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1: 2015-07-24: These days, being left-handed or right-handed is displayed only in how you hold your computer mouse—unless you happen to be ambimousetrous.
2: 2014-09-21: Clever hacker manages to infect the world's computers with a virus. Goes to prison for it. That's the difference between clever and wise.
3: 2014-08-28: Dispose of your enemies easily: Hack into their computer, deposit child porn there and tip off the police. How many have been framed?
4: 2013-12-12: @hysell What you say does not compute. The male is always rational.
5: 2013-07-19: What a home computer might look like in 2004 + more from the AMAZING WORLD OF TOMORROW:
6: 2013-05-09: The law is an automaton, like a computer or robot. It can't make complex judgments or sensitive adjustments, only follow its programming.
7: 2013-04-14: For those who would waste time, computers provide endless new ways to do it.
8: 2013-04-14: Computers improve the productivity only of people are productive to begin with.
9: 2013-02-25: "China hacked my computer system" is the new "Dog ate my homework."
10: 2013-01-06: RT @philosophytweet: The high tech gypsies and jet set bohemians are leaving the institutions behind. The future is a pocket computer a ...
11: 2012-12-22: Modern movies have a "cast of thousands" but most of them are sitting at computers. #digitalslavery
12: 2012-10-19: RT @nytimes: High & Low Finance: A Computer Lesson From 1987, Still Unlearned by Wall Street
13: 2012-08-28: Introduction to Digital Computers - circa 1962 (video)
14: 2012-07-08: Computers are a boon to the brain, allowing it to outsource routine data processing to focus on what it does best: making judgment calls.
15: 2012-03-15: .@Megabus attracts a better class of clientele than Greyhound. Riders must be able to plan ahead, use a computer and find the obscure stop.
16: 2011-11-30: Home is where the computer and peripheral devices are.
17: 2011-11-23: In computer programming, you encounter a lot of paranormal phenomena—things that defy all logic until you see what you've been overlooking.
18: 2011-10-06: ...humans have been enslaved to computer intelligence, it will be found, in the heart of the universal memory core...
19: 2011-09-28: RT @ebertchicago: Actual videos of images captured from our minds by computers. Nothing is personal.
20: 2011-05-12: Advice to Nigerian scammers: Real Americans rarely use honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr). That, and they have spellcheck on their computers.
21: 2011-05-05: "Cognitive resources" are the thinking time required for a task, equivalent to CPU time on a computer.
22: 2011-05-01: Computers can process natural language only to the extent that autistics can: literally and without insight.
23: 2011-04-17: That a computer can win Jeopardy suggests that Jeopardy represents a dumb kind of intelligence any automaton can master.
24: 2011-04-02: Hackers are computerized anarchists, and terrorists seek terror, but a saboteur would subtly break something to achieve a strategic goal.
25: 2011-03-14: @lolahayes Brain storage space may be unlimited, but CPU speed is not. Like a computer, unlimited memory doesn't mean unlimited processes.
26: 2011-03-06: Macochism—n. religion that contends you can change the world merely by choice of computers. Believers willing to endure great pain.
27: 2011-02-01: The human brain is a holistic processing system, seeking higher-level patterns in the data. Where computers see bytes, we hear music.
28: 2011-01-20: Fond memories of having my film seized at NSA Headquarters in 1994. (I gave up my film so they didn't get my computer.)
29: 2011-01-20: Will human consciousness ever be transferrable to a computer? Meh! Not bloody likely! via @quora
30: 2011-01-19: Why, yes, I have read and agreed to your 23-page Terms & Conditions. You're a computer—would I lie to you?
31: 2011-01-07: The only thing about music that has to be "real" is the human voice. Everything else can be computer generated.
32: 2010-12-12: @pau_v "You're prolly computerized..." <== I'm not prolly computerized! His Holiness is only computer assisted in tweet scheduling.
33: 2010-10-19: Your brain is a biological computer driven by emotional needs but you still have to make rational decisions if you expect to survive.
34: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-12: Essentials of Life: 1) food 2) safe place to sleep 3) medical plan 4) smartphone 5) laptop computer 6) Internet 7) power 8) place to sit.
35: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-07: To enjoy the cachet of Macintosh without enduring the computer itself: Take Apple logo, place over Compaq logo. Photo:
36: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-31: Macintoshism — a religion that contends you can change the world merely by choice of computers. Believers willing to endure great hardship.
37: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-30: I could claim that I was a computer battery, but I would be Li-ion.
38: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-29: Essentials of Life: 1) food, 2) safe place to sleep, 3) computer w internet, 4) place to work w A/C power, 5) medical plan.
39: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-15: In defiance of library rules, I take off my shoes, hide them under the desk and compute in my socks alone.
40: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: I'm a "Reformed Luddite" -- one who eschews modern technology that isn't overwhelmingly useful. Computers: yes. TV, indoor plumbing: no.
41: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Unless it's your job, you should never install or "fix" anything on someone else's computer, even if they ask you to. It's a boundary issue.
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