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1: 2018-01-18: Machiavelli to Trump: “Dude, you got no strategy. Read my book.”
2: 2018-01-03: My 2018 plan: Write two books.
3: 2017-10-30: "Demographic Doom: Why the World is Falling Apart" – my new book, not yet written. (It's written only in my head.)
4: 2017-10-08: Henry David Thoreau, a literary failure in his day, would be impressed by his book sales now. He'd say, "Fuck you! Fuck all of you!"
5: 2017-05-11: Reading books on self-improvement is not the same as self-improvement.
6: 2015-05-24: My book isn't "Anti-Marriage". I'm not saying marriage shouldn't exist, only that it may not be your own best choice.
7: 2015-03-31: History is crafted by those who write the history books.
8: 2015-03-19: The Deadening: How Life Sucks the Life Out of You and How to Stop It (proposed book title)
9: 2015-02-20: RT @Peripatetia: Amazon reviews of my 2013 book, "The Case Against Marriage"…
10: 2014-11-25: Maybe they should just have a book called Intelligence For Dummies™. Then they wouldn't need all those other For Dummies™ books.
11: 2014-11-16: "adult bookstore"=porn.
12: 2014-07-24: @ThatsWright 8’s a 10 in my book!
13: 2014-06-23: Literary Fact: That a book is on The New York Times bestseller list does not imply a Times endorsement. Just a bunch of idiots bought it.
14: 2014-05-10: Made some new updates to my cheap Europe airfare guide. If you plan to visit this summer, now is the time to book.
15: 2014-03-17: The oldest Machiavellian trick in the book: Nurture external enemies to consolidate power at home.
16: 2014-03-08: The first sub-5-star review of my book, The Case Against Marriage
17: 2014-02-21: Ms. Crabapple: "Bart, did you actually read the book?"
18: 2014-02-20: RT @kittybrucknell: I want a book publisher to take a look at @BadDalaiLama writings so badly. This guy needs some recognition!!! #amazing …
19: 2014-02-09: RT @kittybrucknell: The funniest book never finished. I DARE you not to laugh uncontrollably. My friend @BadDalaiLama wrote it...
20: 2014-01-20: Another 5-Star review of my book "The Case Against Marriage"
21: 2014-01-06: Language Police: Don't call them "books". That makes them sound dusty, irrelevant and wasteful of trees. Use "legacy media".
22: 2013-11-02: RT @TelegraphNews: New book warns liberal Swedish parenting has created nation of 'brats'
23: 2013-10-25: For the Luddites, troglodytes and theodolites among you, my book is now available in traditional printed form.
24: 2013-10-25: Just received my first copy of my first printed book in English at a Dunkin' Donuts in Queens, New York.
25: 2013-10-23: My book: 7 unsolicited five-star reviews on Amazon.
26: 2013-10-17: Cory Booker, new Senator from New Jersey. I like his haircut.
27: 2013-10-13: Still grappling with narcissism: a rewrite of my book chapter, "Selfishness vs. Narcissism" - 4-page PDF:
28: 2013-10-01: "Pleasure and Pain" - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life, my book under construction. (9 pages)
29: 2013-09-30: "What is Reality?" - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life, my book under construction.
30: 2013-09-21: The Internet is changing children's brains, just like television did, and books before that.
31: 2013-08-27: "The Case Against Marriage is fantastic! Just read it again for the 20th time. So much wisdom!"—Me, about my own book
32: 2013-08-18: "What is Reality? - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life (my book under construction)
33: 2013-08-12: Just because you read doesn't make you learned. There is as much crap in books and newspapers as there is on television.
34: 2013-07-26: My book "The Case Against Marriage" has just become available on B&N Nook (ebook)
35: 2013-07-16: "The Meaning of Life" (my book under construction) - tightening up the first 4 chapters (19-page PDF)
36: 2013-07-13: You need to love yourself before you can have meaningful relationships, but it's more important to Like my book.
37: 2013-07-13: My first philosophy book, The Case Against Marriage, is now available in an English-language paperback via Amazon.
38: 2013-06-30: "The Case Against Marriage is hands down the best book on relationships I've ever read."
39: 2013-06-29: "The best book I've ever read on how romantic relationships work." ~ another happy reader of
40: 2013-06-28: My most popular book: "The Case Against Marriage" with free chapter samples:
41: 2013-06-18: The main banner image has been updated on my book website:
42: 2013-06-05: My flight plan over the next 72 hours, including a day in Istanbul (booked before the current protests).
43: 2013-05-29: "Culture vs. Function" - my latest book chapter (6-page pdf)
44: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama Thank you very much. Thanks again and again. As you said, this book is a manifesto! "The Case Against Marr…
45: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama It's you, author of "The Case Against Marriage"! Thanks for your great book. I read in one breath! I love …
46: 2013-05-20: "Escape from Narcissism" - my latest book chapter (7-page pdf)
47: 2013-05-16: "a funny and wise book." First review of our 2nd book "Kilroy Cafe"
48: 2013-05-10: "The Nature of Reality" - my new book chapter in The Meaning of Life, completed today.
49: 2013-05-07: Introduction to my book "The Case Against Marriage" reprinted by Psychology Tomorrow Magazine:
50: 2013-05-04: @Rarus_Voluntas But the Canadian defense minister is not claiming that! His information came from the Corso book.
51: 2013-04-30: All of my books sell for "five": $5 for my current books and $50 or $500 for my earlier one.
52: 2013-04-29: "Kilroy Cafe", my second philosophy book, has just been released on Amazon Kindle. 68 essays.
53: 2013-04-26: "I still want to hold a book in my hands," said the Luddite.
54: 2013-04-25: @EllenMcCarthy You may be interested in my new book, "The Case Against Marriage" - Saves on wedding costs!
55: 2013-04-24: "Predictive Hedonism" - New chapter in our book-in-progress 'The Meaning of Life':
56: 2013-04-22: Buy my new book to contribute to a good cause: helping me avoid working for a living.
57: 2013-04-21: "A truthful and realistic look at marriage." Another five-star review of our book on Amazon
58: 2013-04-18: We are grateful to the Gecko for his nice little one-line review of our new book. Added to
59: 2013-04-15: "The most insightful book on relationships I have ever read."
60: 2013-04-15: Watch what you tweet about in Turkey (or write books about)
61: 2013-04-14: Download my new app! (formerly called a "book")
62: 2013-04-10: @djackmanson It is only available on Kindle for the next 90 days. What did the Kindle app do when you searched for the book?
63: 2013-04-09: "Not just a critique of marriage but one of the best books ever on romantic relationships." —Me, on my own book.
64: 2013-04-08: My new book, "The Case Against Marriage" is now available on Amazon Kindle
65: 2013-04-08: Just hit "Save and Publish" on the KIndle Books edition of "The Case Against Marriage".
66: 2013-04-04: "The Screenwriting Formula" - a book that totally changed my view of the movies. It's all about a flawed hero.
67: 2013-04-03: "The Meaning of Life" - First 21 pages of my book in progress (PDF).
68: 2013-03-30: Have you ever tried to read in a dream? You can't do it! You look at a book or a sign, but the words won't come into focus.
69: 2013-03-22: The Meaning of Life: Introduction (2nd chapter of a book in progress)
70: 2013-02-20: RT @girlweena: Book sequel: Zen and the Art of Riding a Motorcycle After Getting That Maintenance Crap Out of the Way.
71: 2013-02-20: "Superhero Fantasy Meets Reality" - sample chapter of a book under construction
72: 2013-02-16: "100 Tweets on Marriage" - a skeptical collection prepared today for my forthcoming book -
73: 2013-02-08: My first shot at voice acting, reading the preface of my new book, The Case Against Marriage
74: 2013-02-03: Intellectual growth is not just reading a book. It is going out to see if the book is true.
75: 2013-02-03: It is no proof of intellect to have read a lot of books and done a lot of crossword puzzles.
76: 2013-01-30: My book was mentioned today on Turkish television! (Bet that's never happened to YOU!)
77: 2013-01-27: @BadDalaiLama This is the tragic site where I completed the final manuscript of my first published book. Hitting "Send" to publisher.
78: 2013-01-23: "Social Pressure" - a 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
79: 2013-01-21: "The Credit Card of Life" - a new 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
80: 2013-01-13: "Love is not Charity" - a one page sample from the manuscript of my forthcoming book, A Case Against Marriage
81: 2013-01-07: Evliliğe Karşı by Glenn Campbell — Our new book, "Against Marriage" currently available only in Turkish. (Learn Turkish now!) See @Geoaktif
82: 2012-12-26: My Christmas present from Istanbul: My first published book! Now available by the pallet.
83: 2012-12-24: @lawnrocket Skeptical. "Experiences" = complication. What's wrong with plain old Hostelworld? Just book and go!
84: 2012-12-22: "Glenn Campbell on Marriage"" - New interview regarding my book released this week in Turkey.
85: 2012-12-19: Google's translated description of my Turkish book is amusing. Original catalog entry: Translated:
86: 2012-12-18: .@mariarfin The book title is an unpronounceable symbol, like the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
87: 2012-12-18: .@mariarfin The book is coming in English! Published in Turkey but probably available in Amazon. No schedule yet. Still got editing to do.
88: 2012-12-18: Here it is, my first non-self-published book! Hitting the streets of Turkey as we speak! What a hoot!
89: 2012-12-15: "The world is not in your books and maps. The world is out there!" — Gandalf the Gray
90: 2012-12-08: If a movie director is completely faithful to the book, he has missed the point of movies.
91: 2012-12-06: Preview of my forthcoming book in Turkish.
92: 2012-11-28: .@Nitapink No, this won't be a travel book, more a subversive philosophy work. Our goal is to be Banned in Ankara.
93: 2012-11-28: Plotting world domination with my publisher and translator. My first book coming soon to a Turkish bookstore near you!
94: 2012-11-28: Bookstore kitty, Istanbul ... More:
95: 2012-11-12: My first published book—a collection of my online essays—is hitting the shelves in early 2013... in Turkish! #notjoking
96: 2012-11-06: His Badliness rarely reads actual "books", but this new one by @RhodiHawk is much anticipated.
97: 2012-11-05: RT @HLMenckenBot: There are people who read too much: the #bibliobibuli. Some are constantly drunk on books, as other men are drunk on w ...
98: 2012-10-17: "The Superhero Handbook: A Do-Gooder's Guide to Saving the Planet" - 2008 book I forgot I wrote.
99: 2012-10-16: @EvilSchwartzie Paul Simon himself doesn't know. It's in his book.
100: 2012-10-16: JetBlue has a pretty decent fare sale if you book TODAY - Other airlines might match the fares.
101: 2012-09-26: All I knew about Tallinn when I arrived: No visa needed. € is the local currency. Crime risk low. Hostel booked. How to get to hostel.
102: 2012-07-24: Find a cheap airfare, book it and go. Simple! Why do people have to make travel so complicated?
103: 2012-07-08: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: If you're reading a book and you don't stop every two chapters or so to say "HOLY FUCK" or to sit and think, then i ...
104: 2012-05-09: "The Case Against Marriage" - my 7-chapter unfinished book from 2007
105: 2012-05-07: Paddle-to-the-Sea is a children's book about a toy Indian who travels the Great Lakes. I remember that now, as he would be passing this way.
106: 2012-04-22: What I blew my last yen on: chocolate, cheese crackers and giant comic books!
107: 2012-04-12: @SteveSeaquist Since when has a talk show booked a songwriter?
108: 2012-04-08: Thanks to @HostelWorld you don't need to plan a European tour. Just book your first night and figure out the rest on the fly. #exceptaugust
109: 2012-03-15: Roughly the equivalent of a terabyte hard drive. (Derby Square Bookstore, Salem, Mass.)
110: 2012-03-02: My main disability on the internet is that I've never read the book.
111: 2012-02-05: This rare book (circa 1979) is the most valuable guide to human behavior on Earth, ahead of even the DSM.
112: 2012-01-14: The BDL is now addiction free! No alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, junk food, television, book reading or possessional hoarding.
113: 2011-12-29: RT @PritsWire: @BadDalaiLama what's the difference between advice held in a book to improve yourself, and advice held in a tweet to impr ...
114: 2011-12-29: Bad Dalai Lama's self-help advice: Don't wait for a book or guru or New Years Eve or anything. Just do it, dumbass!
115: 2011-12-29: Is there a self-help book to cure people of self-help book addiction?
116: 2011-12-29: Isn't "self-help book" an oxymoron? If you are really going to help yourself, why do you need the book?
117: 2011-12-09: A Facebook friend writes about my "Case Against Marriage" book: "I disagree regarding the work's redundancy...
118: 2011-12-09: A short history of my "Case Against Marriage" book, just added to my Philosophy page.
119: 2011-12-09: Back in 2007, we started writing a book, "The Case Against Marriage". Got to 30 chapters!
120: 2011-12-07: Books — when you have 10-20 hours to kill and nothing better to use them for. Great for prisoners and shut-ins, like television with words!
121: 2011-12-07: People who say "You should write a book," are still trapped in the 20th Century.
122: 2011-11-28: RT @aedison: My Dad wrote the book on Jim Beam. Well, he did the research.
123: 2011-10-13: "I can't change because no one will help me" is the oldest excuse in the book.
124: 2011-10-10: RT @Kinniska: @BadDalaiLama oddly enough, I remember this from a Paul Theroux book...and it becomes the City of New Orleans when it cros ...
125: 2011-07-27: Just because you read a lot of books and articles doesn't make you an autodidact. Where is your direct experience with the world?
126: 2011-07-27: You can read books, look at photos and study maps of a place, but you can never really know it until you go there.
127: 2011-07-27: He who learns only from the Internet, books and television may have assembled some facts but is inevitably missing some critical ones.
128: 2011-07-04: TV watching? Book reading? If you got an active mind working on meaningful things, you ain't got time for that shit.
129: 2011-07-03: Recent tweeted essays: Paranoia Drugs Antidepressants Books
130: 2011-07-02: #### End. 1-hour essay: "Books"
131: 2011-07-02: The main cost of reading a book is "loss of opportunity"—i.e. the more productive things you could be doing with the time.
132: 2011-07-02: The main problem of reading a book is wading through the dull parts to get to the juicy and meaningful bits. The good parts aren't flagged!
133: 2011-07-02: When you say that a book changed your life, you don't usually mean the whole book but certain memorable parts of it—not the whole 20 hours.
134: 2011-07-02: The book persists in the modern world mainly because it is a large marketable unit where publishers can still make a little money.
135: 2011-07-02: The book is a product of the 15th Century innovation of moveable type. Is it still the most efficient way to convey information?
136: 2011-07-02: The traditional model of learning is a teacher forcing information into you in a sequence he deems appropriate. That's essentially a book.
137: 2011-07-02: In the 20 hours it takes to read a book, think of all you could accomplish in the real world.
138: 2011-07-02: Books were the video game scourge of an earlier generation.
139: 2011-07-02: When you read a book you're being controlled by someone else's thoughts. If you spend the time just thinking, you may accomplish a lot more.
140: 2011-06-22: "A home without books is a body without soul."—Cicero <== Dear Cis, can you translate that into internet terms? What is a "book"?
141: 2011-06-18: Just booked my escape route out of Cairo: a short flight to Athens. At $205, it's the most expensive part of the trip.
142: 2011-06-17: As a furloughed airline worker, I fly nearly for free. The catch: I can only fly standby, and flights are heavily booked this time of year.
143: 2011-05-13: A book author wants to quote from our 2006 article on human motivation: "Why Do People Do What They Do?" Not bad!
144: 2011-04-19: RT @KimOrDalai: RT Kim or Dalai? OMG I just got Tina Fey's new book Bossypants! Have u guys read it? Its amazing & thanks for the shout ...
145: 2011-04-11: The internet in Yin and Yang. For every gain, there is s loss. Amazon gives you low prices but has wiped out your local bookstore.
146: 2011-04-09: Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from golden tablets written in "Reformed Egyptian". I believe this completely.
147: 2011-03-26: @laurenahayes Amazon could have named itself "Internet Booksellers Inc", buy it chose an ambiguous name it could fill with its own meaning.
148: 2011-03-24: Catch-22: If you're writing books or teaching seminars on creativity and innovation then you obviously aren't doing it yourself.
149: 2011-03-22: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama You can read all the books about Paris you want, but you can only see Paris by seeing Paris.
150: 2011-03-21: Our channeler's earlier career as an Area 51 activist is recorded in the book "The Dreamland Chronicles" by David Darlington.
151: 2011-02-22: Creativity is proven only by action. No book, video, class or seminar can give it to you. Either you talk about it, or you do it!
152: 2011-02-03: Google "Love is not charity" and our 2007 book chapter is at the top. Surprisingly insightful! Romance is not parenting.
153: 2011-01-16: The book is a passing fad (albeit a 500-year-old one). Who today has 10-30 hours to devote to one work? It's an expensive hobby!
154: 2010-12-11: Why do adults sit in classrooms to learn things from textbooks? Can't they just read the book directly and cut out the middle man?
155: 2010-12-06: People who say "You should write a book," are still trapped in the 20th Century.
156: 2010-10-26: A director would not repeat the same movie, or the author the same book. Why, then, would a singer sing the same song?
157: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: A solid theory drives all great enterprises, from a book or movie to the founding of a nation.
158: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: You can have all the badges of intellect — the degrees, books and published papers — and still be devoid of curiosity.
159: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: If you are learning from a textbook, why do you need a teacher? Can't you just read the book yourself and cut out the middle man?
160: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: The printed book was the internet of its era. Now it's just another medium, useful only when you want to spend 10+ hours with one topic.
161: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: "You can't judge a book by its cover," but consumers universally do. Marketing, presentation and fostered delusion are everything.
162: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: A great movie (or book or song or life experience) is one that you wake up at night thinking about, years after you saw it.
163: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: "The clear distinction between Black and White is only in books. We mostly live in gray areas for the whole of our lives." @gauravkantgoel
164: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: Buy this book at Amazon while you still can: "The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush" - A future collector's item!
165: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: Book readers see themselves as a cultured bunch, but it can be just another form of addiction. Don't you have something better to do?
166: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: In the real world, there will always be a gap between what the rule books say and what is actually enforced. Life is lived in that space!
167: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: When you tell a lie, you commit yourself to two sets of books: the real accounting and the fake one. The problem is keeping them straight.
168: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-29: "Seven Years in Tibet" (the book) taught me much about how to survive and thrive under difficult circumstances.
169: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-31: What happened to the gold tablets written in Reformed Egyptian after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from them? God took em back!
170: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-31: The Book of Mormon is 500+ dense pages. The golden tablets it was translated from must have weighed TONS!
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