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1: 2018-12-16: Parenting makes a difference. Children raised in stable and compassionate environments tend to have better outcomes than those raised in chaos. Eighteen years of daily guidance cannot be replaced by an online course. ~ Glenn Campbell,
2: 2018-06-01: The child-free life: Why so many American women are deciding not to have kids | Wash Post
3: 2017-12-15: Bickering children in the public library...
4: 2017-09-28: Hugh Hefner gone. Finally Disney can buy the Playboy Mansion so it owns all our childhood fantasies.
5: 2017-07-26: RT @TIME: "Shocking abuse of children": Current and former Boy Scouts react to President Trump's Jamboree speech
6: 2017-07-24: The paradox of @realDonaldTrump: compulsive lies with child-like transparency. The whole world knows what concerns him by who he attacks.
7: 2017-05-28: A crisis for humanity: Sensible families don't have children.
8: 2017-04-08: The ultimate test of parenting is how the child behaves when the parent is not around.
9: 2017-04-05: Pets are like children, but they're not. Raise a child and hopefully you'll perpetuate your own values. Raise a pet and you've got nothing.
10: 2017-04-04: Childhood forms you, giving the tools for processing the world, then you spend the rest of your life trying to undo its misconceptions.
11: 2017-03-17: @BadDalaiLama Child support? Forget about it. He's James Fucking Bond.
12: 2017-03-17: I am the illegitimate child of James Bond. My mom is a former Bond girl now working at 7-Eleven. They don't tell you about us in the movies.
13: 2017-03-02: All of your childhood memories are now owned by Disney.
14: 2017-03-01: The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth (Baby Bomb Part 5) - My new video released today (13 min)
15: 2017-03-01: A key point from my new video, "The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth"
16: 2016-12-26: Fertility Catch-22: If you're smart enough to deserve children then you're too smart to have them.
17: 2016-11-06: Feelings are like your children: It's fine to indulge them on occasion, but you can't let them make your most important decisions.
18: 2016-10-08: I knew something was wrong when I gave Santa my Christmas List and he didn't even look at it. #childhoodtrauma #itsallafraud
19: 2016-02-04: Your emotions are like your children. Listen to their desires and give them space to play but don't let them run the show.
20: 2016-01-30: RT @guardian: How to talk to children (even if you don’t have any)
21: 2015-07-26: Before it's a child, it's a choice.
22: 2015-07-22: I believe children are our future. And dead people are our past. And crippled people are pretty lame.
23: 2015-07-04: An investment in an adult is not worth as much as an investment in a child, and that's not worth as much as an investment in birth control.
24: 2015-01-20: RT @syndicalisms: #Kenya: Police tear gas children protesting the sale of their playground #OccupyPlayGround http://…
25: 2014-09-04: The cost/benefit ratio of being an aunt or uncle is highly advantageous. All the joys of having children with little of the responsibility.
26: 2014-09-01: Saving lives is not a paramount goal. No sense in saving a drug addict if she goes on to bear children.
27: 2014-08-28: Dispose of your enemies easily: Hack into their computer, deposit child porn there and tip off the police. How many have been framed?
28: 2014-08-24: We are trying to run a respectable witchhunt here. Please don't scream so loud as we burn you at the stake. You're upsetting the children.
29: 2014-08-21: "About 60 million transistors were built in 2002 for each man, woman, and child on Earth."
30: 2014-08-16: @KelleyLPhoto Emma will never lack photos of her childhood.
31: 2014-08-15: How many bastard children do you suppose James Bond has? His child-support payments must be huge!
32: 2014-08-11: The hideous genetic Frankenstein experiment called childbirth. Let's mix up our genes, throw the dice, and see what we get.
33: 2014-08-11: Children born with all the advantages are also born into narcissism, not an advantage in the long run.
34: 2014-07-23: All the world's childhood tragedies add up to one big mess.
35: 2014-05-22: The surest way to destroy a child: make him a star.
36: 2014-05-17: I was bullied as a child, but I survived. It's part of growing up. I don't think government can prevent kids from being mean to other kids.
37: 2014-05-17: Relationship advice: Focus on the child, the pet or the house, and you don't have to acknowledge how empty your relationship is.
38: 2014-03-22: Annoying children from Wisconsin on an airport bus in Sarasota (yesterday)
39: 2014-03-20: You are getting older. Time to get serious. When are you going to settle down, get married, have children and fall deeply into debt?
40: 2014-03-01: The hideous and unconscionable eugenics experiments must end, and that is why I refuse to have any children.
41: 2014-02-11: RT @TheTweetOfGod: RIP Shirley Temple, who paved the way for hundreds of other child stars, except for the part where she grew up and had a…
42: 2014-01-23: When I was a child, the end of my street seemed so far. Every year my world got bigger until I got married and it started shrinking again.
43: 2014-01-21: Everyone should torture their inner child. I mean nurture. They should nurture their tortured child. I mean torch their nurtured child.
44: 2014-01-12: There is a very short distance between "child star" and "former child star arrested on drug charges".
45: 2014-01-12: That boy may have been my love child with Frank Sinatra. I don't know it for a fact; I'm just saying it's possible.
46: 2014-01-11: You teach your children, devote your life to them, then they turn on you, spitting back exactly what you taught them.
47: 2013-12-29: Modern Manners: What do you call your girlfriend's child's daddy? Bro?
48: 2013-12-24: If people who had no business having children had no children, there'd be no children.
49: 2013-11-26: "I believe children are our future in the same way I believe dead people are our past."
50: 2013-10-17: Parents explaining to their children how they met and fell in love: a mythical Genesis story bearing little relation to reality.
51: 2013-10-13: Children deserve moderate poverty, enough that they have to work for what they want. Too much wealth can screw them up for life.
52: 2013-10-13: @KelleyLPhoto Amazing and talented child!
53: 2013-10-07: Childbirth is a selfish act. "I need a baby." It's not like you're doing the child or the world any favors.
54: 2013-10-06: The world relies on people with steady jobs, stable homes and children, but that doesn't mean you have to go there yourself.
55: 2013-09-26: The primary mission of parents is to prepare children for the time when they will no longer be the center of the universe.
56: 2013-09-21: The Internet is changing children's brains, just like television did, and books before that.
57: 2013-09-12: RT @nytimes: Are adoptive parents who give up on children uncaring or unprepared?
58: 2013-09-11: baby hoarder — woman who refuses to stop having babies in spite of being unable to care for the children she already has.
59: 2013-09-04: It takes 20+ years to raise a child but only a few days of ambivalence to create one.
60: 2013-08-28: Children manipulate parents. That's their job.
61: 2013-08-21: In bearing a child, you claim:
62: 2013-08-15: Having someone to take care of them encourages people to be more childish and dependent and less responsible for their own needs.
63: 2013-08-11: The children of Elysium are the unexpected victims, detached from reality and unable to function anywhere else.
64: 2013-08-06: Being a child star is what every kid wants and no kid can handle.
65: 2013-08-02: "The Childfree Life" - This week's Time magazine cover. Bravo! re @TIME
66: 2013-07-18: The scariest part of parenting is your absolute loyalty to your child when they are in trouble.
67: 2013-07-04: The main existential challenge of life is the transition from protected childhood to the indifferent real world.
68: 2013-06-21: @KelleyLPhoto An amazing child!
69: 2013-06-02: Just outside Fort McHenry in 1813, the child of a soldier does her homework.
70: 2013-05-28: All your childhood memories: Disney owns them! (Didn't you read the Terms & Conditions?)
71: 2013-05-26: "It's never too early to start planning for your child's college education." —abortion providers
72: 2013-05-24: La Guardia Airport (yesterday) ... Best photos of children:
73: 2013-05-15: Our childhood, regardless of its circumstances, sets us up with unreasonable expectations of what the world should do for us.
74: 2013-05-15: There is no person on Earth who has not, in some sense, been scarred and crippled by their childhood.
75: 2013-05-15: "The Blessing and Curse of Childhood" - today's one-page writing sample (pdf)
76: 2013-05-09: Does that include not having children? ==> RT @althene: Don't live to make your parents proud. Live to make your children proud.
77: 2013-05-02: Childbirth is bringing another inmate into the asylum.
78: 2013-05-01: You got to be very careful whenever you criticize the institution of childbirth because nearly everyone is a product of it.
79: 2013-04-26: Failed romance is one step in the long road out of childhood narcissism.
80: 2013-04-19: When someone gets fixated on marriage or childbirth as the answer to their problems, there's little you can say to change them.
81: 2013-04-02: RT @aedison: I worry what kind of example I'm setting for my children by not having them.
82: 2013-03-23: "Winston tastes bad, like the one I just had. No filter, no taste, it's a 50-cent waste." (archaeologically dating my childhood)
83: 2013-03-21: Revelations of childhood: People are naked under their clothes. Cities have dirt under their concrete. Adults are just larger children.
84: 2013-03-19: TGCTGS — Trans-Generational Childhood Trauma Generating System (i.e. "family")
85: 2013-03-17: "Pornography online is warping children’s minds." ==> along with television and every other form of entertainment. re @TelegraphNews
86: 2013-03-01: Lessons of Childhood: If you have a chance for a potty break and you don't take it, it's your own fault if you pee in your pants.
87: 2013-02-07: Seeking healthy unmedicated right handed individuals with bad memories of childhood.
88: 2013-01-30: When rental car companies refuse to rent to people under 25, it tells you something about the real boundaries of childhood.
89: 2013-01-28: Generation who refuse to grow up: No mortgage, marriage or children! via @EkDoTween Her comments:
90: 2013-01-22: You cannot stay together “for the children” and not expect the children to be damaged by it.
91: 2013-01-22: Children adapt quickly not so much because their brains are supple but because they are unburdened by investment.
92: 2013-01-13: Children learn by listening for the music. Adults learn by discovering rules.
93: 2013-01-03: Marriage, children and pets are a public announcement that you are no longer planning any big changes. For better or worse, you've arrived!
94: 2012-12-12: A child raised on expensive gifts expects that unearned entitlement for the rest of his life.
95: 2012-11-25: Personal growth is the progressive journey out of childhood narcissism.
96: 2012-11-23: RT @TIME: Director Sam Mendes discusses his childhood love of Bond and how it helped him make Skyfall |
97: 2012-11-19: There are no child prodigies in maturity. Only experience can get you there.
98: 2012-11-15: Adulthood, for most, is merely playing out the dysfunctional setups of childhood.
99: 2012-11-09: All these pillows creep me out. I need only one, not five. Think of all the poor children without any pillows at all!
100: 2012-11-08: @kcaruso007 I will! Small children are notorious for poking you in the eye.
101: 2012-11-05: RT @aristosophy: "Childbirth"?? What, like, retweeting an entire human being???
102: 2012-10-16: Contrary to the protests of some, failing to take your child to Disney World does NOT constitute child abuse. (*in 49 states except Florida)
103: 2012-10-15: Contrary to the protests of some, failing to take your child to Disney World is NOT child abuse.
104: 2012-10-05: Breast cancer awareness, child abuse awareness, autism awareness... With all these "awarenesses", which are we supposed to be most aware of?
105: 2012-09-23: Every asshole is a hurt little child inside—but they're still assholes.
106: 2012-09-22: RT @KilroyCafe: Religion. Simple answers for those who can't bear to leave childhood behind.
107: 2012-09-08: Maturity is ridding yourself of the self-centered delusions of childhood.
108: 2012-08-28: RT @TheThomason: Parents in paper towel commercials, your children are monsters. Forget about absorbency and focus on getting your shit ...
109: 2012-08-21: The ballerina and the sumo wrestler are the same little child inside, but no one treats them the same because of what their body grew into.
110: 2012-08-20: If I ever have a child, I will name him Rutherford in honor of our greatest President. If a girl: Rutherfordina.
111: 2012-08-18: RT @laurenahayes: Insane RT: @benwakeling: A child's skull, before their milk teeth fall out. This is freakier than all Aliens combined ...
112: 2012-08-16: When the new iPhone 5 comes out, we should all donate our old iPhone 4's to the underprivileged children who don't have them. So sad!
113: 2012-08-10: Children can change quickly not so much because their brains are supple but because they have few prior investments to get in the way.
114: 2012-08-10: On My Bucket List: Deny that the child is mine until a paternity test proves otherwise.
115: 2012-08-09: @cottonmouth1 Lucky the alien presence didn't detect me. (Probably because of all the noisy children all around me.)
116: 2012-08-05: Further evidence that making a kid a child star is child abuse.
117: 2012-07-26: RT @LIFECOACHERS: The etymology of "children" is "chil" and "dren" which comes from the old Norse and means "Killers of Dreams."
118: 2012-07-09: An overindulged child usually becomes a narcissistic adult. They find it harder to understand that the world doesn't revolve around them.
119: 2012-07-09: Narcissism is a natural product of childhood, when we seem to be the center of the universe and our parents praise us for routine actions.
120: 2012-07-09: What is it with dogs and children? The better they know you, the slower they are to respond to commands.
121: 2012-07-07: It was tough growing up as a mixed race child in a multi-ethnic household. I never knew if I was Scotch American or English American.
122: 2012-07-06: Under the law, once you turn 18 you are fully responsible for your own actions and welfare. The law doesn't grasp the child you still are.
123: 2012-07-05: Vaccines. Good, right? Assure that more children survive into adulthood so they can reproduce. Result: overpopulation.
124: 2012-07-02: Curiosity is the impulse to explore any anomaly in ones environment. Children possess it naturally, but in most adults it has burned out.
125: 2012-06-30: You should listen to your emotions but you can't let them control your life any more than you would let a child drive your car.
126: 2012-06-15: Two new topical albums: Children Pretty Girls -
127: 2012-06-06: Narcissism is normal in children and insufferable in teens but pathological only in adulthood.
128: 2012-06-06: Sweet, well-meaning narcissists are called "children". You don't expect them to see others' needs.
129: 2012-06-02: In the Bible, God told man to go forth and multiply, but He also killed off most of those babies in childhood. What is Your will now, God?
130: 2012-06-01: RT @SRQ2U: Dear parent, School policy prohibits me from recommending medication for your child, however, my conscience strongly suggests ...
131: 2012-05-31: A hidden form of child abuse is to raise your children in luxury they can't hope to obtain on their own in adulthood.
132: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #8a: "I know my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend has problems, but he/she had a tough childhood."
133: 2012-05-28: The fact that a person had a horrible childhood may earn them some sympathy but no leniency.
134: 2012-05-22: RT @fujiwiryani: .@baddalailama yeah and weighing more problems to this world cause they're usually don't know how to raise children.
135: 2012-05-19: @xtinewu One can only assume he's having children with the dumbest women in Tennessee. Not good for the gene pool!
136: 2012-05-12: Listen to your feelings, but letting them dictate your actions is no more responsible than letting your children do whatever they want.
137: 2012-05-09: The paradox of prosperity: In modern times, it is the poor people who are fattest and have the most children.
138: 2012-05-07: Paddle-to-the-Sea is a children's book about a toy Indian who travels the Great Lakes. I remember that now, as he would be passing this way.
139: 2012-05-05: The main purpose of religion is to permit the believer to retain the childhood delusion that he is the center of the universe.
140: 2012-04-27: Statistically, what is the best way to turn a young person into a substance abuser? Make him a child star.
141: 2012-04-27: I spent my whole childhood in this town, thought I knew every inch, but now I stumble on a pond I had no clue of.
142: 2012-04-25: Bravado is a sign of weakness. It implies a scared little child inside.
143: 2012-04-13: Watching families on a plane, I see parents who laugh and smile with their children and others who don't. Those who don't scare me.
144: 2012-04-11: Now the drug addicts behind me (a man and woman who just met) are sharing photos of their non-custodial children. Figures.
145: 2012-04-10: A "bromide" is not an antacid but a nice sounding statement that says nothing. ("Children are our future.")
146: 2012-04-05: The most effective charities are those providing services to at-risk children. A small investment can have a huge benefit to society.
147: 2012-04-04: Just because you love your child/spouse/partner doesn't mean you're going to let them get away with anything.
148: 2012-04-04: Couples without a common mission usually make one up, such as raising children or pets or interior decoration.
149: 2012-04-04: .@jimmychanclas Religion, for example. No matter how bizarre the belief, people pass it to their children, who usually accept it.
150: 2012-04-01: Unless you believe your genes are inherently superior and must be preserved, bringing new children into the world makes no sense.
151: 2012-03-30: Childhood starts to go bad when the kid begins to realize he's not the center of a perfect universe like he was lead to believe.
152: 2012-03-29: I assume the anti-abortion protesters who insist adoption is the answer have adopted a lot of children themselves, right?
153: 2012-03-19: Progress in adulthood requires reconciliation with our childhood.
154: 2012-03-19: Adulthood is when the infinite dreams of childhood boil down to a few harsh realities.
155: 2012-03-19: Childhood is the greatest tragedy. It always ends badly.
156: 2012-03-15: .@aaroncajes WARNING: Kryptonite™ attire may promote shrinkage. Do not use Kryptonite™ if you plan to father children. Consult your doctor.
157: 2012-03-09: I believe the children are our future. #platitude #truism #thingstheotherlamamightsay
158: 2012-03-06: Family Court in Las Vegas consists of divorce, child welfare and juvenile delinquency - all the traumas of life under one roof!
159: 2012-03-05: Most romantic relationships seem to devolve into parental ones, with one partner regressing into needy childhood as the other enables them.
160: 2012-02-25: Love without flowers, chocolate, jewelry, children, alcohol, codependency or interior decorating. Can you imagine such a thing?
161: 2012-02-24: If you own a dog: Man, you are tied down! That's like half a spouse or 1/3rd of a child. Your free roamin' days are over!
162: 2012-02-22: Building sandcastles on the beach only to see them knocked down by the waves prepares the child for home ownership.
163: 2012-02-22: Look closely and you'll see something strange. Children. Playing outdoors! Rarely happens these days.
164: 2012-02-19: Less than 20 hours after picking up a clarinet for the first time since childhood, here is my first ORIGINAL tune:
165: 2012-01-31: A single human male produces enough sperm to inseminate every human female on Earth. (Collecting child support is a different matter.)
166: 2012-01-14: You never fully graduate from childhood. It is a lifelong therapeutic process to deal with all its implications.
167: 2011-12-29: RT @durtyfeet: This pic says it all. No child left behind means many children being held back....
168: 2011-12-09: Jackie Evancho: What responsible parent would put their child on display like that—"voice of an angel" or not?
169: 2011-12-09: Apart from Ron Howard, there aren't many child stars who escaped major damage on the road to adulthood. Who would do this to their child?
170: 2011-12-09: There are many forms of child abuse, but among the worst is making them a child star. The adult outcome is rarely happy.
171: 2011-12-05: Statesville, NC — Full burka with a face veil, but she's speaking to her burka'ed children in a local Southern accent.
172: 2011-12-05: Narcissism is an endemic human condition made malignant by parents who coddle their child and fail to set boundaries.
173: 2011-12-01: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, go into debt, work hard, retire. Voila, life over!
174: 2011-11-30: A spoiled child turns into a narcissistic adult.
175: 2011-11-30: "Object constancy" is knowing that people have their own lives apart from your needs. Children learn it gradually, but some adults never do.
176: 2011-11-28: Whenever I see a new movie with a fresh child star, I think: "There's another life ruined!" My sadness for them overpowers the movie itself.
177: 2011-11-25: Most romantic relationships eventually devolve into parental ones: one partner becoming increasingly childish while the other enables them.
178: 2011-11-21: Cats or dogs? Cats are more cuddly, but dogs are true companions—and much more responsibility. They're children who never grow up.
179: 2011-11-20: Many couples are held together by their pet, which they dote on mercilessly. The only scary thing is when the pet is a child.
180: 2011-11-16: Cats, dogs and children—don't let them run your life! You tell them what to do, not the other way around.
181: 2011-11-10: Existentialism is a simple and obvious philosophy. It is confounded only by our childhood, which primed us for a world that cares about us.
182: 2011-11-07: Just because you love your child doesn't mean you're going to put up with any bullshit.
183: 2011-11-03: RT @sulphurshelf: @BadDalaiLama I grew up with a dad working road construction so every time I smell fresh pavement I get childish excited.
184: 2011-10-28: In Medieval times, marriage was a necessity. You couldn't have sex, live together or have children without it. Today it is a vanity.
185: 2011-10-28: Under the law, marriage has no relevance to the raising of children. Parental rights and responsibilities are the same regardless.
186: 2011-10-26: I just lost 25 big ones on this infernal gambling machine (although they call it a game of skill so children can play)
187: 2011-10-25: Christmas is an affront to childhood, where children are conditioned to expect magical reward merely by wishing for it.
188: 2011-10-24: Adulthood is basically a 12-step recovery program from childhood.
189: 2011-10-24: RT @YourAuntLola: Chase children and flyaway hats. When it comes to love or money; do your best work & wait.
190: 2011-10-23: Childhood ends when you get trapped by your own investments and stop growing.
191: 2011-10-23: So how long is childhood in humans? 16 years? 21 years? 30 years? I'm now saying 50.
192: 2011-10-23: Intelligence in humans doesn't just spring from the genome. It has to be nurtured by a ridiculously long childhood.
193: 2011-10-19: I am the same child I have always been but with a lot more experience and a lot less fear.
194: 2011-10-17: Heterosexual or homosexual, most marriages seem to end up like this: one dysfunctional "child" and one enabling "parent".
195: 2011-10-17: The hardest habit of childhood to break is the notion there should be a caregiver to watch over us, praise us and protect us.
196: 2011-10-16: If you devote too much attention to the child who is misbehaving, what does this say to the child who is behaving?
197: 2011-10-14: Children are valued for their potential. Adults, however, can only be judged by how they behave right now.
198: 2011-10-07: My old beat at Family Court in Las Vegas. RT @latimes: A chilling account of child prostitution in Las Vegas
199: 2011-09-28: The real fertility crisis: The women having children are least equipped to care for them. Slate: via @brainpicker
200: 2011-09-27: How are you improving the world by adding more children to it?
201: 2011-09-27: The risk of a comfortable romantic relationship is that one party takes responsibility for it while the other reverts to childhood.
202: 2011-09-22: Childhood is the set-up, the whole system by which we process the rest of life.
203: 2011-08-13: Christmas is the most destructive holiday, teaching children to expect gifts from mysterious outside forces without having to work for them.
204: 2011-08-08: Drugs and alcohol should terrify you. You're disabling higher control over your own safety—like letting your children play in traffic.
205: 2011-08-08: Romance is a futile attempt to reproduce the apparent security and unconditional love of childhood.
206: 2011-08-03: Given the drug-induced meltdowns of many a young star, the worst form of child abuse appears to be fame before the age of 30.
207: 2011-07-28: When adults come into a little money, they try to reproduce their ideal childhood (perfect home, all the toys), which becomes their prison.
208: 2011-07-17: On My Bucket List: Own the pony I never had as a child (and never really wanted).
209: 2011-07-17: To those with "ADOPTION NOT ABORTION" bumper stickers: How many unwanted children have YOU adopted?
210: 2011-07-15: A treasured childhood can be as crippling as an abusive one. You're always expecting that special-for-who-you-are treatment.
211: 2011-07-11: The most disturbing revelation of childhood is that adults don't know anything either.
212: 2011-07-10: Children are the consummate hagglers. They'll weasel everything out of you that you let them get away with.
213: 2011-07-10: Haggling is part of every meaningful social interaction, including love and especially the raising of children.
214: 2011-07-10: Our childhood is the lens through which we will always view the world.
215: 2011-07-07: Childhood in humans is the longest among the animals for a reason: It allows complex cultural programming that aids survival.
216: 2011-07-03: Your parent-mind, who knows what is right, has to manage all your little child-selves who don't have the same self-control.
217: 2011-07-02: The main purpose of education is to keep a child occupied with meaningless tasks while his brain matures on its own.
218: 2011-07-02: Marriage equality is nice in theory, but most marriages seem to end up with one becoming the parent and the other a child.
219: 2011-06-17: You get complete honesty only from young children and drunks. Others learn discretion.
220: 2011-06-17: In a totalitarian regime, government can dictate a "one child policy", but in a democracy it is politically impossible.
221: 2011-06-07: Childhood is a delusion, held up by an artificial system of supports that can't be maintained indefinitely.
222: 2011-06-07: The central trauma of life is the transition from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
223: 2011-05-12: In the long term, most romantic relationships seem to end up the same: a long-suffered "parent" and a high-maintenance "child".
224: 2011-05-12: Trailer Trash Parenting 101: Your child is crying in Walmart, what to do? Whack him hard and tell him to shut up. That always works.
225: 2011-04-26: The ultimate act of hubris is having children.
226: 2011-04-25: Lessons of Childhood #4: Dr. Zachary Smith can't be trusted.
227: 2011-04-25: Lessons of Childhood #3: Gilligan is never going to get off the island.
228: 2011-04-25: Lessons of Childhood #2: Whenever you hear a theremin, a sinister alien encounter is imminent. Run!
229: 2011-04-25: Lessons of Childhood #1: Whenever your gang of ghost hunters splits up, don't put Shaggy and Scooby on the same team!
230: 2011-04-14: #### End. This has been a live 1-hour essay: "Childhood and Religion"
231: 2011-04-14: Young adults march into the world armed with childish delusions, and when they are beaten down, their Heavenly Father will take them back.
232: 2011-04-14: Religion, in adulthood, allows one to return to a satisfying pseudo childhood, where imaginary elders offer protection.
233: 2011-04-14: In adulthood, the protection of childhood is withdrawn. Young adults march into the world armed with the delusions their parents fed them.
234: 2011-04-14: For their own protection and development, children are kept in an artificial environment and fed fairy tales.
235: 2011-04-14: Children are programmed to listen to their elders and believe whatever they're told. They can rebel, but they still believe the fairy tales.
236: 2011-04-14: Human children accept the words of their elders as truth, even if those words are absurd and counterintuitive, as with religion.
237: 2011-04-14: All small children are seen as cute. Adults are judged more coldly, often based on body type they have little control over.
238: 2011-04-14: The greatest trauma of life is the transition from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
239: 2011-04-14: Human children are kept small so they don't appear as threats to adults.
240: 2011-04-14: Children get a "cute pass" from adults, where they are praised and valued without doing anything special. As they grow, they lose it.
241: 2011-04-07: Childhood gave us a set of assumptions about what is required for a happy life—most of which turn out to be bullshit!
242: 2011-04-05: Many of Israel's military atrocities are attributable to the fact they have an army of children, about as wise as teenage drivers.
243: 2011-04-03: Wisdom is the systematic dispelling of the myths of childhood.
244: 2011-04-03: As children we gain praise just for being ourselves. In adulthood, we lose the free pass and actually have to serve people's needs.
245: 2011-04-03: In childhood, we lived in a fantasyland of magically fulfilled wishes—setting us up for failure later on.
246: 2011-04-03: In childhood, wishing for things worked! We put things on our Christmas list, and they magically arrived.
247: 2011-04-03: We all start with a childhood delusion that reality will conform to our desires. If we want something, we only need to wish for it.
248: 2011-04-02: Example of a straw man argument: "My opponent wants to sell your children into slavery. Well, I think that's just wrong!"
249: 2011-04-01: If you can't sleep the night without visiting the bathroom, you're probably drinking too much. Children can do it; why not you?
250: 2011-03-30: Children are less effected by the sunk cost fallacy because they live for the moment and have invested little in their past decisions.
251: 2011-03-28: Technology can't solve civil wars or poverty or overpopulation or drug abuse or child abuse or most of the other problems of man.
252: 2011-03-26: If I ever have a child, I'm going to name him Firstname Middleinitial Lastname, just to make his life interesting.
253: 2011-03-26: One preemie baby, kept alive in an incubator, can absorb resources that might have served hundreds of older children.
254: 2011-03-26: Reducing childhood mortality doesn't help society if it results in a population explosion.
255: 2011-03-25: Childhood gives us the framework by which we process the rest of life. We can't erase it, but we can adjust for its weaknesses.
256: 2011-03-21: RT @soundhunter: I only becmae frightened of death when I became a mother, the center of my children's world
257: 2011-03-19: @lolahayes You are the poster child for net addiction. Break free! (Or at least break out of that boring ski resort and get us some pix!)
258: 2011-03-17: Juvenile justice and child welfare are two sides of the same coin. Juvenile crime is the natural result of family dysfunction.
259: 2011-03-13: Nothing so fucks with your self-image as being made a child star.
260: 2011-03-12: Men seek superior health and childbearing ability. Women seek a strong protector. These agendas are encoded in modern sexual preference.
261: 2011-03-10: Human child rearing is a huge undertaking requiring (in nature) two dedicated parents. Something powerful must hold them together.
262: 2011-03-10: At the base of romantic love is attachment—a primitive neurological bond like that between mother and child, designed for species survival.
263: 2011-03-10: You know that scene in 2001 where Dave is trying to disconnect Hal's higher functions while preserving life support? Divorce with children.
264: 2011-03-05: .@akierig "You want to do it?" <== The sad thing is that NO ONE has accused me of fathering their love child—even once! I feel left out!
265: 2011-03-05: @lolahayes "Taken in my living room with my phone <== Please, think of the children! Those stamen stains!
266: 2011-03-05: It's mostly parents who are hung up about sex, not children. Adults have invested so much in it that they can't see it as routine.
267: 2011-03-05: It's unfortunate that children have access to porn, but is it really hurting them? The reaction of most: "Ewwww, gross!"
268: 2011-03-05: The internet has democratized porn, making it accessible to everyone, even children. This is good, not bad! It robs porn of its power.
269: 2011-03-03: A childhood can't be corrected. Your parents will die. In the end, all that matters is what you want for yourself and how to go about it.
270: 2011-03-03: To correct the defects of your childhood, you must become your own parent. Someone has to set boundaries and goals, and that must be you!
271: 2011-03-03: Right now, certain behavior makes sense. So do it! The wounded child inside you will have to adapt.
272: 2011-03-03: To step away from your childhood, you must see the world that's right in front of you, not the one you want to be there.
273: 2011-03-03: The risk of those with the "perfect" childhood is that they never leave it. They opt for suburban protection and never step beyond it.
274: 2011-03-03: Every family sets its children up with false assumptions and unrealistic expectations. Families differ only in what they are.
275: 2011-03-03: It's easy to look over the fence at the Jones family and think, "Their childhood was so easy." Wrong! Every family is dysfunctional!
276: 2011-03-03: Childhood always leaves us with "issues"—certain patterns of behavior that once worked but that don't work now.
277: 2011-03-03: A coddled child, raised in a "perfect" environment, has it no easier than anyone else. His bias is an unreasonable expectation of reward.
278: 2011-03-03: Childhood inevitably sets us up with dysfunctional expectations of what the world owes us. The trauma of adulthood is correcting them.
279: 2011-03-03: The fundamental conflict of life is moving from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
280: 2011-03-03: Exhibitionism, in the extreme, is an attempt to regain childhood attention. At a healthier level, it is simply a desire to be appreciated.
281: 2011-03-03: "Look at me!" is a basic need of children, but it doesn't go away in adulthood. We all feel a need to be watched.
282: 2011-02-26: Sex is a trick of nature to entice procreation and encourage couples to stay together for childrearing. It doesn't want you for your mind.
283: 2011-02-25: Germs are good! (reducing asthma in children, LA Times) - So why must we kill them? Can't we all just get along?
284: 2011-02-06: You want to screw up a kid for life? Make him a child star. Very few recover from that abuse.
285: 2011-02-04: Childhood is the yardstick by which everything later in life is measured.
286: 2011-02-04: Childhood development milestones: Crawling. Walking. Talking. Using a mouse. Using a phone. Reading. Texting. Facebook. Twitter. Puberty.
287: 2011-02-04: A small investment in a child can have substantial effects on their development. This is rarely true with an adult.
288: 2011-02-02: Life comes in layers. The first is what you learned as a child. Then you find more layers you never suspected. You've only just begun!
289: 2011-01-29: The usual message of advertising is: "Go ahead, give in to your childish impulses!"
290: 2011-01-27: An irony of child welfare is that the state can take your kids away but you can't give them up—although many parents of teens would like to!
291: 2011-01-27: You can't consider yourself educated in the ways of the world until you have dealt firsthand with the conundrums of child welfare.
292: 2011-01-27: For all the experiences of parenting at lower cost and commitment, try foster parenting. It's traumatic, but so is a child of your own.
293: 2011-01-23: Men want women with some strategic lipid reserves to prove their fitness for childbearing—hence, the allure of the breasts.
294: 2011-01-12: Education is a placebo designed chiefly to occupy a child's time while his brain and body are maturing. Curriculum is irrelevant.
295: 2011-01-03: Childbirth is justified by circular logic that masks the real reason: to serve the selfish desires of the parents.
296: 2011-01-03: "RT FTFY! Would you willingly take part in an activity with a 100% risk of serious lifelong disability? That's childrearing!" @mostlegendary
297: 2011-01-03: Would you willingly take part in an activity with a 5% risk of serious lifelong disability? That's childbearing.
298: 2010-12-29: Buffets are wasted on children. They go straight for the pizza!
299: 2010-12-28: The internet has democratized porn, making it accessible to children but also diluting its destructive power. Now kids say, "So what?"
300: 2010-12-22: Curiosity is the luxury of children and those with the freedom to change.
301: 2010-12-20: If you're a parent and your child wants something, don't just give it to him. Make him pay! Else what you give will be taken for granted.
302: 2010-12-18: "Emotional intelligence peaks in our 60s." <== Does that mean we become more childish in our 70s and 80s?
303: 2010-12-17: It seems unconscionable to bring a new child into the world when there are already millions here with inadequate care.
304: 2010-12-17: The purpose of sex, in humans, is not just procreation but bonding, to encourage partners to stay together for child rearing.
305: 2010-12-16: In childhood, there was someone looking out for us. In adulthood there isn't. Between the two is a difficult and painful transition.
306: 2010-12-14: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in conditions of wealth and privilege he can never reasonably attain himself.
307: 2010-11-30: "Object constancy" is knowing that people have their own lives apart from your needs. Children learn it gradually, but some adults never do.
308: 2010-11-30: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, work hard, retire. Voilà, life over!
309: 2010-11-26: It is one thing to protest a rigged election, quite another to riot over a cut in pay. That's more like a child's temper tantrum.
310: 2010-11-25: There is no reason you can't become a child prodigy at any age. Just free yourself of all the useless stuff you've accumulated since then.
311: 2010-11-25: Most romantic relationships eventually devolve into parental ones. One partner becomes increasingly childish as the other enables them.
312: 2010-11-18: Video Essay #7: "The Trauma of Childhood" Jackson, Mississippi. Moving out of the fantasyland of childhood.
313: 2010-11-08: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all—i.e. total imprisonment.
314: 2010-11-05: Dogs and children, when treated as kings, quickly come to believe it.
315: 2010-11-04: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in wealth and priviledge he can never hope to attain on his own.
316: 2010-11-04: If we make life too comfortable for our children, we only increase their trauma when they have to deal with the world on their own.
317: 2010-10-24: The main social tool of children is emotional manipulation. They cry and we come.
318: 2010-10-23: The child finds joy in discovering new things. The adult sees mainly threat in them because he is so heavily invested in the old things.
319: 2010-10-20: Life is the process of correcting the false assumptions of our childhood.
320: 2010-10-17: Childbirth is the world's most narcissistic act. It is not done for the child or the world but for the selfish desires of the parent.
321: 2010-10-13: Children can be crippled by poverty and violence but also by wealth and privilege, which skews their perceptions of who they are.
322: 2010-10-08: Children need praise for whatever good they do. Adults ought to be able to function without it.
323: 2010-10-08: Pets and children are deceptively charming mechanisms to imprison you and absorb any excess resources you may have.
324: 2010-10-02: There is no easy childhood. Either you are traumatized by reality too early or blindsided by it later.
325: 2010-10-01: No parent can comprehend in the beginning how child rearing will consume their life.
326: 2010-09-27: No amount of love, from the outside, can change something that childhood has formed.
327: 2010-09-23: Bearing children is the ultimate Frankenstein experiment. Let's mix up our genes, throw the dice and see what happens!
328: 2010-09-21: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against you.
329: 2010-09-20: The greatest tragedy of mankind is that the people who are least capable of raising children are the most likely to have them.
330: 2010-09-20: Abortion may be murder, but there is also death and greater suffering in bringing more children into the world than the world can care for.
331: 2010-09-15: Religion. Simple answers for those who can't bear to leave childhood behind.
332: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-14: Most romantic relationships devolve into parental ones as one party becomes increasing childish while the other enables them.
333: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-23: RT @BadDalaiLama: Bearing children is the ultimate Frankenstein experiment. Let's mix up our genes, throw the dice and see what happens!
334: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against ...
335: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: The greatest tragedy of mankind is that the people who are least capable of raising children are the most likely to ha ...
336: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: Abortion may be murder, but there is also death and greater suffering in bringing more children into the world than th ...
337: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: To teach them how to binge drink? RT @MailOnline: Children should be given binge drinking classes says Red Cross
338: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: "Home" is a delusion, ingrained from our childhood. When you grow up, you can do fine without one. What's important is getting things done.
339: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-11: RT @donni: Most children are tiny distractable Hitlers.
340: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Religion. Simple answers for those who can't bear to leave childhood behind.
341: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-07: The most insidious form of child abuse is a parent who gives the child anything he wants.
342: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-18: Children have crazy ideas but grow out of them. Adults are less likely to because they invest in those ideas and can't accept the loss.
343: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Married couples are conjoined in two major areas — real estate and child rearing — both of which are easily conducted without marriage.
344: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: Curiosity is the willingness to explore new things. Children are curious because they are uncommitted. Most adults can't afford it.
345: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-09: "When did parents start telling their children they can be anything they want to be? That's like the Santa lie without the presents."@KayM77
346: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-28: People of Wal-Mart are a distinct human race, like Neanderthals. They supply our prisons and child welfare system and breed prodigiously.
347: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-23: Life's fundamental trauma is the transition from the artificial order of childhood to the chaos of the real world. None of us is prepared!
348: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Dogs and children, when treated as kings, quickly come to believe it.
349: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-28: Wealth is an enabling mechanism that allows people to regress to the primitive state of self-centered children.
350: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-27: If you have dogs or children, you can't afford the finer points of hygiene or interior decorating. Mere survival is the only goal.
351: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-31: Bearing children is the ultimate Frankenstein experiment. Let's mix up our genes, throw the dice and see what happens.
352: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-26: Too many times I have watched children do something creative, inspired and funny only to be scolded by their parents for that behavior.
353: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-23: Those who soak up heath care resources are not so much innocent children but smokers and obese adults who had a choice about their health.
354: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: "All television is children's television." —Richard Adler via @scott_local
355: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: The main social tool of children is emotional manipulation. They cry and we come.
356: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: Kilroy Cafe #67: "Curiosity: The Hallmark of Intellect" - If children are curious, why can't adults be?
357: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: No arrogance can match that of bringing a new child into the world.
358: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: The greatest tragedy of society is that having children is perceived to be a right no matter how ill-equipped you are to raise them.
359: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: What makes an Olympic athlete: a driven parent, a lost childhood, an addiction to repetitive exercise, a gambler's delusion of winning big.
360: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Most states have Amber Alerts for missing children but Florida also has Gray Alerts for, um... I forget... Where am I? Whose tweet is this?
361: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: The major neutralizers of freedom are marriage, children, debt, real estate, possessions, pets and promises.
362: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-05: No parent can comprehend in the beginning how child rearing will consume their life.
363: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: .@shitmydadsays is a story of empowerment, of taking control of your childhood circumstances and learning to separate yourself from them.
364: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: There is no easy childhood. Either you are traumatized by reality too early or blindsided by it later.
365: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-20: "The rich get richer and the poor get children." @TheShaktiMan
366: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-20: "You spend your childhood thinking otherwise when really, adulthood consists of bullshitting and knowing just enough to get by." @katefeetie
367: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-15: "Living in a world where children are told they are unique individuals is never a good thing." @aubynr - Right! Kids shouldn't run the show.
368: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-13: RT @StillDrew: Rumor has it that there’s a radical segment of society having children on purpose. Are you going to call The National Enq ...
369: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: Trapped in the dual prison of real estate and children. When things go bad, there can be noplace more harrowing!
370: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-21: You can raise a child hoping to mold him in your own image. It usually turns out, though, that the kid has his own plans.
371: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-18: The main reason couples have children is because their relationship has hit a dead end and isn't sustainable otherwise.
372: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-16: "There should be tax breaks for couples with no children. Think of the carbon saved by not bringing new people into existence!"@SamPayne1701
373: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-16: Dogs are programmed to follow the Alpha animal, but if you give them too much leash they become the Alpha animal. Same with children!
374: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Raising children is challenging, but at least they grow up. Your partner will never grow up, only becoming more dependent with time.
375: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-07: Children have a way of confounding the plans of their parents. They almost never turn out as they are supposed to.
376: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-01: New philosophy essay: "RUSSIAN ROULETTE: Childbirth..." (Kilroy Cafe #58)
377: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-30: Children can be crippled by poverty and violence but also by wealth and privilege, which skews their perceptions. It's velvet child abuse!
378: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: The only lasting solution to the world's social ills is politically impossible: the restriction and licensing of childbirth.
379: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: Childbirth is what couples do when their own relationship has hit a dead end.
380: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-27: Childbirth is the world's most narcissistic act. It is creating new responsibilities where none previously existed.
381: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-11: LA Times: "Flawed county system lets children die invisibly" - Gives a good picture of child welfare.
382: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-21: Las Vegas one of the 10 worst cities to raise children. News: - In my neighborhood, most kids dropped out of school.
383: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-18: The greatest tragedy of mankind is that the people who are least capable of raising children are the most likely to have them.
384: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-03: Narcissism - a basic me-centeredness - is the position we all start from as children and escape from only through long, painful experience.
385: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it." - Helen Keller
386: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-27: Freud was wrong about childhood sexuality. Kids have little interest in sex prior to puberty (unless sexually abused).
387: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: Nearly everything you were taught in your childhood is wrong, but at least it gave you a basis for understanding how and why it is wrong.
388: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: LA Times: "Music Did A Number on Me" - An account of a childhood crushed by music.
389: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: The internet has "democratized" porn, made it accessible to children but also diluted its destructive power. Now kids say, "So what?"
390: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: One of the cruelest forms of child abuse is making someone a child star. It virtually guarantees drug abuse and a screwed up self-image.
391: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: Governments make incompetent parents because they are unable to compromise. They would kill a child with protection.
392: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: Childbirth: one of the world's most narcissistic acts.
393: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: In childhood, there was someone looking out for us. In adulthood there isn't. It's a difficult and painful transition.
394: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-16: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in conditions of wealth and privilege he can never reasonably attain himself.
395: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: In most marriages, one is the "parent" and the other the "child". These roles are self-reinforcing and exaggerate over time.
396: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Another dead child found in a dumpster. Oh, the wailing, the memorials, the calls for justice. But was anything done for her when alive?
397: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: Governments are incompetent at raising children because they cannot make the creative compromises that real parents make every day.
398: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-05: A child's first witnesses are his parents. They are the audience for his performance. "Mommy, look at me!"
399: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-24: Life's most narcissistic act is to bring a new child into the world when so many already here are in desperate need.
400: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: The #1 risk of romantic commitment is that your mate becomes a perpetual child addicted to your protection.
401: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-17: While it isn't technically child abuse, raising a child in wealth and privilege can be just as crippling.
402: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all -- i.e. total imprisonment.
403: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-26: Should children be allowed to text? Wash. Post (2/22) shows extreme case of text addiction: Take it away, I say!
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