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1: 2013-04-25: Quotes on filmmaking from Oren Peli director of Paranormal Activity
2: 2013-02-15: @lawnrocket There you go being Cruise Ship Activities Director again!
3: 2013-01-03: Crazy, insane justice. People can hunt, but a zoo director can't put an injured animal out of its misery. re @washingtonpost
4: 2012-12-19: The Avengers is a good movie, but watching it with the director's commentary is even better. (Thanks for the opportunity, Sams Club!)
5: 2012-12-08: If a movie director is completely faithful to the book, he has missed the point of movies.
6: 2012-11-23: RT @TIME: Director Sam Mendes discusses his childhood love of Bond and how it helped him make Skyfall |
7: 2012-08-21: I am distressed that I am distraught over the suicide of director Tony Scott when I had never heard of him before yesterday.
8: 2012-07-18: You gotta admire Ed Wood for his drive to make movies, but that didn't make him a great director. That takes something he just didn't have.
9: 2011-07-02: If my life had an Unrated Director's Cut, it would be pretty much the same as the one in theaters.
10: 2011-05-23: One of the best movies ever made: Scooby Doo! Watching the director's commentary version at Costco.
11: 2011-05-06: You can't become a movie director overnight, but you can pick up a video camera and use it, putting out the best product possible.
12: 2010-11-21: An actor is someone who can recite a writer's words, follow a director's instructions and then say, "I made this!"
13: 2010-10-26: A director would not repeat the same movie, or the author the same book. Why, then, would a singer sing the same song?
14: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-27: Actors and directors are the mere hand puppets of the writer.
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