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1: 2017-11-15: Conservative moral reasoning at work. #roymoore #rushlimbaugh #thehill #moralreasoning #logicalfallacy
2: 2017-10-17: The most unrealistic part of Star Wars is humanity uniting against an oppressive empire. Conservative voters would welcome Lord Darth.
3: 2014-07-14: RT @guardian: The GOP self-destruction is complete: millennials officially hate conservatives @GuardianUS
4: 2014-04-30: Every country has its conservatives, demanding a return to traditional values that never really existed while invoking God in their support.
5: 2014-02-01: Places with the highest concentration of conservative Christians also have the highest divorce rates. ==> @hysell
6: 2013-11-29: Families are by nature conservative. They are predisposed to defend the emotional investments the parents and ancestors have already made.
7: 2012-07-21: Both Liberals and Conservatives come from the same idiot gene pool that thinks one simplistic position will solve everything.
8: 2012-06-04: On My Bucket List: Become a bombastic conservative talk show host on Fox News.
9: 2012-05-25: A gay-bashing conservative congressman caught in a homosexual tryst is ironic. It is also compelling and legitimate news.
10: 2012-05-09: Liberals and conservatives exist mainly to fight each other.
11: 2012-05-09: The conservative agenda, carried to the extreme, would be a totalitarian regime. Alas, the liberal agenda would lead to the same.
12: 2012-05-09: "Conservative" is an umbrella for a lot of nasty things, but one core principle is sound: The best government is the least government.
13: 2012-05-06: Twitter is a conservative environment where if you speak AGAINST drugs, alcohol or casual sex you must be some kind of hippie commie freak.
14: 2011-07-10: It is best to err on the conservative side of sexy to avoid the slide into slutty.
15: 2011-05-07: "Liberal vs. Conservative" is as old as politics itself. Give either too much power and they'll destroy society.
16: 2011-01-21: It is best to err on the conservative side of sexy to avoid the inevitable slide into slutty.
17: 2010-12-06: The Liberal/Conservative debate is as old as politics itself, with rational arguments on both sides. Emotional convenience makes the choice.
18: 2010-11-16: The only thing as frightening as conservatives in power is liberals in power.
19: 2010-10-22: Liberals say "carrot"; conservatives say "stick" (or vice versa). Best policy? Whatever works!
20: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-19: The only thing as dangerous as conservatives in power is liberals in power.
21: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: The political circus of Liberal v. Conservative masks a more basic government problem: intervene or leave alone? The answer: Whatever works!
22: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-28: Liberals say "carrot"; conservatives say "stick" (or vice versa). Best policy? Whatever works!
23: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-15: Call me conservative, but I still think they should be called "freedom fries." It's time we recognized our national cuisine.
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