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1: 2018-01-22: ⏱☠️ Every time I visit a shopping mall in America, they get sadder and emptier. Retail Apocalypse is coming!
2: 2015-02-22: One adult male produces enough sperm to inseminate every woman on Earth. Good to know in case of an apocalyptic male shortage.
3: 2014-08-04: Advice for the Zombie Apocalypse: All the zombies live in New York and L.A., so stay out of New York and L.A. (Duh!)
4: 2014-06-02: When planning your post-apocalyptic road trip, realize that you'll have to do it without gasoline.
5: 2013-12-21: New York City tourist advice: Get out now, while you still can, before they close the bridges and tunnels for the Zombie Apocalypse.
6: 2013-06-28: Those apocalypse movies where everyone is trying to escape from New York ain't nothin' compared to getting out of DC on a Friday afternoon.
7: 2012-06-04: The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse: lots and lots of hand sanitizer. And zombie repellent. Also zombie apocalypse insurance.
8: 2012-06-04: People obsess over a zombie apocalypse without preparing for an ordinary apocalypse. Zombies get all the press.
9: 2012-05-21: The Greek Apocalypse may become, in practice, the Greek Diaspora, where everyone with the means leaves the country.
10: 2012-05-08: (Jingle of the Apocalypse.)
11: 2012-04-07: RT @YWIR: Every day that isn't the apocalypse just brings the apocalypse one day closer.
12: 2011-10-15: There's nothing more depressing than preparing for the Apocalypse but waking up the next day and finding you're still here. Bummer!
13: 2011-10-02: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!" My new advice video filmed today at Wesleyan University. (21:21)
14: 2011-09-24: Hollywood armageddon involves alien invasion, viral infection or nuclear war, but the real apocalypse will be economic.
15: 2011-07-01: I acknowledge losing the main argument: Legalizing hard drug use would not necessarily create a Zombie Apocalypse. It didn't in Portugal.
16: 2011-07-01: You want a Zombie Apocalypse? Legalize hard drugs and see what happens.
17: 2011-05-22: Video Postcard: End of the World in Times Square. 1:30 - Filmed just before the Apocalypse last night.
18: 2011-04-11: More photos from a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
19: 2011-04-11: Post-apocalyptic wasteland. Oregon.
20: 2011-01-01: 2010 Highlights: Gary, Indiana: Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Ghost Church More (Apr)
21: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-03: Naming your apocalyptic movie "2012" doesn't bode well for DVD sales three years from now.
22: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-31: Some kind of POST-APOCALYPTIC NIGHTMARE!? How else to explain why everyone's trying to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK the same Friday afternoon I am?
23: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-21: Attending a meeting of the Clark County Commission (Las Vegas) -- i.e. Post-apocalyptic Armageddon management in action!
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