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1: 2016-05-02: RT @nypost: The 54-year-old “Sail Away” singer was outed last week as the richest female in British and Irish history…
2: 2016-04-13: @female_lead @nainyyearsago But when you create a magazine "for girls" aren't you enforcing gender exclusion? "For boys" would be sexist.
3: 2015-04-17: Standard female Instagram account: selfie, selfie, food, selfie with friends, flower, selfie, food, selfie, airplane wing, selfie on beach.
4: 2014-07-17: We need to get back to the traditional values of our ancestors: The male who inseminates the most females wins!
5: 2014-02-18: "Instagram users are overwhelmingly young, wealthy and female"... and taking a lot of selfies and food shots. (re @vindugoel)
6: 2014-01-10: Female toplessness is not illegal in New York City but this video suggests otherwise
7: 2014-01-08: RT @TheBosha: "SNL responds to criticism by hiring black female cast member" is not, I'm reasonably certain, how she'll phrase it on her re…
8: 2013-12-22: A stop sign is male. Stop means stop. A yield sign is female, with a variable meaning you can never know in advance.
9: 2013-06-29: "Men have been shown to make poor decisions in the presence of an attractive female." <== You don't say? - re @wahyuwei
10: 2013-04-15: go-gettress — n. female go-getter
11: 2012-03-16: boobs—n. (1) female breasts (2) males obsessed with female breasts
12: 2012-03-10: If men are assholes it is because many generations of female evolutionary selection has made them that way.
13: 2012-03-03: @LayDbibo They're just as costly as female harems. You can't handle all the bitching!
14: 2012-01-31: A single human male produces enough sperm to inseminate every human female on Earth. (Collecting child support is a different matter.)
15: 2012-01-19: The best female singers have raspy voices, like having smoked too many cigarettes. That's character! It conveys hard-won worldly experience.
16: 2012-01-17: @joecooper42 "I don't know, BDL. A nice, tan female backside lightly dusted with sand has its merits!" <== Ah, but you still need the sand!
17: 2012-01-16: Most of few female specimens are sagging and oversunned. More like National Geographic than Playboy.
18: 2012-01-01: Hot females at Fry's.
19: 2011-12-14: The whole female species NAILED in a 1-minute video! "Shit Girls Say" via @nainysahani Also see: @shitgirlssay
20: 2011-11-16: I confess to a heterosexual attraction to adult females, effectively blocking me from any executive position with the Catholic Church.
21: 2011-07-27: Romance fiction panders to the female fantasy of rescue. Some handsome dude's going to save you.
22: 2011-07-17: Douche bagistas are female douche bags with a flair for fashion.
23: 2011-06-25: @female_masrya Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my stay in Cairo!
24: 2011-06-01: RT @ebertchicago: Clint Eastwood's birthday, and how Dirty Harry got a female partner. (Earlier tweet led to a bad page) ...
25: 2011-05-06: The male throughout history has been oppressed by the female, who demands that he support her while she stays home and cooks supper.
26: 2011-04-29: My superpower is directional urination while standing up. It may not sound like much, but it's the envy of the female world.
27: 2011-01-31: Only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are female. via @BrainPicker — You can't get more gender-neutral than that!
28: 2011-01-16: topless—n. the unshielded display of female mammaries for the purpose of tanning or the extraction of money from gullible male alcoholics.
29: 2010-12-17: Humans have far more sex than necessary for procreation. Females enjoy it even when not in estrus. Why?
30: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-02: Metal buildings are never silent. They wail in the wind and pop in the sun. They're dissatisfied and histrionic. Gender: female.
31: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: "I feel gay. And male." @rejecter (a female) - Who's going to pay for the therapy?
32: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: My clinical study of the "Preening and Nesting Behavior of the Human Female" (Kilroy Cafe #7, June 08)
33: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: The best example of the Handicap Principle is the plumage of the peacock, which is costly and useless but somehow impresses the female.
34: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: The female figures, "Wow, if this guy can waste so much on his fancy car, he must really be rich and powerful."
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