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1: 2015-08-12: We Agnostics have to stand together against the Atheist scourge. What proof do they have that there is no God?
2: 2013-08-19: Atheism is for former religious believers who still want absolutes. If you can tolerate uncertainty, be agnostic.
3: 2013-08-19: If you were skeptical of major religions but did not have all the answers about the universe, you'd call yourself agnostic, not the atheist.
4: 2013-08-19: @UnimpressedInEd Atheist carries a connotation of negation. "All gods are false". It implies you've tested every claim. Why not "agnostic"?
5: 2013-01-08: My position on UFOs and Area 51. New blog entry. - In short: Agnostic.
6: 2012-12-13: God is irrelevant to my life. I can make good decisions without Him. Whether He exists is irrelevant too. Why should we care? #agnostic
7: 2012-12-13: An atheist is a fundamentalist agnostic. It is enlightened to say you don't know. It is religious to claim you know for sure.
8: 2011-12-21: I am a UFO agnostic. If aliens exist, I'm just grateful that they're staying out of our business.
9: 2011-12-10: Any black-and-white moron can be an atheist. It takes subtlety to be an agnostic.
10: 2011-12-10: RT @BrunoG_: @BadDalaiLama Agnostics are just pussys who are afraid of offending people with different convictions.
11: 2011-11-10: Existentialism isn't an atheist philosophy but an agnostic one. We don't know what lies beyond this life. All we know is our current world.
12: 2011-07-03: "Our grandest pretenses conceal not evil or ugliness, but emptiness." @agnosticcc
13: 2011-05-10: Do not pretend to make conclusions based on that which can not be demonstrated. #agnosticism
14: 2011-05-08: RT @agnosticcc: Spent a lot of time with "loved ones" and "people who are close to me" today, so you can imagine the kind of mood I'm in.
15: 2011-03-30: Agnostics are to atheists what quiet Christians are to born-again, Bible-thumping evangelicals.
16: 2011-02-03: RT @agnosticcc: My mom is upset because I ignored her request to be my mother on Facebook. What? Facebook gave me the choice.
17: 2011-01-31: RT @agnosticcc: The vikings were the most aggressive of conquerors, determined to bring the clean, modern lines of their furniture to a ...
18: 2010-11-14: The agnostic says he doesn't know if there is a God. It is the only rational position given the lack of evidence.
19: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Atheism itself is a religion, based on assumptions taken on faith. How do you know there's no God? Agnostic is better: We just don't know.
20: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: Existentialism isn't an atheist philosophy but an agnostic one. We don't know what lies beyond this life. All we know is this one.
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