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1: 2014-12-01: Overthrow the despot,
2: 2013-06-18: @BadDalaiLama Should it be despotcracy or despotocracy? Examples: Erdogan, Putin, Mubarak.
3: 2013-06-17: Despotcracy — nominal democracy where the power of the majority is used to suppress opposition and pervert the system in the leader's favor.
4: 2013-06-17: Despotcracy.
5: 2013-06-17: To any despot, all dissent is "terrorism".
6: 2012-04-07: The American Revolution was the world's first and last "clean" revolution, that wasn't hijacked by despots along the way.
7: 2011-10-20: Despots are always heroes in their own eyes.
8: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-16: The only trouble with love and understanding is it can't stand up to thugs and despots, who feel no compulsion to return the favor.
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