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1: 2018-04-05: A spontaneous music video I filmed yesterday in a town square in Czechia.
2: 2017-04-14: Oxford University. My new 2.5 minute video, filmed in 2015 but edited only now.
3: 2016-11-10: "Idiocracy and Natural Selection - The Real Reason Trump Won" - My 7-minute election explainer, filmed yesterday.
4: 2016-02-06: RT @Peripatetia: My first viral video, a silly 3-minute piece filmed near Area 51 in August, has just passe… https:…
5: 2015-10-10: RT @Peripatetia: Tasting Reindeer Meat in Northern Norway - my new 2-minute video filmed a week ago in Fiinmark
6: 2015-08-27: RT @BadLamaArt: If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a filmmaker, make videos. If you're not doing it, you're just another …
7: 2015-08-18: RT @mntstguy: @BadDalaiLama You've just described any of a 1000+ films
8: 2015-07-13: RT @BeechhouseArt: @BadDalaiLama watched the #Area51 film Glenn, your bit was the only good bit!
9: 2015-04-14: "One of the great ironies of filming reality TV is that, as fake as it is,some amazing real stuff happens to the crews filming it." @cracked
10: 2014-12-18: RT @TIME: TIME's film critic: You can't see 'The Interview,' but I did. Here's what you missed
11: 2014-11-27: RT @TheRealNimoy: 50 years ago today Star Trek begins filming 1 st pilot. We have liftoff!!
12: 2014-01-30: RT @jaydixit: Great film quotes: "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war room!" Dr. Strangelove http://…
13: 2014-01-15: "Brazil" — script of Terry Gilliam film: — "That is why we insist on the principle of Information Retrieval Charges."
14: 2013-10-07: Scientist Outraged That Science Fiction Film Isn't Factually Accurate ~ re @TIME
15: 2013-08-05: Nudity in film is almost always pornography: inserted for a cheap thrill but adding nothing to the story.
16: 2013-07-21: On My Bucket List: Max out my credit cards to fund my own independent film.
17: 2013-07-11: My only acting gig (playing myself in a movie filmed in 2009) may never see the light of day according to this rumor:
18: 2013-06-28: My first film seizure at NSA Headquarters reported in a 1994 issue of my Desert Rat newsletter Repeated in 2012.
19: 2013-05-23: "Phobia" - my new treatment for a short film. A man seeks a cure for his panic attacks.
20: 2013-04-26: @BadDalaiLama This was filmed at the Ultimate UFO Seminar in Rachel NV on May 1, 1993. I was there! - FB comments:
21: 2013-04-25: Quotes on filmmaking from Oren Peli director of Paranormal Activity
22: 2013-04-23: Oblivion: "a slow-moving behemoth of a film that has been art-directed into a coma"
23: 2013-04-15: "Rotoscoping my ass!" — colonoscopy for a film geek.
24: 2013-03-30: When you leave a movie, you only remember the story and a few details. You don't remember most of what the filmmaker put on the screen.
25: 2013-03-20: On My Bucket List: Withdraw from a successful comedy career to make "serious" films no one wants to see.
26: 2013-03-18: On My Bucket List: Become the executive producer on a Michael Cimino film.
27: 2013-03-14: Venice, Italy, November 1992 - My first art photo, taken with a 35mm film camera. The story:
28: 2013-02-24: In no art is the talk-to-action ratio higher than in filmmaking.
29: 2013-02-24: To be a great writer, photographer or sculptor, you must do it every day. Why do filmmakers think they are exempt?
30: 2013-02-10: If life is a movie, stop wasting film.
31: 2013-01-21: Our new Lite feed on art, film & creativity: @BadLamaArt -
32: 2013-01-20: Our new Lite feed: @BadLamaArt - our wisdom on creativity, film, writing, photography and art.
33: 2013-01-13: Sex and violence are what filmmakers use to get attention when they don't have any compelling ideas.
34: 2013-01-11: Materially successful but morally bankrupt. What is a filmmaker to do? Take the money and rant at the critics.
35: 2012-12-21: My new VIRTUAL FILM STUDIO is now online, indexing all of my screen stories since 2008.
36: 2012-12-20: Avengers Fact: NASA's "Dark Energy Facility" was filmed in an actual underground NASA vacuum chamber.
37: 2012-12-20: Avengers Fact: The streets of Calcutta were filmed on a soundstage in Cleveland. Fooled me!
38: 2012-12-20: "The Panhandler"—my new original story for a short film, written today. An American success story!
39: 2012-12-18: "Screenwriting Theory: The Flatland Analogy" - What makes a good short film? My half-page 2008 essay. cc @lawnrocket
40: 2012-12-17: "11:59 from Prescott" - My 2009 screenplay for a short film. Western town menaced by 3 strangers.
41: 2012-12-15: "Psychotherapy" - my first lesbian short film (in written form). Completed today.
42: 2012-12-12: If you have a great story, there are countless ways to film it. If you don't have a great story, no technique will save you.
43: 2012-12-12: Documentary filmmaker steps into a scene. Looks at his assets. Says, "This is what we're gonna do." Shoots it. Done. No storyboard.
44: 2012-12-12: @liberance @lawnrocket What is "film"? I am unfamiliar with the concept. I thought film was free now. And can't one plan in ones head?
45: 2012-12-12: If you're watching a movie and thinking to yourself, "These special effects are great!" the filmmaker has failed.
46: 2012-12-12: The great joy of filming with no budget is you can move immediately to grab opportunities without anal planning or restrictive groupthink.
47: 2012-12-12: The best current example of the "Indy" film style is the Bourne series. Big budget behind the scenes but low budget at its heart.
48: 2012-12-12: Hollywood means meticulous planning. Indy means filming on the fly, documentary style, grabbing whatever works.
49: 2012-12-12: @lawnrocket You come from an environment where films are meticulously planned. That's not the only way nor the best if you have no money.
50: 2012-12-12: Filmmakers are easily distracted by the technical and visual artistry of film while all the audience remembers is the story and gags.
51: 2012-12-10: "Inventacon" - treatment for a short film written today An amateur inventor submits his idea.
52: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: The payoff of every film is a lesson learned by both the hero and the audience (although they may be different lessons).
53: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Any detail that bleeds off the edge of the screen will be interpreted by the viewer as continuing infinitely beyond it.
54: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: In every frame, the human eye is drawn to one part of the screen. Know where that place is and do your best work there.
55: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Aggressively remove distractions.
56: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Unless you have a reason otherwise, a hand-held camera is better than fixed. It is more authentic to the audience.
57: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Obscure everything on the screen you don't need.
58: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: God gave man 24fps. Don't incur His wrath by messing with it.
59: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: High def on the screen will be translated into low def in the brain, so don't waste your time on high def.
60: 2012-12-09: @lawnrocket Imagine a world... where you woke up with an idea, filmed it in the AM, edited in PM, uploaded, done! Storyboard in your mind!
61: 2012-12-04: Just rewrote the ending to yesterday's filmmaking essay, adding an important point. "How to Make Movies.. in your Mind"
62: 2012-12-03: "How to Make Movies... In Your Mind!" - My new essay on filmmaking from Istanbul. cc: @lawnrocket
63: 2012-09-04: Filming my Fujisan train ride video (April 19) ... The 19-minute video:
64: 2012-08-23: The box office for Tony Scott's last two films wasn't great, but the ratings on his final 30-second production were fantastic!
65: 2012-07-09: Vin Diesel is no slouch! He made a couple of his own films before hitting the big time as an actor.
66: 2012-07-05: RT @tanjabulatovic: @BadDalaiLama Like John Lennon's 'Imagine' song. "Imagine no possessions..., it's easy if you try", filmed in their ...
67: 2012-05-28: Green River — visited here with a film crew once.
68: 2012-04-25: Watched The Matrix on the flight from Tokyo. One of the great existential films. Would you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?
69: 2012-04-10: Although I try to be discreet, authorities have tried to seize my film a dozen times. Once I was arrested for resisting. I know the drill.
70: 2012-04-09: On May 8, 1994, I had my film seized at NSA HQ after taking a photo of a "No Photography" sign. Same place as today!
71: 2012-04-09: Got my film confiscated here AGAIN! 18 years later. Like old times! (@ National Cryptologic Museum)
72: 2012-04-09: Hey, NSA! Can't you figure out that I had my film confiscated here IN ALMOST THE SAME PLACE 18 years ago?!?! So much for "intelligence"!
73: 2012-03-27: "Twin Peaks, Washington" My 2009 photo album from the towns where the show was filmed. Sample:
74: 2012-02-15: Wow! I'm getting it all on film so you can see!
75: 2012-01-11: Does society need to train students for film? Aren't we just training them to produce crap TV?
76: 2012-01-02: Sometimes I'm brutal when TV viewers write me about shows I'm on: "It's television. It's all fake. No UFOs. It's filmed from a script."
77: 2011-12-13: RT @brainpicker: Tuileries – twisted short film by the Coen brothers, starring Steve Buscemi, free to watch online
78: 2011-11-30: Spielberg films are well-crafted products without any depth or meaning.
79: 2011-11-28: Hugo — Tedious film school lesson with all the clockwork money can buy. C-
80: 2011-11-28: Checking into the multiplex for a multi-film orgy. (@ Century 20 Great Mall and XD w/ 3 others) [pic]:
81: 2011-11-12: The sarcophagus in which THE THING? resides. Dare we look? — and that's all! Sorry! Ran out of film!
82: 2011-11-02: A great filmmaker can make a compelling film with an iPhone. A great photographer can work with any camera. A songwriter needs only a voice.
83: 2011-10-19: RT @brainpicker: Stunning 16mm film of Las Vegas in 1962
84: 2011-10-05: New video: Exploring an Abandoned Factory in Windsor Locks, CT - 36 minutes in HD, filmed in one continuous take.
85: 2011-10-05: RT @xtinewu: The most important thing- Tell your own truth in everything you do. #film #music #art #life
86: 2011-10-02: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!" My new advice video filmed today at Wesleyan University. (21:21)
87: 2011-09-18: @xtinewu Would you care to name the film -- and does it involve Smurfs?
88: 2011-09-16: In Times Square, a black preacher argues against equal rights My newly stabilized video, filmed on the Rapture.
89: 2011-09-07: Video: Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico (parody) in 2010 in this geotagged location!
90: 2011-09-01: "We, not unlike film, seem to develop from the negatives." @jkrambles
91: 2011-05-22: Video Postcard: End of the World in Times Square. 1:30 - Filmed just before the Apocalypse last night.
92: 2011-04-20: It's done! The best TV series proposal ever created! Filmed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past few days.
93: 2011-04-01: Our new video: "Investigating the House" - A one-minute suspense movie filmed and edited tonight in Orlando.
94: 2011-03-31: Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and an urban "meh!" Only reason to go is the movie, which of course wasn't filmed there.
95: 2011-03-27: Orson Welles and Francis Ford Coppola—once-legendary filmmakers who spent their final days hawking wine.
96: 2011-03-20: You've seen this place many times before! Whenever the script calls for a jungle encampment, it's often filmed here.
97: 2011-03-19: Heading out on foot toward the caldera. Parts of Jurassic Park were filmed here. Watch out for velociraptors!
98: 2011-03-19: I have no interest in local cuisine because the sensation is momentary at best and taste can't be captured on film.
99: 2011-03-19: When I travel today, my mission is usually to capture something on film. The experience of travel is secondary to what I record for others.
100: 2011-02-21: RT @MailOnline: Over-priced, over-hyped - and they even make you feel ill. Are 3-D films the biggest rip-off…
101: 2011-01-22: WASHINGTON—Our new video from the steps of the Capitol: "Political Hot Air" (Video #32) Filmed yesterday!
102: 2011-01-20: Fond memories of having my film seized at NSA Headquarters in 1994. (I gave up my film so they didn't get my computer.)
103: 2011-01-20: From the air: NSA Headquarters, Ft. Meade, Maryland. (20 minutes ago) I once had my film seized here!
104: 2011-01-06: HD Delusion #5: Would Casablanca or Citizen Kane be better movies if filmed in HD—or just more cluttered?
105: 2011-01-01: 2010 Highlights: Film crew shooting SyFy special at Area 51 (March)
106: 2010-12-30: A sad passing: Kodachrome (the film but not the metaphor) My own Kodachrome moment:
107: 2010-11-30: You can't teach someone creative writing or film. Either they're inclined to pick up a pen or video camera or they're not.
108: 2010-11-08: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns" - Filmed yesterday on Miami Beach.
109: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: RT @BadDalaiLama: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns" - Filmed yesterday on M ...
110: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-24: My first "movie"—a 2-minute short filmed in Canada: "Destruction Bay" - At an abandoned roadhouse...
111: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: The Wicked Old Witch of the West and those flying monkeys were the scariest shit ever shown in the movies. No slasher film can compare.
112: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-07: The classic "Duck and Cover" civil defense film from 1951, featuring Bert the Turtle: via @nipsespin
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-29: New video: "Searching for Intelligent Life at Vasquez Rocks" - Star Trek parody filmed yesterday.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-25: Best writing guide ever! (for film, fiction) "Rules of thumb from Mamet; funny and, mostly, undeniable." @MJMcKean
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: A novel is the ultimate low-budget film: no cast, crew, lighting or sound, just the story.
116: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: Music, like film, is a glorious fraud. The audience thinks something's there that isn't.
117: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-20: Here's the pitch for a truly terrifying horror film: Movie producer is trapped in Nevada desert with NO CELLPHONE SERVICE. Will he survive?
118: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: "Slumdog Millionaire" and "District 9" are the first wave a new film genre: Third World Chic. Expect more to come.
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-15: My list of Best Existential Films: (Sept. 08)
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: Photos du Jour: My 2007 visit to LIDO BEACH in VENICE, ITALY, during a film festival. - Tim Burton Day!
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