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1: 2016-12-13: On My Bucket List: Open a store selling alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, junk food, payday loans, and for-profit education to the poor. 🇺🇸
2: 2016-11-26: How they teach sex education on Norway TV.
3: 2016-03-04: Education can only teach you the skills of the past. If you want to learn the skills of the present and future, you have to teach yourself.
4: 2015-04-30: The final stage in your education is recognizing no one knows anything and that you have to decide for yourself what it all means.
5: 2015-04-12: RT @nytimes: Europe’s sex education goal: more babies
6: 2015-03-10: There are two diverging classes in America, the college educated and the high school educated. See @nytdavidbrooks -
7: 2014-09-08: Kids these days. #education
8: 2014-09-08: Formal education is a Wizard of Oz quest where you discover in the end the power was always yours and you didn't need the wizard after all.
9: 2014-09-05: RT @cracked: Most of the detainees are smart and educated. The 5 Most Unexpected Things About Life at Guantanamo Bay -…
10: 2014-08-15: Following the news should not be construed as education or self-improvement.
11: 2014-06-29: Advanced degrees are no proof of intelligence. They only indicate a high tolerance for education and a lack of imagination.
12: 2014-06-01: RT @brainpicker: “Our theory of education is based on the absurd notion that we must learn to swim on land before tackling the water." http…
13: 2014-05-26: 29 of the past 30 mass murders were committed by men. Solution: education. Girls must be taught to be more aggressive. Re: @feministabulous
14: 2014-03-07: Don't be seduced by the fraud called "higher education". The higher form of education is doing it yourself.
15: 2014-03-02: RT @DolbyLama: If we make consistent effort, based on proper education, we can’t do all that much, to be honest.
16: 2014-02-07: The greatest moment in education is realizing, "I could have learned this on my own!"
17: 2014-02-01: The Super Bowl is educational. It has taught a whole generation Roman numerals.
18: 2014-01-05: "That which does not kill me makes me stronger." - Corollary: Education must be sub-fatal to be effective.
19: 2013-12-18: Intelligence has little to do with education or the accumulation of facts. It is more a matter of having disciplined emotions.
20: 2013-11-19: Education is like Dorothy's journey to Oz. You go through this long complicated process only to find you had the power all along.
21: 2013-10-06: The art of rejection: Use the minimum force necessary, but make it clean, clear and definitive. Your aim is not education, only separation.
22: 2013-05-26: "It's never too early to start planning for your child's college education." —abortion providers
23: 2013-04-23: D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) — program in public schools to turn kids into well-informed drug abusers.
24: 2013-01-31: RT @KilroyCafe: College professors are to education as the figurehead is to a ship: irrelevant and unnecessary but giving the illusion o ...
25: 2013-01-27: If you are free, every disaster is a new opportunity for self-education. If you are not free, it is just a disaster.
26: 2013-01-06: Failure is a precious resource, not to be squandered on self-pity but applied judiciously to ones own education.
27: 2012-12-23: The greatest gift education can give you is the recognition that you can teach yourself.
28: 2012-12-23: Education trains humanity's technicians and engineers, not its leaders and creators.
29: 2012-12-23: People with degrees have proven neither their intellect nor their creativity, only their tolerance of formal education.
30: 2012-11-04: She was intelligent, educated, loyal to the company. Her career path was thwarted only by her lack of shut-the-fuck-up-and-listen skills.
31: 2012-10-16: Selling lottery tickets to fund education is selling poison to fund antidotes.
32: 2012-10-16: This is how they educate young people in South Carolina: Kids, the way to get ahead is buying a lottery ticket.
33: 2012-08-21: We don't need no education. School deconstruction in Frement, Ohio (yesterday) ... More from Ohio
34: 2012-06-14: RT @KilroyCafe: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
35: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #2: Any social problem can be solved by "raising awareness" and "educating the public".
36: 2012-04-05: Education vs. incarceration — who's winning?
37: 2012-03-29: A beautiful mermaid—after marriage. (@ Manatee Observation & Education Center) [pic]:
38: 2012-02-24: Father Guido Sarducci on education:
39: 2012-01-11: College is the great educational placebo.
40: 2012-01-07: Life™—innovative educational program taking students out of the classroom and placing them in real situations where they learn on their own.
41: 2011-12-30: The dumbing-down of higher education marketing. Atlanta transit.
42: 2011-12-23: Education is the refuge of those who aren't inspired enough to do it themselves.
43: 2011-12-18: educationism — n. the religious belief that one is incapable of learning anything without taking a course and obeying an instructor.
44: 2011-12-18: eduholic — n. a student who uses ongoing formal education as a way to avoid the real world.
45: 2011-12-18: edutainment — n. entertainment masquerading as education
46: 2011-12-01: If you are "receiving" an education, you're doing it all wrong.
47: 2011-11-12: Recent news has taught me that Penn State has a football team, but I still don't understand what football has to do with education.
48: 2011-11-12: At last we are there! The Thing? Museum. Residing at this respectable educational institution. (photo)
49: 2011-10-31: The best input to your education is a rich variety of experiences. Good or bad doesn't matter as long as you process them well.
50: 2011-10-24: American higher education is built on the solid foundation of a winning football team.
51: 2011-10-04: RT @the_anastasia: With all my education in psychology I'll still never know what goes through the minds of people who buy $3 water.
52: 2011-09-16: In America, a university is a system of higher education designed to support a football team. (*he notes while passing Notre Dame)
53: 2011-08-10: Education can teach technical procedures and standardized bodies of knowledge. It cannot teach creativity, intelligence or wisdom.
54: 2011-07-27: An autodidact is an educational opportunist.
55: 2011-07-27: Formal education is for mediocre minds without the discipline to structure their own learning.
56: 2011-07-27: An autodidact is a "grazer" of education, picking up skills and information wherever they can be found.
57: 2011-07-27: Formal education is a system of outsourcing responsibility for your own education.
58: 2011-07-27: An autodidact is the primary active force in his own education, vs. a "student", who is merely a passive receiver.
59: 2011-07-24: "You can't live in a comfortable suburban neighborhood and get your education from movies and television and have any perspective on life."
60: 2011-07-02: The main purpose of education is to keep a child occupied with meaningless tasks while his brain matures on its own.
61: 2011-05-22: RT @TheEconomist: Is a bubble in higher education even possible when there is no asset to be sold?
62: 2011-05-20: I deeply appreciate the education we are all getting on the International Monetary Fund. Never knew economics could be so interesting! #DSK
63: 2011-04-25: Television promised to educate the public, but the public didn't want to be educated. They wanted "The Beverly Hillbillies".
64: 2011-04-11: Internet education will bring efficiencies of scale, but at what cost?
65: 2011-04-11: The next thing to be decimated by the internet: education! Why go to Yale or even high school when you can do it all online.
66: 2011-03-27: Self-motivated learning, tested by real life, usually does a better job than any education program.
67: 2011-03-27: When you're in class, bored silly, and you realize, "Hey, I could have learned this faster on my own!" then the job of education is over.
68: 2011-03-26: Those who would abolish education fail to grasp the inertia of the average human, who wouldn't learn to read if it wasn't forced on him.
69: 2011-03-26: Education replaces self-motivated learning with an artificial system of rewards and punishments.
70: 2011-03-26: Education is the most inefficient form of learning—but the only way to teach the unmotivated.
71: 2011-03-26: "We don't need no education"—but few would learn without it! Without the structure of the classroom, they'd just watch TV all day.
72: 2011-03-16: "Adult education" applies only to those without the initiative to learn on their own.
73: 2011-03-15: The biggest educational fraud: classes for "creativity". (Crafts and techniques, sure, but creativity itself can't be formally educated.)
74: 2011-03-15: There is no example on earth of anyone "educated" into creativity. (Name one!) At best, education teaches technical skills, nothing more.
75: 2011-03-15: .@Andres_iracheta "but education can" [force creativity and responsibility] <== Most certainly not! You can't educate these things.
76: 2011-03-10: RT @Arhanious: hahaa :) cogunluk icin dogru! RT @BadDalaiLama academia-community of educated people united by their lack of experience i ...
77: 2011-03-10: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
78: 2011-03-03: We all grew up in Disneyland—an artificial and protected environment essential for our education and growth. The problem is leaving it.
79: 2011-03-01: If you want the best education, you have to do it yourself.
80: 2011-01-27: You can't consider yourself educated in the ways of the world until you have dealt firsthand with the conundrums of child welfare.
81: 2011-01-13: Future archaeologists will be baffled by the presence of huge stadiums built adjacent to universities. What was the educational purpose?
82: 2011-01-13: Failed romantic relationships are the finest educational laboratory you'll ever find—learning both about others and yourself.
83: 2011-01-12: Education is a placebo designed chiefly to occupy a child's time while his brain and body are maturing. Curriculum is irrelevant.
84: 2011-01-03: Education can teach you the rules, but only experience can tell you how the rules are prioritized, enforced and ignored.
85: 2010-12-27: Education is the passive form of learning. Curiosity is the active form.
86: 2010-12-18: Education requires that you slow your learning down to the pace of the instructor.
87: 2010-12-16: Education is the refuge of the semi-competent.
88: 2010-12-11: "Adult Education" implies a passive adult without the initiative to teach himself.
89: 2010-12-04: Doctors, lawyers & engineers are some of the most imprisoned workers—personal growth frozen by their educational investment and high salary.
90: 2010-11-30: If you are "receiving" an education, you're doing it all wrong.
91: 2010-11-17: Slogans, advertising and education do nothing to change impulsive behavior. The only thing that works is enforced consequences.
92: 2010-11-07: Education is for those without the motivation or self-direction to teach themselves.
93: 2010-10-29: Failure is a resource, not to be squandered on self-pity but to be applied judiciously to ones own education.
94: 2010-10-26: Foreign travel is important to our education, not so much to show us what is different about other cultures but what is universal.
95: 2010-10-06: The habits of personality cannot be changed by words or education, only by enforcement.
96: 2010-09-30: Education can teach the outward form and procedures of things but not their inner purpose and meaning.
97: 2010-09-24: Education is the most inefficient form of learning.
98: 2010-09-21: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against you.
99: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-30: RT @BadDalaiLama: Failure is a resource, not to be squandered on self-pity but to be applied judiciously to ones own education.
100: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-08: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
101: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against ...
102: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: It is foolish to educate teenagers against something, like drugs or drunk driving, because you'll just make them want to try it.
103: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-28: Bio for @PitOwnr: "Responsible owner of 7 Pit Bulls trying to educate the uninformed on the virtues and dangers of the breed."
104: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: College professors are to education as the figurehead is to a ship: irrelevant and unnecessary but giving the illusion of leadership.
105: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Education is for those who do not have the motivation and direction to learn on their own.
106: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Education can teach only politically correct knowledge. It rarely includes the biased wisdom of someone who has worked in the field.
107: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: College is a halfway house for young adults. It gives them structure and protection as their brains mature. Education is secondary.
108: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Education is the most inefficient form of learning.
109: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: Self-education consists of trying and failing, then learning from that failure and trying again.
110: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: The job of education is to form young minds that don't have the motivation or direction to form themselves.
111: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Education can teach the form and procedures of things but not the inner purpose and meaning of them.
112: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: I credit formal education with less than 1% of my knowledge. The rest I taught myself or was imposed on me by real experience.
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Education helped me learn to read and do basic math, and for this I will always be grateful. From then on, education became a burden.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Education is the most inefficient form of learning.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: If a certain career track requires special educational credentials to let you in, it's probably boring as hell anyway.
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Once you decide self-learning is possible and actually get off your ass to do it, education only gets in the way.
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-18: How did higher education get hijacked by football? Football is the antithesis of learning. It's like churches sponsoring whorehouses.
118: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: "If you do not add value to the community, social media will never work for you." MRT @linkibol - i.e. In your tweets you must educate us!
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-12: The habits of personality cannot be changed by words or education, only by enforcement.
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-16: The current budget crises are the beginning of the end of in-person education. For better or worse, most future education will be virtual.
121: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-28: LA Times: "Kids watch more than a day of TV each week" - Wow! TV has become our national educational system!
122: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-23: The greatest barrier to learning is education.
123: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek movie fact checking: In the 23rd Century no educated human will speak English as a second language, let alone Russian as a first.
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