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1: 2018-05-31: On My Bucket List: Destroy my own career with a single tweet.
2: 2017-07-15: Schadenfreude is what you try not to feel when someone who voted for Trump has their life destroyed by Trump's policies.
3: 2017-07-02: When attacked, Trump will punch back 10 times harder. If the other guy does the same, the universe will soon be destroyed. 👊🏻10⁴⁶
4: 2016-07-08: RT @washingtonpost: The men who gave us Brexit have all destroyed each other in two weeks flat
5: 2015-08-18: I just saw a movie. It was preposterous. The world was nearly destroyed then saved in the nick of time. There were a lot of explosions.
6: 2015-05-24: Reality TV is like Schrödinger's cat: The act of broadcasting real life on television destroys it.
7: 2015-05-24: Teenage crush on an inaccessible celebrity. Evidence now destroyed. Never happened.
8: 2015-03-26: Saw a movie. It was preposterous. Explosions. CG FX. Exploding heads. 1000s killed. World nearly destroyed then saved. Kinda fun. #Kingsmen
9: 2015-01-18: Being proven right in the end is a cold comfort if the world is destroyed in the meantime.
10: 2014-06-01: In fiction, there is no point in creating a world if you are not going to nearly destroy it.
11: 2014-05-22: The surest way to destroy a child: make him a star.
12: 2014-03-17: Narcissists are attracted to power like moths to a flame. Although usually destroyed by it, their mating dance can be long and obsessive.
13: 2013-09-21: Achieving success is only half the problem. The other half is not being destroyed by it.
14: 2013-05-27: Death Star destroys Enterprise – Adobe After Effects at work via @dw_meditation Camera motion makes it convincing.
15: 2013-04-17: Want to destroy someone slowly and painfully? Give them fame and fortune they did not earn.
16: 2013-04-14: Drugs destroy empathy. You don't care who you hurt to get your fix.
17: 2013-04-06: Dieting tip: As soon as you lose your taste for the food you're eating, throw it away. Destroy it! Otherwise, your body will keep eating.
18: 2013-01-21: Want to destroy someone? Give them fame and fortune they didn't fairly earn. They'll usually self-destruct. Works especially well with kids.
19: 2012-12-12: RT @LadyFriday: Haha!! Hours of eco-geek fun: "Does Costco Destroy Baby Manatees? MoJo's Eco-Doom Headline Generator" ...
20: 2012-12-05: RT @KilroyCafe: Freedom includes both the ability to do great things and the ability to destroy yourself.
21: 2012-11-18: Israel can't accuse Hamas of coordinated attacks when it has already destroyed Hamas' command and control structure.
22: 2012-07-05: Scientists always dwell on how their research could help mankind. They rarely discuss how it could destroy us.
23: 2012-07-05: Extraterrestrial life probably exists, but it isn't clear that finding it will help our planet. It could destroy it! So why rush?
24: 2012-06-02: Europe gave Greece the "gift" of Euro membership, and it destroyed their economy. It shows you the damage that gifts can do.
25: 2012-05-14: RT @KilroyCafe: Each of us has an emotional immune system that attacks and destroys any new ideas that conflict with what we have alread ...
26: 2012-03-31: Drugs destroy lives, but another addiction affects more of humanity and wastes far more resources: entertainment!
27: 2012-03-13: Many a litigant has ultimately been destroyed by the lump sum payment they won. Who do you sue for "giving me too much money"?
28: 2012-03-13: The surest way to destroy someone is give them instant fame and fortune they don't deserve.
29: 2012-03-13: RT @YourAuntLola: Chasing unavailable men is Soul-Destroying, sweetie. Unless you catch one, then it's boring
30: 2012-03-08: An "adverse-selection death spiral" could destroy the health-insurance industry:
31: 2012-02-27: Giving someone an extravagant gift probably won't help them in the long run. It may destroy them instead.
32: 2012-01-14: RT @notatooter: @BadDalaiLama He who binds to himself a joyDoth the winged life destroy.He who kisses the joy as it flies,Lives in etern ...
33: 2011-10-16: Every anarchist believes he can build a better world merely by destroying the old one.
34: 2011-08-08: Most people aren't set up for freedom. They'll only use it to destroy themselves.
35: 2011-08-03: If you want to destroy someone in the long run, hand them success they don't deserve.
36: 2011-06-15: RT @annielederman: My birth control pills have completely destroyed my libido. Man, those things really work!
37: 2011-05-25: What the news reports don't make clear: 90% of Joplin is completely unaffected. The city has not been destroyed.
38: 2011-05-07: "Liberal vs. Conservative" is as old as politics itself. Give either too much power and they'll destroy society.
39: 2010-12-21: You can never really know another person's thoughts, because the act of reporting the thoughts destroys them—like Heisenberg.
40: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: To destroy someone you don't need guns or knives. Just give him instant fame or a large sum of money and watch him destroy himself.
41: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-26: Each of us has an emotional immune system that attacks and destroys any new ideas that conflict with what we have already committed to.
42: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-05: Want to destroy someone? You don't need guns or blackmail. Just give him instant fame or a huge amount of money and watch him self-destruct.
43: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: Freedom includes both the ability to do great things and the ability to destroy yourself.
44: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-03: "Meth is tearing families apart who formerly would have destroyed themselves with alcohol. Meth's just faster. That's progress." @bytErrant
45: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-05: Never underestimate the destructive power of money - how having too much of it can destroy your foundations.
46: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: Few people bother to quit caffeine because the cost is relatively low. I doesn't ruin lives or destroy health. It's just a low-level drain.
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