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1: 2018-01-29: Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition
2: 2017-04-16: Finding little crabs on the beach in Bellingham, Washington. My new 1-min video shot in Feb. 2016, edited now.
3: 2017-04-14: Oxford University. My new 2.5 minute video, filmed in 2015 but edited only now.
4: 2017-04-11: 🇦🇲 "Visiting Mother Armenia in Yerevan" - my new travel video on YouTube (4 min) - shot in June 2016 but edited now
5: 2014-10-08: RT @Peripatetia: Chernobyl tour in Hyperlapse - 6-minute video shot & edited on iPhone today.
6: 2014-08-20: RT @BadLamaArt: The people who make the movie are not the ones who edit the trailer, because creators quickly lose their vision for first i…
7: 2014-05-13: RT @knowmorewp: Correlation does not equal causation, mozzarella-and-math-doctorates edition
8: 2013-09-15: The Case Against Marriage - some prototype promo text for the back cover of print edition.
9: 2013-08-22: Seriously, though, isn't it always Shark Week? It has been Shark Week ever since news editors learned that viewers love to be terrified.
10: 2013-06-23: NY Times Editorial: "With almost every statement and directive, Erdogan has made the situation worse..." #turkey
11: 2013-06-13: Quality is not just producing good work but editing out your less-good work.
12: 2013-05-27: @kendincebilen Thanks! The English edition is more refined. I spent a month on a few new chapters and editing the old ones.
13: 2013-05-19: Editing Rule #1: Don't over-edit! Do the minimum post-processing necessary to achieve the goal. When in doubt, leave the original in place.
14: 2013-05-08: Budapest, Hungary—Biked around town in Aug. 2010. Only got around to editing the photos now.
15: 2013-04-19: In modern journalism there are no "slow news days". If an editor needs a disaster or celebrity scandal, there will always be one available.
16: 2013-04-11: @RandomRomanov It's not that the tweets are stupid. There are just too many of them, so the best ones get buried. Is editing a sin?
17: 2013-04-08: Just hit "Save and Publish" on the KIndle Books edition of "The Case Against Marriage".
18: 2013-03-21: Budweiser Bottling Plant, Jacksonville, Florida - 30-second video postcard shot 2 days ago. (An editing exercise.)
19: 2013-03-01: "Working Girl on the Las Vegas Strip" - My new 1-minute video. Shot on Saturday, edited today.
20: 2012-12-18: .@mariarfin The book is coming in English! Published in Turkey but probably available in Amazon. No schedule yet. Still got editing to do.
21: 2012-12-09: @lawnrocket Imagine a world... where you woke up with an idea, filmed it in the AM, edited in PM, uploaded, done! Storyboard in your mind!
22: 2012-10-01: Iranian Resistance demonstration in front of the US Capitol - 1-minute edited video shot yesterday.
23: 2012-09-17: It's a bad sign for your relationship if you're watching your words and editing your thoughts to not trigger an explosion.
24: 2012-09-11: My auto-biography for the Turkish edition of my work. Is this real or a bizarre dream?
25: 2012-09-11: Sitting in Vilnius, Lithuania, writing a one-page autobiography for the Turkish language edition of my collected essays. #notjoking
26: 2012-08-08: River walking in Nebraska - 2-minute edited video shot today - Watch out for piranhas!
27: 2012-07-27: New Video: High Wheeler in Oregon 2-minute editing exercise, shot and edited this afternoon in under two hours.
28: 2012-07-26: Video: Bones in a Lava Field in Idaho (1-minute editing exercise, shot yesterday near Blackfoot, Idaho)
29: 2012-07-26: Video: Helicopter Crop Duster in Colorado (2-min editing exercise shot yesterday in Ft. Collins)
30: 2012-07-17: Bamboo! (video) - My 2-minute editing exercise shot 4 days ago in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico.
31: 2012-06-05: Best photos from Tokyo so far (still many more to edit) Sample:
32: 2012-04-01: RT @WSJ: Is the iPhone the only camera u need? With the right photo apps, editing tricks & shooting know-how, it just might be. http://t ...
33: 2012-01-30: iPhone users: Crop your photos before tweeting with an editing app like Photogene. Quick and easy and often makes a world of difference.
34: 2012-01-20: The hardest part of creativity isn't creating but selecting, editing and evaluating what you have done.
35: 2011-12-23: Luxury Marketing Ploy #7: "Limited Edition."
36: 2011-12-06: @Jowtok Photos were both taken with Canon T3. Two images at diff exp were combined into one with Dynamic Photo HDR. Edited on the beach!
37: 2011-11-04: RT @ExpertPrimate: I don't think I need a "collector's edition" anything, thank you.
38: 2011-09-28: Newly edited video from Hawaii (shot in March): How to Beat High Food Prices on Kauai (1:11)
39: 2011-09-23: Drinking the Pepsi Throwup Edition—made with REAL sugar. Because I like my junk food pure.
40: 2011-09-14: Notting Hill Carnival - Final Edited Video All the debauchery from London two weeks ago.
41: 2011-07-29: Video stabilization in the YouTube editor is pretty damn amazing. Check out our "Landing in Washington"
42: 2011-07-24: Google+ is growing on me! Elegant and minimalist. Comments & posts are editable. Photos can be geotagged.
43: 2011-06-12: We understand movies because they are edited the same as dreams, jumping between significant actions without the intervening boring bits.
44: 2011-04-09: Video Postcard: Oil Well in Oklahoma - 1 minute of pumpin' crude, shot two days ago. Edited for excitement!
45: 2011-04-01: Our new video: "Investigating the House" - A one-minute suspense movie filmed and edited tonight in Orlando.
46: 2011-03-26: (Preceding Jungle video is a fully edited 5-minute version, unlike the earlier 2-minute preview. In Full HD!)
47: 2011-03-18: Glenn as a Siamese twin Experimenting with our new video editing software yields a monster! (30-seconds)
48: 2011-03-12: New edited video: "My Ikea Adventure in Cincinnati" An editing exercise. Shot last night with my iPhone.
49: 2011-03-12: There is no such thing as a perfect video edit. There is only a adequate edit within the time you have available.
50: 2011-03-09: Our first EDITED travel video, from the summit of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Italy: (shot 3 weeks ago, edited now)
51: 2011-02-28: "Narcissism with sufficient planning and foresight is indistinguishable from altruism." @BadDalaiLama (edited by @Stonerpreneur)
52: 2011-02-21: "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed"—A Pointline™ Special Edition! (Promo for nonexistent TV show, June '10)
53: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-08: NEW! At your supermarket now! Junk Food Throwback Editions. Made with REAL sugar, REAL fat and REAL salt!
54: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-26: Taking pictures is only half the art of photography. The other half is the editing afterwards, especially selection and cropping.
55: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-22: New photo album: "Mont St. Michel, France" - Re-edited from 2006.
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