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1: 2018-12-01: My cancer treatment may be over. From death's door to full remission.
2: 2017-08-09: News of my death is greatly exaggerated. #anotherglencampbell
3: 2017-07-23: Impeachment and resignation are often discussed, but there's another outcome: death or illness. Unfit and under stress at 71 = poor health.
4: 2017-07-23: There aren't many countries left that aren't in a democratic, demographic or indebtedness death spiral. It's a world of Titanics going down.
5: 2017-07-20: Darth Vader: "My Death Star is nearing completion."
6: 2017-05-18: Sending out thoughts and prayers for the tragic death of the music icon I had never heard of before. 💐🎵😢 He lived hard, died harder.
7: 2017-04-10: I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to… on second thought, I've got better things to do.
8: 2016-11-11: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." – America
9: 2016-11-03: On my deathbed, I will invoke Article 50 to announce my exit from this world. Negotiations will go on forever and I won't have to die.
10: 2016-10-18: The young man's death was attributed to an excess of testosterone and his new GoPro camera.
11: 2015-11-22: Attn would-be suicide terrorists: There is a punishment worse than death. We can expose your entire social media history to public ridicule.
12: 2015-09-19: The Crystal Wall of Death moved east across America. Thousands killed. At times I would stop, admire the carnage and clean the windshield.
13: 2015-07-09: Death by Selfie.
14: 2015-04-14: Life is the only product with a 100% risk of injury or death.
15: 2015-02-27: Actuarial death tables are fun! How long will you live? Special bonus: if you live another year, they keep giving you more time.
16: 2014-09-08: You don't need to know whether there is life after death. All you have to accept is that the rest of the world will continue without you.
17: 2014-09-04: New Marvel superhero: The Verbalizer. Won't shut up. Bores his enemies to death.
18: 2014-09-04: No one was ever mauled to death by a pack of Golden Retrievers.
19: 2014-09-03: Orthorexia: Can you "healthy" yourself to death? via @TheLaurynPetrie
20: 2014-08-31: How many needless deaths have been and will be caused by GoPro?
21: 2014-08-19: "Falls to his death" isn't so ironic if he was a skydiver, rockclimber or acrobat.
22: 2014-08-18: Statistical Fact: Death-defying feats, repeated over time, tend to result in death.
23: 2014-07-30: RT @TIME: Even if you're super slow, running reduces risk of death
24: 2014-04-12: Tightrope Walker Plunges To His Death — not an unexpected conclusion.
25: 2014-04-06: Glenn Campbell featured in a 1995 Der Spiegel article on Area 51 "Dreamland of Death"
26: 2014-03-10: During most of human evolution, the penalty for stupidity was death and removal from the gene pool. I kinda miss those days!
27: 2014-02-11: She was found frozen to death in the mall parking lot, still clutching her iPhone. Police checked it for her last text and final selfie.
28: 2014-02-02: Celebrity Death Syndrome —weekly clogging of the Internet when an entertainment celebrity dies. Blockage usually clears in a few hours.
29: 2014-01-23: If I die a fiery death, I hope it is recorded on video so I can become a YouTube sensation.
30: 2014-01-11: Addiction claims another victim. Cause of death: bacon.
31: 2014-01-02: Faked my own death,
32: 2014-01-02: Faked my own death. Nobody noticed, so I came back. Being dead was just too frustrating. Couldn't get a damn thing done.
33: 2013-12-16: Weehawken, New Jersey. Duel to the death with Alexander Hamilton. Got my money on Burr. This location: @BadDalaiLama
34: 2013-12-12: Longest running TV comedy! "Donald Trump" was a destitute actor hired by CBS in 1989 to parody a rich man following the death of Jim Backus.
35: 2013-12-04: The Verbalizer — superhero who just won't shut up. Bores his enemies to death.
36: 2013-12-04: "The Tikaboo Death March" - my account of a 2008 TV shoot with UFO Hunters
37: 2013-12-02: The ultimate tragedy of the actor's death is that most had never heard of him until he died.
38: 2013-11-28: Death Valley at night from 40,000 feet.
39: 2013-11-24: With the deaths of John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley, we lost all our best Rob Ford impersonators before we even needed them.
40: 2013-10-22: Kinda looking forward to the RFID implants and death panels of Obamacare. If they can throw in mandatory birth control, I'm a supporter!
41: 2013-09-21: Karma is engaging in a death-defying sport and actually dying.
42: 2013-08-22: How much should we grieve for thrill seekers who deliberately challenge death and lose? Tragic, yes. Unexpected, no.
43: 2013-07-17: However you regard death, your ability to operate machinery will be greatly reduced.
44: 2013-07-14: Death in the woods.
45: 2013-05-31: Bigfoot Crushed To Death In Refuse Truck After Falling Asleep In Dumpster. (Tragic fact: most bigfoots die that way.)
46: 2013-05-27: Death Star destroys Enterprise – Adobe After Effects at work via @dw_meditation Camera motion makes it convincing.
47: 2013-05-16: Travel Tip: If you dress for the tropics on the plane to the tropics, you'll freeze to death before you get there.
48: 2013-04-26: "The old ways are the best," said the Luddite, dying an early death from a curable disease.
49: 2013-04-17: Delayed death is a poor reinforcement device. Immediate threat of death works better.
50: 2013-04-13: Death may be an interesting experience, but you don't get to post about it later.
51: 2013-04-11: That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Just the same, I would rather get stronger without the near-death experiences.
52: 2013-04-10: One should avoid Near Death Experiences because some of them turn into Real Death Experiences.
53: 2013-04-07: What's the best way to kill mice—traditional instant death (right) or glue their little feet and make 'em die slow?
54: 2013-03-24: "Police watchdog probe death of man..." <== Kooky British grammar that considers "watchdog" a plural. re @MailOnline
55: 2013-03-14: Hurtling through space in a metal capsule at a velocity sufficient to cause instant death upon impact. Yup, do it every day!
56: 2013-03-12: A garden is the death of self-improvement. You have arrived at your final plateau.
57: 2013-02-27: RT @DeathStarPR: All that swearing was just the beginning of R2's fall to the Drug Side. (via @GeorgeTakei)
58: 2013-02-18: Lollipop death (Tampa, 2 days ago)
59: 2013-02-14: Do instant deaths that appear on television deserve more attention than deaths that happen quietly after long suffering? @BadDalaiLama
60: 2013-02-12: "It is likely that the drinking of very large quantities of Coca-Cola was a substantial factor in her death."
61: 2013-02-06: On My Bucket List: Avenge the death of Richard III by restoring the Plantagenets to their rightful place on the British throne.
62: 2013-01-21: Nature in its natural form involves a lot of death.
63: 2013-01-19: Proposing a new retirement age: death. Shouldn't be a problem if you're doing something meaningful.
64: 2013-01-16: The hidden toll of obesity: a surge in breast violence. ==> "Girlfriend smothers lover to death with her breasts". See @MailOnline
65: 2013-01-13: The problem with any safety net: If you offer it to people they will probably use it, but not for the life-and-death safety you envisioned.
66: 2012-12-28: Death is when you stop interacting. No more Facebook or Twitter updates. Emails and voicemails go unanswered. Weird!
67: 2012-12-16: .@BmuthaSupreme 10,000 gun deaths a year in 300 million population is not huge. Not defending guns, just saying they're not a top priority.
68: 2012-12-15: Gun deaths in the news are terrible, but guns are still a statistically tiny source of death. We care only because... they make the news!
69: 2012-12-15: RT @TheNewDeal Gun Deaths 2011: Japan 48, Britain 8, Canada 52, Israel 58, Sweden 21, Germany 42, U.S. 10,728 <== Still statistically tiny!
70: 2012-11-07: The audience acts so shocked when someone engaged in a death-defying sport actually dies. Gimme a break! Why else were you watching?
71: 2012-10-16: retirement — n. a persistent vegetative state where the victim does a lot of crossword puzzles and waits patiently for death.
72: 2012-08-30: Death spiral: As fatal diseases are cured, people absorb ever-greater medical services over their lifetime, until no society can support it.
73: 2012-08-06: Life is the process of planning your own death and what you leave behind.
74: 2012-07-04: Tragic... But Duh!™ — Bullfighter gored to death. Lion tamer eaten by lions. Steve Irwin.
75: 2012-06-05: There is nothing erotic about sex. Foreplay is erotic. Sex imagined or delayed is erotic. Sex itself is the death of erotic.
76: 2012-06-02: WARNING: Death Or Serious Injury Can Occur — This always cracks me up. Isn't it actually "WILL occur"? That's life!
77: 2012-05-02: @xtinewu Indeed, Walmartania can be horrifying at times, but it is MY COUNTRY! I'll defend to the death those Always Low Prices.
78: 2012-04-30: The mission of the remainder of my life is to spew out the wisdom I have learned along the way until death turns off the spigot.
79: 2012-04-09: RT @BonnieLCoffey: @BadDalaiLama Till death do you part can be a long friggin time. Or not.
80: 2012-04-03: RT @leahjohnston: The resulting photo from my trip to death valley with a skeleton!
81: 2012-03-20: @willwork4food Poodles don't have bear-trap jaws. No one has ever been mauled to death by a yellow lab, even an abused one. #racialprofiling
82: 2012-03-09: I can only assume the Love Shack was shut down by the fire marshall after the Great White fire. Sounds like a deathtrap!
83: 2012-03-08: An "adverse-selection death spiral" could destroy the health-insurance industry:
84: 2012-03-03: Not everything "natural" is good for you. Nature, before it became trendy, meant a lot of death.
85: 2012-02-17: RT @washingtonpost: "Our culture has come to view death as a medical failure rather than life's natural conclusion."
86: 2012-01-29: I shall fear no evil. (@ Valley Of The Shadow Of Death)
87: 2012-01-24: RT @MailOnline: Death Valley's Ubehebe volcano is due to go off say Columbia University researchers.
88: 2012-01-22: How do you say "death" in Russian? (Tel Aviv, April 2011)
89: 2012-01-17: Success can be the stepping stone to bigger things, but more often it brings laziness, self-indulgence and the death of creativity.
90: 2011-12-30: .@Kim_Jong_1l is alive! His "death" was greatly exaggerated. Follow him!
91: 2011-12-26: I may not agree with what you do, but I'll defend to the death your right to do it. On second thought, never mind. You're on your own.
92: 2011-12-23: On every planet in the universe there are mathematical constants like Pi and existential ones like freedom, death and regret.
93: 2011-12-14: Pity the suburban homeowner, trapped in his self-made prison, thrilled to death to see a certain breed of bird appear at his birdfeeder.
94: 2011-12-12: Death is inevitable, but old is a choice.
95: 2011-12-07: If you like to dance along the edge of death, don't be surprised if, just once, it reaches up and grabs you by the heels.
96: 2011-12-01: The condition of being fully outsourced is called "death".
97: 2011-11-27: Those without a grasp of irony will be trampled to death by life.
98: 2011-11-24: Death is a state where you lose control of your own P.R. No more spin control!
99: 2011-11-10: On every planet in the universe there are mathematical constants like Pi and existential ones like freedom, death and regret.
100: 2011-10-17: It is hard the grieve for someone who dies while engaged in a death-defying sport. Can't get more Karma than that!
101: 2011-09-28: Lobsters on Death Row at a supermarket in Lexington, Mass.
102: 2011-09-24: Death row inmates these days have no respect for the system.
103: 2011-09-24: RT @Telegraph: Texas bans last meals on death row
104: 2011-09-24: Death row inmate orders big last meal but refuses to eat it—ruining the perk for everyone else.
105: 2011-09-23: Death Valley, California. Newly uploaded photos from 2007:
106: 2011-09-09: More photos from the James Dean death junction added to California album:
107: 2011-09-09: James Dean death junction. 360° panorama:
108: 2011-09-05: "Steve Irwin's death was a shock, but its manner surprised nobody."
109: 2011-08-01: Death is inevitable, but old is a choice.
110: 2011-08-01: Aging and death may be cruel, but they are a fairly efficient culling mechanism for those who have become unproductive anyway.
111: 2011-07-24: With 7 billion humans, it follows there will be murders, terrorist attacks, tragic deaths every day. Do we have to keep up with all of them?
112: 2011-07-12: Given the choice of dying or changing ones habits, most will choose death.
113: 2011-07-12: Automotive existentialism. Indeed, death or serious injury WILL OCCUR. It will happen to us all sooner or later.
114: 2011-07-04: 4th of July—Holiday of DEATH! How many pigs were slaughtered for your sacrificial barbecues? How many heat strokes and heart attacks? Bah!
115: 2011-07-01: There's no greater honor in Oklahoma than death by rodeo—except maybe maimed for life.
116: 2011-06-25: I had no fear of violence on the streets of Cairo but a real fear of death by vehicle or falling object.
117: 2011-06-19: Danger of Death' But isn't there always? (Eilat, Israel)
118: 2011-05-25: Even if 500 people die this year in tornados, it's still a statistically trivial source of death, behind 1000s of accidents and diseases.
119: 2011-05-25: Are deaths broadcast on CNN more important than those not broadcast on CNN? Do they deserve more mourning?
120: 2011-05-25: Are 100 deaths by tornado more important than the other million dying today?
121: 2011-05-13: On My Bucket List: Die while trying to execute a death-defying feat.
122: 2011-04-19: The exact sites of Jesus' birth, life and death seem speculative, since he was gone for centuries before anyone tried to pin them down.
123: 2011-04-04: On My Bucket List: Fake my own death. (Quite effectively, it turns out.)
124: 2011-04-03: Video Postcard: "Death Stalks Us All" - A 30-second graveyard experiment, Wytheville, VA, 6 hours ago.
125: 2011-03-31: Death is always ironic.
126: 2011-03-31: What makes smoking deaths different from genocide? Something to do with free will. Also, genocide kills 'em a lot faster.
127: 2011-03-30: The final solution to the sunk cost fallacy is death. Your obligations vanish; your heirs sell your stuff, and everybody moves on.
128: 2011-03-30: Misplacing your iPhone makes you recognize the fragility of life and how death stalks us all.
129: 2011-03-28: She wanted to kill herself, to bleed slowly to death from the wrists, but she couldn't find a clean knife.
130: 2011-03-27: The death spiral begins when you think you've found happiness and decide to nail it down with a contract.
131: 2011-03-26: Epidemiology often leads to unpopular conclusions: that death is necessary and cures can be more destructive than the disease.
132: 2011-03-24: "Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. Death hangs over you." —Marcus Aurelius via @garamiredux
133: 2011-03-21: RT @soundhunter: I only becmae frightened of death when I became a mother, the center of my children's world
134: 2011-03-18: Our 2008 essay: "KAPU - Death for Everything!" - Proposing sensible reforms to American criminal law.
135: 2011-03-18: In ancient Hawaii, the punishment for every infraction was the same: "kapu"—death.
136: 2011-03-11: RT @rongillmore: @BadDalaiLama Death is always your co-pilot companion, silent, waiting.
137: 2011-03-11: The key to being a good driver is realizing just how close to death you really are.
138: 2011-03-10: RT @mostlegendary: @BadDalaiLama bollocks, drugs have a stopping mechanism, you can't continue after death. :p
139: 2011-03-09: That which does not kill you makes you stronger. But still, I'd rather get stronger without the near-death experiences!
140: 2011-02-26: Alien life might not be so different. They will know pi, physics, death, the struggle of individual vs society and the fragility of life.
141: 2011-01-03: The limits of knowledge: You cannot know what consciousness is, what happens after death or why you are here, but you must proceed anyway.
142: 2010-12-22: The right of privacy does not extend after death.
143: 2010-12-17: On every planet in the universe there are mathematical constants like Pi and existential ones like freedom, death and regret.
144: 2010-12-16: The 4th body of a strangled, nude young woman has been discovered in Philadelphia. "It is a suspicious death," said Police Commissioner.
145: 2010-12-14: "Intelligent people live longer—the correlation is as strong as that between smoking and premature death." Sci American
146: 2010-12-13: Pity the suburban homeowner, trapped in their self-made prison, thrilled to death to see a certain breed of bird appear at their birdfeeder.
147: 2010-12-12: Death is inevitable, but old is a choice.
148: 2010-12-06: If you like to dance along the edge of death, one wouldn't be surprised if, just once, it reached up and grabbed you by the heels.
149: 2010-12-03: "WARNING: DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCUR" (on car visor) Thanks for the existential advice, but shouldn't it be "WILL OCCUR"?
150: 2010-11-29: The condition of being fully outsourced is called "death".
151: 2010-09-20: Abortion may be murder, but there is also death and greater suffering in bringing more children into the world than the world can care for.
152: 2010-09-15: You can't "choose life" without also choosing death and suffering.
153: 2010-09-15: However you regard death, your ability to operate machinery will be greatly hindered.
154: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-21: Attn French strikers: You can't keep raising life expectancy and lowering the retirement age. Would you mandate death at age 75?
155: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: The key to being a good driver is realizing how close to death you are.
156: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: Abortion may be murder, but there is also death and greater suffering in bringing more children into the world than th ...
157: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-15: RT @BadDalaiLama: However you regard death, your ability to operate machinery will be greatly hindered.
158: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-14: Thousands of deaths reported across the country. Bodies piling up, too many to count. My windshield is a mess!
159: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Every new law is a small death of freedom.
160: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-07: Marriage is like giving guns to teenagers. Who among us, in the heat of passion, can comprehend the implications of "Til Death Do You Part"?
161: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-06: You can't "choose life" without also choosing death and suffering.
162: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-04: Interstate 24 - Kentucky's CORRIDOR OF DEATH for 'possums.
163: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Photo: Death on Elvis' doorstep, Tupelo, Mississippi: - Full album:
164: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-21: Dear @DeathStarPR: Have you considered rebranding? Your Life Star™ emits a Hope Ray™ to clear a path for new growth.
165: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: However you regard death, your ability to operate machinery is going to be greatly hindered.
166: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: Generally speaking, people deal with their own impending death by denying it.
167: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Death is the final garage sale. If you can do most of that downsizing now, you might squeeze more life out of the time you have left.
168: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-25: The typical human, upon gaining relative wealth, constructs a temple to himself called a "home" in which he is entombed until death.
169: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Intelligent life anywhere in the universe will face similar conflicts: individual vs society, defending one's ego, dealing with death.
170: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-03: That "Til Death Do You Part" shit is really scary! Shouldn't it be illegal on the grounds that no one can see that far ahead?
171: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: History will remember the great retail holocausts of the past two decades: the rise of Wal-Mart and Amazon and the death of Mom and Pop.
172: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: The essence of old age is saving old knick-knacks because no matter how close to death you may be you never know when you might need them.
173: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: There ought to be a formula for evaluating human and animal suffering. Human should be rated higher, and slow torture more than quick death.
174: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-16: You killed that tree! You didn't do it personally, but it died for you. Is that the kind of Christmas you practice -- a Christmas of DEATH?!
175: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: Michael Jackson's death was a hoax! He is being held in the same hangar where they faked the moonwalks. (Ironic, eh?)
176: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: An inmate on Nevada's Death Row has hung himself in his cell. That's against the law!
177: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-12: Want the best deal in prison? Opt for Death Row! LA Times:
178: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-22: Advice from the car I'm driving: "WARNING: Death or serious injury can occur." An omnipresent threat but thanks for reminding me.
179: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: Comfort often means the death of creativity because you lose the incentive to push your limits.
180: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-05: All German tourists feel they must visit Death Valley -- in the summer! Some of them die, but Germany keeps making more.
181: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: The right of privacy does not extend after death.
182: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: Do you take this man/woman as your lawfully wedded spouse, to clean up after, to make excuses for, to protect from reality, 'til death...?
183: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: On every planet in the universe there are mathematical constants like Pi and existential ones like freedom, death and regret.
184: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-09: Death is inevitable, but "old" is a choice.
185: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: "Once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you're free to live." - Saul Alinsky. More quotes from him:
186: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-17: Camping a field near the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. Only a thin layer of fabric saves me from sci-fi death by insects. (Kingsland)
187: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: It's really disturbing to walk through a field in Germany and feel the crunch, crunch, crunch of snails under your feet. All the death!
188: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: Is there life after death? Irrelevant. That's another universe. You have to live this life for what it is.
189: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: People invent a life after death to try to get themselves off the hook for their current one.
190: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-24: CORRECTING THE RECORD: Mama Cass Elliot did NOT choke to death on a chicken bone in London in 1974. Cause of death was heart failure.
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