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1: 2013-07-21: It is okay to be happy, but don't let it deceive you into thinking the world is a happy place.
2: 2013-04-28: Never try to deceive Google. Google sees all and knows all and will cut you off from the world if it catches you cheating.
3: 2013-04-15: The problem is not that deception exists. It always has. The problem is that you let yourself be deceived.
4: 2012-04-12: This check-in is a red herring, intended to deceive and misdirect. [pic]:
5: 2012-03-19: Your parents, while well meaning, totally deceived you about the world and your place in it.
6: 2011-10-12: RT @newscientist: Self-deception's evolutionary roots Clue: It helps us deceive others too
7: 2011-07-08: I'm a friend to Kansas. Kansas is a friend to me. Kansas won't deceive you. What you get is what you see.
8: 2011-03-30: Nothing is so artful and absurd as the clever reasoning by which we deceive ourselves.
9: 2011-03-10: Our one-page essay from 2008: "SEX FRAUD!" - How sex deceives you.
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