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1: 2017-03-10: With addiction, belief is everything. If you believe you can get off drugs, you will. If you don't believe, you won't.
2: 2016-12-22: Martini, gin and tonic, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke, Highball, Manhattan, White Russian, Tom Collins... drugs I've never had.
3: 2016-09-08: If you had a nice motorcycle you were really proud of, you wouldn't throw sand in the oil just to see what would happen. #drugs
4: 2016-05-18: Drug Primer —
5: 2015-11-06: Drugs turn nice people evil.
6: 2015-05-24: The root cause of addiction is not the drug, but the environment.
7: 2015-02-18: Drugs turn people into animals. Your first priority when dealing with them is to assure your own safety.
8: 2014-09-01: Saving lives is not a paramount goal. No sense in saving a drug addict if she goes on to bear children.
9: 2014-07-06: Drug abuse is not just chemicals. It's also a philosophy that says, "Feelings are better than facts," and "What I do is not my fault."
10: 2014-05-19: For some drug addicts, the only thing that's going to save them is a nice long prison sentence. You pray for it, for their own sake.
11: 2014-04-27: I don't smoke, drink, use drugs or snort caffeine. I'm as good as a Mormon but without the special underwear.
12: 2014-03-27: In America’s litigious society, even execution drugs have to be proven “safe”. See: @nytimes
13: 2014-03-26: Before and after photos of drug addicts. I wish I didn't know people like this but I do: @DailyMailUS
14: 2014-03-21: A popular misconception about vampires is they're stylish and good-looking. Truth is, most of them look like drug addicts.
15: 2014-03-20: Drug abuse is a battle with shame. Once shame about past behavior takes someone over, the drugs win.
16: 2014-03-08: Addiction is waking up in a moment of clarity, realizing how badly you have screwed up your life, then going back to drugs in despair.
17: 2014-03-06: What is The best place to get drugs? An addiction support meeting, of course! via @nytimes
18: 2014-02-18: States are having difficulty finding execution drugs. Logical solution: They've got prisons full of killers. Put 'em to work!
19: 2014-02-06: America's de facto drug treatment program is prison. There is no evidence that actual drug treatment does any better.
20: 2014-01-12: There is a very short distance between "child star" and "former child star arrested on drug charges".
21: 2014-01-02: You are responsible for managing your own moods and impulses. No drug or treatment will cure you. The answer is inside you, not outside you.
22: 2013-12-22: Everything I know about human nature I learned from drug addicts.
23: 2013-12-06: [Insert joke about politician's sex or drug scandal. Use double entendre if possible]
24: 2013-10-07: In today's news: @_FloridaMan, high on drugs, does something amazingly stupid, gets arrested quickly, goes to prison for a while.
25: 2013-09-26: RT @TIME: New baby smell is like a drug to mothers | (via @TIMEHealthland)
26: 2013-09-17: The addiction spiral: The more drugs you do, the more shame you feel. The more shame you feel, the more drugs you do.
27: 2013-09-16: It's not just "jail"; it's "enforced inpatient drug treatment"—the only opportunity some addicts ever have to dry out, at least temporarily.
28: 2013-09-15: Whenever you fall on hard times: drugs are there to pick you up... and help you fall even farther.
29: 2013-09-15: Take away the need for drugs, gangs supplying drugs and the misjudgment caused by drugs, what crime would we have left?
30: 2013-09-15: The biggest cost of addiction to society: If the drug is expensive or illegal, the addict will turn to crime to get it.
31: 2013-09-08: My Drug History: 1 marijuana high, 3x almost drunk, 1 Vicodin buzz (prescribed by doctor), 6+ friends lost to drugs.
32: 2013-08-27: Funny irony you often hear from young addicts: "I learned about drugs from the DARE program at school."
33: 2013-08-21: An addict can hide the facts of his drug abuse, but he cannot hide the systemic damage to his body and relationships.
34: 2013-08-21: Drug abuse can be easy to detect if you know what to look for. Subject is increasingly absent and evasive. Number of excuses rises.
35: 2013-08-17: @aboriginalsol Druggies.
36: 2013-07-15: @DanielleOlympia Look who the cat drug in!
37: 2013-04-23: D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) — program in public schools to turn kids into well-informed drug abusers.
38: 2013-04-23: @BadDalaiLama "Cinnamon Challenge" = insert drug or dangerous fad here.
39: 2013-04-14: Drugs destroy empathy. You don't care who you hurt to get your fix.
40: 2013-04-03: "The Balloon Effect: pushing down on drug production in one region causes it to bulge somewhere else."
41: 2013-03-14: The more shame you feel the more drugs you do. The more drugs you do the more things you do to feel shameful about.
42: 2013-02-27: RT @DeathStarPR: All that swearing was just the beginning of R2's fall to the Drug Side. (via @GeorgeTakei)
43: 2013-01-29: Time flies, dude! Those rebels of early rock who died of drug overdoses might be dying now anyway—of old age!
44: 2013-01-12: Deeply regrets getting caught ==> Lance Armstrong Will Confess Drug Use to Oprah Winfrey, Sources Say re @BadDalaiLama
45: 2013-01-09: Drugs are for amateurs. Reality is for pros. (cc @HumanBeam)
46: 2012-12-11: Divert the war on drugs to a war of treatment and you'd still have a drug problem as serious as today. Just less crime.
47: 2012-12-11: The war against drugs isn't working, but that doesn't imply treatment works either. Maybe nothing works except personal choice.
48: 2012-11-16: Smuggling drugs in your stomach: undetectable and nothing can go wrong.
49: 2012-11-12: .@ScottSaab Binge-free cringe can be just as bad. You can make plenty of dumb mistakes without a trace of drugs or alcohol in you.
50: 2012-11-09: The case against legalizing pot: Drug abusers are excellent con artists. via @hysell
51: 2012-11-07: Skydivers, rock climbers, bungee jumpers — Why don't you just shoot cocaine and get your drugs the honest way?
52: 2012-10-30: Surround me with free alcohol, drugs, television, video games & fine cuisine—I'll have no interest. Tempted only by travel and rich snacks.
53: 2012-10-30: An addict makes a philosophical choice even before he takes his first drug: that sensations are more important than accomplishments.
54: 2012-10-16: The sad thing about Colombia is that every place you mention brings up memories of a violent drug cartel.
55: 2012-10-04: The most destructive thing about addiction is not the drug itself but the dishonesty involved in obtaining, justifying and hiding it.
56: 2012-09-28: If someone is selling an historic bridge to you stone by stone, they probably need the money for drugs. Also: They don't really own it.
57: 2012-09-08: Keeping off drugs is twice as hard if there's another addict living in the same house. Their weakness becomes yours.
58: 2012-08-03: RT @KilroyCafe: The preferred "solution" to problems in our society is whatever drug, gadget or service someone can advertise and make m ...
59: 2012-07-13: A futile effort ==> Eva Rausing's family hired ex-SAS squad to stop her buying drugs
60: 2012-07-11: A common characteristic of mania (or a drug high, or youth) is vastly overestimating the quality of your own work.
61: 2012-07-07: Any energy you seem to get from drugs or caffeine is just stolen from the future. There is no free lunch in the brain.
62: 2012-07-07: When an addict is high on his chosen drug, he thinks nothing is wrong. Only when he crashes is he open to any doubt.
63: 2012-07-05: The first parts of the brain drugs seem to damage are the initiative centers. It is hard to get addicts to DO anything.
64: 2012-06-27: RT @rejecter: Soul-deadening work is a gateway drug to mindless hedonism.
65: 2012-06-14: A "drug" is defined not by its chemical composition but by the way you abuse it to avoid any real change in your life.
66: 2012-05-27: RT @HighersideChats: Drugs don't make you paranoid, drug laws do. <== Actually drugs DO make you paranoid.
67: 2012-05-17: Addiction is not just drugs. You can be addicted to self-destructive patterns of behavior. Not talk will change them. Only results can.
68: 2012-05-09: Let's get over the delusion that a diet soft drink is "food". There's no food in it. It's a flavored drug delivery system.
69: 2012-05-06: Twitter is a conservative environment where if you speak AGAINST drugs, alcohol or casual sex you must be some kind of hippie commie freak.
70: 2012-05-06: New tinted sunglasses make you say, "Oh, wow! I see in a whole new way!" 20 min. later the sensation fades and you've gained nothing. #drugs
71: 2012-05-06: .@piratehook3r Drugs can give you endless new sensations, but they do it by breaking things—like opening your TV and playing with the wires.
72: 2012-05-06: .@piratehook3r Drugs SHOULD scare people because they mess with your brain. Your most valuable instrument and you're throwing sand in it.
73: 2012-05-05: Alcohol, drugs and impulsive behavior are the ways people punish themselves for the guilt they can't openly acknowledge.
74: 2012-04-26: I don't do drugs or alcohol for the same reason I wouldn't let a stranger borrow my car. This is my brain and I won't give up control of it.
75: 2012-04-13: RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Canadian antidepressant use fell when drug patents expired even though this made pills cheaper S ...
76: 2012-04-11: Now the drug addicts behind me (a man and woman who just met) are sharing photos of their non-custodial children. Figures.
77: 2012-04-11: Court ordered rehab has zero effectiveness in getting people off drugs. People get off drugs only when THEY choose to do it.
78: 2012-04-11: Passengers behind me are talking about their rehab experiences, but still glorifying their drugs. Had to use my own orange pills. #earplugs
79: 2012-04-09: Mood stabilizers and anti-psychotic drugs are a boon to mankind. Antidepressants and mood enhancers are different—more voodoo than medicine.
80: 2012-04-09: Chemical mood enhancers (alcohol, drugs, caffeine) are like payday loan centers. You get your cash now but at usury rates.
81: 2012-04-09: .@CGarison Illegal drugs crop up in anonymity, but none can match the tweet-generating power of alcohol.
82: 2012-04-02: Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs. (except when it wants drugs, sugar, fat, salt or sexual contact without permission)
83: 2012-03-31: Drugs destroy lives, but another addiction affects more of humanity and wastes far more resources: entertainment!
84: 2012-03-05: Addicts usually romanticize their drug to try to convince themselves that appeal is bringing them to it and not anxiety.
85: 2012-03-04: The key to protecting yourself from crime is understanding where the drug addicts hang out, since they are responsible for most of it.
86: 2012-02-27: The addict loves his drug with a romantic passion that displaces all other romance. So sad!
87: 2012-02-27: Alcohol and drugs are mind parasites that distort your perception to support them. That's more damaging than the drunkenness or hangovers.
88: 2012-02-26: Repeated use strengthens initiative. Drugs, alcohol and television damage it.
89: 2012-02-25: RT @fujiwiryani: @BadDalaiLama when people falling in love, it's like they use drugs in high dosage. Careless about many things.
90: 2012-02-24: Music is a stimulation of the nervous system, like drugs. You wouldn't expect it to give your life meaning any more than drugs do.
91: 2012-02-22: The more shame you feel, the more drugs you do. The more drugs you do, the more you have to feel shameful about.
92: 2012-02-20: Drugs and alcohol assume that life is inherently miserable and can only be made tolerable by chemical stimulation.
93: 2012-02-14: @JennyKens I don't do drugs. Only caffeine when I absolutely need it to stay awake.
94: 2012-02-01: There is no "free lunch" in the brain's mood circuits. If you seek pep through caffeine or drugs, you're stealing it from someplace else.
95: 2012-01-25: .@PritsWire Love can move you to help yourself or move you to drug-like fatalism. Depends on the structure of the relationship.
96: 2012-01-25: .@PritsWire "define drugs? Coffee? Alcohol? Gambling? Love?" <== All of the above. (Whether love is a drug depends on the circumstances.)
97: 2012-01-25: The first thing drugs burn out is your personal initiative circuits, so you have no motivation to help yourself.
98: 2012-01-15: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama Silly me, and I thought that was just in Seattle. I OBVIOUSLY dont travel enough. Or use drugs.
99: 2012-01-15: Martin Luther King Blvd — the place you go in any big city for drugs.
100: 2012-01-14: The BDL is now addiction free! No alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, junk food, television, book reading or possessional hoarding.
101: 2012-01-08: .@BuddhaRenegade "What is a 'low-level' druggie?" <== Running whatever scam necessary to fund his next fix. 'High-level' druggies have money
102: 2012-01-08: One advantage of visiting wealthy, isolated towns is protection from petty crime. Economic realities filter out the low-level druggies.
103: 2012-01-05: Hunger in America isn't a simple picture. It is often confounded by drugs and misuse of resources that no feeding program can address.
104: 2011-12-30: Drug crime is marked by the need for immediate cash and the willingness to take risks no "sane" person would accept.
105: 2011-12-26: Alcohol, caffeine and drugs are mood management by chemistry. Ultimately they make your mood worse, and now you're dependent.
106: 2011-12-12: When a truck is careening toward someone, it's easy to convince them, "Move or die!" Not so easy with a creeping threat like drugs.
107: 2011-12-09: Dealing with drug addicts has taught me how to protect myself from them. If you don't, they'll take you for everything you got.
108: 2011-11-22: My friend bought herself another 23 days in jail, which is the best place for her (no drugs). Wish they could keep her longer!
109: 2011-11-22: Teen and her BF charged with meth manufacture—which they're guilty of—but case hard to prove cuz only apparatus found, no actual drugs.
110: 2011-11-22: At the hearing of a teen drug offender. She's looking good in her orange jumpsuit!
111: 2011-11-19: Most dishonesty arises from some form of addiction—obsessions if not drugs. People lie and steal to hide or fund their habit.
112: 2011-11-19: To determine if someone is trustworthy, you must conduct a "virtual drug test" to look for addiction.
113: 2011-11-04: Didn't know it still existed, but it does! The drug store lunch counter. Stanton, Texas.
114: 2011-10-26: Just got a call from a young drug addict friend in prison ($15 call). Sounds upbeat & clearheaded. Prison is wonderful rehab! Hope it lasts.
115: 2011-10-09: Drug addicts and fat people share a common thread of fatalism. They say, "This is what my body wants, and I am powerless to stop it."
116: 2011-10-05: Drug-driven property crime usually involves the willingness to take huge risks for relatively meager rewards
117: 2011-10-02: .@Mostlegendary "What do you consider drugs? Sugar? Caffeine?..." <== See my video:
118: 2011-10-02: Drugs—from cocaine to video games—are pseudo-experience, taking the place of doing real things in the world.
119: 2011-10-02: The most destructive thing about drug abuse is the deception and treachery that go along with it.
120: 2011-10-02: When someone you care about gets into hard drugs, there is little you can do to help them. My new video:
121: 2011-09-29: The problem with sex, as with drugs, is acclimation: the more you do it, the less the thrill. If you need the thrill, you try higher doses.
122: 2011-09-29: To the brain, sex is a drug, using the same neural pathways as cocaine and meth. The only difference is it's self-limiting.
123: 2011-09-29: Intimacy is nice but sex is stupid. If there wasn't a drug reward at the end, you'd think it was factory work.
124: 2011-08-08: Drugs and alcohol should terrify you. You're disabling higher control over your own safety—like letting your children play in traffic.
125: 2011-08-04: Drugs are the modern form of demonic possession, except that no exorcist is going to help you.
126: 2011-08-03: Given the drug-induced meltdowns of many a young star, the worst form of child abuse appears to be fame before the age of 30.
127: 2011-07-26: Petty theft happens mainly where druggies can patrol in anonymity.
128: 2011-07-03: Recent tweeted essays: Paranoia Drugs Antidepressants Books
129: 2011-07-02: My 1-page essay on the failure of drug treatment programs: "Words Don't Work" (2009)
130: 2011-07-02: Oh and one little aside on the drug issue: Drug treatment doesn't work! Statistically no better than a placebo program.
131: 2011-07-02: Brilliant idea: the US GOV'T could manufacture and sell hard drugs, using all the proceeds for drug treatment. What could possibly go wrong?
132: 2011-07-02: .@polkadotminerva "what if you lack paranoia?" <== Drugs can help with that!
133: 2011-07-01: American companies could give their drugs nifty trademarked brand names. "Heroin" is too negative. How about Seabreeze™ or Arabian Gold™?
134: 2011-07-01: Tell me who would manufacturer the drugs, and I'll show you the Achilles' Heel of your drug legalization plan.
135: 2011-07-01: #### End. Live essay: "Legalizing Drugs"
136: 2011-07-01: What could possibly go wrong in this Utopian plan to legalize all drugs for everyone?
137: 2011-07-01: Think it through: If drugs were legal across the board, where would they come from and who would profit? Where would incentives lie?
138: 2011-07-01: If both drug use AND distribution were legal, who would be the supplier? Philip Morris? Or would the Government have it's own meth labs?
139: 2011-07-01: If drug use is legal but wholesale distribution is illegal (as in Portugal), then you would STILL have drug wars along the Mexican border.
140: 2011-07-01: I acknowledge losing the main argument: Legalizing hard drug use would not necessarily create a Zombie Apocalypse. It didn't in Portugal.
141: 2011-07-01: Answer this question: If you legalized hard drug possession and use, who would supply the drugs? Describe the supply chain.
142: 2011-07-01: One little niggling question about Portugal's open drug policy: Where do the drugs come from? Who is supplying the cocaine, heroine, etc.?
143: 2011-07-01: Goaded by several followers: Decriminalization of hard drugs in Portugal, a seeming success:
144: 2011-07-01: You want a Zombie Apocalypse? Legalize hard drugs and see what happens.
145: 2011-07-01: Drug addicts are the closest thing to real zombies. They'll eat your brains to serve their primitive needs. So sad and so scary.
146: 2011-07-01: .@avphibes "...often your emotions do not reflect your life situation." <== So taking drugs to "fix" the problem, how do you get off them?
147: 2011-07-01: RT @MikeShawTweet: @BadDalaiLama Antidepressant drugs are the worst, most devastating trick played on society by big medicine and big ph ...
148: 2011-07-01: .@ReverendReve "and what to do if one isn't strong or intelligent enough to fight/figure out the 'demons'?" <== Drugs of course! :)
149: 2011-07-01: Given a choice between changing ones life and taking a drug to alleviate the symptoms of bad decisions, most prefer the drug.
150: 2011-07-01: The solution to depression is drugs, say drug companies.
151: 2011-06-30: The way to treat your own depression is come up with your own mental strategies to manage it. Drugs can't create those strategies for you.
152: 2011-06-30: Drug companies would rather you took their depression drug than solve your problems. That's why they urge you to "Ask your doctor about __".
153: 2011-06-30: There's one little problem with treating depression with drugs—legal or otherwise: How do you get off the drugs?
154: 2011-06-30: Depression is a serious medical condition that can be treated with drugs or by taking control of your own problems.
155: 2011-06-25: Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's. Wonder if the drugs and alcohol played a role.
156: 2011-06-13: Drugs are the closest thing to Darth Vader evil. They'll take a good person and turn them to the dark side, until you can only run away.
157: 2011-06-07: You and I would make poor thieves because we aren't willing to take big risks for little reward. Not so with the drug addict.
158: 2011-05-28: If there is nothing so close to true evil on Planet Earth as drugs. They take a good person and turn them to the dark side.
159: 2011-04-26: The root of addiction isn't alcohol or drugs but a certain philosophical attitude that leads to them.
160: 2011-03-28: Technology can't solve civil wars or poverty or overpopulation or drug abuse or child abuse or most of the other problems of man.
161: 2011-03-26: Happiness should not be confused with euphoria, which is more like the chemical high of drugs. Happiness involves lasting satisfaction.
162: 2011-03-10: RT @mostlegendary: @BadDalaiLama bollocks, drugs have a stopping mechanism, you can't continue after death. :p
163: 2011-03-10: RT @jasminesays: @BadDalaiLama the result of exploring sex and drugs to their outer limits feels identical but brings opposite results ( ...
164: 2011-03-10: Sex and drugs are virtually identical to the brain, except sex has a stopping mechanism and drugs don't.
165: 2011-03-06: Soaking your brain in drugs or alcohol suggests you don't have much respect for it. Would you throw sand in the gas tank of a car you loved?
166: 2011-02-28: On My Bucket List: Attend a 36-hour drug-fueled sex party.
167: 2011-02-12: @TheBosha cc @tammyphinney Canadians don't kill each other, but they're big into property crime, thanks to DRUGS FROM AMERICA.
168: 2011-01-26: Entertainment is society's most popular drug, neutralizing more human resources than all chemical drugs combined.
169: 2011-01-25: (His Holiness is a recovering MDCS sufferer. His drug was geographical data. Clean and sober for 8 years—except for the travel.)
170: 2011-01-21: anhedonia—the natural result of long-term drug use, overstimulation, lack of sleep, excessive TV, caffeine withdrawal or too much Twitter.
171: 2011-01-12: @astrangersashes "Everything is a drug in some way." <== A drug is something done not for its own reward, but for the anxiety when you stop.
172: 2011-01-12: Humor is an essential lubricant of life, but it can't be an end in itself. Humor without meaning is just another drug.
173: 2011-01-12: Music has a dangerous hold on the nervous system. Instead of thinking real thoughts, you have an iPod pumping drugs into your brain.
174: 2011-01-07: The problem with drug abuse is not the drug, but temptation and how one handles it. Cut off one drug and the addict will use another.
175: 2011-01-07: Cocaine Vaccine (@lolahayes) <== There is no vaccine against temptation. The addict will just switch drugs.
176: 2010-12-29: If you cherish your brain, why would you do any drug, legal or not? It's like throwing dirt in the engine of a high-performance sports car.
177: 2010-12-28: Flooding the internet with free porn is like legalizing drugs. It's still not healthy but it cuts out the criminal middle man.
178: 2010-11-22: Video Essay #8: "Drug Abuse: What Doesn't Work" - From the main courthouse in Las Vegas (two days ago).
179: 2010-11-20: The most destructive drugs are not narcotics but mindless entertainments that squander our mental resources.
180: 2010-11-19: Clinical effects of popular recreational drugs: (via @PoulsNocturne @motorfingerzach)
181: 2010-11-18: The concept of drug treatment is inherently flawed. It only frees the addict of responsibility by placing his cure in someone else's hands.
182: 2010-11-17: There is nothing more ineffective in curing addiction than mandated drug treatment. As soon as supervision ends, so does the cure.
183: 2010-11-11: Happiness should not be confused with euphoria. Drugs can give you euphoria, but happiness lasts longer.
184: 2010-11-10: Music can be a powerful addictive drug—a brain parasite—occupying the mind and preventing it from doing more useful things.
185: 2010-10-30: The more shame you feel, the more drugs you do.
186: 2010-09-24: Happiness should not be confused with euphoria. Drugs can give you euphoria, but happiness lasts longer.
187: 2010-09-21: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against you.
188: 2010-09-20: The greatest wasters of human potential are poverty, war, political repression, drugs and spectator sports.
189: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against ...
190: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: The greatest wasters of human potential are poverty, war, political repression, drugs and spectator sports.
191: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: It is foolish to educate teenagers against something, like drugs or drunk driving, because you'll just make them want to try it.
192: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: D.A.R.E. program in public schools — making drugs cool since 1983. (Statistically INCREASES drug use among students.)
193: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: The preferred "solution" to problems in our society is whatever drug, gadget or service someone can advertise and make money from.
194: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Drug abuse is a personality disorder. It is an expression of not just a chemical addiction but a certain philosophy of life.
195: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-28: Soaking your brain in drugs or alcohol suggests you don't have much respect for it. Would you throw sand in the gas tank of a car you loved?
196: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: In food, sex, travel, drugs or any other stimulation, you'll never get the same high again. The thrill always fades with repetition.
197: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-25: Happiness should not be confused with euphoria. Drugs can give you euphoria, but true happiness lasts longer.
198: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: State lotteries are essentially a tax on the stupid. Maybe the government should sell them drugs too.
199: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: For many, mathematics is a drug as powerful as cocaine, luring them from reality into the illusion of perfection.
200: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: If someone is drug or alcohol addicted, and they are still financially solvent, then there must be an enabler propping them up.
201: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-20: Entertainment is an addiction and the enemy of accomplishment. Either you take the drug and remain numb or you do something with your life.
202: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-12: Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay are not food companies but drug companies, serving our non-nutritive addiction to sugar, fat, salt and caffeine.
203: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Flooding the internet with porn is like legalizing drugs. It's still not healthy but it cuts out the criminal middle man.
204: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: One of the cruelest forms of child abuse is making someone a child star. It virtually guarantees drug abuse and a screwed up self-image.
205: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: In a traffic stop, officers can search a car if a drug dog "hits" on it - which means they can search ANY car with a poorly trained dog.
206: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: You can train a dog to find drugs, but you can't train him not to find other things. The "hits" may be high but also the false positives.
207: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: There is no neurological "free energy" - from caffeine, drugs, etc. Any temporary lift you get is paid for later.
208: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: What most people interpret as "thirst" is really a craving for caffeine. Your body doesn't need the liquid; your brain just wants the drug.
209: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: Some drugs make you violent, but pot just robs you of initiative. The pothead would never hurt you but he rarely leaves the couch.
210: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: I haven't done many drugs, but I can't imagine any psychedelic high that compares to ordinary dreaming. A new adventure every night!
211: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-01: Common addictions: drugs, alcohol, cigs, caffeine, TV, video games, music, shopping, sports, sex, porn, religion, travel, food, love...
212: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: The internet: It's either a brain extender or a mind drug depending on how you use/abuse it.
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