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1: 2018-11-18: Camp Fire is a Stupid name for a fire. Every forest fire is a Camp Fire. California should get no more Federal Funds until it uses better names. POOR FIRE NAME MANAGEMENT! whole state is stupid. Didn’t vote for me so their Burning. #faketrumptweets
2: 2018-09-30: Acid and Alkaline are equal on the pH scale, but Acid gets the blame for everything. He's always corroding, burning and turning stomachs sour, while Alkaline acts all innocent. He says, "Not me. I would never."
3: 2017-08-27: While the world is burning, why are we supposed to care about sports?
4: 2017-08-16: Trump is moving ahead on infrastructure. He's burning bridges like you wouldn't believe.
5: 2017-01-23: The real question Captain Kirk asked the evil robot to burn out all its logic circuits: "What do you expect from the Trump Administration?"
6: 2015-10-28: @RhodiHawk Pumpkin, pumpkin, burning bright, in the forests of the night.
7: 2014-12-12: The stars that burn brightly in youth are usually dim embers by middle age.
8: 2014-08-24: We are trying to run a respectable witchhunt here. Please don't scream so loud as we burn you at the stake. You're upsetting the children.
9: 2014-04-14: I've got 17 Kroner burning a hole in my pocket as I leave Norway (about $3) and the only thing I can…
10: 2014-02-13: Mourning the tragic loss of Sid Caesar, Bob Hope, George Burns – So young! Too soon! We hardly new ye!
11: 2014-01-09: RT @FrankConniff: This press conference is heathy for Christie considering the calories he's burning as he digs himself into a deeper hole.
12: 2013-12-29: @AndrewBober When the burning is scheduled, let me know and I'll bring marshmallows.
13: 2013-12-09: After we burn Snowden at the stake he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
14: 2013-09-26: Burning Man 2013: Exodus traffic jam (9/1)
15: 2013-09-21: Burning Man (3 weeks ago).
16: 2013-09-19: All my tweets about Burning Man:
17: 2013-09-19: The Temple at Burning Man - new photos from Aug. 30:
18: 2013-09-13: Burning Man: Spectacular and spectacularly meaningless.
19: 2013-09-13: RT @nofilmschool: Modded Phantom Gets Spectacular Aerial Footage of @burningman @DSLRPros @DJI_Innovations
20: 2013-09-10: Burning Man - an index of my 8 photo albums from the debauchery in the desert (10 days ago):
21: 2013-09-10: Burning Man 2013: Exodus Traffic Jam - 360° panorama
22: 2013-09-08: Busted Bottom at Burning Man (8/30)
23: 2013-09-07: A covered wagon passes at Burning Man. (15-second video)
24: 2013-09-07: Early morning rave at Burning Man (15-second video)
25: 2013-09-07: Ball pit at Burning Man (45-second video postcard, Aug. 29)
26: 2013-09-06: Shooting flames from my head at Burning Man.
27: 2013-09-06: RT @amandapearl: 24 Hours At Burning Man via @Yolo_Tengo
28: 2013-09-06: RT @amandapearl: Art cars of Burning Man | Effing rad )'(
29: 2013-09-02: My favorite photo from Burning Man.
30: 2013-09-02: The Man burns.
31: 2013-09-02: Burning Man: Counter-cultural festival in the desert. Overwhelmingly White. Accessible mainly to the wealthy.
32: 2013-08-31: To those who insist Burning Man is a waste of time... I cannot raise a contradictory argument.
33: 2013-08-31: First photos from Burning Man in full swing. (Many more still to be added t this album!)
34: 2013-08-31: Burning Man: Exhausting mainly. Too overwhelming to really be "fun".
35: 2013-08-28: Crashed flying saucer on the Burning Man playa (4 days ago)
36: 2013-08-26: Burning Man — a counter-cultural festival in Nevada in which the entire contents of the Fernley Walmart are transported to a dry lake.
37: 2013-08-26: Preparing the giant naked lady for burning (yesterday)
38: 2013-08-25: Burning Man, two days before opening (yesterday)
39: 2013-08-25: Arrival at Burning Man (last night)
40: 2013-08-24: Just entered my first "Burn".
41: 2013-08-23: Burns, Wyoming (3 days ago)
42: 2013-08-19: Fireworks stand on the highway, Burns, Wyoming (just now)
43: 2013-07-15: RT @TIME: Think before you eat: It'll take a 20-minute jog to burn off a 150-calorie Twinkie |
44: 2013-07-15: Burns' domain in Springfield (yesterday) + More from Pennsylvania:
45: 2013-07-07: Don't discount the value of experience, even if its conclusions seem obvious to you now. You had to burn through naïveté to find them.
46: 2013-06-08: Spent 6 hours in central Athens, most of it sleeping. Good to see it hasn't burned down. Looks about the same as before the crash.
47: 2013-05-27: RT @ohboywhatashot: Vatican corrects infallible Pope: 'Atheists will burn in hell' ─►
48: 2013-05-21: Many young people burn brightly with creativity then grow dim, trapped in their own conundrums. Not many emit light all their lives.
49: 2013-05-12: @girlweena Right training, wrong order. It's burn condo, move, suicide. If you did the suicide first, you couldn't do the other two!
50: 2013-04-17: @ThatsWright Not all of us! Some of us will be burned and turned into air pollution. Others will be entombed in metal caskets for eons.
51: 2013-03-02: Burning ones past is not the same as making peace with it.
52: 2013-02-17: Superhero burnout is caused by compassion and good intentions exercised without boundaries and capacity controls.
53: 2013-01-04: Some stars burn brightly when young but are dim embers by middle age.
54: 2013-01-01: RT @KilroyCafe: Even after years of research and testing, there is still no clean-burning form of love.
55: 2012-12-09: RT @WSJ: "If you don't give the driver all the money, he'll drive you over a cliff." Mr. Burns explains the fiscal cliff: ...
56: 2012-10-30: I say the only way to lose weight is to eat less, but this shelf of fat-burning products says otherwise.
57: 2012-09-28: "An hour of jogging burns only about 150 calories above your basal metabolic rate, but it only takes 30 seconds to eat 150 cals of cookies."
58: 2012-09-28: "The problem is not that we don't burn enough calories; it's that we put too many calories down our neck." Fat Facts
59: 2012-09-23: Monthly supermarket irony: alleged fat-burning secrets on the same cover as recipes for rich desserts.
60: 2012-08-25: Just like training can help you run farther, training for cold can help you take lower temperatures comfortably while burning fat.
61: 2012-08-25: "Brown fat" is a newly discovered system that helps keep the body warm by burning conventional fat for heat... but you got to exercise it!
62: 2012-08-13: RT @mellimelle: I never burn bridges in case I ever need to cross them to blow up the whole town on the other side while they sleep. 
63: 2012-08-07: Don't burn your bridges, but if they're already burning don't rush back to save them. March onward, soldier!
64: 2012-07-27: RT @MailOnline: Why office workers burn off as many calories as their hunter-gatherer forebears
65: 2012-07-22: RT @latimes: Tony Robbins event leaves 21 burned after they walk on hot coals
66: 2012-07-02: Curiosity is the impulse to explore any anomaly in ones environment. Children possess it naturally, but in most adults it has burned out.
67: 2012-05-06: Ideally we should realize what a jerk we have been before we burn all our bridges. Alas, burning our bridges is usually part of the process.
68: 2012-04-30: If the fat burning secrets in women's magazines really worked, why would they need NEW fat burning secrets in the next month's issue?
69: 2012-04-30: Has there ever been a Cosmo issue without the words "sex", "orgasm" and "burn fat" on the cover?
70: 2012-04-26: RT @bprabawabr: @BadDalaiLama compassion, if practiced without wisdom, can burn both parties involved. Enabling dysfunction & burning th ...
71: 2012-04-22: I got ¥1000 burning a hole in my pocket. Should I invest ¥800 in some premium Hokkaido french fries? [pic]:
72: 2012-04-10: @LadyFriday Indeed awesome! But raises a vexing issue: Jones's or Jones'? (Same dilemma with Burns.)
73: 2012-01-25: The first thing drugs burn out is your personal initiative circuits, so you have no motivation to help yourself.
74: 2011-12-22: People find it easy to burn money—or time—when there seems to be a lot of it lying around, but there's never as much as you think.
75: 2011-12-22: Is time just for burning?
76: 2011-12-12: As a forest needs fire to clear out the dead wood, we all need an occasional catastrophe to burn off our delusions.
77: 2011-12-05: @JamieAndrewsUK Burn it! I wasn't impressed by my own performance. He tried to get me to declare I believed in UFOs, and I gave in.
78: 2011-12-03: There's nothing more pathetic than famous rock stars singing Christmas songs. Someone must burn those records!
79: 2011-11-26: First loves are training grounds, destined to fail. You have to burn through a few before you learn what's right.
80: 2011-10-04: Law prides itself on being rational, but because it comes ultimately from the people, it is often just institutionalized witch burning.
81: 2011-08-10: MIRACLE FAT-BURNING BREAKTHROUGH!!! — It's called "hunger". The longer you can tolerate the feeling, the more fat you'll lose.
82: 2011-05-05: "Boredom" to most people is having excess cognitive resources at their disposal. They will do anything to burn them up.
83: 2011-03-30: Burned bridges make the best toasted marshmallows.
84: 2011-03-13: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama Situational Ethics: Neighbor's house burns down? Offer shelter,food, etc. Homeless guy we see every day? Giv ...
85: 2011-03-12: RT @burntsugar: @BadDalaiLama gaaawd....
86: 2011-03-12: Never argue with a British person about whether an organization is singular or plural. They'll burn out their logic circuits!
87: 2011-02-28: A sociopath sees others as objects and has no empathy for their feelings (even if they can fake it). Their shame circuit is burned out.
88: 2011-01-17: @burntsugar "bluddy treckies :P" <== I'm trying to be metaphorical here.
89: 2011-01-15: .@jachy "How about 'until all the stars of the Milky Way burn out'?" <== You have stars in your eyes! I've seen this syndrome before.
90: 2011-01-08: Entertainment is like burning money—except you're burning time!
91: 2010-12-10: As a forest needs fire to clear out the dead wood, we all need an occasional catastrophe to burn off our delusions.
92: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: @TheBosha Mold may be life, but you can do better. The forest burned down for a reason.
93: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-01: Even after years of research and testing, there is still no clean-burning form of love.
94: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-19: Most of the people who would work out in a gym would never engage in useful physical labor to burn the same calories.
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