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1: 2018-05-03: Dumb and Dumber 3 — starring Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.
2: 2014-11-16: Nothing would terrify me more than being judged by a jury of average citizens. Them folks is dumb!
3: 2014-10-30: The most treasured demographic to advertisers is People With Money Who Are Dumb Enough To Listen To Advertisers.
4: 2014-07-31: On Planet Earth, the dumb ones make the babies while the smart ones watch in horror.
5: 2014-05-21: Only dumb people buy Smart Water.
6: 2014-03-02: RT @bybeautydamned: The dumbest, most ill-natured people on planet earth are breeding right now and there's nothing we can do to stop it. S…
7: 2014-02-18: If you think your life is all washed up in your late 20s, you're right, but not because of age, only because you're dumbass.
8: 2014-02-09: RT @MrVinayPatil: How easily you're offended is directly proportional to how dumb you are.
9: 2013-08-26: In every country, populist politicians preach a return to traditional values—at any cost to civil rights—and the dumb rednecks follow.
10: 2013-08-13: A region collectively known as "Dumbass". @ Dumfries, VA
11: 2013-07-15: The dumbest people are those who think they know everything.
12: 2013-07-15: Evolution works by killing off the dumbest ones, but this may take many generations so in the meantime you'll just have to avoid them.
13: 2013-06-17: Democracy Fact: Society has more dumb people than smart people. If you get the dumb ones to vote for you, you don't need the smart ones.
14: 2013-06-17: Often it is the "clever" things—where you think you have beaten the system—that turn into the dumbest decisions you have ever made.
15: 2013-04-25: There are plenty of dumb people doing dumb things with their lives, but the real tragedy is smart people doing dumb things.
16: 2013-04-16: Any river dumb enough to flow north deserves what it gets: massive ice jams in the spring. McKenzie, I'm looking at you!
17: 2013-03-27: "I can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for this crap." — Marketers, to each other.
18: 2013-01-19: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." - Proverbs 3:5 <== Um, not! God wants you to play dumb?
19: 2012-11-12: Humanity may be getting dumber due to lack of natural selection, but smart people will still mate and produce islands of intellect.
20: 2012-11-12: .@ScottSaab Binge-free cringe can be just as bad. You can make plenty of dumb mistakes without a trace of drugs or alcohol in you.
21: 2012-10-24: RT @LadyFriday: Such a hot, sweet guy! Until he used "pussy" as a term for weakness, then it was on. #fightinwords #dumbass <== What a dick!
22: 2012-07-31: Only 2 out of 20 who start the Appalachian Trail actually finish it. They're the dumb ones.
23: 2012-07-03: A tragic and preventable medical condition: IWPADASWD (injured while pulling a dumb ass stunt while drunk). So sad!
24: 2012-06-08: There are smart people and dumb people. Every person is valuable, but only a few are worth investing your time in.
25: 2012-06-07: Make a mistake and life slaps you for it. Smart people learn from the experience. Dumb people come back for more.
26: 2012-06-05: Recognizing your own flaws is the first step to change, BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO CHANGE, DUMBASS!
27: 2012-06-05: Young man. New truck. Stream. Cross? No problem! Mud. Stuck. Dumbass. Schadenfreude.
28: 2012-06-05: RT @ScottLinnen: Anger isn't just blinding, it also makes you deaf, dumb & loud.
29: 2012-05-19: @xtinewu One can only assume he's having children with the dumbest women in Tennessee. Not good for the gene pool!
30: 2012-05-12: Even the marijuana bots are lazy dumbasses.
31: 2012-04-27: The dumbest people are the most emotionally driven, unable to separate feeling from fact.
32: 2011-12-30: The dumbing-down of higher education marketing. Atlanta transit.
33: 2011-12-29: Bad Dalai Lama's self-help advice: Don't wait for a book or guru or New Years Eve or anything. Just do it, dumbass!
34: 2011-12-15: This town is NOT pronounced "Dumbass Texas", although some may be tempted. (@ Dumas, Texas)
35: 2011-12-05: Hang out with dumb people and you'll be drawn down to their level. Even worse if you marry them.
36: 2011-11-08: RT @cottonmouth1: @BadDalaiLama ....not gonna lie...I was expecting a dumb blond. got me.
37: 2011-10-18: "Dumb" is almost as dangerous as "mean", because dumb can quickly turn mean under pressure.
38: 2011-09-29: RT @DumbTroll fuck that, you just need different [more] partners! <== Dumb Troll!
39: 2011-07-07: Human evolution has not ended. It has simply bifurcated, with smart lineages getting smarter and dumb ones getting dumber.
40: 2011-07-07: Smart people still breed and are increasingly selective, so rest assured there will always be a master race to control the dumb ones.
41: 2011-07-07: If dumb people breed more prodigiously than smart people, has human evolution stopped? Not necessarily. ...
42: 2011-06-28: Accurate assessment of our past self: so smart about some things, so dumb about others.
43: 2011-06-15: It's fine to praise the "common man" in the abstract, but you don't want your destiny tied up with his. Them folks is dumb!
44: 2011-04-17: That a computer can win Jeopardy suggests that Jeopardy represents a dumb kind of intelligence any automaton can master.
45: 2011-04-13: idiot savant — n. one who is smart in some ways but dumb in the things that matter most.
46: 2011-04-08: If you have money, the dumbest thing you can do with it is to give it to someone with a brilliant idea.
47: 2011-03-29: The world is filled with idiot savants—smart in some ways, but dumb in the things that matter.
48: 2011-03-28: RT @Erekosse: @BadDalaiLama I think your essay on technology has some true facts. Sometimes feel like technology dehumanize us or dumb us.
49: 2011-03-11: Fair fight: man, spear, wild animal. Unfair fight: fat guy, high-powered rifle, IR spotting scope, SUV, GPS, chemical lures, dumb buck.
50: 2011-03-10: You can praise the "common man" in the abstract, but you don't want to be trapped in the same room with him. Them folks is dumb! {12/27}
51: 2011-03-08: Current human breeding trends suggest a bifurcated evolutionary system, where dumb breed with dumb and bright with bright. {ibid}
52: 2011-03-02: Same old story: Women are intimidated by smart guys. If you want a girl, you got to play dumb, drink beer and pretend to like sports.
53: 2011-02-24: The secret of a great performance is practice? Wrong! Practice often just means repeating the same dumb mistakes over and over.
54: 2011-02-22: The brain has a powerful emotional immune system that prevents your dumbest mistakes from ever really sinking in.
55: 2011-01-24: Oklahoma has a idiot breeding program. Works like this: Oklahomans breed. Smart kids move out. Dumb ones stay, then they breed. Repeat.
56: 2011-01-09: The main lesson: Stay out of West Virginia. Them folks is dumb!
57: 2011-01-05: Youth may be foolish with change, but age is dumb with routine.
58: 2010-12-27: You can praise the "common man" in the abstract, but you don't want to be trapped in the same room with him. Them folks is dumb!
59: 2010-12-16: In an intellectually bifurcated society, the smart get smarter while the dumb get dumber. Then those dumb suckers breed!
60: 2010-12-04: Hang out with dumb people and you'll be drawn down to their level. Even worse if you marry them.
61: 2010-11-20: @laurenahayes "Owners are only as smart as their dogs." --> You are only as smart as your dumbest obligations.
62: 2010-11-18: Blog entry: "The Crisis of Human Evolution" - While the dumb get dumber, the smart get smarter.
63: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: Peacocks have big feathers because that's what women want. Dumb chicks!
64: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Some of the smartest people are also the dumbest. Smart, it turns out, doesn't always mean wise, especially concerning ones own limitations.
65: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-11: Local governments don't just want tourists but DUMB tourists, because the stupid ones spend far more money.
66: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: A sad fact about rural life: The brightest young people move to the city, leaving behind the dumbest. Then those suckers breed!
67: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: World's dumbest airport security announcement: "The Seattle police and fire departments are here to serve you. In an emergency dial 911."
68: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-24: The trouble with public advice of any kind (health, travel, legal, etc.) is that it has to be addressed to the dumbest person out there.
69: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: There are always easier/faster/smarter ways to do things, but you have to be open to them. Most people prefer the hard/slow/dumb ways.
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