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1: 2018-11-16: You can’t photograph your dreams or feelings. You can only draw or describe them. This is why we still need paint and words.
2: 2018-01-25: Pink Floyd to Dreamers: All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.
3: 2017-12-20: Trump’s legal “dream team“ is composed of the finest lawyers money can buy who agree with him 100 percent. #idiots #stooges #buffoons
4: 2017-03-06: Utopian dream: Give the stupid people in America their own country so they can self-destruct and the rest of us can move forward.
5: 2016-12-22: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
6: 2016-12-18: One of the biggest disappointments about dreaming is that the images and stories I experience cannot be copied and pasted into Instagram.
7: 2015-02-20: My dream reality show: Put Bill O'Reilly, Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen on an island and let them decide who the leader is.
8: 2015-02-18: The greatest value of dreams, even nightmares, is putting you back in touch with important things you had forgotten.
9: 2015-02-17: “Warren Buffett calls sugar-based manufacturers a ‘dream business’ for selling addictive products without fear of regulation” @TheEconomist
10: 2014-09-02: The Catch-22 of money: Once you have it, you get lazy and don't do what you dreamed of doing when you didn't have enough.
11: 2014-04-06: Glenn Campbell featured in a 1995 Der Spiegel article on Area 51 "Dreamland of Death"
12: 2014-01-28: The dream is always perfect. Only reality is flawed.
13: 2014-01-26: Someday I'll be a real man—follow sports, learn to fish, kill things in a manly way. For now, I can only dream.
14: 2013-11-29: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
15: 2013-10-07: You can Instagram your meals, vacations and friends but not your dreams and imagination. So sad. All those dreams wasted!
16: 2013-09-17: In your dreams, you can never evade a pursuer. He is always one step behind. All you can do is give up, let him catch you, and he goes away.
17: 2013-08-27: Best time to be alive in America: 1928. A flowering of arts, architecture and big dreams! But you wouldn't want to hang around for 1929.
18: 2013-08-17: The American Dream achieved. Upscale suburbia near Atlanta (8/14).
19: 2013-07-23: Things you can't do in dreams: read, use a map, tell time, evade a pursuer. Solution: recognize it's a dream, wake up and solve the problem.
20: 2013-07-21: All the items on my buck*t list, 2009 to present. - I can dream, can't I?
21: 2013-06-23: Just concluded my dream vacation in Santorini & Istanbul. Paradise, protests and teargas! Satisfying and meaningful.
22: 2013-06-02: Much of what we do and dream of doing is intended to impress an audience....
23: 2013-04-25: The usual dream of tropical paradise seems to involve copious amounts of alcohol, as if people needed to block it out once they got there.
24: 2013-04-24: Worst resolution to a movie: "It was all just a dream!"
25: 2013-04-23: Movies are dreams made real. To understand their flow, study the internal rules of dreaming.
26: 2013-04-23: Lucid Dreaming: Testing the Laws of the Dream World
27: 2013-04-21: Most of humanity is living in the empty shell of past dreams, committed to a future that no longer works.
28: 2013-03-30: Have you ever tried to read in a dream? You can't do it! You look at a book or a sign, but the words won't come into focus.
29: 2013-03-30: In dreams and memories, most sensory information is lost. We do not recall color, 3-D or stereo. We only remember what happened.
30: 2013-03-07: I hate people in my dreams pointing out that I'm not wearing any pants. This is my dream, so I'll wear what I want!
31: 2013-03-07: Seriously worried about my sanity while sleeping. That dreaming dude does some crazy things!
32: 2013-03-06: Dreams are a place to communicate with the dead and settle a few things.
33: 2013-02-27: A true friend will tell you, "Go for it!" when your dream doesn't have a chance in the world.
34: 2013-02-23: Many will dream of something better. Few will grab unexpected opportunities when they happen.
35: 2013-02-11: "It was all just a dream" is the stupidest way to end a movie—unless it happens to be true and you just woke up.
36: 2013-01-27: Dreams can give you useful connections but they can't give you more real-world data than you already have.
37: 2013-01-27: Follow your dreams, but check Wikipedia first. Dreams can play loose with the facts.
38: 2013-01-18: Many a dream come true has become a nightmare without end.
39: 2012-12-31: One young man living the dream. (Orlando Airport)
40: 2012-12-28: Whatever your dreams and plans may be, you also need a Plan "B".
41: 2012-12-16: RT @OfficalMrBean: I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.
42: 2012-12-16: RT @KilroyCafe: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
43: 2012-12-15: When you are young, all dreams involve public recognition. You can't seek private satisfaction because you hardly know what that is.
44: 2012-12-15: If you are losing focus on your dreams, maybe you should change them. Happiness is moving target, not a fixed destination.
45: 2012-12-10: Movies may be a new technology, but we know all about how they work from our own dreams.
46: 2012-12-04: "If a dead bear can realize his dreams, so can you."
47: 2012-09-26: On My Bucket List: Dandruff. (I can dream, can't I?)
48: 2012-09-26: New travel blog entry: "Moscow Dreams: How to Apply For A Russian Visa (In Theory)"
49: 2012-09-11: My auto-biography for the Turkish edition of my work. Is this real or a bizarre dream?
50: 2012-08-21: Utopian dreams usually set the stage for anti-utopian nightmares.
51: 2012-08-17: In the amazing world of the future, many of our dreams will come true, but those dreams may have a cost we never anticipated.
52: 2012-08-13: "Never give up on your dreams" is stupid advice. Most dreams are egotistical and should be given up to make way for better goals.
53: 2012-07-26: RT @LIFECOACHERS: The etymology of "children" is "chil" and "dren" which comes from the old Norse and means "Killers of Dreams."
54: 2012-07-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Many a dream turns into a nightmare when it's only half built and the resources run out. Then it becomes a prison.
55: 2012-06-27: All my dreams are about the Berlin Wall. 24 years ago, it made a huge impression on me, awakened now by seeing preserved portions of it.
56: 2012-06-09: I dream of joining Starfleet so I can help tame rogue planets through a combination of economic sanctions and empty political rhetoric.
57: 2012-06-05: There are two kinds of stupid people: those who believe in impossible dreams and the predators who sell those dreams to them.
58: 2012-06-02: When seduced by dreams of unlimited success and perfect love, you miss the real opportunities right in front of you.
59: 2012-05-21: RT @KilroyCafe: Attention inventors, artists, dreamers: An idea is useless without means to execute it. True creativity is building with ...
60: 2012-04-06: Better yet: Fly into Riga and out of Kiev for $919. (The most bizarre thing: "Lunch" on a 1.5 hour flight.) #dreaming
61: 2012-04-06: Jumping the Pond: Fly NY to London in June for $1,112 r/t—or to Kiev via Moscow on Aeroflot for only $940. #dreaming
62: 2012-04-06: Last night I dreamed I was in Ljubljana deciding where to go next. How many of YOU have dreamt that? (2010 album)
63: 2012-03-24: Nightmares can be useful life experience. You should analyze what you did wrong in the dream and how you could have handled it better.
64: 2012-03-22: Dreaming of all the things The Claw can get me.
65: 2012-03-22: You can fulfill your dreams "someday" under perfect conditions, or you can make some compromises and start them now.
66: 2012-03-19: Adulthood is when the infinite dreams of childhood boil down to a few harsh realities.
67: 2012-02-29: The American Dream: a lifetime of acquisition followed by a big yard sale at the end.
68: 2012-02-21: @LetsGo2TheBeach @cottonmouth1 One does not usually thing of Long Beach as a place one dreams of going.
69: 2012-02-19: By all means, pursue your dreams. Just don't put yourself in a position where they have to come true.
70: 2012-02-18: It is a challenge not only to achieve your dreams but to avoid being imprisoned by them.
71: 2012-02-11: The Alaska Dream is to build your own Thoreau cabin in the woods, but it usually turns into a Kaczynski cabin.
72: 2012-01-31: RT @persdevquotes: goal is a dream with a deadline. ~ Napoleon Hill
73: 2012-01-23: Dreams are a reflection of what you think about during the day—and sometimes a window into what you dare not think about.
74: 2012-01-20: If you have been dreaming of a Carnival cruise, now is the time. Rates may never be this low again!
75: 2011-12-20: A twisted dream.
76: 2011-12-09: Never give up on your dreams—unless they're narcissistic, unobtainable dreams ignoring the opportunities around you.
77: 2011-11-26: Another term for "dream home" is "self-designed prison".
78: 2011-11-22: Most Utopias end up only half-built, never achieving the dream but entombing their creators.
79: 2011-11-12: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
80: 2011-11-04: RT @princeboucher: I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the ...
81: 2011-10-29: Just learned in a dream that Bank of America will start charging $75/mo for checking accounts. Outraged! Total waste of precious dream time!
82: 2011-10-17: Dreamed last night I joined the Israeli Army. Was actually kinda cool! Very relaxed and learned to use big guns.
83: 2011-10-01: Funny how a "dream come true" can turn into a nightmare without end.
84: 2011-10-01: Funny how the "American Dream" of home ownership has turned into an American Nightmare of not being able to afford it.
85: 2011-09-16: "Never give up on your dreams!" — deluded thinking that traps people in futile pursuits, blocking sight of real opportunities around them.
86: 2011-07-04: You can dream about doing, or you can actually do.
87: 2011-06-18: Map of my bus route from Tel Aviv to Cairo, as first dreamt in December. FB photo:
88: 2011-06-12: We understand movies because they are edited the same as dreams, jumping between significant actions without the intervening boring bits.
89: 2011-06-12: Was lost on the streets of Moscow last night, then I remembered you need a visa for Russia which I didn't have, so it was just a dream.
90: 2011-05-08: The monsters in your dreams can follow you wherever you go—until you change your strategy.
91: 2011-05-08: Dreams are a training ground for reality.
92: 2011-04-16: Many dream of foreign travel but few actually pull it off. They invent too many barriers for themselves to ever allow it to happen.
93: 2011-04-14: Just woke up to discover my dreams lied to me. That's not the way things are at all!
94: 2011-04-11: In the California Gold Rush, the main people making money were those selling the dream to others. The dreamers themselves lost their shirts.
95: 2011-04-11: The internet has been built on dreams—like the California Gold Rush. Indeed, California was settled, but few found the gold they expected.
96: 2011-04-11: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." —Walt Disney <== Disney pap! They have to be realistic dreams.
97: 2011-04-05: American Jews may dream of emigrating to Israel, but many more young Israelis dream of emigrating to America. Get me outta here!
98: 2011-04-05: Some American Jews still dream of emigrating to Israel. Bonehead move! you're getting yourself trapped on a very small island.
99: 2011-03-31: Casablanca dreaming... on such a winter's day! rail: lodging: air:
100: 2011-03-30: Pop psychology focuses on pursuing your dreams and never giving up. Little attention is paid to quitting and cutting your losses.
101: 2011-03-21: Our channeler's earlier career as an Area 51 activist is recorded in the book "The Dreamland Chronicles" by David Darlington.
102: 2011-03-08: Dreams come in a million flavors. Then reality dashes them and gives you only one. {9/22}
103: 2011-02-23: Whatever dreaming is, it is not fatiguing. In a dream, you never say, "My God, I'm so tired!" You have the energy to do whatever you want!
104: 2011-02-07: Tropical dreaming in Chicago.
105: 2010-12-28: A future dream itinerary: Tel Aviv to Cairo by bus for less than $100. Map:
106: 2010-12-25: Christmas morning in Jerusalem! Weird dreams last night. Men in funny hats are chasing me for not keeping Shabbat. Also Area 51 security.
107: 2010-12-22: Dreams, once fulfilled, often become prisons.
108: 2010-12-10: It is good to have dreams and goals but not to be trapped by them if something better comes along.
109: 2010-12-10: The likelihood of your dreams coming true depends on how restrictive they are. The bigger your target, the more likely you'll hit it.
110: 2010-12-07: Never give up on your dreams—unless they're narcissistic, unobtainable dreams ignoring the opportunities around you.
111: 2010-12-03: RT @designersays: My dream in life is to start a band with the Dalai Lama and a bunch of girls from the 80’s just so I can call it The D ...
112: 2010-11-25: Single people dream of love. Married people dream of being free.
113: 2010-11-25: Another term for "dream home" is "self-designed prison".
114: 2010-11-17: Dreams, blindly followed, get you nowhere. It is best to have flexible dreams and adapt them to whatever opportunities arise.
115: 2010-11-09: The difference between dreams and reality is reality is still there when you wake up.
116: 2010-11-08: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all—i.e. total imprisonment.
117: 2010-10-04: The world is filled with dreamers, unmoved to action.
118: 2010-10-04: Many a dream turns into a nightmare when it's only half built and the resources run out. Then it becomes a prison.
119: 2010-09-22: Dreams come in a million flavors. Then reality dashes them and gives you only one.
120: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-11: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
121: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: All dreams, even when they come true, eventually turn into work.
122: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: The old American Dream of home ownership will be replaced by a new, more American dream: freedom of movement tethered only to the internet.
123: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: SPOILER ALERT: It was all just a dream after all.
124: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-17: Inception: Think I just wasted 2-1/2 hours. The dream worlds were too normal. Too many explosions. Too bad Tim Burton didn't make it.
125: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-13: Attention inventors, artists, dreamers: An idea is useless without means to execute it. True creativity is building with the tools you have.
126: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-27: Budget airline route maps: RyanAir EasyJet - I could spend hours with these, just dreamin'!
127: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Most of humanity is living in the decrepit shell of past dreams.
128: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-16: Dreams come in a million flavors. Then reality dashes them and gives you only one.
129: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-16: The American Dream: an utterly meaningless life populated by possessions, property and packaged experiences.
130: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-08: A dream that is just out of reach can seem to solve any problem.
131: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-28: I've been a lot of places, but I still have a "bucket list" of things to do before I die. - My dreams are modest.
132: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Everyone has dreams. Hers is to become the world's fattest woman. via @Sheamus. There's a dietary identity for you!
133: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: The American Dream, as defined by practice, is buying a property you can't afford and spending the rest of your life enslaved to it.
134: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: On my bucket list: Move to L.A. to pursue my dream of acting. Land a role as "Beamer" on a TV sitcom. Become typecast and never work again.
135: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-06: "REM atonia" is a state of muscular paralysis during sleep that prevents you from acting out your dreams. Your brain is safe to play.
136: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: Many a dream turns into a nightmare when it's only half built and the resources run out. Then it becomes a prison.
137: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: Those who urge us to "follow your dreams" fail to take into account how many dreams end in disaster. They have to be SMART dreams.
138: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: You may say I'm a dreamer, but I haven't given up hope of the Beatles getting back together. There will be a software package.
139: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Those without a romantic relationship long for one. Those with a relationship, after the honeymoon, dream silently of being free.
140: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-03: I'm dreaming of a "What Christmas?"
141: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-28: The "America Dream" is apparently to trap yourself in a single location with tons of possessions and little opportunity to change.
142: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-08: LA Times: "Vegas dreamers go all in" - The city of bright lights is now the city of broken dreams.
143: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: The American Dream is supposedly home ownership, but people don’t realize when they enter the dream how quickly it can turn to a nightmare.
144: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Dreams, once fulfilled, often become prisons.
145: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-23: My new motto for this state: "Alaska: The Land of Half-Built Dreams"
146: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-23: "Better Performance After a Dreaming Nap" NY Times - Better thinking after REM sleep. Duh! (I do my best work in REM!)
147: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-29: The desert is littered with the carcasses of failed dreams. Everyone has a brillant idea, but there's not enough traffic to support it.
148: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-19: Sleep paralysis is the nightly disabling of motor muscles to prevent injury while dreaming. AKA incubus, alien abduction.
149: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all -- i.e. total imprisonment.
150: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: I haven't done many drugs, but I can't imagine any psychedelic high that compares to ordinary dreaming. A new adventure every night!
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