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1: 2018-11-18: Camp Fire is a Stupid name for a fire. Every forest fire is a Camp Fire. California should get no more Federal Funds until it uses better names. POOR FIRE NAME MANAGEMENT! whole state is stupid. Didn’t vote for me so their Burning. #faketrumptweets
2: 2018-05-28: Trump Memorial Day is when we remember all the Losers who weren’t smart enough to get out of the way of the bullets being fired at them. Sad.
3: 2018-04-22: Naked man opens fire with AR-15 at Tennessee Waffle House. Tape surfaces of President of the United States lying about his net worth while pretending to be someone else. #justanotherdayinamerica
4: 2018-01-05: Once again, the President proves himself a master promoter, assuring astronomical sales for “Fire and Fury“.
5: 2017-12-06: My company fired me for inappropriate conduct, then it hired me back, because I realized I can’t get along without me.
6: 2017-08-21: The most graceful exit is rejection. If you are fired or never hired, you face no moral dilemmas in removing yourself.
7: 2017-03-08: Today is the Day Without A Woman, or as they call it in industry, A Lot Of People Are Going To Be Fired Day.
8: 2016-11-15: Git me my huntin' rifle and fire up ol' General Lee. I'm joinin' Trump's new Deportation Squad. #stupidwhitepeopletalk #gointocabellasfirst
9: 2016-11-14: 🎵 Oh the weather outside is frightful & the fire is so delightful & since there's really no place to go let's stay in and talk about Trump.
10: 2015-07-07: RT @_FloridaMan: Florida Man Dies After Strapping Fireworks to Head on Fourth of July
11: 2015-03-27: California cycle of life: The rains come and the hills bloom with fuel for the fires that make the mudslides when the the rains come again.
12: 2014-06-28: Go ahead, blame the fire codes, we all know who the real culprit was: Mrs. O'Leary's cow.
13: 2014-06-10: The Peter Principle: Reaching his terminal position, the employee is too incompetent to be promoted but not incompetent enough to be fired.
14: 2014-05-16: Fire watching in San Diego (yesterday)
15: 2014-05-16: Fire watching in San Diego (yesterday)
16: 2014-04-05: Electrical fires in holiday nativity scenes are a major manger danger.
17: 2014-03-26: You can help dysfunctional people you care about, but know your budget for helping and maintain a secure firewall between you and them.
18: 2014-03-19: Firefighters make the best arsonists. They benefit from fire and know how to cover their tracks.
19: 2014-03-18: A pilot's simple theory about the Malaysian Airlines flight: electrical fire.
20: 2013-10-16: Pyromaniacs make the best firemen. (cc @HumanBeam)
21: 2013-09-26: Area 51: What is this border device, and why does it need a fire extinguisher?
22: 2013-08-27: Forest fire dusk at Lake Tahoe (just now)
23: 2013-08-26: The best way to dodge a bullet is to not be anywhere near where the bullet is fired.
24: 2013-08-26: Forest fire sunset over the porta-potty yard in Reno.
25: 2013-08-21: Everyone needs firewalls — personal boundaries to protect the integrity of your own system and keep others from corrupting it.
26: 2013-08-19: Fireworks stand on the highway, Burns, Wyoming (just now)
27: 2013-07-28: RT @TIME: Fired for being fat? NJ judge upholds weight discrimination in the workplace |
28: 2013-07-23: @BadDalaiLama The app is free but extorts huge sums from you to not post tweets that could get you fired or kill your political career.
29: 2013-07-21: You cannot retain your own sanity without building firewalls between yourself and the troubles of others.
30: 2013-05-19: @MinnieGupta An important reference work! The main delusion, however, is that you can deal with a Borderline at all. Firewalls!
31: 2013-05-16: A healthy emotional life involves not just empathy and compassion, but also firewalls and circuit breakers.
32: 2013-03-04: Maintain a firewall between you and the dysfunctional, lest their dysfunction become yours.
33: 2012-12-23: Life in Middle Earth would be a whole lot different if the wizards who had fireworks also invented gunpowder.
34: 2012-12-16: The arsonist was so prolific he joined a frequent fire program.
35: 2012-11-16: On My Bucket List: Fire missiles indiscriminately into Israel, just to see what will happen.
36: 2012-09-02: Baltimore on fire! (last night)
37: 2012-08-16: Don't get entangled with dysfunctional people, even if family. Maintain your firewalls, or their dysfunction will become yours.
38: 2012-07-02: There's no accounting for sexual attraction. What lights someone's fire could look like a loaf of bread to the rest of us.
39: 2012-06-27: You can totally mess up a firefly's love life by flashing a flashlight at him, but what kind of pervert are you?
40: 2012-06-13: You can't fire friends for bad behavior like employers do. Instead, you point out the bad behavior then quietly withdraw until it changes.
41: 2012-05-25: @BustinJurkz My horrific divorce changed everything for me. Like a great forest fire. I was wiped clean and reborn.
42: 2012-05-25: Irony is when something turns out the opposite of what the surface circumstances would lead you to believe. (e.g. an arsonist fireman)
43: 2012-05-25: So who was feeding her? ==> Fire crews demolish walls to release Britain's fattest teen
44: 2012-05-22: Pedophile priests, arsonist firemen, homosexual homophobes... Human motivation is often a denial of something inside that comes out anyway.
45: 2012-05-09: Discrimination can be real, but it can also be a convenient excuse for your own failings. ("They fired me because I'm _____.")
46: 2012-05-01: How many fires are started by firemen? More than you think. Like pedophiles in the clergy.
47: 2012-05-01: The place for people who really love fire. (@ Fire Science Academy)
48: 2012-04-26: It is okay to help dysfunctional people so long as there is a firewall between you and them so they don't corrupt your world.
49: 2012-04-02: RT @MailOnline: Human beings were using fire a million years ago - 300,000 years earlier than previously thought
50: 2012-04-01: Fire engines called to the Madonna Shrine in East Boston. (And all I can do is hum, "Like A Virgin.")
51: 2012-03-09: I can only assume the Love Shack was shut down by the fire marshall after the Great White fire. Sounds like a deathtrap!
52: 2012-03-06: Below you is the track for a defunct Fire Breathing Dragon. Dragon was slain by a wizard with lots of sparks and shit.
53: 2011-12-25: If you want to be functional, you have to build firewalls between you and the dysfunctionals of society so they don't draw you down.
54: 2011-12-12: As a forest needs fire to clear out the dead wood, we all need an occasional catastrophe to burn off our delusions.
55: 2011-12-09: When dealing with dysfunctional people, the most important thing is to maintain a firewall between you and them to protect your own life.
56: 2011-11-28: Some of the most crippled people are those who have never had a real disaster in their life, never had a forest fire to clear the brush.
57: 2011-10-31: Now playing in my head: "World On Fire" by Sarah McLachlan
58: 2011-10-09: @nainysahani "Almost fires" don't count. Pix or it didn't happen ;)
59: 2011-09-06: Video Postcard: Truck Fire in Arkansas (two days ago) 01:35
60: 2011-09-03: RT @xtinewu: When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember the fire dpt usually uses water....
61: 2011-08-13: RT @Toledowni: @BadDalaiLama Man some days you're just on fire ;)
62: 2011-07-02: You don't realize until you are lying on the ground how difficult it can be to tell a firefly from a meteor.
63: 2011-06-22: Never get too close to dysfunctional people. Maintain a firewall between you and them so their dysfunction doesn't become yours.
64: 2011-03-28: Technology made us who we are (Where would we be without writing, fire or agriculture?) but that doesn't mean we're better with more of it.
65: 2011-03-20: You can watch a fireworks show and say, "Wow, that's cool!" but it hasn't changed you, and eventually you stop going.
66: 2011-03-09: A good forest fire could do all of us some good! It is often the only way to get rid of our own emotional blocks.
67: 2011-02-28: A sociopath could set fire to a cat and feel no shame or distress about it (unless he was caught, in which case he would blame the cat).
68: 2011-01-02: Southern California has two seasons: fire season and flood season. They are preempted only by earthquake season. (Coming Soon!)
69: 2010-12-30: The Peter Principle says that an employee tends to rise to the level of his incompetence then remain in place, neither fired nor promoted.
70: 2010-12-10: As a forest needs fire to clear out the dead wood, we all need an occasional catastrophe to burn off our delusions.
71: 2010-12-05: @princeboucher "I'm loving this @BadDalaiLama guy! Spits straight fire and truth!” — Watch out, some of that fire might be heading your way!
72: 2010-10-29: Every forest needs an occasional fire to make way for new growth, and people need catastrophes for the same reason.
73: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-30: Forest fire? That ain't no forest fire. Here in Texas, that's just barbecue!
74: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-17: Photo: Fireman's Breakfast, Moses Lake, Washington (yesterday)
75: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-02: Have you been injured? Unfairly fired? Call our law firm. We'll help you get the maximum settlement. So you can gamble it away.
76: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-03: The most valuable accessories of modern life: foam earplugs! (Find them in the firearms section of Wal-Mart™.)
77: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: World's dumbest airport security announcement: "The Seattle police and fire departments are here to serve you. In an emergency dial 911."
78: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: Southern California has only two seasons: fire season and flood season.
79: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-07: If you flash at fireflies with a penlight, you can sometimes get them to flash back (and totally screw up their love life).
80: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-05: "My favorite 4th is still the one when we declared our independence from the tyrannical monotony of annual fireworks displays." @Moltz
81: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-02: There's a fine line between the people who fight fires and those who set them. Local Las Vegas news story:
82: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-01: NY Times on firefly mating "Blink Twice if you Like Me" - Mating rife with deception and posturing - as always!
83: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: Crime sprees are usually the result of paranoid panic, as are workplace killings by just-fired workers.
84: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: The most valuable accessories of modern life are foam earplugs. I use mine everywhere! Find them cheap in the firearm section of Wal-Mart™.
85: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: Los Angeles can't fire incompetent teachers. LA Times 5/3: - That's government: Live by the rules, die by the rules.
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