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1: 2018-10-20: Conscientiousness is when someone takes actions now to prevent problems in the future, instead of waiting for the problems to happen first. Only a fraction of humanity is capable of this.
2: 2018-06-21: My Marvel superhero name should be Plotmaster. My superpower is being able to tell what is going to happen in future Marvel movies based only on past Marvel movies. My famous quote: “Why do I need to see the new Avengers movie when I know exactly what will happen?”
3: 2018-06-02: In the future, everyone will be thrown under the bus. They will be sarcastic about it. “Nice how you threw me under the bus,” they will say.
4: 2018-05-28: When the Marty McFlys of the future travel back in time they will be doing it in a Tesla, an iconic car brand that went bust back in 2019.
5: 2018-02-02: During my colonoscopy, I declined sedation and watched the whole procedure on a monitor in front of me. In the future, if people accuse me of having my head up my ass, I can say, “Not now, but I’ve been there!“
6: 2017-11-25: RT @DemographicDoom: Back to the Future? Is Tesla the new DeLorean—leading the way only to be sunk by its own debt? When it fails, will it…
7: 2017-07-29: General John Kelly, former distinguished military officer and future bus accident victim. How long do you suppose he'll remain in office?
8: 2017-04-29: In a bizarre anti-dystopian future, the President of the U.S. is sane and responsible and politicians work together for the common good.
9: 2017-04-03: One of the most common mistakes of good people is thinking that some adult without moral precepts is going to become moral in the future.
10: 2017-03-23: Ego will do anything to try to save face in the present, including sabotaging its own future.
11: 2017-02-27: Entertainment award shows are my definition of FAKE NEWS. How does this affect our national future?
12: 2017-02-25: If you're truly growing, your future self will see the current you as foolish and naïve. Just try not to embarrass the future you too much.
13: 2017-01-22: 🔮 Call me delusional but I see a President Paul Ryan in our future, a lot sooner than you might suppose. (Either that or we'll all be dead.)
14: 2016-12-26: Getting too sentimental about your past can stand in the way of your future.
15: 2016-11-09: Given Trump's inevitable blunders, Democrats' prospects for future elections have already improved—assuming our country survives that long.
16: 2016-11-06: In the dystopian future, the leader of the world will be selected through a gruesome game show, televised live and lasting for over a year.
17: 2016-08-06: RT @cracked: It’s fun playing practical jokes on your future self, like by making poor choices and sabotaging your love life.
18: 2016-07-27: On My Bucket List: Save every receipt from every fast food meal I ever ate so future generations will know how I lived.
19: 2016-06-03: Spoiler Alert: Your future self is going to regard your current self as an idiot.
20: 2016-03-04: Education can only teach you the skills of the past. If you want to learn the skills of the present and future, you have to teach yourself.
21: 2016-01-10: RT @Peripatetia: Your future self recommends #Karmaflu for all your Karma-related symptoms. Use Only As Dir… https:…
22: 2016-01-06: Your future self recommends Karmaflu™ for all your Karma-related symptoms. Use Only As Directed.
23: 2015-10-18: "31 quotes from Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart that will either terrify you or excite you about the future of food"
24: 2015-08-17: According to Alvin Toffler, we should all be Future Shocked by now. I wonder when that's going to happen.
25: 2015-07-22: I believe children are our future. And dead people are our past. And crippled people are pretty lame.
26: 2015-06-29: Japan's Orwellian future: too many old people.
27: 2015-05-25: "It is the nature of the future...." As tweeted by @BadDalaiLama. Now on Instagram: -
28: 2015-05-25: It is the nature of the future that the future of the past was a straight extrapolation of the things that didn't last.
29: 2015-05-24: The dystopian future is planet Earth in the present day.
30: 2015-05-24: In the dystopian future, all geopolitical conflicts will be settled at the Eurovision song contest.
31: 2015-03-16: I like my future Retro.
32: 2014-11-06: The future is a foreign country. You can't head there thinking you already understand it.
33: 2014-08-18: In the dystopian future, Amazon, Google and Walmart will consume everything. Oh wait, hasn't that already happened?
34: 2014-07-24: RT @bybeautydamned: Promises are stories that we tell each other to make the future appear certain. They're not real. What we do right now …
35: 2014-06-14: You don't have to go very far to find a future dystopia. They're all around us!
36: 2014-06-02: I would use this time machine to visit my future self, but he would only tell me what I dick I am being.
37: 2014-03-24: Youthful "rebellion" in most cases consists of doing a lot of stupid things to yourself that the future you would never approve of.
38: 2014-03-20: RT @Telegraph: "Humanity loves to guess the future. Unfortunately, we’re not very good at it." by @tomchivers
39: 2014-03-04: .@PepGarcia "It depends on the magnitude of your loss" <= That's the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Size of past loss is irrelevant to future prospects.
40: 2014-02-26: A Utopian future society is always at least two decades away, never any closer. There are always a few kinks to work out. re @paleofuture
41: 2014-01-18: "Trusting yourself actually does involve two people — a present you and a future you. Future-you cannot always be trusted." Re @nytimes
42: 2014-01-06: Initiative — the rare human skill of improving yourself or averting future problems without being directed by outside forces.
43: 2014-01-06: The most important lesson about freedom: Don't overcommit your future. Jealously guard its uncertainty and your ability to change your mind.
44: 2014-01-02: Started yet another feed today: @BadLamaEureka - Just retweets of articles, mainly for my own future reference. Few followers expected.
45: 2013-12-31: You can hope for change, be ready for it, but don't bet your own future on it.
46: 2013-12-31: People can change, but the best predictor of their future behavior is still their past behavior.
47: 2013-12-31: For a limited time only. Price and participation may vary. Void where prohibited. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.
48: 2013-11-26: "I believe children are our future in the same way I believe dead people are our past."
49: 2013-10-19: The dilemma of charity: how to help without creating a dependency or enabling future dysfunction.
50: 2013-10-13: The terrifying sci-fi future chronicled by @HardSciFiMovies
51: 2013-09-25: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
52: 2013-09-21: City of the Future. @ Future City, IL
53: 2013-09-13: Dysfunction is not simply being unable to resist the temptation sitting in front of you; it is setting yourself up for future temptation.
54: 2013-08-27: TIME TRAVELER ALERT! Your future self has a message for you: "You're an idiot! How could you get us into this mess?"
55: 2013-08-26: @LadyFriday Restrictive of future relationship change. "Mother" is a lot safer.
56: 2013-08-22: United Nations General Assembly Passes Resolution In Support Of Continued Discussion Of Possible Future Action
57: 2013-08-16: You have to be at peace with your past to move on honestly with your future.
58: 2013-07-19: @K8Silver Digital is the wave of the future! Who needs hard copies anymore?
59: 2013-07-13: The main thing the past teaches us is how poorly we predict the future.
60: 2013-04-21: Most of humanity is living in the empty shell of past dreams, committed to a future that no longer works.
61: 2013-04-20: RT @Avestriel: the past, the present, and the future walked into a bar... it was tense
62: 2013-04-04: In the future, everything in life will be in 3-D!
63: 2013-03-11: Landfill waste is happy waste. Not polluting anything. Just sitting there 'til future robots decide to use it for something.
64: 2013-02-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Happiness is not a permanent condition. It must be constantly renegotiated and cannot be nailed down in the future by an ...
65: 2013-02-13: RT @KilroyCafe: We all tend to overestimate our ability to predict the future. We say, "I have this totally worked out," then time prove ...
66: 2013-02-07: RT @washingtonpost: What the kitchens of the future looked like - in the 1960s
67: 2013-01-27: Success is not real if it commits you to repeating the same success in the future.
68: 2013-01-17: Most are trapped in their own museum, clinging to the past so unable to move into the future.
69: 2013-01-15: The Mysterians: Invading Earth and Abducting Our Women! — Yes, please! ... More retro-future:
70: 2013-01-13: Humility is knowing that no matter how smart you feel right now your future self will call you an idiot.
71: 2013-01-07: Negotiating with your future self is tricky. You never know exactly what that guy is going to want.
72: 2013-01-06: Being kind and generous to someone in the moment is different than committing your future time to them. There you must be stingy.
73: 2013-01-06: RT @philosophytweet: The high tech gypsies and jet set bohemians are leaving the institutions behind. The future is a pocket computer a ...
74: 2013-01-01: @BadDalaiLama If the weight loss secrets were effective and people stopped eating the desserts, there would be no need for future issues!
75: 2013-01-01: When you see someone talking to their clipboard, smiling and blowing kisses to it, you realize, "The future is here!"
76: 2012-12-08: People can change, but the best predictor of their future actions is still their past actions.
77: 2012-11-11: Promises, to most, are expressions of current feelings, not accurate predictions of future actions.
78: 2012-10-20: RT @WSJ: Study: Nurture plays a major role in ability to delay gratification, a key indicator of future success.
79: 2012-09-27: Your future freedom to change is a precious resource. That's why you don't buy your non-refundable ticket too far in advance.
80: 2012-09-21: "Hindsight prediction" is looking back at recent trends and extrapolating them forward in a straight line. Alas, the future rarely complies.
81: 2012-09-12: Past performance is, of course, no guarantee for future returns.
82: 2012-09-04: @Andreaof9 Sounds like fatalism to me. Maybe you should be worried about the future to better prepare for it.
83: 2012-08-25: When you plan ahead for future sensations you rise above hedonism and start to take responsibility for your place in the world.
84: 2012-08-17: In the amazing world of the future, many of our dreams will come true, but those dreams may have a cost we never anticipated.
85: 2012-08-12: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Feeling restless and uncertain about the future? Feel like you're all alone with your concerns? Like no one will care? ...
86: 2012-08-05: Photos added to albums: Milwaukee Chicago Retro Future
87: 2012-07-25: The future is inherently unpredictable. You prepare for it not with a fixed plan but with a spectrum of skills and options.
88: 2012-07-17: RT @h0mfr0g: @BadDalaiLama You can vacuum your car out by the side of the road? Hot damn, I love the future!
89: 2012-07-17: Gods have higher responsibilities than relieving current suffering. They have to understand future suffering.
90: 2012-07-07: Any energy you seem to get from drugs or caffeine is just stolen from the future. There is no free lunch in the brain.
91: 2012-07-07: A test of character is how much discomfort you're willing to endure in the present to avoid greater pain in the future.
92: 2012-07-05: Initiative is having foresight—the ability to anticipate future events—and acting upon this knowledge now.
93: 2012-07-05: Technology offers the promise of miraculous solutions in the future, discouraging us from solving our problems right now.
94: 2012-07-05: If assassins from the future were sent into the 20th Century to save the planet, would they kill Hitler, Stalin or Einstein?
95: 2012-06-04: Who would choose a middle seat? Moi! Seat 41H on a future flight. So what do you suppose my strategy is here?
96: 2012-06-01: The vast majority of humans cannot comprehend future costs, only current desires.
97: 2012-06-01: A first step in wisdom is recognizing that your needs and desires in the future may be different than today's.
98: 2012-05-13: People predict the future by taking the current trend and extrapolating it in a straight line. Alas, history rarely turns out that way.
99: 2012-05-10: Real prosperity is different than bubble prosperity, which lasts only a few years and is funded by liens on the future.
100: 2012-05-07: Darwinian future: Stupid people will continue to mate and propagate uncontrollably, while smart people become more insular. Duel societies!
101: 2012-05-06: The most valuable lesson from the past is how inept we are at predicting the future.
102: 2012-04-26: If your future self contacted you to tell you what you are doing wrong, would you listen?
103: 2012-04-10: A "bromide" is not an antacid but a nice sounding statement that says nothing. ("Children are our future.")
104: 2012-04-09: A solution is not real if it merely displaces a problem into the future.
105: 2012-03-14: Past, present, future - it all comes together right here.
106: 2012-03-12: "The future is here. It's just not very evenly distributed." ~William Gibson
107: 2012-03-09: I believe the children are our future. #platitude #truism #thingstheotherlamamightsay
108: 2012-03-08: Guilt is yours to bear. Self-inflicted pain won't change it. You can only incorporate it into your personality and future behavior.
109: 2012-03-07: A low-level mission serves an acute need. A high-level one can be quite complex and may address a now-invisible future need.
110: 2012-03-07: Feeding hungry people right now is not as important as reducing hunger in the future.
111: 2012-03-06: Most people would rather accept a bland future that seems secure than an exciting one that carries some risk.
112: 2012-02-29: Music/movie award shows would be far more interesting if they had any track record of predicting future classics. Better a roulette wheel!
113: 2012-02-24: The skills and habits that sustained you in the past are not necessarily the ones you need in the future.
114: 2012-01-25: @laurenahayes @princeboucher Yes, in the near future! I see a FB revenue crisis within 2 years. I've been right before!
115: 2012-01-15: Future generations will be amazed at how we manually googled things by typing words into a search box.
116: 2011-12-27: Most entertainment is disposable, rolling on and off the screen. Only the tiniest portion passes into the future—usually because it's good!
117: 2011-12-18: The future of nostalgia, for better or worse, is people filling in their Facebook Timeline.
118: 2011-12-11: Parents: Treating your kid like the center of the universe is breeding a future jerk. Don't give him expectations life can't sustain.
119: 2011-12-11: Being happy right now isn't enough. There's a bigger cycle at work and you've got to understand it to avoid unhappiness in the future.
120: 2011-12-11: The neutralizing of future discretion should not be mistaken for a declaration of love.
121: 2011-12-11: Life planning is a balance between the commitments necessary to get things done and the preservation of future discretion.
122: 2011-12-05: "Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last." ~ Marcus Aurelius <== If we lived by that, no one would invest in the future.
123: 2011-11-10: If you hold your hand over a candle flame, you suffer pain. Now you'll avoid it in the future. That's the starting point of wisdom.
124: 2011-11-10: You can lead a fairly meaningful existence just by avoiding pain—not just now but as far in the future as you can project.
125: 2011-11-06: @MimiNassau I don't get that at all. This is the first time I've heard it. That's a future Classic Hit?
126: 2011-10-25: Before you rescue someone or give them gifts, make sure you're not creating the expectation of the same in the future.
127: 2011-10-19: The greatest disasters of the future will be caused by things that we have created—our own technology turned against us.
128: 2011-09-24: Future money will be an advanced electronic bartering system where labor is traded for goods without government-sponsored currency.
129: 2011-07-13: Hoarding makes little practical sense today, when most goods are easily obtained at low cost. Future value rarely justifies storage cost.
130: 2011-07-08: Future Apartheid will pit the intellectual races in protected enclaves against the worker classes outside—kinda like the suburbs today.
131: 2011-07-03: There is wisdom in not revealing your intent until you have to. It avoids unnecessary politics and preserves more options for the future.
132: 2011-05-12: Right now, you could watch TV, or you could do something new and innovative with your time, building your future. Guess which one wins.
133: 2011-05-06: He who has not been humbled by failure in the past believes himself charmed and thus will court it in the future.
134: 2011-05-05: Simply planning your future life is a meaningful project. Some do it continuously; others refuse to do it at all.
135: 2011-05-05: Raw Video: Masada Standups My on-site narration from Masada, Israel. (Part of a theoretical future video)
136: 2011-04-18: The measure of "old" is the extent to which you are dwelling on the past instead of the future.
137: 2011-04-08: "Past performance is no guaranty of future returns." — Believe it! (But few people do.)
138: 2011-04-01: Most of the apparent wealth of the world is merely a theft from the future. {10/4}
139: 2011-03-25: Pain should be avoided, generally speaking, except when necessary to achieve your goals or avoid even greater pain in the future.
140: 2011-03-20: Most "trends" are unsustainable. They will change at some unpredictable future time as they exhaust their underlying resources.
141: 2011-03-20: The recurring error of investors everywhere is to take the "trend" of today and extrapolate it in a straight line into the future.
142: 2011-03-20: People in love are essentially investors, betting on a future outcome based on the trends of today.
143: 2011-03-20: The "momentum" of a stock or other asset is a delusion. It may seem apparent in retrospect but is a poor predictor of future prices.
144: 2011-03-19: Modern hedonism says the goal of travel is sensation and experience. Wrong! The goal is learning new skills to apply to future missions.
145: 2011-03-16: RT @TheWah: @BadDalaiLama My future self will be just as much an idiot... And I'm not that sure about my present self.
146: 2011-03-07: Life is 50% controlling your own future and 50% taking advantage of the things that happen to you that you have no control over.
147: 2011-03-06: Rescues must be limited in scope, with no implied promise of future rescue. Ideally, the victim should pay for his own rescue in some way.
148: 2011-03-04: As for the jerk inside you? Yup, you were one once! Just let that go, too, and remain vigilant in the future.
149: 2011-03-04: One thing that must go into our planning is how bad we are at predicting the future.
150: 2011-03-01: You understand something (or someone) if you can accurately predict its behavior in the future.
151: 2011-02-28: We dig ourselves out of narcissism by seeking self-worth at a higher level, planning for it in the future instead of demanding it today.
152: 2011-02-14: People can change, but only at their own pace in and their own way. By all means encourage it, but don't bet your own future on it.
153: 2011-02-01: OMG! Technology is changing so fast it must be... FUTURE SHOCK!... My fave TV documentary of my youth: via @BrainPicker
154: 2011-01-31: Morality is a set of policies to best prepare you for a future you cannot precisely predict.
155: 2011-01-13: Future archaeologists will be baffled by the presence of huge stadiums built adjacent to universities. What was the educational purpose?
156: 2011-01-11: The best gauge of future performance is past performance—except in investing where the market already factors that assumption in.
157: 2011-01-05: Free will is a choice made in the present, not the future. As soon as you say, "I'll change later," you've surrendered to fatalism.
158: 2010-12-30: The two human errors of planning are a) not planning at all (impulsivity) and b) overplanning for a permanent future one can't possibly see.
159: 2010-12-30: I am the internet user from Hell! I enjoy those wonderful free services but never click on ads or sponsored links. I am the future. Bite me!
160: 2010-12-28: A future dream itinerary: Tel Aviv to Cairo by bus for less than $100. Map:
161: 2010-12-25: It is useful to believe in fate in retrospect ("Everything happens for a reason") but not in the future ("I am powerless to change it").
162: 2010-12-23: "Merely getting into Harvard is as good an indicator of future success as actually going." via @laurenahayes
163: 2010-12-20: The wisest choice is usually the one that best promotes future choice.
164: 2010-12-17: Dogs live in a perpetual "now". Humans live in the past or future but hardly ever in the now.
165: 2010-12-15: The future is here! Instant communication with anyone via our handheld devices. We should all be wearing Rudi Gernreich moon suits!
166: 2010-12-09: The neutralizing of future discretion should not be mistaken for a declaration of love.
167: 2010-12-09: Life planning is a balance between the commitments necessary to get things done and the preservation of future discretion.
168: 2010-11-28: If we have storage space available, few among us can resist the temptation to hold onto anything that "might" be useful in the future.
169: 2010-11-19: Investments are future commitments to an object, idea, person or activity. They make us who we are—and are the main block to our growth.
170: 2010-11-04: As the brain deteriorates, humans revert to their natural animal behavior of saving old containers and bits of string for future use.
171: 2010-10-30: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
172: 2010-10-19: It is noble to fight for a cause, but you can't neglect your own development. You must nurture your ability to fight for future causes.
173: 2010-10-04: Much of the apparent wealth of the world is merely a theft from the future.
174: 2010-09-23: To master your future you must make peace with your past.
175: 2010-09-19: Life is like riding a roller coaster backwards. You see the current trend, up or down, but not the curves and reversals of the future.
176: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-01: Most of my new tweets are now going to @BadDalaiLama. The role of @KilroyCafe awaits future definition (but it won't go away).
177: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-28: TSA agent just said I looked like "that actor from Spiderman". I guess my future is assured as a J.K. Simmons impersonator.
178: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-11: A promise implies you have a perfect understanding of the future. If you are not certain, then don't promise.
179: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: We all tend to overestimate our ability to predict the future. We say, "I have this totally worked out," then time proves we don't.
180: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: It is human nature to stockpile resources (food, tools, etc) for future lean times, but in an environment of plenty it becomes pathological.
181: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: A rolling stone collects no moss. Furthermore, the moss collected by a non-rolling stone makes future rolling less and less likely.
182: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: As the brain deteriorates, humans revert into packrats, saving juice containers and bits of string for future use that never comes.
183: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: The fundamental challenge of life is overcoming your past to master your own future.
184: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: If you are wealthy, you should pretend to be poor. You are spending your future and may live to regret what you waste today.
185: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-20: The benefit of a contract is that you know what to expect in the future. The cost is that you can't adapt to the unexpected.
186: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-30: Happiness is not a permanent condition. It must be constantly renegotiated and cannot be nailed down in the future by any form of contract.
187: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-24: In the future, personal liberties will be protected -- as long as they don't conflict with the needs of Wal-Mart, Exxon, Philip Morris...
188: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-24: Much of the apparent wealth of the world is merely a theft from the future.
189: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: The future of health care is simple: People with more money will be able to buy a longer life.
190: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: Buy this book at Amazon while you still can: "The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush" - A future collector's item!
191: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-16: The current budget crises are the beginning of the end of in-person education. For better or worse, most future education will be virtual.
192: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-07: Overheard on the light rail in Phoenix: "In the the future, if you are going to write one of those emails, send it to me first."
193: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-01: Most future happiness is a delusion. What we think will make us happy probably won't.
194: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
195: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: Life is hard mainly because you make it hard, overcommitting your future and spending more than you have on things that aren't important.
196: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-05: A "craft fair" should never be mispronounced "crap fair," but I keep doing it. Look at all this crap! Future garage sale material.
197: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-28: Juvenile justice is America's only serious attempt at rehabilitative justice - i.e. intended to actually reduce future crime.
198: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Marriage was living with the Thought Police. I got in trouble for what I said, what I thought and what I might say or think in the future.
199: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: People can't move on with their lives until the future is clearly resolved and there is no more room for negotiation.
200: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: The past is irrelevant except for what it teaches us about the future.
201: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: Regret is such a painful emotion that people will do anything to avoid it. They'll deny history or cripple their future to make it go away.
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