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1: 2017-07-03: You can study dysfunctional people from afar, as an anthropologist would, but don't get too close lest you be sucked into their dysfunction.
2: 2017-06-12: Africa isn't just one big dysfunctional country. It is many dysfunctional countries, each in its own special way.
3: 2017-04-14: When you see people in love, you think "isn't that nice," but there are things you don't know about: tensions, jealousies, dysfunctions.
4: 2017-03-14: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal pre-existing dysfunctions, only give them a safe place to flourish.
5: 2014-12-07: Unrestrained truth can be a form of dysfunction, disrupting social situations and distracting from more important goals.
6: 2014-11-05: By trying to help people, you sometimes enable them to continue their dysfunction. Will your help be a bridge or a crutch?
7: 2014-10-31: A "secure" relationship gives the weaker party permission to be dysfunctional.
8: 2014-10-19: Love is a mechanism that helps you put up with dysfunctional people you couldn't tolerate otherwise.
9: 2014-09-19: Youth is a period of joyous discovery before you dig yourself into dysfunction.
10: 2014-09-15: There is no point in asking who is a narcissist. Everyone is. The question is, how productive or dysfunctional is your egocentrism?
11: 2014-09-01: Thankfully, America has a social safety net for dysfunctional and mentally ill people—called prison.
12: 2014-08-31: Love has become a disease when you are trying to compensate for the dysfunctions of your partner.
13: 2014-08-24: We all know people who are troubled, dysfunctional, sabotaging themselves at every turn. Then they become parents.
14: 2014-08-21: You can't tell dysfunctional people they're dysfunctional. That's part of their dysfunction.
15: 2014-06-06: Codependence draws down the energy of the stronger partner while encouraging the dysfunction of the weaker one.
16: 2014-05-20: Marriage or mutually enabled dysfunction?
17: 2014-03-27: Don't let dysfunctional people enter your castle. Defend your boundaries. You can send aid packages out, but don't let them in.
18: 2014-03-26: You can help dysfunctional people you care about, but know your budget for helping and maintain a secure firewall between you and them.
19: 2014-03-12: One of the main dilemmas of life: How do you help others without enabling further dysfunction?
20: 2014-02-10: Their dysfunction becomes your dysfunction as soon as you convince yourself the dysfunction isn't their fault.
21: 2014-02-10: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal the dysfunctions each partner had when they began.
22: 2014-02-04: "I am gonna goddamn frame your tweet about moving dysfunctional people out of our worlds." - re: @BadDalaiLama
23: 2014-01-27: People have problems not so much because the world oppresses them but because they can't overcome their own dysfunction.
24: 2014-01-25: There is an underworld in society, a horror movie of addiction and dysfunction just below the surface. If you see only sunshine, look again.
25: 2014-01-22: Helping others is good. Enabling them to continue their dysfunction is not. The problem is telling one from the other.
26: 2014-01-21: Prison is free lodging for dysfunctionals who cannot put a roof over their heads in any other way.
27: 2014-01-18: Steer a wide course around dysfunctional people. Like rocks along the coast, you don't want your ship anywhere near them.
28: 2014-01-11: Dysfunctional people think it is other people's fault, which is the main thing that makes them dysfunctional.
29: 2014-01-05: people who need a little help to move beyond a barrier vs. people entrenched in their own dysfunction
30: 2014-01-05: It's fun to help the talented, who thrive on your attention. It's not fun to help the dysfunctional, who only squander what you give them.
31: 2013-12-06: [Insert political opinion on current government dysfunction]
32: 2013-12-01: Every family has its dysfunction. If you don't see it then you must be part of it.
33: 2013-11-16: Refusing to acknowledge the dysfunction is part of the dysfunction.
34: 2013-10-19: The dilemma of charity: how to help without creating a dependency or enabling future dysfunction.
35: 2013-10-08: Dysfunctional people deserve your compassion but not your time or attention. Just move them out of your world quickly and humanely.
36: 2013-09-26: You can't heal dysfunction by stepping into it.
37: 2013-09-15: "Pit bull" doesn't always mean a violent dog, but it almost always indicates a dysfunctional owner.
38: 2013-09-13: Past mistakes are irrelevant now except to help you understand and change ongoing dysfunction.
39: 2013-09-13: Dysfunction is not simply being unable to resist the temptation sitting in front of you; it is setting yourself up for future temptation.
40: 2013-09-13: Simple example of dysfunction: stockpiling unhealthy food when you claim to want to lose weight.
41: 2013-09-13: dysfunction — a stable and self-reinforcing pattern of behavior leading to results contrary to one's own stated wishes.
42: 2013-09-13: What appears as dysfunction to us seems like rational and justified behavior to the people perpetuating it.
43: 2013-09-13: It is easy to see dysfunction in others, much harder to see it in ourselves and the people we are close to.
44: 2013-09-13: Dysfunction isn't lonely. It is always part of a system.
45: 2013-09-10: Problems can be fixed, but dysfunction resists all attempts at repair.
46: 2013-08-12: Life on Elysium ain't all it's cracked up to be. Just because the residents have resources does not mean they have escaped dysfunction.
47: 2013-08-03: With the unwavering support of a loyal spouse, there is no pressing need to rein in ones own dysfunction.
48: 2013-07-30: Marriage is a shared delusional system where you adopt, defend and enable the dysfunction of your partner.
49: 2013-07-21: If you protect people from their own dysfunction, they will just get more dysfunctional.
50: 2013-05-27: The root of world hunger is overpopulation and political dysfunction, so any technological solution is bound to fail. (Re @TIME)
51: 2013-05-11: Never underestimate the individual's ability to defend and rationalize his own dysfunction. That is why it persists.
52: 2013-04-06: The dilemma of charity: how to help without enabling further dysfunction.
53: 2013-03-29: Every dysfunction is part of a system. By "helping", you often cause a disequilibrium that makes things worse.
54: 2013-03-04: Maintain a firewall between you and the dysfunctional, lest their dysfunction become yours.
55: 2013-02-10: Healthy, employed, living within ones means, addictions under control, not in a dysfunctional relationship — superpowers few possess.
56: 2013-01-30: Every movie character needs a personality disorder—some dysfunctional mode of behavior that seems rational to them but looks loony to us.
57: 2013-01-16: To understand a character you must ask, "What is his dysfunction and how did it happen?"
58: 2012-12-22: Love can be an invitation to dysfunction, a debilitating delusion that says, "Someone else will save me."
59: 2012-11-15: Adulthood, for most, is merely playing out the dysfunctional setups of childhood.
60: 2012-11-06: The standard dysfunction of youth is trying to do it all—taking on too many obligations and interests until they swamp you.
61: 2012-11-04: Dysfunction can rarely be reformed. It can only be contained.
62: 2012-11-02: Wear your HazMat suit when handling hazardous waste or dysfunctional people. Maintain secure barriers so they don't pollute your own system.
63: 2012-11-02: If you live in a dysfunctional environment, you can expect to become part of the dysfunction, regardless of your intentions.
64: 2012-11-02: A "bridge" is a temporary relationship or pursuit, doomed to fail, that nonetheless helps you out of an even more dysfunctional path.
65: 2012-10-24: Zero unemployment is unrealistic and a bit scary. Businesses need to find workers and some dysfunctional people are unemployable.
66: 2012-10-23: The risk in trying to reform a dysfunctional system is you become part of the system, making matters worse.
67: 2012-09-21: On My Bucket List: Learn about dysfunctional families by becoming a member of one. (Wait, already done that!)
68: 2012-09-21: Disorganized minds are the dangerous ones. They will blame you for their own dysfunction.
69: 2012-09-17: The greatest danger of a long-term relationship is enabling each other's dysfunctions and suppressing the growth of both.
70: 2012-08-16: Don't get entangled with dysfunctional people, even if family. Maintain your firewalls, or their dysfunction will become yours.
71: 2012-08-08: @ljmusik Now you're cookin'! Stated differently, that might make an interesting song. Dysfunction is far more interesting than function.
72: 2012-07-17: @Klayoven No, but people who give endlessly without asking anything in return set themselves up for dysfunction.
73: 2012-07-07: RT @Kyoks1: "@BadDalaiLama: You can't have "family" without some "dysfunctional" involved."☇I am off to ge my doses of it...and some bre ...
74: 2012-07-07: You can't have "family" without some "dysfunctional" involved.
75: 2012-06-28: The world is full of dysfunction on a massive scale. You can do little about most of it except to protect yourself from it.
76: 2012-06-11: Have compassion for dysfunctional people, but keep them at arm's length. Don't let them intrude into your own productivity.
77: 2012-06-07: The main challenge of love: How do you love someone without enabling their dysfunctions?
78: 2012-06-02: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction. It allows you to indulge your addictions while delaying the consequences.
79: 2012-06-01: You can't give dysfunctional people too much power, even out of generosity, because they will use it to hurt themselves and sabotage others.
80: 2012-05-28: The main challenge of charity is how to help people out of their problems without encouraging dependence or enabling further dysfunction.
81: 2012-05-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Family: a shared delusional system by which dysfunction is passed from one generation to the next.
82: 2012-05-21: Wherever you find an extremely obese person confined to his bed there must also be an equally dysfunctional person feeding him.
83: 2012-05-12: Social Work 101: What seems like a dysfunctional relationship to you may be, for these people, the best option realistically possible.
84: 2012-05-07: Humor is damaging if you're laughing at dysfunctional aspects of your life instead of changing them.
85: 2012-05-05: RT @KelleyLPhoto: @BadDalaiLama I've heard it said:"The one common denominator of all your dysfunctional relationships, is you." http:// ...
86: 2012-05-03: People blame "the media" for dysfunctional human behavior. The media, in turn, say they're only giving people what they're eager to buy.
87: 2012-05-01: Give someone a fresh start in a new environment and he'll usually reconstruct the same dysfunctions he had before.
88: 2012-04-26: RT @bprabawabr: @BadDalaiLama compassion, if practiced without wisdom, can burn both parties involved. Enabling dysfunction & burning th ...
89: 2012-04-26: It is okay to help dysfunctional people so long as there is a firewall between you and them so they don't corrupt your world.
90: 2012-04-26: Dysfunction persists in your life when you refuse to take responsibility for it.
91: 2012-04-09: Loyalty isn't all that admirable if it makes you hold on to a dysfunctional relationship.
92: 2012-03-28: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction.
93: 2012-03-13: Money in excess of ones needs can buy useful resources, but more often it is an enabler of dysfunction and inertia. (cc @LetsGo2TheBeach)
94: 2012-03-05: Behind every recurring human problem, there is a dysfunctional mechanism that created it and sustains it.
95: 2012-03-05: Enabling the dysfunctions of your romantic partner is a benefit to neither you nor them.
96: 2012-02-26: Initiative is different from self-control. You can be highly disciplined in your activities and still be trapped in dysfunctional habits.
97: 2012-01-19: Love songs are boring. I'd rather listen to a dysfunctional voice sing something twisted and subversive.
98: 2012-01-13: It is not insight when you bemoan you're own dysfunctions but keep them anyway.
99: 2012-01-06: Sometimes the only solution to entrenched dysfunctional behavior is to remove the safety net.
100: 2011-12-27: Don't let dysfunctional people into your castle. Defend your moat. You can send care packages out but don't let them in.
101: 2011-12-25: If you want to be functional, you have to build firewalls between you and the dysfunctionals of society so they don't draw you down.
102: 2011-12-13: family — n. a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are transferred from one generation to the next.
103: 2011-12-10: Here's a crazy idea: Let's give guns to all the dysfunctional people and see what happens. Oh wait, that's America!
104: 2011-12-09: When dealing with dysfunctional people, the most important thing is to maintain a firewall between you and them to protect your own life.
105: 2011-11-30: Sarcasm, like anger, is dysfunctional self-expression the world doesn't need.
106: 2011-11-29: Humans are natural hoarders, genetically programmed to stockpile resources for lean times. Once, it was essential, now dysfunctional.
107: 2011-10-26: In a sense, we are all "narcissists", but the dysfunctional ones expect life to treat them specially. #charliesheen
108: 2011-10-19: A person's most obvious dysfunctions are exactly the things you can't talk to them about. They won't listen.
109: 2011-10-17: Heterosexual or homosexual, most marriages seem to end up like this: one dysfunctional "child" and one enabling "parent".
110: 2011-10-11: Never underestimate the power of love to turn the functional into the dysfunctional.
111: 2011-10-06: The dark side of intimate relationships is the reciprocal enabling of each other's dysfunction.
112: 2011-09-27: So often we say, "There's a cute couple," only to find out later just how dysfunctional their relationship was.
113: 2011-09-26: The scary thing about intimate relationships is how one party accepts and adopts the dysfunctions of the other.
114: 2011-09-05: If you try to change someone's dysfunctional habits, you'll find them cleverly evading whatever strategy you attempt.
115: 2011-08-12: Most of the dysfunction of the world is caused not by evil people but by good people making short-sighted decisions.
116: 2011-07-26: You don't want to be involved in the daily lives of most people. Instead of helping them you'll only enable their dysfunction.
117: 2011-07-13: A hoarder in a one-room apartment is less dysfunctional than one in a six-room house. The "good fortune" of a house is bad for its owner.
118: 2011-07-13: Misfortune is a natural limitation on dysfunction. Without it, most would know no limits and eventually self-destruct on their own.
119: 2011-07-12: It is fine to deal with dysfunction for a living (as a social worker, etc.) but don't accept it in your personal life.
120: 2011-07-02: Marriage is a relationship of love and understanding where one partner enables the dysfunction of another.
121: 2011-06-22: Never get too close to dysfunctional people. Maintain a firewall between you and them so their dysfunction doesn't become yours.
122: 2011-03-29: pathological stuff addiction (PSA) — dysfunctional attachment to ones possessions, to the point of crippling ones life.
123: 2011-03-17: Juvenile justice and child welfare are two sides of the same coin. Juvenile crime is the natural result of family dysfunction.
124: 2011-03-10: As a laboratory to understand dysfunctional behavior, there is no better classroom than your own family.
125: 2011-03-07: People are loathe to leave behind their dysfunctional habits because at least they're comfortable and known. In function lies the unknown.
126: 2011-03-06: The challenge of superheroism is to help others without enabling dependence or dysfunction.
127: 2011-03-04: On My Bucket List: Star in a sitcom about dysfunctional people but get more attention for my own dysfunction.
128: 2011-03-04: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction, allowing people to indulge their delusions and addictions without accepting the consequences. {9/20}
129: 2011-03-03: Dysfunctional celebrities are good! They give people around the world a set of common experiences, making everyone part of our family.
130: 2011-03-03: It's easy to look over the fence at the Jones family and think, "Their childhood was so easy." Wrong! Every family is dysfunctional!
131: 2011-03-03: Childhood inevitably sets us up with dysfunctional expectations of what the world owes us. The trauma of adulthood is correcting them.
132: 2010-12-13: family — n. a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are transferred from one generation to the next.
133: 2010-11-29: Sarcasm, like anger, is dysfunctional self-expression the world doesn't need.
134: 2010-11-28: Humans are natural hoarders, genetically programmed to stockpile resources for lean times. Once, it was essential, now dysfunctional.
135: 2010-11-05: You can't protect people from their own decisions. Any system that tries will fail, because it enables continued dysfunction.
136: 2010-10-17: There are no relationships without dysfunction.
137: 2010-10-13: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. There is a high threshold of dysfunction before one is willing to change.
138: 2010-10-08: Money in excess of ones needs is more an enabler of dysfunction than a key to happiness.
139: 2010-09-20: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction. It allows people to indulge their delusions and addictions without accepting the consequences.
140: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-06: People are loathe to leave behind their dysfunctional habits because at least they're comfortable and known. In function lies the unknown.
141: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-03: Money is the greatest enabler of dysfunction. Too much of it tends to fund your addictions and isolate you from the effects of your actions.
142: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: Money in excess of ones needs is more an enabler of dysfunction than a key to happiness.
143: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: Of all the enablers of dysfunction, the most destructive is success.
144: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-13: There are no relationships without dysfunction.
145: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-11: California is the best example of excessive democracy. NY Times: "Top Judge Calls Calif. Government Dysfunctional"
146: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: Without eternal vigilance, "protection" and "security" can easily devolve into dysfunction and imprisonment.
147: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: So what do you think: Do Bill and Hillary have a functional relationship or a dysfunctional one? I say, "Whatever works for them."
148: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: California is a case study in dysfunctional democracy. Even the worst legislators are better than the people voting for laws themselves.
149: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-22: In human behavior, there is no "normal", just differing gradations of dysfunction.
150: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-30: Family: a shared delusional system by which dysfunction is passed from one generation to the next.
151: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: "Family" - a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are handed down from one generation to the next.
152: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-27: California's dysfunction comes from its voters. LA Times - Too much democracy, too directly, can be crippling.
153: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-10: My latest philosophy essay: "Dark Star Duet: A Model of Dysfunctional Marriage" (Kilroy Cafe #47)
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