stayed home and watched a video!
196: 2011-03-17: One man's Paradise is another's boring nothing-ever-happens-here home.
197: 2011-03-15: Texas mobile home. Biggest one you've ever seen!
198: 2011-03-15: "She's leaving home after living alone for so many years." #existentialsonglyrics
199: 2011-03-14: Downtown Kentwood, Louisiana—hometown of Britney Spears. Right now!
200: 2011-03-14: Passing through Kentwood, Louisiana, hometown of Britney Spears. My 2008 report and photo album:
201: 2011-03-13: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama Situational Ethics: Neighbor's house burns down? Offer shelter,food, etc. Homeless guy we see every day? Giv ...
202: 2011-03-11: You may call me homeless, but I call you home-burdened.
203: 2011-03-09: Home video: My nephews reveal that there isn't any Santa Claus
204: 2011-03-07: See the funny cartoon on reality TV on the home page of @EntitiesRUs -
205: 2011-03-06: I can see the appeal of organic produce, but organic SEEDS?! Isn't that homeopathy? (Whole Foods, Cambridge)
206: 2011-03-02: The possession of luxury is conveyed visually or verbally. One can display ones home by holding parties there or say "I have a Learjet."
207: 2011-03-02: The experience of homelessness is greatly enhanced by the ability to think ahead.
208: 2011-03-01: Homeless Tip: Disposable socks! 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Use once then discard.
209: 2011-02-25: If you meet someone with many homes, a private jet, sports cars, yachts, you may see a rich man. I see a sucker imprisoned by his wealth.
210: 2011-02-22: "Dorothy seeks 'over the rainbow' ...her spiritual quest." @AndyWarholla via @lolahayes <== But soon as she gets there she wants to go home!
211: 2011-02-18: Every exotic travel location is someone else's boring, nothing-ever-happens-here home.
212: 2011-02-14: Click your heels together three times and say, "There's noplace like home! There's noplace like home!"
213: 2011-02-10: A hostel is about halfway between a hotel and staying in someone's home. It can be a little strange sometimes.
214: 2011-02-04: Twenty years ago, you needed a stable residence just to have a phone. Now, when all is portable, a home is increasingly optional.
215: 2011-02-03: Swimming anyone? Portuguese Man O'War on Miami Beach. (So there's a reason for you folks to stay home!)
216: 2011-02-02: The teenage homeless are hidden, because they're not mentally ill or obvious on the street. Couch surfing is a common survival mechanism.
217: 2011-02-02: The teenage homeless and adult homeless are two different populations. With teens, it's a family problem. With adults, it's mental illness.
218: 2011-02-02: @michellenassau "Try NYC streets you homeless..." <== If you're going to be homeless, go south! Doing it in NYC is pure mental illness!
219: 2011-02-02: Did the REAL homeless thing last night, sleeping in the grass at FLL. Couldn't be more comfortable! (Of course, 70F and no rain.)
220: 2011-01-31: Homeless Tip: Camping soap (Walmart sports dept) also works in salt water, so while swimming in the tropics you can also bathe.
221: 2011-01-28: 891 Post Street, home of detective Sam Spade. His apartment us in the upper left corner.
222: 2011-01-27: @lolahayes HHBDL has never advocated passivity, only working with the tools you have. Right now you have no tools to address homelessness.
223: 2011-01-27: You may see His Holiness as "homeless", but he sees you as "home burdened" and has great sympathy for you.
224: 2011-01-27: @michellenassau "Become homeless and then let's see if you'll still have this limited view." <== LOL! His Holiness *IS* homeless!
225: 2011-01-27: If you feed the homeless, give them comfortable places to stay, doesn't it just make them dependent on you and discourage their own action?
226: 2011-01-27: @lolahayes What is called "homelessness" in America isn't a lodging problem; it's a spectrum of mental health issues.
227: 2011-01-21: The Wisdom Archive has been updated at — An all-you-can-eat buffet of homespun advice for one low price!
228: 2011-01-18: On My Bucket List: Own a number of expensive homes around the world and never stay in any of them.
229: 2011-01-16: All the best shit—the glittery, spangly, primo shit—the shit you want to write home about—that shit comes from L.A.!
230: 2011-01-16: A home is an exercise in self-hagiography—a temple to the self. Only a small portion of it is used for actual living.
231: 2011-01-14: Most of what people call "luxuries" are really just expensive forms of imprisonment. The 2nd home, the boat, the sports car... shackles!
232: 2011-01-12: College is a halfway house between home and real life. It keeps students occupied while they grow their final layer of brain cells.
233: 2011-01-09: So, yeah. Bet YOU have never been investigated by Homeland Security! It takes a special breed of iPhone user!
234: 2011-01-09: ***BREAKING NEWS!*** We are Investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for Suspicious iPhone Photography! TRUE STORY!
235: 2011-01-05: If there is a tempting food you know you shouldn't be eating, don't buy it and don't let it into your home. Voilà, temptation solved!
236: 2010-12-18: You can't own a home. A home owns you.
237: 2010-12-18: Progressive levels of senior care: In Home, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Nursing Home, Hospice Care, Funeral Home.
238: 2010-12-15: WikiLeaks: Lots of fun, lots of little trinkets to take home—like casual looting after an earthquake.
239: 2010-12-13: Pity the suburban homeowner, trapped in their self-made prison, thrilled to death to see a certain breed of bird appear at their birdfeeder.
240: 2010-12-11: The risk of exploration is that it will reveal flaws in our existing investments. That's why most people never leave home.
241: 2010-12-10: We have added a collection of Holy Blurbs to the right margin of our home page: - Do #ff all these Enlightened Ones!
242: 2010-11-28: Owning a house is fine—if that's all you want to do. Home acquisition, decoration and maintenance give a mission to those without any.
243: 2010-11-28: The bigger the home you live in, the more possessions and obligations you accumulate in it and the more burdened your life becomes.
244: 2010-11-28: A "home" is where you sleep, write, think, change clothes and store a limited cache of supplies. A dorm room is optimal, a house excessive.
245: 2010-11-25: Another term for "dream home" is "self-designed prison".
246: 2010-11-17: "We study hard in high school to get into a top college to get into grad school to get a good job to get into a decent nursing home." —RS
247: 2010-10-08: RT @DrkIntellectual: Patriotism - a confused state where one thinks "love of homeland" is synonymous with "fear and hatred of all things ...
248: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-23: You call me homeless. I call you home-burdened.
249: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: "Home" is a delusion, ingrained from our childhood. When you grow up, you can do fine without one. What's important is getting things done.
250: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-12: For every hellhole on earth, there's some poor sap who thinks of it fondly as home.
251: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
252: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: Owning a home is a deal with the Devil. It becomes a collecting space for junk that holds you down for the rest of your life.
253: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-05: RT @MailOnline: £95,000-a-year benefits family of 12 re-homed in a £1,000-a-week house... after they trashed the last one ...
254: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Owning a home is fine if the main thing you want to do with your life is maintain and pay for it.
255: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: RT @washingtonpost July plunge in home sales is a necessary economic colonic:
256: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: The old American Dream of home ownership will be replaced by a new, more American dream: freedom of movement tethered only to the internet.
257: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: Seminole, Oklahoma: home of the finest beef jerky in all the land. Photo: - Related: My jaw hurts!
258: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: Pennsylvania, with its hills, tunnels and decrepit infrastructure that peaked around 1930, is the spiritual home of all model railroads.
259: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-15: Pittsburgh, PA: Home of America's most confusing roads, twisting and turning through hills and ravines. Definitely need GPS!
260: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: Established citizens, with homes, marriages, families and careers, live in fragile emotional worlds you must tiptoe around in when visiting.
261: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: Someone whose home is a museum is not really living life, merely curating it.
262: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-29: You call me homeless. I call you home burdened and feel very sorry for you.
263: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-25: The typical human, upon gaining relative wealth, constructs a temple to himself called a "home" in which he is entombed until death.
264: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-04: You may call it your "home", but it looks to me like your prison.
265: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-11: On my bucket list: Buy the box set of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and watch every single episode since the series began.
266: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-15: The less someone has, the more jealous he is of guarding it, down to the homeless guy who will kill you to protect his tin cans.
267: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: If you live in a home that exceeds your needs, you are vulnerable to the charge, "You did this instead of helping humanity?"
268: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: On my bucket list: Custom-build an expensive vacation home in a prime scenic area then never go there.
269: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-22: Just discovered an exciting new food source: "Buffet by the Pound" (Homeless by Choice Blog)
270: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: On my bucket list: Install a personal weather station behind my home and spend the rest of my life meticulously collecting readings from it.
271: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-16: I have replaced my web address on Twitter with a new "Greetings, Twitterers!" page: home> - Good idea!
272: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: New Homeless by Choice blog entry: "What You Don't Need for Sleep"
273: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-05: My new Homeless by Choice blog entry: "The Psychology of Keeping Warm"
274: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: My new Homeless by Choice blog entry: "Money" - Let's sit down and talk about the birds and the bees.
275: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-23: My new Homeless by Choice blog entry: "How to Keep Warm" - Brrrrr!
276: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-15: The trauma of home foreclosure is not the loss of the house itself but disposal of the accumulated possessions and obligations within it.
277: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-30: IMPORTANT: When visiting private homes, note state of toilet seat and cover (up/down, open/closed); return to same position after use.
278: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-24: Just released a new Thing You Don't Need: "Central Heating" - Why heat a huge home if you live in only part of it?
279: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-23: I have just released a new blog entry: "How to Sleep in a Tent" (Homeless by Choice)
280: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-15: New Homeless by Choice blog entry: "Case Study: Campsite Selection in Reno" - Using Google Maps to find privacy.
281: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-14: New Homeless by Choice blog entry: "The Supercenter Camping Method" - More clever solutions from the Acme Corporation.
282: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-12: I have redesigned my home page: - All the essentials are now on one page.
283: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: Observation of married couples suggests their main activity is home acquisition, maintenance, improvement and decoration. That must be love!
284: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-03: Manhattan for $20/night. Think you can do it? I did last night! (Homeless by Choice)
285: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-27: Glenn has released a new Homeless by Choice blog entry: - "Free Luggage Storage at the Airport"
286: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-07: People can become so used to Misery that they invite it back into their home as soon as it leaves.
287: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: The American Dream is supposedly home ownership, but people don’t realize when they enter the dream how quickly it can turn to a nightmare.
288: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: The hell of home ownership is not just the burden of paying for it, but all the crap that collects in that extra space.
289: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: My new blog entry: "The Prison of Home Ownership" (Homeless by Choice)
290: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-03: This homeless community has rules to live by. NY Times: "Living in Tents, and by the Rules, Under a Bridge" (7/30)
291: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-25: Special summertime offer from Alaska: 100 tons of scenery with every purchase! (Getting it home is your problem.)
292: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-16: In Yellowstone: tourists on cellphones, relaying every detail of every attraction to the folks back home. Also: me Twittering about it.
293: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: The bigger the home, the better the prison.
294: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: You can't own a home. A home owns you.
295: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: Buying a home is committing yourself to eternal servitude to its needs.
296: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-07: I have just released a new "Homeless by Choice" blog entry, THE SCOURGE OF HUMIDITY: - Life is easier in the dry!
297: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-06: My new photos from LUMBEE HOMECOMING, a Native American festival held in North Carolina on July 4:
298: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-04: A vacation home is a prison. If you own one, you have to go there.
299: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: I have just released a new Homeless by Choice blog entry on DISPOSABLE CLOTHING. - Buy it, use it, throw it away!
300: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-18: In Greece, I find I am TALL compared to the general population, whereas I am medium height back home.
301: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: Luxury cars and palacial homes are of no practical benefit to the owner. They're only a signal to others: "I can afford to waste resources."
302: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages. Also homeowners.
303: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Homeowners have a greater stake in their community than renters. Society needs more people who are totally trapped.
304: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-26: My photo of the tiny home in Gary Indiana where MICHAEL JACKSON once lived from album
305: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: I have revised the mission statement in my "Homeless by Choice" blog: - I'm just a dude....
306: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: Your choice: Buy "Duty Free" merchandise at a foreign airport and haul it home, or buy the same product for less at Costco.
307: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-30: Here's my new blog entry on 1997 civilian intrusion into Papoose Lake, home of Lazar's flying saucers: - Damn fool!
308: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-28: I've just released some new homeless advice: "Where to Sleep in an Airport" - Live from the Denver airport!
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