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1: 2018-01-31: I have a sixth sense that allows me to go to a foreign country, listen to people talk to each other and without knowing a word of the language identify who is being a jerk.
2: 2017-10-27: Keys to a healthy immune system: dog slobber, foreign toilets, regular contact with nature, exposure to mildly unsanitary environments.
3: 2014-11-06: The future is a foreign country. You can't head there thinking you already understand it.
4: 2014-11-03: Never accept an opinion on foreign affairs from someone who doesn't have a passport.
5: 2014-07-01: RT @Peripatetia: My foreign travel comfort zone is this: If a culture can support McDonalds franchises, I'll go there. No McDonalds, no go.
6: 2013-12-11: Drinking bottled water from an exotic sounding foreign location is proof you will never go there.
7: 2013-12-11: The most interesting experience in foreign travel is being able to size people up without knowing their language. Nonverbal cues are enough.
8: 2013-10-02: The lure of the dashing foreigner, as described by @TheMenOnMyCouch -
9: 2013-06-12: The most important lessons you learn in foreign travel are all ways humans are the same.
10: 2013-03-21: @laurenahayes It's amazing the hardships foreign cultures are willing to endure.
11: 2013-03-18: Pepe Le Pew, you polecat Casanova, why do the ladies find you so irresistible? Is it your foreignness? Your inaccessibility?
12: 2013-02-06: "That’s the wonderful thing about foreign travel, suddenly you are five years old again..." Quote: via @AbbigailEva
13: 2013-01-07: Foreigners can't grasp the American obesity crisis because all the Americans on TV are thin. I try to explain: "Americans are HUGE!"
14: 2012-10-30: The romantic lure of the dashing foreigner, who turns out to be just another jerk with an accent.
15: 2012-09-10: The main danger to you while traveling in most foreign countries is you get drunk and take foolish risks.
16: 2012-07-18: Imagine you were stranded in a foreign city, without a guidebook or map, not knowing which way to go. That is the anxiety of freedom.
17: 2012-04-10: Just bought a roundtrip nonstop ticket from USA to a foreign land. Can you determine the origin and destination?
18: 2012-03-29: Chips aisle at Walmart - 360° panorama For the edification of our foreign friends.
19: 2011-12-23: The most important lesson you learn in foreign countries is what things are universal.
20: 2011-05-10: RT @TelegraphNews: Former Nepal foreign minister dies climbing Mount Everest
21: 2011-04-16: Many dream of foreign travel but few actually pull it off. They invent too many barriers for themselves to ever allow it to happen.
22: 2011-04-05: Israeli citizens can't visit the West Bank, but foreign tourists can. It's remarkably safe and easy.
23: 2011-03-30: Funniest airport name: Wilkes Barre-Scranton International Airport. So what foreign cities can you fly to from Scranton?
24: 2011-02-25: It is no longer much fun to shop in foreign lands. Wherever you go—Europe, Africa, Asia—everything manufactured comes from China!
25: 2010-12-16: The most important lesson you learn in foreign countries is what things are universal.
26: 2010-10-26: Foreign travel is important to our education, not so much to show us what is different about other cultures but what is universal.
27: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: Did you know that Wilkes Barre-Scranton has an INTERNATIONAL airport? I'm wondering what foreign cities are served from there.
28: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: I don't see how foreigners can say America lacks substance. Our Ponzi schemes are the finest in the world!
29: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: The most important lesson you learn in foreign countries is what things are universal.
30: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: Your choice: Buy "Duty Free" merchandise at a foreign airport and haul it home, or buy the same product for less at Costco.
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