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1: 2018-11-16: Many have loudly announced on Twitter or Facebook that they are quitting social media. This is like phoning all your friends to tell them you will no longer be taking phone calls. They should just send letters.
2: 2018-11-13: My new Facebook Note on the contributions of my relatives to the Great War:
3: 2018-07-22: LIVING IN THE LAP OF LUXURY. After 10 years in the hospital, I'm living a downright luxurious lifestyle. Facebook note:
4: 2018-02-17: The artificially intelligent advertising algorithms of Facebook and Google are extremely effective in offering me products I have already purchased. #dontneeditnomore #artificialdimwits
5: 2018-01-24: Man dies in GoPro incident. Women perishes taking waterfall selfie. Murderer implicates self in Facebook post. Social media can kill!
6: 2017-06-19: My advice on visiting Africa after six weeks of travel there. Blog entry on Facebook:
7: 2017-06-12: Shaken down for bribes by Nairobi police yesterday. My story on Facebook: #corruption #kenyacorruption
8: 2017-03-12: Parental love. Some of my best relationship photos from my Facebook album at
9: 2016-12-19: On My Bucket List: Change the world by signing an online petition or by cutting and pasting a message into my Facebook status.
10: 2016-08-07: @laurenahayes The Facebook crash is coming. You wait and see! đź‘…
11: 2015-11-19: @Kyoks1 50% of my time spent traveling, the other 50% spent updating Facebook.
12: 2015-08-10: Lie Us On Facebook
13: 2015-03-18: My new cover photo on Facebook at -
14: 2015-03-16: Before Facebook, we used to ask "What ever happened to...?" Now we know, and it's usually not very interesting.
15: 2014-12-22: RT @Peripatetia: Glenn's Facebook Year in Review 2014 - Norway, Alps, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep…
16: 2014-12-10: Facebook algorithm to detect human stupidity? @guardian
17: 2014-09-30: RT @thescienceofus: People who feel insecure about their relationships tend to post about them more on Facebook
18: 2014-08-29: YouTube, Facebook and other online services offering unlimited free storage forever will eventually cross a line where this is impossible.
19: 2014-08-29: Facebook is a great company with a great product supported by great people with vision, but the stock price is still fantasy.
20: 2014-08-20: RT @washingtonpost: It's not just your imagination, there are a lot of old posts in your Facebook feed.
21: 2014-08-03: Breaking up is hard to do. Deleting all those photos from Facebook is a pain in the ass.
22: 2014-07-25: RT @GuardianUS: A valuation like Facebook's isn't just optimistic. It isn't just wildly optimistic. It's euphoric $F…
23: 2014-06-23: I am an intensely private man, apart from my postings on Facebook and Twitter and my confessions on Montel Williams and Larry King.
24: 2014-06-21: I am an intensely private man, apart from my postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and my confessions on Montel Williams.
25: 2014-06-10: New Facebook page created for my novel "Harper Junction"
26: 2014-05-27: Pawel Kuczynski, Polish satirical cartoonist - Website: - Unofficial Facebook:
27: 2014-05-06: Young people these days have no respect for Twitter and Facebook. They want instant gratification with WhatsApp and Snapchat.
28: 2014-03-23: @princeboucher @laurenahayes LOL! Ironic, don't you think, that you should be calling me out about Facebook on TWITTER!
29: 2014-03-14: I have just Unliked Vladimir Putin on Facebook. Now it's personal.
30: 2014-03-07: RT @nytimes: Turkish Prime Minister Threatens to Ban Facebook and YouTube
31: 2014-02-20: On My Bucket List: Sell out to Facebook for $16 billion — or $16 million, or just $1 million. I'm not greedy.
32: 2014-02-08: Facebook - The Musical
33: 2014-02-07: If Facebook videos were honest:
34: 2014-02-06: The BEST Facebook "Look Back" video ever created! From Germany via the Netherlands. Only 7 seconds long.
35: 2014-02-05: The feel-good movie of the year! Six Stars! Three Thumbs Up! — My 1-minute Facebook movie:
36: 2014-02-05: RT @latimes: Facebook marks its 10th birthday by allowing you to create personalized "Look Back" videos
37: 2014-01-08: Ugly Renaissance Babies via @RhodiHawk - Not all Renaissance art was Michelangelo. Facebook:
38: 2013-12-22: Like Putin, my political hegemony is reinforced by control of the news media. Nothing happens on my Facebook or Twitter without my approval.
39: 2013-12-10: Please "Like" Facebook Addiction on Facebook:
40: 2013-12-09: The friendly 'bots at Facebook assembled this Year-End Review (with a few major oversights)
41: 2013-11-14: Facebook is about me, me, me—which is fine. It's a chronicle of your own life. Twitter is about things you want to say about life.
42: 2013-10-25: An awkward Facebook chore: Removing warm, glowing photos of couples very much in love, because they no longer are.
43: 2013-10-14: See my "Lite" page on Facebook for a low-volume feed of my latest photo albums:
44: 2013-09-12: Facebook makes you happy if you are an active contributor and unhappy if you are a passive scroller.
45: 2013-09-02: On the edge of "Insanity"... a photo I can't post on Facebook.
46: 2013-08-21: Facebook updates you don't get:
47: 2013-08-16: RT @TIME: The more we use Facebook, the worse we feel | (via @TIMEHealthland)
48: 2013-07-22: Live-tweeting some past tours and events: Kosovo, Cairo, Balkans, Istanbul Protests, Santorini, etc. Facebook album:
49: 2013-06-23: "Vacation photos were found to be the most common source of feelings of resentment and jealousy" on Facebook. re @BadDalaiLama
50: 2013-06-23: Psychological effects of Facebook: envy, stress, addiction.
51: 2013-06-21: New cover image for my "Lite" page on Facebook:
52: 2013-06-20: Now Facebook lets you post photos as comments to photo. Weird! - Example:
53: 2013-06-04: If you don't have "Verified" on your Twitter or Facebook account, how do you know you're a real person?
54: 2013-05-23: @LaurynPsquared Duh! It was stolen from your Facebook page!
55: 2013-05-18: RT @TIME: One year after Facebook went public, here's a look at the 5 best parodies of the social network |
56: 2013-05-14: New cover art for our Facebook timeline for "The Case Against Marriage"
57: 2013-04-26: Facebook has given us a new class of relationships: "Friends I don't really like."
58: 2013-04-16: Our new Facebook page for "The Case Against Marriage"
59: 2013-04-16: With every upgrade to Facebook: Features will be added. New bugs will be introduced. People will be upset. People will get used to it.
60: 2013-04-12: RT @ksieff: In Kabul, young love blooms online: "With Facebook, there's no risk of being beaten up by (her) relatives." ...
61: 2013-04-11: CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK TIMELINE for the latest medical issues, pregnancy news, pet photos and maintenance activities of people you hardly know.
62: 2013-03-25: Some of the world's best travel photos: on my public Facebook timeline... always! Anyone can follow.
63: 2013-02-13: Facebook asking, "Which city do you live in?" is deeply discriminatory to those of us who do not have one.
64: 2013-02-04: "Glenn Campbell Lite" - Our Facebook fan page, highlighting just our best work.
65: 2013-01-29: Master index of all my photo albums (600+ albums on Facebook)
66: 2013-01-16: Facebook's Graph Search will be cool if it can produce, say, "Glenn Campbell's photos from Barcelona". re @WSJ
67: 2013-01-15: The fatal flaw in Facebook Graph is you have to actually CARE what your friends do. Pushing friendship a bit too far, aren't we? re @WSJ
68: 2012-12-28: Death is when you stop interacting. No more Facebook or Twitter updates. Emails and voicemails go unanswered. Weird!
69: 2012-12-23: I am winding down on Google+ in favor of my new Lite™ feed on Facebook. Info:
70: 2012-12-22: My Facebook fan page has been reactivated as a Lite™ version of my main FB feed. Less filling!
71: 2012-12-16: Porn alert! Facebook censored some of my 2010 photos from Florence, so I was forced to cover them.
72: 2012-12-13: Yin-Yang of Facebook: For any feature given, another must be taken away. For every bug fixed, something else must be broken. é™°é™˝
73: 2012-12-13: Zuckerberg's mindless bots say these were my biggest events of 2012. (Facebook Year in Review)
74: 2012-12-05: Rules of my Facebook Page My social media policy for Facebook.
75: 2012-11-17: My Facebook page is not the place for political comments!
76: 2012-10-17: It must be satisfying being a Facebook engineer. When you break something you break it for a billion people.
77: 2012-09-26: Happy Birthday! I baked you a virtual cake and made you a virtual card and here's a gift certificate for Netflix. Glad Facebook reminded me!
78: 2012-09-26: It may seem Frida Kahloish, but here are my nearly 700 self-portraits on Facebook.
79: 2012-09-26: Over 30,000 photos in 600+ albums on Facebook! Here's the proof:
80: 2012-09-05: RT @WSJ: Facebook makes clear that the option of selling more stock is pretty much off the table. $FB
81: 2012-08-17: Subscribe to our public Facebook feed for our latest photos and videos. Over 500 albums!
82: 2012-08-16: RT @washingtonpost: Facebook's stock hits new low:
83: 2012-06-30: With a price this low, I'm thinking of investing. Better than Facebook stock!
84: 2012-06-21: If you think Facebook was the first to unite the world with a virtual product, think again. Coca-Cola has been doing it for decades!
85: 2012-06-04: I remember watching the wedding of Charles and Diana and thinking to myself, "This will turn out badly just like the Facebook IPO of 2012."
86: 2012-06-04: Facebook is equivalent to being invited into someone's home. It is not the place to express controversial opinions. Save that for Twitter.
87: 2012-06-04: If someone is willing to pay $20 for a $5 chicken, thinking it can fly, you can't really blame the chicken. (a Facebook parable)
88: 2012-06-03: A valuable but neglected use of Facebook is keeping your own private diary of what happened when (posts visible only to you).
89: 2012-05-25: Just nabbed "BadDalaiLama" as my Facebook name - Subscribe now for all my pretty pictures.
90: 2012-05-22: RT @latimes: Zuckerberg loses $2 billion on second day of Facebook trading
91: 2012-05-21: Today is the day Facebook starts trading for real, not propped up by its investment banks.
92: 2012-05-20: (May even Facebook ISTS — Investors Shitting Them Selves)
93: 2012-05-20: Facebook IPO soon to be followed by Facebook VUI. (Very Unhappy Investors)
94: 2012-05-18: RT @TIME: Bankers wage epic battle to prop up Facebook stock at $38 just before market close, ends just 23 cents up |
95: 2012-05-17: @LadyFriday Actually, anyone holding past Monday is the sucker. #FacebookIPO
96: 2012-05-17: "I invested in Facebook" is the new "I have an account with Bernie Madoff."
97: 2012-05-16: RT @MailOnline: General Motors removes all Facebook advertising 'because no-one clicks on ads on the social network'
98: 2012-05-07: "Facebook IPO: A Bet on King Zuck" <== I'm predicting a stock-price collapse.
99: 2012-05-03: I depend on Facebook and respect what it does. I want it to survive, but its greatest peril is unrealistic financial expectations.
100: 2012-05-03: RT @TIME: Is Facebook's ad business sustainable? | (via @TIMEBusiness)
101: 2012-05-03: Facebook IPO insight: I have used FB intensely for 4 years, uploaded 10000 photos but hardly ever clicked on an ad. #FBcrashcoming
102: 2012-05-02: RT @WSJ: Facebook has built a $3 billion-a-year ad business. But some advertisers wonder if they're getting their money's worth. http:// ...
103: 2012-05-01: "Facebook's IPO Status Update" Some skepticism arises.
104: 2012-04-11: Instagram for $1 billion? Definitely don't understand that one. Facebook digging itself a deeper hole? #FacebookBubble
105: 2012-04-05: People are getting older faster. The old farts now gripe about the "new" Facebook and how things were so much better in the old days.
106: 2012-04-05: Like it or not, Facebook is part of your personal presentation to the world. If your page looks disorganized and unoriginal then you do too.
107: 2012-04-05: Check out my public Facebook page for a nearly 500 photo albums from around the world.
108: 2012-04-02: Talking about Twitter: $0.02. Talking about Facebook: $0.02. Talking about Apple & Google: $0.02. Producing meaningful content: Priceless.
109: 2012-03-11: RT @spordomingo: Facebook wants to make you an offer you can refuse! :) #FacebookIPO | IMD:
110: 2012-03-07: Smith Mary want to be my friend on Facebook. Born in united state. Live in nigeria.
111: 2012-03-04: Facebook Timeline is addictive. I could spend YEARS fine-tuning my past, so you see just what I want you to.
112: 2012-02-17: I wonder what Jesus' Facebook page would look like. Son of God, maybe, but look at those wild college pics!
113: 2012-02-05: Rule #1 of technology investing: There will always be a new thing to blow away the old thing. #FacebookIPO
114: 2012-02-03: Facebook's huge anticipated valuation doesn't factor in Social Media Fatigue, which is due to hit the general population just about... NOW!
115: 2012-02-02: RT @PhatPundit: @Facebook #IPO - Like or Unlike? @Facebook_IPO @facebookIPO @BuyFacebookIPO
116: 2012-02-02: RT @NewYorkXpo: What Is @Facebook's Business? by @ebboyd #FacebookIPO
117: 2012-02-02: "Some analysts see troubling parallels to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s." #FacebookIPO
118: 2012-02-01: The #FacebookIPO will be driven by naive investors who say, "I use Facebook. It's cool! I want in!" Stock price is irrelevant to them.
119: 2012-02-01: LOL! Funny math! RT @AdamVincenzini: FacebookIPO = Cost per current active user $0.17 (845 million users, 5 billion IP) - 17 cents for me?!?
120: 2012-01-29: You know a boom is on the verge of bust when ordinary people at cocktail parties are talking about how to get in on the action. #FacebookIPO
121: 2012-01-29: The impending #FacebookIPO may be the greatest gold rush since, well, the Gold Rush, with the same unhappy results for most small investors.
122: 2012-01-29: RT @MichaelNagib: To those valuing #Facebook at $100bn , do you know that we only have 7bn living humans on the whole earth ?? #FacebookIPO
123: 2012-01-28: Faded empires once destined to take over the world: IBM, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Arabs, Japanese. Fading soon: Facebook, Google, China.
124: 2012-01-28: Every high-flying corporate empire eventually reaches a saturation point where all its new tricks are used up and growth stops. #FacebookIPO
125: 2012-01-28: I expect the coming #FacebookIPO to be a big success - because a lot a naive investors with poor math skills are eager to climb on board.
126: 2012-01-28: My new blog entry: "The Facebook Bubble: Running the Numbers" - Get ready for the Great Facebook Crash!
127: 2012-01-27: RT @The_Symposium26: When the #FacebookIPO is unleaded people would do good to remember #Tulipmania. How much is Facebook really worth, ...
128: 2012-01-27: The #FacebookIPO may be initially successful, but shortly thereafter, the market will tear it apart. #facebookbubble
129: 2012-01-27: RT @moneymorning: Before You Get Excited About the Facebook IPO... #FacebookIPO
130: 2012-01-27: Facebook valuation pegged at $75 billion or roughly $100 per alleged active user, regardless of income. Insanity! #facebookbubble
131: 2012-01-27: Facebook claims a user base of nearly a billion on a planet of scarcely 7 billion. Won't this thing plateau at some point? #facebookbubble
132: 2012-01-27: RT @WSJ: Facebook is currently looking at a valuation of $75 billion to $100 billion for its IPO. More details:
133: 2012-01-27: My only gauge of Facebook's business model: In 3+ years of intensively using it, I have hardly given them a cent of revenue.
134: 2012-01-27: The only significant expense of Facebook is server bandwidth and storage space. Revenue must somehow cover this before there's a profit.
135: 2012-01-25: "Repent Now! - The Facebook/YouTube Crash Is Coming!" My new blog entry: cc: @laurenahayes @princeboucher
136: 2012-01-25: Facebook/YouTube time bomb: collecting huge photo/video files that never go away, eating storage faster than technology advances.
137: 2012-01-24: RT @TIME: Ready or not, your Facebook profile is about to get the new "Timeline" design | (via @Techland)
138: 2012-01-22: TONS of new photos added to Facebook today, mainly from 2006.
139: 2012-01-21: Subscribe to my public Facebook page for lots of visual stuff not furnished on Twitter.
140: 2012-01-04: Facebook and Twitter don't cause marriages to fail, but they provide ammunition when they do.
141: 2012-01-04: RT @Sheamus: Married? Want To Keep Things That Way? Stay Off Of Facebook (And Use Twitter Instead)
142: 2011-12-29: Working my Facebook at the Orlando airport - panorama.
143: 2011-12-19: Facebook won't let me enter Timeline dates before my birth. Bummer! How am a supposed to chronicle my ancestors back to Eve?
144: 2011-12-19: Kim Jung Il is still alive!... and still my Facebook friend. He just needed some "me" time and this was the best way.
145: 2011-12-18: The future of nostalgia, for better or worse, is people filling in their Facebook Timeline.
146: 2011-12-17: Upgraded to Timeline on Facebook. Rather addictive! Thank you, Zuckerberg!
147: 2011-12-15: RT @Telegraph: #Facebook has begun the global roll out of #Timeline, the site’s new type of profile:
148: 2011-12-09: A Facebook friend writes about my "Case Against Marriage" book: "I disagree regarding the work's redundancy...
149: 2011-12-08: Where do you file for cyber divorce? And under what jurisdiction—Twitter or Facebook? Who gets the Twitpics?
150: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: FB is not the place to speak your mind! Your aunts, uncles and coworkers are listening. Save your penis jokes for Twitter!
151: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Know your privacy settings. Don't just accept the default.
152: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Make enough information about you public that when you friend people they can make an informed choice.
153: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Stalkers are frustrated friends.
154: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: It is less hurtful to not accept a friend request than to unfriend them later.
155: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Never friend anyone you wouldn't want to meet in real life.
156: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: You can accept friend requests from people you don't know, but only if seem to add value to the conversation on your page.
157: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: A friend of a friend you don't know to begin with isn't necessarily a friend.
158: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: You can't both friend hundreds of people and give them free reign on your page. Set "Who can post on your Wall?" to "Only Me".
159: 2011-11-30: Facebook comments on UFO Hunters episode:
160: 2011-11-30: For a timeline of my best work, follow me on Google+ - More visual than Twitter and not as cluttered as Facebook.
161: 2011-11-19: Is Google+ dead? - No, but it will never compete directly with Facebook. We use it as a showcase:
162: 2011-11-18: The Bad Dalai Lama is now Facebook friends with Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader of North Korea. Let's all welcome him!
163: 2011-10-02: I have updated my own personal Social Media Policy at - defining the difference between Twitter, Facebook and Google+
164: 2011-07-22: I figure I have 15,000+ travel photos on Facebook. Do your own calculation:
165: 2011-07-06: Facebook is for your bland, offending-no one stuff. Twitter is for the riské. Twitter is harder to follow: You gotta work to be offended.
166: 2011-07-02: Thanks to my policy of not mentioning Twitter on Facebook, hardly anyone there follows me here. Whew! Lucky that!
167: 2011-06-26: RT @xtinewu: @baddalailama plan B if AssSaver fails... RT @adamsconsulting How To:Delete A Drunk Night On Twitter & Facebook http://bit. ...
168: 2011-05-18: For the record, I don't have 479 photos in my facebook albums, but 479 *ALBUMS*! We're talking galaxies, not stars.
169: 2011-04-27: Many new photos from Canada added to this Facebook album:
170: 2011-04-11: For every internet venture that takes off—like Facebook—there must be 1000s that fail. And even Facebook hasn't proved itself profitable.
171: 2011-03-26: @laurenahayes Another attempted lolacide! Doesn't brand matter? Maybe Facebook should change back to TheFaceBook!!! Think this through!
172: 2011-03-21: Remarkable breakthrough in Free Energy: 3 errors in 12 words! (Facebook ad)
173: 2011-03-15: Facebook is the place for happy thoughts and non-controversial postings—obviously because everyone you know in real life is on it.
174: 2011-03-03: The emotional benefit of Twitter and Facebook is to give us "witnesses"—people who see us and care about what we are doing.
175: 2011-02-28: Facebook and Twitter are like schoolgirl politics: Certain people get all the friends, while others feel inferior and develop skills.
176: 2011-02-25: I plan to pay my gambling debts in Facebook stock.
177: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Facebook Album: - Photos will be added here throughout my visit.
178: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Facebook Album: - Photos will be added here throughout our visit. Check back later for more!
179: 2011-02-04: Childhood development milestones: Crawling. Walking. Talking. Using a mouse. Using a phone. Reading. Texting. Facebook. Twitter. Puberty.
180: 2011-02-03: RT @agnosticcc: My mom is upset because I ignored her request to be my mother on Facebook. What? Facebook gave me the choice.
181: 2011-01-31: Facebook is just like real life. You've friended everyone you know, so now you can't do anything without upsetting someone.
182: 2011-01-30: Nothing raises blood sugar levels like watching the betrothed flirt with each other on their respective Facebook pages. Get a room!
183: 2011-01-28: In Egypt, they can't Twitter, they can't Facebook... OH, THE HUMANITY!!!
184: 2011-01-26: RT @Skylorde: @BadDalaiLama Facebook. Population 500 million :)
185: 2011-01-24: How often do you use Facebook? How many times have you clicked an ad & bought the product? That (x500,000,000) is Facebook's true valuation.
186: 2011-01-22: "Facebook is building its business from a fundamentally unsustainable base." via @wwjimd &@lolahayes
187: 2011-01-22: Which bubble will burst first: China's real estate or Facebook's valuation? Justify your answer.
188: 2011-01-21: If you choose to post to Facebook or Twitter, you are accepting the responsibility to be useful to others.
189: 2011-01-21: You should keep most details of your life private not because they are sensitive but because they are boring. #facebook #twitter
190: 2011-01-14: In the World of Tomorrow, everyone will have a Facebook page, but no one will use it except when they have a baby or go on vacation.
191: 2011-01-14: Facebook is one layer of your public persona. It is a place for photos and public announcements but not for conversation or collaboration.
192: 2011-01-14: The limitation of Facebook is all those damn friends! They have so many sensitivities that you end up posting nothing of great meaning.
193: 2011-01-11: A few years ago, we couldn't have imagined Facebook's hold on society. Likewise, we cannot envision now what will replace it.
194: 2011-01-11: WWWD—What Would Warren Do? At the peak of the financial crisis, he bought a railroad. How many shares of Facebook do you suppose he owns?
195: 2011-01-08: Talking about Twitter: $0.02. Talking about Facebook: $0.02. Talking about Apple, Google: $0.02. Producing meaningful content: Priceless.
196: 2011-01-08: Just because you have a Twitter account, Facebook, YouTube, blog, podcast... doesn't mean you have anything to say.
197: 2011-01-07: Predictions for 2011: Facebook will go from hip to square. Sharks will be jumped.
198: 2011-01-04: Microsoft, Arab Oil Sheiks, Japan, IBM... Things that were supposed to take over the world but didn't. Next: Google, Facebook, China.
199: 2011-01-01: The more you travel, the more you see how little changes. People are the same everywhere, and they're all on Facebook!
200: 2010-12-23: Every fast-growing company will eventually be crippled by its bigness and stop growing, to be outwitted by the next new thing. #facebook
201: 2010-12-16: Twitter and Facebook let you indulge in narcissism but also make you see how few people care.
202: 2010-12-14: FACEBOOK CRIMEWAVE! Facebook crimes up 540% in 3 years. Police chiefs sound the alarm. (Duh! Who was on FB 3 yrs ago?)
203: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: "I can't catch that Facebook from any of you, right?" @TheBosha - Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!
204: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: RT @TIME: Study shows narcissists love Facebook the most |
205: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: Facebook Places on the iPhone: You can check in but you can't check out! You got it — just like Hotel California or the Roach Motel!
206: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: If you're going to kill someone, be sure to leave a complete record via texts, Facebook, Twitter: via @HuffingtonPost
207: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: On my bucket list: Become a Russian spy and infiltrate American society, becoming known as a femme fatale with my sexy Facebook photos.
208: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: Mail order bride from Russia? So how long do you expect to keep her after she gains U.S. citizenship? Facebook ad:
209: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-20: My best relationship photos: (Facebook album)
210: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-09: New Video: Climbing the steps of the Acropolis to the Parthenon in Athens. Facebook:
211: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-04: I've created a new Tumblr page to highlight my best photos and videos: (Better than Facebook for some things)
212: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-24: How interesting a person is in real life is inversely proportional to the number of Facebook privacy features they have turned on.
213: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-25: I've learned to stop being angry when Facebook "fixes" things that weren't broken, thereby breaking more things. You have to trust in God!
214: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: Facebook images expanded from 604 pixels to 720 pixels!
215: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-13: GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! Look at some of the fine offers coming my way on Facebook by virtue of my being male and single.
216: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-24: I'm seeing subliminal messages and secret instructions on the Captcha words when I post a link to Facebook. Pray they don't tell me to kill!
217: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: NY Times: "For Judges on Facebook, Friendship Has Limits" - Some people shouldn't be Friends!
218: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Friend me for all my new photos & essays:> or "fan" me for the Cliff Notes version:
219: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-12: What will happen to your Facebook etc after you die? NY Times: "Virtual Estates Lead to Real-World Headaches"
220: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-02: "Glenn is thinking of becoming an Anarchist but doesn't know how to go about it...." Facebook Status:
221: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-15: Glenn Campbell is an ethereal being maintaining a physical presence on Earth only to... #fb (Facebook Status Update)
222: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: My Facebook page is used for: 1) Where I am/what I'm doing; 2) Announcement of new content; 3) Assembly of photo albums; 4) Faves & lists.
223: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: My Facebook FAN page is used only for: 1) Announcement of new content; 2) Anything (relevant) my fans choose to post.
224: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: This application supposedly backs up your Facebook account (except Wall). Haven't tried it yet, but looks useful.
225: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: I'm goin' through the Big "D". All my exits are in Texas. - Facebook:
226: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: I'm now accessible on Facebook™ via the simplified address:>
227: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-18: Friend me on Facebook for access to my latest travel photos.
228: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-25: My Facebook page has it's own rules, and here they are: - To be my friend, please sign and notarize in triplicate.
229: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-25: I have hidden my list of Facebook friends from all my Facebook friends! Explanation: Philosophy:
230: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: There is no problem in the world that will be resolved by creating a Facebook page for it. Virtual protest is worth nothing.
231: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-30: I'm thinking of creating a Facebook page and Twitter feed exclusively for my lower intestine, for people who must have those updates.
232: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-26: NY Times: "When Everyone’s a Friend, Is Anything Private?" (re Facebook™) - My newsletter response:
233: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-25: I have now hidden my Facebook™ friends list from all of my Facebook™ friends. It has to do with personal boundaries.
234: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-25: Released an essay explaining why I have hidden my Facebook™ friend list from all my Facebook™ friends:
235: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-20: Wondering if it is appropriate to rant about the uselessness of Twitter™ on Twitter itself. Facebook™ seems much more useful.
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