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1: 2018-11-11: President Trump announces he won’t be coming to your birthday party. You: 😢 ➡️ 🤔 ➡️ 😀 ➡️ 😂
2: 2018-04-23: “Kate leaves hospital hours after giving birth” — We should be grateful to the duchess for giving the royal family some supermom genes.
3: 2016-12-06: Cesarean births are affecting human evolution, allowing babies and mothers to survive who otherwise might not.
4: 2016-10-31: Don't call me #narcissistic, but here's an autographed photo of me for your birthday. I'm giving myself to you.
5: 2015-07-26: Small towns are proud to be the birthplace of a famous person, but he found fame only because he escaped, and he probably wouldn't go back.
6: 2015-07-04: An investment in an adult is not worth as much as an investment in a child, and that's not worth as much as an investment in birth control.
7: 2015-06-20: Anticipating the first birth selfie, where baby takes photo of self while exiting the womb. Only problem: how to smuggle a phone in there.
8: 2015-05-13: I get it: evil witch, but what is the threat exactly? Free birth control?
9: 2014-10-29: Pope goes insane. Says evolution, gays, birth control are okay. “Just forget that Bible stuff,” he says. @guardian
10: 2014-10-07: It's Putin's birthday. How are you celebrating? Here in Ukraine, we're enjoying this bizarre video.
11: 2014-02-05: RT @latimes: Facebook marks its 10th birthday by allowing you to create personalized "Look Back" videos
12: 2013-10-22: Kinda looking forward to the RFID implants and death panels of Obamacare. If they can throw in mandatory birth control, I'm a supporter!
13: 2013-04-15: The most effective form of birth control: imagining your life for the next 20 years.
14: 2012-12-24: Christianity is more pure and perfect to the believer when its birthplace is distant and inaccessible.
15: 2012-12-09: Ah, youth! When birthdays are milestones of pride not embarrassment. (cc @AbbigailEva)
16: 2012-09-26: Happy Birthday! I baked you a virtual cake and made you a virtual card and here's a gift certificate for Netflix. Glad Facebook reminded me!
17: 2012-09-09: New technology in feline birth control. (Riga, Latvia)
18: 2012-07-05: Birth control is one scientific advance that should have saved the world. Why, then, is the world population still exploding?
19: 2012-07-05: .@nipath11 Good one! Birth control is the only scientific advance that seems unquestionably good for mankind.
20: 2012-06-06: Non-narcissism is giving someone a birthday gift that is precisely tailored to their needs, not yours.
21: 2012-06-06: Narcissism is giving someone a birthday gift of an autographed photo of yourself.
22: 2012-05-12: My spirit animal is the mammal, because they're all adorable at birth with mothers who truly care for them. Then life gets harder.
23: 2012-05-05: At birth we are the center of the universe. Maturation is the long and painful process of recognizing we are only a peripheral player.
24: 2012-04-30: Intelligence isn't handed to you at birth. You earn it by making hard choices to discipline your emotions.
25: 2012-04-04: It's sad Catholicism can't tolerate homosexuality, birth control, etc., but get over it. What about "religion" do you not understand?
26: 2012-03-29: Every live birth runs a substantial risk of birth defects. What rational person would spin that roulette wheel?
27: 2012-02-08: I just registered a new website, to record the happy birth of this new word. It's a boy! (or is it a girl?)
28: 2012-01-22: @noahWG You just pegged your own birth at 1974 or later.
29: 2012-01-01: Based on this FB birthday greeting, I would totally get divorced with this law firm!
30: 2011-12-19: Facebook won't let me enter Timeline dates before my birth. Bummer! How am a supposed to chronicle my ancestors back to Eve?
31: 2011-11-29: New England is full of historic birthplaces of once-famous dead people who no one today has ever heard of.
32: 2011-11-22: 48 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, ruining my birthday forever.
33: 2011-10-27: The totalitarian regime of China has accomplished a humanitarian goal no democracy could pull off: regulate births.
34: 2011-10-14: People shouldn't be judged for the circumstances of their birth, but their habitual adult behavior cannot be overlooked.
35: 2011-10-10: Ohio calls itself the "Birthplace of Aviation"—meaning Orville and Wilbur Wright were born here (but flew their plane in North Carolina).
36: 2011-09-18: Human birth is a miracle. The question is whether you are truly equipped and qualified to wield that miracle yourself.
37: 2011-09-05: Identical twins separated at birth have many traits in common but also investments that greatly distinguish them.
38: 2011-06-17: #### End live one-hour essay: "Alien Birth Control"
39: 2011-06-17: Alien-imposed birth control should be released only when the humans prove they can procreate responsibly.
40: 2011-06-17: Most of the world's problems stem from unrestricted birth. The most ill-equipped have the babies—and far too many of them.
41: 2011-06-15: RT @annielederman: My birth control pills have completely destroyed my libido. Man, those things really work!
42: 2011-06-01: RT @ebertchicago: Clint Eastwood's birthday, and how Dirty Harry got a female partner. (Earlier tweet led to a bad page) ...
43: 2011-04-19: The exact sites of Jesus' birth, life and death seem speculative, since he was gone for centuries before anyone tried to pin them down.
44: 2011-04-12: Nationalism: "I'm proud to be a [fill in your birth nationality]! It can be construed to be the best country in the world!"
45: 2011-01-28: @kwistred "vegemite is delicious" <== If you've been raised on something from birth, anything is delicious, even brewer's yeast residue.
46: 2011-01-18: The most insecure people are those who owe their whole identity to their birth circumstances. They can never say, "I did this myself!"
47: 2011-01-03: One congenital disease, autism, afflicts 1 in 110. Add other disorders, and the risks of birth are extraordinary. Who would play such odds?
48: 2010-12-26: BETHLEHEM — Christmas message from the birthplace of Christ: TURN OFF THE DAMN INTERNET AND DO SOMETHING! (#24)
49: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Touring the Church of the Nativity, alleged site of Jesus' birth, on Christmas Eve! (Video #20)
50: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — Bagpipes on Christmas Eve! TODAY!! Not the procession you'd expect at Jesus' birthplace. (Video #19)
51: 2010-12-15: Today is the 3-month birthday of His Holiness. The score: @BadDalaiLama: 690. Some other lama: 1,138,226
52: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-18: Separated at birth? Actor J.K. Simmons and G.P. Campbell.
53: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-28: Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton — separated at birth?
54: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-13: WARNING: Consumption of alcohol prior to conception can increase the chance of birth defects... and birth!
55: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: The only solution to world hunger and disease is birth control. If you try to solve these problems without it you only make matters worse.
56: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: Catholic Church — cult known for its inquisitions, crusades, breeding of pedophiles and opposition to birth control, all in the name of God.
57: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-07: Birth gave you two things without your consent: your body and your family. Both are imperfect, but you have to accommodate them.
58: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-30: "Gender at Time of Birth" now appears on government health forms, because "Gender" alone doesn't cover everything.
59: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-08: NY Times: "Birth Order: Fun to Debate, but How Important? "
60: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-20: Hey you know who's birthday it is? Adoph "Der Feurer" Hitler! He's 120 today. He was the Big Man of the 20th Century, I'll say that!
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