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1: 2017-11-21: Brace yourselves for the coming sexual misconduct allegations against Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Edward R. Morrow.
2: 2017-11-17: Roy Moore is the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy against his right wing candidacy, because if there's anything Mitch McConnell hates it's more Republicans in the Senate. #fakenews #witchhunt #draintheswamp
3: 2017-10-17: The most unrealistic part of Star Wars is humanity uniting against an oppressive empire. Conservative voters would welcome Lord Darth.
4: 2017-03-31: On My Bucket List: Testify against my former associates in exchange for immunity from prosecution.
5: 2017-03-01: The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth (Baby Bomb Part 5) - My new video released today (13 min)
6: 2017-03-01: A key point from my new video, "The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth"
7: 2016-11-12: Never underestimate the ability of stupid people to vote against their own best interests.
8: 2015-08-12: We Agnostics have to stand together against the Atheist scourge. What proof do they have that there is no God?
9: 2015-08-01: Antisuperpredilectarianism: discrimination against those who do things well - My new 18-minute video on a new word:
10: 2015-05-24: Before you rally against something, be sure you understand what you are going to replace it with and how it will work in real life.
11: 2015-04-12: My act of grammatical rebellion against American hegemony is placing my punctuation outside "quotation marks". Anything else is "insanity."
12: 2015-02-20: RT @Peripatetia: Amazon reviews of my 2013 book, "The Case Against Marriage"…
13: 2014-12-27: Take a stand against connected logic. Do what feels good. Don't ask why. If the results are bad, religion will save you.
14: 2014-08-27: All the monsters of horror movies cannot compare to the terror of someone you once loved turning against you.
15: 2014-08-22: Truth is not a popularity contest. Even if you had a billion people voting against the law of gravity, gravity would still win.
16: 2014-08-17: antisuperpredilectarianism — n. discrimination against people who do things well (word I invented just now)
17: 2014-08-09: RT @joshmarte83: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes…
18: 2014-07-31: Israel has a right to defend itself against Palestinians defending themselves. Alas, every war is like that.
19: 2014-07-28: anticompetism — n. discrimination against those who are competent, creative and responsible by those who aren't
20: 2014-06-30: Virtue discrimination: the bias against intelligence, competence and responsibility. Those without these things are always out to get you.
21: 2014-06-06: I believe no one should be persecuted or discriminated against for their religious beliefs, no matter how asinine they may be.
22: 2014-06-01: "Why not a partnership charter?" - A comment on The Case Against Marriage:
23: 2014-05-15: Paranoia is out to get you—and it will, unless you consciously defend against it.
24: 2014-05-15: Paranoia is everywhere. It exists wherever humans do. Paranoia is out to get you—and it will, unless you consciously defend against it.
25: 2014-05-15: Fully equality can be achieved only by a quota system that discriminates against people who are otherwise qualified for the job.
26: 2014-05-09: On My Bucket List: Demonstrate first pass, single shot lethality against high speed maneuvering targets on land and at sea. (@DailyMailUS)
27: 2014-04-28: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
28: 2014-03-14: Narcissistic self-pity = "Woe is me! There's no point in trying because the world is against me." Reality: The world doesn't care that much.
29: 2014-03-08: The first sub-5-star review of my book, The Case Against Marriage
30: 2014-02-11: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
31: 2014-01-29: RT @MrVinayPatil: Sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupid.
32: 2014-01-20: Another 5-Star review of my book "The Case Against Marriage"
33: 2013-12-24: Suicide is less a personal solution than an attempt to manipulate others or express your grudge against the universe.
34: 2013-12-16: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
35: 2013-12-08: RT @BenjaminDMiller: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
36: 2013-11-24: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
37: 2013-11-16: RT @BenjaminDMiller: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
38: 2013-10-23: Cast your vote for or against domestic violence.
39: 2013-10-17: @NIETZSCHESOURCE Logic, Freddy! If you have the whole world against you, you don't have any friends.
40: 2013-09-28: Prison is a place where you're held against your will without internet access.
41: 2013-09-27: The paradox of youth: rebelling against authority but lacking the discipline or direction to survive without it.
42: 2013-09-25: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
43: 2013-09-20: Promo selfie for The Case Against Marriage
44: 2013-09-15: The Case Against Marriage - some prototype promo text for the back cover of print edition.
45: 2013-09-12: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
46: 2013-08-27: "The Case Against Marriage is fantastic! Just read it again for the 20th time. So much wisdom!"—Me, about my own book
47: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes h…
48: 2013-08-12: The Case Against Marriage - two new FIVE STAR reviews posted on Amazon.
49: 2013-08-04: I would like to take a stand against akrasia but I just don't have the strength.
50: 2013-08-02: "The Case Against Marriage" now available on iTunes! (See the iBooks app on your iPhone/iPad.)
51: 2013-08-01: You're struggling to get ahead in a field that you're just not good at. Practicing, hitting your head against it but not getting anywhere.
52: 2013-07-26: My book "The Case Against Marriage" has just become available on B&N Nook (ebook)
53: 2013-07-18: No need to visit Turkey! Turkish speakers can now order the translation of The Case Against Marriage on Amazon:
54: 2013-07-15: The Case Against Marriage is now available as an eBook on Smashwords (the first step to getting it on iTunes).
55: 2013-07-13: Thanks to Amazon's mindless bots, here is the review consensus on The Case Against Marriage.
56: 2013-07-13: My first philosophy book, The Case Against Marriage, is now available in an English-language paperback via Amazon.
57: 2013-06-30: "The Case Against Marriage is hands down the best book on relationships I've ever read."
58: 2013-06-28: My most popular book: "The Case Against Marriage" with free chapter samples:
59: 2013-06-27: @glennbeck @catoposey This quote added to the Celebrity Quotes section of our Case Against Marriage website:
60: 2013-06-18: RT @washingtonpost: Erdogan's deputy: Government is prepared to use the armed forces against protesters
61: 2013-06-16: I'm staying in the hostel for now. At least we can close the windows against the tear gas. @BadDalaiLama
62: 2013-06-16: RT @GabbyStern1: Erdogan tries to inflict 'decisive blow' against protesters before Sunday pro-govt rally: @wsjemre
63: 2013-06-09: The euphoria of revolution is no less dangerous than the authority one is fighting against.
64: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama Thank you very much. Thanks again and again. As you said, this book is a manifesto! "The Case Against Marr…
65: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama It's you, author of "The Case Against Marriage"! Thanks for your great book. I read in one breath! I love …
66: 2013-05-27: Anti-gay marriage protesters make a powerful statement.., in favor of whatever they are rallying against!
67: 2013-05-14: New cover art for our Facebook timeline for "The Case Against Marriage"
68: 2013-05-14: Many will argue for or against gay marriage. Few will question marriage itself.
69: 2013-05-13: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
70: 2013-05-13: My new video introduction to "The Case Against Marriage" - What is marriage anyway?
71: 2013-05-12: If it's Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentines Day, choose your expressed emotions wisely. Anything you say or do can be used against you.
72: 2013-05-07: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case Against Marriage:
73: 2013-05-07: Introduction to my book "The Case Against Marriage" reprinted by Psychology Tomorrow Magazine:
74: 2013-05-06: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
75: 2013-05-03: Glenn Campbell "Cultural Mafia" interview regarding The Case Against Marriage
76: 2013-04-25: @EllenMcCarthy You may be interested in my new book, "The Case Against Marriage" - Saves on wedding costs!
77: 2013-04-18: "The Case Against Marriage" — price increase will take effect within the next 12 hours. $3.95 now. $5.00 tomorrow.
78: 2013-04-16: Our new Facebook page for "The Case Against Marriage"
79: 2013-04-11: Audio: Preface of "The Case Against Marriage" read by the author. New, cleaner 2-minute recording.
80: 2013-04-08: My new book, "The Case Against Marriage" is now available on Amazon Kindle
81: 2013-04-08: Just hit "Save and Publish" on the KIndle Books edition of "The Case Against Marriage".
82: 2013-04-01: I built them as a kid, but for deterrent effect against hostile Indians I think you would want a different name.
83: 2013-03-19: Your first defense against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is preemptive traumatic event avoidance.
84: 2013-03-11: "The Case Against Marriage" - proposed blurb for the back cover What do your think?
85: 2013-02-18: Maybe there is no conspiracy against you. Maybe you're just a dick and no one wants to deal with you.
86: 2013-02-11: @girlweena I don't think you're cut out for politics. Exhibit A: You have a Twitter, which every other Pope contestant will use against you.
87: 2013-02-08: My first shot at voice acting, reading the preface of my new book, The Case Against Marriage
88: 2013-02-03: True intellect is constantly testing your own limitations against the constraints of the outside world.
89: 2013-01-30: TEST READERS WANTED. If you want to read The Case Against Marriage before publication, I am looking for guinea pigs.
90: 2013-01-24: "The Meaning of Life" - 1-page sample from the final chapter of The Case Against Marriage. Putting 'er to bed!
91: 2013-01-23: "Social Pressure" - a 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
92: 2013-01-22: Walking under a coconut tree? No problem; statistics are in your favor. Sleeping under a coconut tree? Statistics turn against you.
93: 2013-01-21: "The Credit Card of Life" - a new 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
94: 2013-01-15: "Once upon a time, Europe got married" - another 1-page sample from The Case Against Marriage
95: 2013-01-13: "Love is not Charity" - a one page sample from the manuscript of my forthcoming book, A Case Against Marriage
96: 2013-01-13: Some of today's tweets are brought to you by "The Case Against Marriage" - now in final assembly in English.
97: 2013-01-07: Evliliğe Karşı by Glenn Campbell — Our new book, "Against Marriage" currently available only in Turkish. (Learn Turkish now!) See @Geoaktif
98: 2013-01-04: I am hard at work on the English manuscript for "A Case Against Marriage". Until then, you'll have to learn Turkish.
99: 2013-01-03: People who are cool need to stick together with others who are cool and avoid the uncool like the plague. It's us against them!
100: 2012-12-28: Gentlemen, we must stand firm against parthenogenesis, for it threatens the entire race of Man.
101: 2012-12-22: @siskonen @mariarfin "The Case Against Marriage"
102: 2012-12-17: RT @Telegraph: Arsenal show their attacking intent against Reading... <== Apparently Britons also have a problem with school violence.
103: 2012-12-11: The war against drugs isn't working, but that doesn't imply treatment works either. Maybe nothing works except personal choice.
104: 2012-11-21: RT @HLMenckenBot: All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him a ...
105: 2012-11-09: The case against legalizing pot: Drug abusers are excellent con artists. via @hysell
106: 2012-11-06: "The Case Against Marriage" - New YouTube version of my 2-hour 2009 lecture at Daytona State College (audio only)
107: 2012-08-31: @aristosophy Be not cynical, Little One. Changing minds is possible, but you must sail with the winds, not against them.
108: 2012-08-05: RT @KilroyCafe: Lawmaking is a neverending arms race against the pernicious effects of previous laws.
109: 2012-07-20: "Crazy" is a mind at war with itself, working against ones own self-interest. Usually involves some paranoia—seeing imaginary threats.
110: 2012-07-14: "The end to modern medicine as we know it." ==> Why antibiotics are losing the war against bacteria
111: 2012-07-13: Walk under a coconut tree, no problem. You got statistics in your favor. Sleep under a coconut tree and the stats turn against you.
112: 2012-07-07: Stupid people are not harmless. When they run up against something frustrating they don't understand, they often turn mean.
113: 2012-07-06: RT @MailOnline: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce: Scientologists urge followers to take action against negative reports ...
114: 2012-07-01: "Rage Against Walmart" - My 12-min video of yesterday's protest in LA's Chinatown. Diving in all the way!
115: 2012-06-30: How are YOU saving the planet? I'M raging against Walmart! Right now!
116: 2012-06-29: Join me tomorrow in Chinatown in Los Angeles as we RAGE AGAINST WAL-MART. Oooo, I love a rage!
117: 2012-05-28: @OneFaithLove Rant noted, but no sense in ranting against that which you can't change. History always brings shifts, good and bad.
118: 2012-05-25: Narcissistic irony is seizing upon the times that chance turns against you and citing them as evidence that the world is out to get you.
119: 2012-05-22: Elephants never forget a grudge. Anything you ever said or did can be recalled and used against you. This makes them assholes sometimes.
120: 2012-05-09: "BAN GAY MARRIAGE (heterosexual marriage, too!)" - My case against marriage in a single page (2008).
121: 2012-05-09: His Badliness lecturing against marriage at Daytona College in 2008 (audio files)
122: 2012-05-09: "The Case Against Marriage" - my 7-chapter unfinished book from 2007
123: 2012-05-06: Twitter is a conservative environment where if you speak AGAINST drugs, alcohol or casual sex you must be some kind of hippie commie freak.
124: 2012-04-03: Depressed people see imaginary patterns working against them. Euphoric people see patterns in their favor. Both are deluded.
125: 2012-04-03: Apophenia is a key element of paranoia. Random events are seen an evidence of the conspiracy against you.
126: 2012-03-15: You've heard of sexism, racism and ageism. What's the "ism" for discriminating against single people and pressuring them to get married?
127: 2012-02-01: RT @hooperest: @BadDalaiLama not everyone. The ones that created the bubble make money betting on it increasing and then hedging against ...
128: 2012-01-14: There is a huge industry in honoring people who failed to get out of the way of projectiles hurled against them.
129: 2011-12-19: It is a lot easier to protest against something than for something, especially if you can't decide what you want.
130: 2011-12-09: A Facebook friend writes about my "Case Against Marriage" book: "I disagree regarding the work's redundancy...
131: 2011-12-09: Our one-page crusade against marriage (gay or otherwise).
132: 2011-12-09: A short history of my "Case Against Marriage" book, just added to my Philosophy page.
133: 2011-12-09: "You're probably not going to listen to me, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway." Case Against Marriage:
134: 2011-12-09: Back in 2007, we started writing a book, "The Case Against Marriage". Got to 30 chapters!
135: 2011-11-22: Sigh! My teen was supposed to testify against her ex-BF, but then LIED on the stand, said she knew nothing. Sigh!
136: 2011-11-10: There may be some satisfaction in defying authority and going against the grain, but that's not the same as having an identity of your own.
137: 2011-10-28: To be against marriage doesn't mean you are against love. It only means you don't want money to come between you.
138: 2011-10-19: The greatest disasters of the future will be caused by things that we have created—our own technology turned against us.
139: 2011-10-15: "The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it." ~ John Locke via @philoquotes
140: 2011-09-21: Shouldn't there be a law against walking and skyping at the same time?
141: 2011-09-16: In Times Square, a black preacher argues against equal rights My newly stabilized video, filmed on the Rapture.
142: 2011-08-06: Rare are the people who aren't working against themselves, who are who they claim to be and who exhibit only one personality, not multiple.
143: 2011-07-08: Future Apartheid will pit the intellectual races in protected enclaves against the worker classes outside—kinda like the suburbs today.
144: 2011-07-03: Avoid being generous to a jerk. Don't give him more than you have to—especially information—because it could be used against you.
145: 2011-07-02: If someone is inherently paranoid, you must be careful about the information you give him, because it could be used against you.
146: 2011-07-02: The paranoid sees such great threats against him that any response seems like reasonable self-defense, hence the violence.
147: 2011-06-10: What is your best defense against tornados, sharks, airplane crashes, serial killers and terrorist attacks? Statistics!
148: 2011-05-08: You say: "You can't do that. It's against the law." I say: "What law? Whose law? What's the penalty? What's the chance of getting caught?"
149: 2011-05-06: It's not just the White Christian Anglo-Saxon males who are discriminated against, but especially the bald ones!
150: 2011-05-06: AD 1969—NBC cancels Star Trek after only three seasons. Ethnic discrimination against the White male? #whiteoppression
151: 2011-04-27: Movies usually offer an optimistic view of human change. The odds may be stacked against the hero, but he'll find a way to overcome them.
152: 2011-04-02: When someone uses straw man against you, there's really no defense. They've gone paranoid, and all you can do is withdraw.
153: 2011-04-01: Everyone is a minority in some way, and all of us have been discriminated against, but the main thing holding you down is you!
154: 2011-03-26: @AddamBONGG "you mean as in .. the law is biased .. as in mass persecution" <== As in: "I have the right to hit my head against this wall."
155: 2011-03-26: @laurenahayes In our sample size of 4, we have 3 for, one against. Only 1953 votes left! (Of course, reasons matter, too!)
156: 2011-03-13: RT @dykemovies: The Vatican is against surrogate mothers. Good thing they didn't have that rule when Jesus was born. - Elayne Boosler
157: 2011-03-01: Valedictorian speaks against standardized schooling. YouTube: (via @lolahayes) Too funny! Well, yeah!
158: 2011-02-25: Boundaries are when you decide for yourself what you can and cannot do and actively defend those lines against the encroachment of others.
159: 2011-02-20: The fundamental struggle of life is against your own fatalism and inertia.
160: 2011-02-08: RT @santhonythomas: Apparently by constantly having sex with my stalkers I'm "encouraging them". Why is the system so against the black ...
161: 2011-01-29: I won't go to Egypt if the State Dept. advises against it. - Palestine is one thing. An active civil war is another.
162: 2011-01-07: Cocaine Vaccine (@lolahayes) <== There is no vaccine against temptation. The addict will just switch drugs.
163: 2011-01-04: Giving out information, like selling a product, entails risk—that it will be defective, naively used or used against you.
164: 2010-12-29: Life is a struggle against passivity and inertia. The first step to solving any problem is to take control and stop being a victim.
165: 2010-12-05: Essay: His Holiness speaks out against gay marriage. (heterosexual marriage, too!)
166: 2010-11-08: WARNING: Any adult regarded as "high maintenance" is someone you don't need in your life. Anything you do for them will be used against you.
167: 2010-10-28: No one should be discriminated against for his sexual preferences, religious beliefs or political affiliations. They are all equally insane!
168: 2010-10-18: Whenever you fight against something, you are trapping yourself in the world of the thing you are fighting against.
169: 2010-10-15: The most common and pernicious form of censorship is practiced by the individual against himself to defend his own investments.
170: 2010-09-26: Paranoia is a defense against loneliness. If the CIA is bugging your phone and aliens are probing your mind, at least somebody cares!
171: 2010-09-21: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against you.
172: 2010-09-19: You will never know your true limits until you are pushed against them.
173: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: Educating children against something (drugs, etc.) usually has the opposite effect, teaching them how to rebel against ...
174: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-19: RT @BadDalaiLama: You will never know your true limits until you are pushed against them.
175: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: It is foolish to educate teenagers against something, like drugs or drunk driving, because you'll just make them want to try it.
176: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Lawmaking is a never-ending arms race against the destructive effects of previous laws.
177: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-09: We elevate celebrities to the status of royalty just so we can revolt against them and prove they are no better than the rest of us.
178: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: Lawmaking is a neverending arms race against the pernicious effects of previous laws.
179: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: You primary defense against abusive power is your ability to hold your tongue.
180: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-23: Evil is a deception committed against oneself then projected outward onto the world.
181: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-06: The most common and pernicious form of censorship is practiced by the individual against himself to protect his own investments.
182: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." — Winston Churchill
183: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-06: A true impersonator is called against his will. People keep saying "You look like him!" until you finally give in.
184: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-06: Left-wing nutcases hold noisy and useless rallies against non-specific foes like "violence".
185: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: When someone is paranoid, they are inherently dangerous, because they can easily turn against you in "self defense".
186: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: A prison can be a cell you are thrown into against your will — or a construction of your own free choice that sneaks up on you slowly.
187: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: An inmate on Nevada's Death Row has hung himself in his cell. That's against the law!
188: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-30: My new philosophy essay: "Boundaries: Your Defense Against Chaos" (Kilroy Cafe #56)
189: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: You are never going to know your own limits until you are pushed up against them.
190: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: Your first defense against junk food is in the shopping phase. Just don't buy it, because if you do you're going to eat it.
191: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: Most paranoid delusions assume, falsely, that you are important enough to others that they would bother to conspire against you.
192: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: Nobody thinks about the mosquito, about her short life and how the odds are stacked against her. Makes you want to give generously!
193: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-30: The next Civil War will pit the Waffle House states against the Dunkin' Donuts states.
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