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1: 2017-04-23: You have to be naïve and foolish before you can be smart and wise.
2: 2017-02-25: If you're truly growing, your future self will see the current you as foolish and naïve. Just try not to embarrass the future you too much.
3: 2014-12-06: Compassion for the foolish eventually gives way to: "You did this to yourself, so it's your problem."
4: 2014-09-06: Foolish Earthlings!
5: 2014-07-04: He died doing what he loved most: taking foolish risks.
6: 2013-12-10: He died doing what he loved: taking foolish risks.
7: 2013-05-14: You become an asshole not by making a foolish mistake but by defending it.
8: 2013-05-12: The only thing that will stop the foolish risk-taking of youth is a disaster. Hopefully it's nonfatal, but a fatal one will work too.
9: 2013-03-30: On My Bucket List: Squander my massive lottery prize on foolish luxuries and bad investments.
10: 2013-03-29: Older me to the younger one: "I can't believe you took those foolish risks!" Younger me to the older one: "Get off your ass, dummy!"
11: 2013-01-09: You can be both smart and foolish at the same time: clever in pursuit of your goals but deluded in your choice of them.
12: 2012-12-23: "Clever" can be a foolish way to spend your life.
13: 2012-12-08: Personal disasters from theft and malicious intent by others: 1%. Personal disasters arising from my own foolish mistakes: 99%.
14: 2012-11-12: You know romantic attachment is over when you no longer feel any hint of jealousy. In fact, you feel foolish for having ever felt it.
15: 2012-10-25: The most satisfying character story is a hero recovering from his own foolish mistakes. (cc: @lawnrocket)
16: 2012-10-22: You can't tell a fool how foolish they're being. Only life can teach that lesson.
17: 2012-09-10: The main danger to you while traveling in most foreign countries is you get drunk and take foolish risks.
18: 2012-06-02: The foolish risk taking of youth is usually replaced by pathological risk aversion in old age.
19: 2012-06-01: Credit card companies make little profit on those who pay their balance. They make it charging 22% forever to those who spend foolishly.
20: 2012-05-24: "Idiot savant" describes far too many: brilliant in execution, foolish in purpose.
21: 2011-12-21: It was foolish for Washington to cross the Delaware standing up like that. I bet he did it only for the paparazzi.
22: 2011-09-29: It is remarkable how people will debase themselves for sex, making foolish life choices they wouldn't have made otherwise.
23: 2011-09-06: Nothing explains consciousness or free will, but you know you have them and can use them either wisely or foolishly.
24: 2011-06-30: Never underestimate the ability of music to encourage foolish lifestyle choices.
25: 2011-05-25: RT @ereva foolish. 70mph winds, hail and rotation spotted. Apparently you need to experience it first hand to learn respect.
26: 2011-04-22: @Toledowni "Guess you haven't been to México, right? ...foolish thing to do." <== Mexico City is fine. Only the border states are no-go.
27: 2011-04-22: When you are a victim of crime, 9 times out of 10 it can be traced to something foolish you did.
28: 2011-01-06: Predictions for 2011: Certain celebrities and politicians will become ensnared in scandal. It will be revealed that they were very foolish.
29: 2011-01-05: Youth may be foolish with change, but age is dumb with routine.
30: 2011-01-04: RT @AddamBONGG Most "wisdom" is actually foolishness written by those who have never set foot beyond their safe haven.
31: 2010-12-20: Most of life's hardest falls stem from foolish decisions we made during moments of success.
32: 2010-10-18: He died doing the thing he loved most: taking foolish risks.
33: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: It is foolish to educate teenagers against something, like drugs or drunk driving, because you'll just make them want to try it.
34: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: He died doing what he loved best — taking foolish risks.
35: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-31: RT @TheBosha: Those foolish enough to attempt it will find our community's punishments for thievery similar to Wallachia's under the rei ...
36: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-18: Crime is a real threat, but the damage it does is usually dwarfed by what we do to ourselves through our own foolish actions.
37: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: Luxury brands make you look stupid. If you waste money on them, you're going to feel foolish in the long run.
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