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1: 2018-03-19: “Is he crazy like a fox or just crazy? Let’s bring in our panel of experts.“ — every news show for the past two years (except Fox News 🦊)
2: 2016-11-06: Supporting a third party candidate is crazy-talk...
3: 2015-07-04: If you give crazy people the opportunity to be crazy without consequences, they will be even crazier.
4: 2015-05-24: There is no such thing as "crazy but harmless". The fact that you cannot reason with someone makes them potentially dangerous.
5: 2015-04-13: Stay away from crazy, because crazy usually comes with a whole lot of mean.
6: 2015-03-03: RT @BadLamaArt: A song doesn't have to mean anything. It just has to sound like it means something. People have to go crazy trying to figur…
7: 2014-12-29: Don't assume someone is sane until you see them under stress. That's when the crazy comes.
8: 2014-07-05: The role of the enabler is to provide a warm, caring environment in which crazy can feel comfortable.
9: 2014-02-13: Original Story Idea: When all seems lost, team tries one last effort based on unproven theory. "That's crazy enough it just might work."
10: 2013-12-10: How "Crazy Eddie" and Ayn Rand ran Sears into the ground via @georgiatriallaw
11: 2013-12-01: Love is a form of clinical insanity. Crazy things happen, not all of them good.
12: 2013-10-17: Your family is like HAL 9000. You need them for life support, but you have to disable the crazy parts so they don't kill you.
13: 2013-08-16: Gibraltar: British since 1704. Crazy Spaniards wanted back. My 2010 photos: re @TheEconomist
14: 2013-07-23: It's the last time they'll try a crazy move like that! ==> "McDonald's shares fall as customers shun new healthier menu items" @DailyMailUS
15: 2013-04-21: The past tense of "teach" is not "teached" but "taught". The crazy Krauts taught us that.
16: 2013-03-07: Seriously worried about my sanity while sleeping. That dreaming dude does some crazy things!
17: 2013-02-24: "Crazy Horse III—Awarded Best Strip Club In The West!" ... Who gives out these awards? The Academy of Adult Entertainment Arts and Sciences?
18: 2013-02-07: Things can get a little crazy in South Dakota.
19: 2013-01-03: Crazy, insane justice. People can hunt, but a zoo director can't put an injured animal out of its misery. re @washingtonpost
20: 2012-12-24: @BadDalaiLama That's crazy! It's nunsense!
21: 2012-12-08: RT @TheBosha: Just because they're dogs doesn't mean you're not a crazy cat lady.
22: 2012-09-08: You're not a "crazy cat lady" if all the cats are qualified service animals.
23: 2012-07-20: "Crazy" is a mind at war with itself, working against ones own self-interest. Usually involves some paranoia—seeing imaginary threats.
24: 2012-07-11: In the U.S. Virgin Islands, steering wheel on the left, driving on the left. Crazy!
25: 2012-03-07: The court system attracts people who prefer stability, not crazy adventurers. The sameness here is both reassuring and frustrating.
26: 2012-02-05: For some really crazy hyperrealistic sculptures, check out Mueck & Piccinini.
27: 2011-12-12: Unless you're some kind of crazy autistic who likes to collect such things, I've been to more Walmarts than you have. #justsaying #notcrazy
28: 2011-12-10: Here's a crazy idea: Let's give guns to all the dysfunctional people and see what happens. Oh wait, that's America!
29: 2011-10-16: As crazy as the right-wing nutcases, who want the government to do nothing, are the left-wing nutcases who expect it to do everything.
30: 2011-05-25: Massive tornado Sunday night in Joplin. Supposedly wiped our most of the town. WHERE IS THE DEVASTATION??? Am I crazy?
31: 2011-05-10: RT @JolineTowers: Omniscience is driving me crazy. Or Solipsism,
32: 2011-03-15: "Cats, coathangers & crazy - they all multiply according to your willingness to give 'em house room." @YourAuntLola
33: 2011-03-06: "Sheen webcast was not "winning." It seems as if the actor has exhausted his litany of crazy and funny things to say."
34: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-18: Children have crazy ideas but grow out of them. Adults are less likely to because they invest in those ideas and can't accept the loss.
35: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-08: RT @TheBosha: Fun Tweetup with @kilroycafe. Not as crazy as he looks, but if I told you more I'd have to kill you. http://twitpic.c ...
36: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-04: Motorcycles should be called "insanemobiles". You got to be crazy to endure the discomfort and risk of riding them.
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