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1: 2017-03-14: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal pre-existing dysfunctions, only give them a safe place to flourish.
2: 2017-03-10: With addiction, belief is everything. If you believe you can get off drugs, you will. If you don't believe, you won't.
3: 2017-03-09: Addiction defined – clip from my latest YouTube video: " Addiction: Disease or Choice?" at
4: 2017-03-07: "Addiction: Disease or Choice?" - my new philosophy video released today. (26 min)
5: 2016-11-11: The measure of your caffeine addiction is how long a line you are willing to wait in at Starbucks.
6: 2016-06-07: RT @guardian: Why it's wrong to call addiction a disease | Marc Lewis
7: 2015-12-11: Youth is a form of addiction. You feel so good about your new-found freedom that you overdose and end up losing it.
8: 2015-09-21: It used to make me happy, but now it doesn't. Now it just makes me unhappy when I don't have it. #addiction
9: 2015-05-24: The root cause of addiction is not the drug, but the environment.
10: 2015-03-02: Addiction in its simplest form (5 minute animation)
11: 2015-02-17: “Warren Buffett calls sugar-based manufacturers a ‘dream business’ for selling addictive products without fear of regulation” @TheEconomist
12: 2015-01-06: Insightful article on addiction: The best way to change behavior is to change ones environment.
13: 2014-11-18: stuffoholic — person addicted to the acquisition, maintenance and protection of stuff. Defined by possessions, they have no other identity.
14: 2014-10-22: Dear selfie addict: Try turning the camera around and see what you find. There's an amazing world out there!
15: 2014-09-01: Saving lives is not a paramount goal. No sense in saving a drug addict if she goes on to bear children.
16: 2014-07-31: The Betty Ford Clinic For Selfie Addiction — if it existed, I could recommend some clients.
17: 2014-05-19: For some drug addicts, the only thing that's going to save them is a nice long prison sentence. You pray for it, for their own sake.
18: 2014-05-10: I look back on my caffeine addiction as years of shame. I did things then I could never imagine now. Restroom every hour. No self-esteem.
19: 2014-05-07: Big news on billboards everywhere! The alcoholic or caffeinated beverage you are already addicted to has a new packaging design!
20: 2014-04-29: The most glorious benefit of not being addicted to caffeine is going all day without peeing. Can you imagine such a thing?
21: 2014-03-26: Before and after photos of drug addicts. I wish I didn't know people like this but I do: @DailyMailUS
22: 2014-03-21: A popular misconception about vampires is they're stylish and good-looking. Truth is, most of them look like drug addicts.
23: 2014-03-19: Dear selfie addicts: Turn the camera around. Point it at the world. See what you find.
24: 2014-03-16: Russia is like an addict who stays clean for a few years then falls back into it. The lure of authoritarianism is just too great.
25: 2014-03-08: Addiction is waking up in a moment of clarity, realizing how badly you have screwed up your life, then going back to drugs in despair.
26: 2014-03-06: What is The best place to get drugs? An addiction support meeting, of course! via @nytimes
27: 2014-03-01: @MinnieGupta There is help for selfie addiction but you have to want to change.
28: 2014-03-01: There is hope for selfie addiction, but the first step is you have to want to change. Treatment can't begin if you don't see a problem.
29: 2014-02-28: In the spirit of giving back to our community, this Twitter feed will donate 10% of its bandwidth to promoting selfie addiction awareness.
30: 2014-02-10: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal the dysfunctions each partner had when they began.
31: 2014-02-02: The hidden shame of property porn addiction
32: 2014-01-25: There is an underworld in society, a horror movie of addiction and dysfunction just below the surface. If you see only sunshine, look again.
33: 2014-01-11: Addiction claims another victim. Cause of death: bacon.
34: 2013-12-29: Her bacon addiction drove her to new lows in depravity. When she needed a fix, she ordered a baconburger and threw away the burger and bun.
35: 2013-12-22: Everything I know about human nature I learned from drug addicts.
36: 2013-12-21: If you don't feel responsible for your own addiction, no therapy medicine or intervention will help you.
37: 2013-12-10: Please "Like" Facebook Addiction on Facebook:
38: 2013-11-26: Addicted to love? Men spritzed with oxytocin preferred their inner Romeo to their inner Lothario. LA Times: @latimes
39: 2013-11-24: Addiction is like someone secretly stealing money from you then using some of it to buy you lavish gifts.
40: 2013-11-18: There is no addiction without delusion.
41: 2013-10-22: If you want to know if someone is an addict (to any substance or behavior), just ask them. If they bite your head off, it's probably true.
42: 2013-10-14: There's healthy selfies, then there's selfie addiction. Even if you're a supermodel, you don't want mediocre shots diluting your best ones.
43: 2013-10-05: Heroin addict turned Ironman triathlete. Why is this so common?
44: 2013-10-04: RT @nypost: Why Doritos are as addictive as crack
45: 2013-10-01: Addiction is like someone secretly stealing money from you then using some of it to buy you lavish gifts.
46: 2013-09-26: An addiction is any activity you habitually repeat not for the pleasure it gives you but for the anxiety you feel when you don't repeat it.
47: 2013-09-17: The addiction spiral: The more drugs you do, the more shame you feel. The more shame you feel, the more drugs you do.
48: 2013-09-16: It's not just "jail"; it's "enforced inpatient drug treatment"—the only opportunity some addicts ever have to dry out, at least temporarily.
49: 2013-09-15: The biggest cost of addiction to society: If the drug is expensive or illegal, the addict will turn to crime to get it.
50: 2013-09-11: Experimenting with addiction: Was prescribed Vicodin for tooth pain. Now get a headache when I DON'T take it. No such effect with aspirin.
51: 2013-09-09: If an addict tells you he's "clean and sober", he's telling the truth—if he's clean and sober. He only lies when he's not.
52: 2013-08-27: Funny irony you often hear from young addicts: "I learned about drugs from the DARE program at school."
53: 2013-08-21: An addict can hide the facts of his drug abuse, but he cannot hide the systemic damage to his body and relationships.
54: 2013-08-01: Gifts have a powerful addictive quality. As soon as someone starts receiving them, they start expecting them.
55: 2013-07-28: On My Bucket List: Declare my complete rehabilitation from sexual addiction while announcing my candidacy for public office.
56: 2013-07-19: Your addiction is cured when being handed the substance causes revulsion not temptation.
57: 2013-06-23: Psychological effects of Facebook: envy, stress, addiction.
58: 2013-06-09: Hoarders Without Borders — addiction support group for international travelers who can't stop buying tacky souvenirs.
59: 2013-05-31: Meth addict electrocuted while trying to steal copper wire from a vacant building. #tragicomedy
60: 2013-05-21: Is it accomplishment or addiction? Is it courage or is it something you just can't stop doing?
61: 2013-05-11: RT @wahyuwei: The brain disease model of addiction is not supported by research or logic
62: 2013-04-30: Any addict becomes a sociopath over time. He doesn't care what happens to others as long as he gets his fix.
63: 2013-04-11: @HumanBeam If you're getting-lost addicted, you have to go ever greater extremes get your high.
64: 2013-03-31: Pure hedonists are the stupidest people on the planet. They are the world’s addicts, concerned only with getting their next fix.
65: 2013-03-07: Taming your own addictions: Priceless.
66: 2013-02-10: Healthy, employed, living within ones means, addictions under control, not in a dysfunctional relationship — superpowers few possess.
67: 2012-12-15: Most of your worries about crime are easily addressed by asking yourself: "If I was an addict who needed cash fast, what would I do?"
68: 2012-12-11: Addiction is intimately connected to core self-confidence and the willingness to endure temporary pain for a greater reward.
69: 2012-12-09: Italy can't let go of its Berlusconi addiction. It claims to be cured, but as soon as you turn your back it's shooting up again.
70: 2012-11-18: RT @KilroyCafe: The news is a convenient addiction to distract you from how little is happening in your own life.
71: 2012-11-17: Something is an addiction if you do it not for what it gains you but for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
72: 2012-11-12: Romantic attachment uses the same pathways of addiction as cocaine. A better addiction, perhaps, but no less powerful.
73: 2012-11-11: Trying to help someone with their addiction, you usually become their enabler, and you become addicted to helping.
74: 2012-10-30: A connoisseur is an addict who tells himself he's more refined.
75: 2012-10-30: An addict makes a philosophical choice even before he takes his first drug: that sensations are more important than accomplishments.
76: 2012-10-26: You can't talk to an addict about their addiction. They'll just get defensive and bite your head off.
77: 2012-10-04: The most destructive thing about addiction is not the drug itself but the dishonesty involved in obtaining, justifying and hiding it.
78: 2012-09-08: Keeping off drugs is twice as hard if there's another addict living in the same house. Their weakness becomes yours.
79: 2012-09-03: Manufacturers of addictive products love warning labels. They don't affect sales while relieving them of liability.
80: 2012-09-03: "Please Conduct This Self-Destructive Behavior Responsibly"—manufacturer of addictive product
81: 2012-08-28: RT @MailOnline: How teenagers addicted to cannabis risk damaging their IQ and show signs normally seen in early Alzheimer's ...
82: 2012-07-18: Freedom is a godsend to some but a curse to most, who only use it to indulge their addictions.
83: 2012-07-16: Life is a story of addiction and recovery.
84: 2012-07-16: In addiction, the enemy isn't chemistry but the twisted system of logic the addict uses to defend his addiction.
85: 2012-07-09: An addiction is something you do not for its own reward but for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
86: 2012-07-09: No cure for addiction can be imposed from the outside. It can only come from within.
87: 2012-07-07: When an addict is high on his chosen drug, he thinks nothing is wrong. Only when he crashes is he open to any doubt.
88: 2012-07-06: RT @SirRocket: @BadDalaiLama Sounds like America, a place where everyone is addicted to money.
89: 2012-07-06: If you're addicted to something and you surround yourself with other addicts, everyone will agree that your behavior is normal and healthy.
90: 2012-07-05: The first parts of the brain drugs seem to damage are the initiative centers. It is hard to get addicts to DO anything.
91: 2012-07-04: The most frightening thing about addiction is how the addict's perception and worldview are twisted around to support it.
92: 2012-07-03: Behavioral addictions are obsessive activities that get you nowhere. The main tragedy is lost potential.
93: 2012-07-02: You cannot support someone unconditionally without in some way enabling their addictions.
94: 2012-07-01: Every food deed has an addiction factor. If you help someone, will they come to expect it and stop helping themselves?
95: 2012-06-30: Wealth, for most people, is a handicap, allowing them to indulge their addictions while delaying the consequences.
96: 2012-06-10: "I want a romantic partner who will support my addictions and not question my assumptions." — Not what people say but what they expect.
97: 2012-06-06: Twitter is a great place to find validation for your addictions. You're not just an alcoholic anymore; you're an alcoholic with followers.
98: 2012-06-05: Sex without emotion is merely addiction.
99: 2012-06-04: The addict's brain distorts the world in such a way that he can say, "See? I have no choice."
100: 2012-06-04: There isn't any human on Earth who isn't struggling with addiction in some form.
101: 2012-06-04: Addiction is a state of war where you created the enemy yourself.
102: 2012-06-02: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction. It allows you to indulge your addictions while delaying the consequences.
103: 2012-05-31: Self-discipline can itself be an addiction if it takes the place of intelligent thought.
104: 2012-05-30: Most people with behavioral addictions don't know they have them because they have arranged their whole worldview around those behaviors.
105: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #5a: Love can heal any addiction or personality problem and can overcome any structural defect in a relationship.
106: 2012-05-28: The best you can do for an addict is offer him options. It is up to him to use them.
107: 2012-05-28: Only a fraction of addictions are chemical. Most are behavioral.
108: 2012-05-28: If you don't try to save an addict, he could die. So be it. For his own sake, let him explore that path alone.
109: 2012-05-28: If you stand between an addict and the consequences of his actions, you are enabling the addiction.
110: 2012-05-28: The best therapy for addiction is life slamming you hard for it. A slap on the face is worth more than 10,000 words.
111: 2012-05-21: Without the need for money forcing him to work, the average citizen would wallow all day in his addictions and accomplish nothing.
112: 2012-05-17: Lecturing drivers on the dangers of speeding won't change their behavior. Only a speeding ticket works. #addictionlesson
113: 2012-05-17: Things that DO help cure addiction: getting arrested for DUI, losing your kids, losing your job, etc... Better success than treatment!
114: 2012-05-17: Addiction is not just drugs. You can be addicted to self-destructive patterns of behavior. Not talk will change them. Only results can.
115: 2012-05-17: Once someone is in the mood to change, beaten down by the consequences, a forestry program would be as effective as AA. #addiction
116: 2012-05-17: .@JennyKens Taking ones kids away CAN change addiction, as can other hard consequences. It's the actual treatment that's ineffective.
117: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment does not work. — Understand why and you'll have powerful insight into human behavior.
118: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment does not work! In controlled studies, rarely any long term advantage over placebo.
119: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment lets the addict say: "It's not my problem. It's their problem."
120: 2012-05-17: The paradox of addiction treatment is that gives the addict another excuse for not addressing the problem himself.
121: 2012-05-15: Addiction is a disease, but unlike cancer, only the patient himself can cure it. There is little you can do without enabling him.
122: 2012-05-15: Addicts are always losing things—money, ID, jobs, relationships. You feel sorry for them only at first.
123: 2012-05-15: I wish I could passive aggressively FF all the people I follow for occasional insight but whose addiction frightens me, @lexxieviolin
124: 2012-05-15: Making jokes about your addiction that allow you to continue it is just sad.
125: 2012-05-15: My traveling companion just asked me for food. Says she lost all her money at the Phila. train station. Why am I not surprised? #addict
126: 2012-05-14: (First clues: ruddy complexion, anxious manner, hardly any response to my greeting and a smell I can only describe as "addict breath.)
127: 2012-05-14: Took my seat on Amtrak, could tell in 30 seconds woman beside me was an addict. Her phone calls confirmed it.
128: 2012-05-09: I resorted to caffeine today to get through a long drive. Happens about once a week. More than that and it becomes an addiction again.
129: 2012-04-27: Real life is a dance with depression, anxiety, addiction and post traumatic stress. Live with it!
130: 2012-04-27: Do you want to actually solve your depression/addiction/PTSD... or be part of clinical study that may or may not help?
131: 2012-04-26: Jokes made about your own addiction are sad and don't change the fact that you're wasting your resources.
132: 2012-04-11: Man and woman behind me have already exchanged phone numbers. Addicts find it SO easy to connect.
133: 2012-04-11: Now the drug addicts behind me (a man and woman who just met) are sharing photos of their non-custodial children. Figures.
134: 2012-04-09: Eeyore was depressed. Tigger was ADHD. And Pooh had a serious honey addiction. Nowadays, we'd have meds for all that.
135: 2012-04-09: The claim that antidepressants are non-addictive is bull! How can you NOT get addicted to something that makes you feel good?
136: 2012-04-09: Ever seen the intricate mechanical creations of a meth addict? Truly amazing! But usually applied to an inane and irrelevant purpose.
137: 2012-04-06: RT @RowdyPrimate: Every time I mention something I enjoy, some tight-ass cries "addiction!"
138: 2012-04-04: The best dollar-fifty snack in Walmart! Sort of like smokeless cigarettes for nicotine addicts.
139: 2012-04-02: Addiction is a disease, like cancer, but unlike cancer only the victim himself can cure it.
140: 2012-04-02: Nearly everyone is struggling with addiction. There are things we know we shouldn't be doing that we end up doing anyway.
141: 2012-04-02: Caffeine is not a victimless addiction! Family members suffer you pre-coffee crankiness, much like the effects of second-hand smoke.
142: 2012-03-31: Drugs destroy lives, but another addiction affects more of humanity and wastes far more resources: entertainment!
143: 2012-03-29: Controlling your addictions is chiefly a matter of deciding that you have control.
144: 2012-03-25: Even birdwatching can be a self-defeating addiction if it takes you away from more productive activities.
145: 2012-03-25: We are all struggling with addiction—if not to substances than to self-defeating patterns of behavior.
146: 2012-03-22: A measure of ones addiction is how long a line one is willing to wait in. #starbucks
147: 2012-03-09: We are ALL struggling addicts. We repeatedly do things we know we shouldn't. Our biggest challenge is inside us.
148: 2012-03-06: The advantage of being not addicted to caffeine is that when you need it, it works!
149: 2012-03-05: @LetsGo2TheBeach A clear case of addiction.... to tweets over 140 characters!
150: 2012-03-05: Romantic attachment is the original addiction—the reason the pathways exist. It's the only addiction you can make a rational argument for.
151: 2012-03-05: Addicts usually romanticize their drug to try to convince themselves that appeal is bringing them to it and not anxiety.
152: 2012-03-05: An "addiction" is any sensory activity you engage in less for its own reward than for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
153: 2012-03-05: The demons of addiction, lodged in your brain, twist your whole perception and worldview to support the behavior they want.
154: 2012-03-04: Facebook Timeline is addictive. I could spend YEARS fine-tuning my past, so you see just what I want you to.
155: 2012-03-04: The key to protecting yourself from crime is understanding where the drug addicts hang out, since they are responsible for most of it.
156: 2012-02-29: The thing that bugs me most about pot addicts is their slimey smirk. "This is medicinal — nudge, nudge!"
157: 2012-02-28: Who at Walmart comes up with these "facts"? Most Americans are overhydrated due to caffeine addiction. (Austin TX)
158: 2012-02-27: The addict loves his drug with a romantic passion that displaces all other romance. So sad!
159: 2012-02-19: RT @georgiatriallaw: It occurred to me that celeb addicts like Whitney have not one enabler but millions of them. No wonder they cannot ...
160: 2012-02-01: Caffeine can be a great pickup when you need it. The catch: It loses effectiveness and lowers your overall mood if you're addicted.
161: 2012-01-29: It must be terrible to be a sex addict. Fortunately, most of us aren't attractive enough or wealthy enough to run that risk. #schadenfreude
162: 2012-01-28: On My Bucket List: Seek tabloid attention for my massive sex addiction.
163: 2012-01-25: Don't blame your pusher for jacking up the price and cutting the quality once you're addicted. That's just business. #starbucks
164: 2012-01-16: Health food nuts are just as vulnerable to marketing manipulation as junk food addicts, except the marketing is more "earthy".
165: 2012-01-15: Something is an "addiction" if you do it not so much for its own reward as for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
166: 2012-01-14: Caffeine addiction is harmless enough. If you like to pee a lot. And you don't mind feeling like shit when you don't have it.
167: 2012-01-14: The BDL is now addiction free! No alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, junk food, television, book reading or possessional hoarding.
168: 2012-01-02: @noahWG Ah, the romance of addiction.
169: 2011-12-29: Is there a self-help book to cure people of self-help book addiction?
170: 2011-12-26: I used to be a sober citizen. What triggered my slide into addiction was McDonalds' Mocha Frappé. The caffeine went down too easy.
171: 2011-12-22: We are all struggling with addiction, seduced into repetitive and comfortable habits instead of what is most productive.
172: 2011-12-17: Upgraded to Timeline on Facebook. Rather addictive! Thank you, Zuckerberg!
173: 2011-12-15: If you understand how addicts think you'll also know how to protect yourself from crime, since most of it is addiction driven.
174: 2011-12-14: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is just another addiction.
175: 2011-12-14: For learning about addiction, mental illness, personality and human delusional systems there is no finer laboratory than a failed romance.
176: 2011-12-13: "Words Don't Work" - our one-page essay from 2009 - An essay on addiction at the request of @PritsWire
177: 2011-12-12: RT @PritsWire: @BadDalaiLama I think its time to republish your essays on addiction.
178: 2011-12-09: Dealing with drug addicts has taught me how to protect myself from them. If you don't, they'll take you for everything you got.
179: 2011-12-02: Virtual reality is pure addiction — the crack cocaine of the 21st Century.
180: 2011-12-01: Caffeine gives you energy only in the same sense that nicotine gives you pleasure: because addiction has taken it away from you.
181: 2011-11-29: It is sad to watch a friend descend into addiction and almost as sad to see them bury themselves in possessions and obligations.
182: 2011-11-19: People can lie to get ahead but not so much as they lie to protect their ego and addictions.
183: 2011-11-19: Most dishonesty arises from some form of addiction—obsessions if not drugs. People lie and steal to hide or fund their habit.
184: 2011-11-19: To determine if someone is trustworthy, you must conduct a "virtual drug test" to look for addiction.
185: 2011-11-18: The high cost of addiction. - Washington Union Station (4 hour ago).
186: 2011-11-16: All our past tweets on Addiction:
187: 2011-11-16: The position of the addict is, "I am worthless and can't help what I do." You can't fight that with any rational argument.
188: 2011-11-11: @MimiNassau "I'm addicted to chocolate, The Kinks and green eyed guys." <== So I, as a chocolate-eyed guy, am out of your league? Kinky.
189: 2011-11-11: People are defined by their addictions.
190: 2011-11-04: I'm not a twitter addict. I can stop anytime I want.
191: 2011-11-02: I am a recovering stuff addict, and the only way to manage my disease is to not have any storage space.
192: 2011-10-26: Just got a call from a young drug addict friend in prison ($15 call). Sounds upbeat & clearheaded. Prison is wonderful rehab! Hope it lasts.
193: 2011-10-21: Every addiction starts with romance.
194: 2011-10-14: It is not your place to help another adult out of addiction or try to change their personality. You can only defend your own rights.
195: 2011-10-09: Drug addicts and fat people share a common thread of fatalism. They say, "This is what my body wants, and I am powerless to stop it."
196: 2011-10-08: "Elastic-waist pants & gloomy philosophy; comfy, addictive & self-fulfilling.” — @YourAuntLola
197: 2011-09-30: Everyone is suffering from some form of addiction. The question is whether they can get beyond it to accomplish the current mission.
198: 2011-09-29: Sex addicts try to mythologize sex with an endless series of conquests. Each new quest promises a thrill the last ones couldn't provide.
199: 2011-09-05: Addiction is a personality disorder, and personality is an addiction disorder.
200: 2011-09-05: Personality is a natural form of addiction.
201: 2011-09-02: "There is little daylight between love and addiction when it comes to the chemical reactions in the brain."
202: 2011-08-04: Compulsive eating is equivalent to an addict's attempt to regain an earlier high. You keep upping the dose but the feeling never comes back.
203: 2011-07-14: When you reveal that you're not a caffeine addict, people are all like, "Waa? You some kinda freak?" — So best to keep it quiet.
204: 2011-07-12: An addict will take absurd risks to support his habit, which is why he is so dangerous.
205: 2011-07-07: 90% of business is serving the perceived needs of addicts.
206: 2011-07-01: Drug addicts are the closest thing to real zombies. They'll eat your brains to serve their primitive needs. So sad and so scary.
207: 2011-06-07: You and I would make poor thieves because we aren't willing to take big risks for little reward. Not so with the drug addict.
208: 2011-05-18: promisoholic — n. one who is addicted to making promises but who rarely fulfills them.
209: 2011-05-12: People are addicted to repetition. Once they find a pattern that isn't too painful, they stick with it.
210: 2011-05-06: On My Bucket List: Become the enabler of someone else's addiction (again).
211: 2011-05-03: The benchmark of a person's character is his addictions.
212: 2011-05-03: The first thing an addict does in a new city is establish connections with suppliers, so a change of venue doesn't usually work.
213: 2011-05-01: Never underestimate the ability of the addict to sabotage any good thing that happens to him.
214: 2011-04-26: The root of addiction isn't alcohol or drugs but a certain philosophical attitude that leads to them.
215: 2011-04-01: @mostlegendary "Caffeine is a diuretic. A caffeine addict isn't necessarily well hydrated." ==> Only MILD diuretic to non-addicts.
216: 2011-04-01: Caffeine addicts are so well hydrated that they haven't experienced true thirst in years!
217: 2011-04-01: The cost of caffeine addiction is the cost of the drinks themselves, the inconvenience of preparing them and all those bathroom breaks!
218: 2011-04-01: Peeing too much is usually a sign of addiction—either caffeine or alcohol.
219: 2011-03-29: The wisdom of the old is matched by their inertia—their addiction to repetition—so they may never have a chance to exercise that wisdom.
220: 2011-03-29: pathological stuff addiction (PSA) — dysfunctional attachment to ones possessions, to the point of crippling ones life.
221: 2011-03-19: @lolahayes You are the poster child for net addiction. Break free! (Or at least break out of that boring ski resort and get us some pix!)
222: 2011-03-14: @lolahayes "information overload is stronger than ever." <== Because humans get addicted to info, like cocaine. You can never get enough!
223: 2011-03-13: You can't talk someone out of their addictions or out of their emotionally driven goals. Same thing, really!
224: 2011-03-13: So sad to watch a friend get sucked into a relationship you know isn't good for them. It's madness and addiction you can do little about.
225: 2011-03-11: Something is an addiction when you are doing it not for its own reward but to escape anxiety when not doing it.
226: 2011-03-11: Something is an addiction when you are doing it not for its own reward but for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
227: 2011-03-10: Attachment is what makes lovers long for each other when they are apart. It's literally an addiction, using the same neural pathways.
228: 2011-03-06: If someone knows you will rescue them, they will be less inclined to protect themselves. They could even become addicted to rescue!
229: 2011-03-05: Cut a porn addict off from his stash and rape starts to become a more viable option.
230: 2011-03-04: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction, allowing people to indulge their delusions and addictions without accepting the consequences. {9/20}
231: 2011-03-01: Yes, addiction is a disease, like cancer, but unlike cancer only the victim himself can cure it.
232: 2011-02-28: The highest ideal of Capitalism is the caffeinated beverage. Huge markup, low cost, selling to an addicted customer base.
233: 2011-02-24: Marathon running: Is this health consciousness or just another form of addiction? Think of all you could do in the time it takes to prepare.
234: 2011-02-21: The worst addiction: a life of comfortable routine.
235: 2011-02-20: Inertia is the human tendency to do the same things in the same way. We all get addicted to it, even when we think we're changing.
236: 2011-01-17: @mostlegendary A small symbolic action. @gandalfphoto is an addict romanticizing his addiction at huge cost. I want him nowhere near me.
237: 2011-01-12: You know you are addicted to something when you do it not for its own reward but to relieve the anxiety you feel when you stop doing it.
238: 2011-01-12: If you want to understand music, the first thing to do is throw away your iPod and music collection. That's merely music addiction.
239: 2011-01-07: The problem with drug abuse is not the drug, but temptation and how one handles it. Cut off one drug and the addict will use another.
240: 2011-01-07: Cocaine Vaccine (@lolahayes) <== There is no vaccine against temptation. The addict will just switch drugs.
241: 2010-12-24: There's not much money in supplying people's needs. Serving their addictions is far more lucrative!
242: 2010-12-23: There's not much money is supplying people's needs. Serving their addictions is far more lucrative!
243: 2010-12-21: What most people take for "thirst" is really an addict's craving for caffeine. Bodily fluid levels are fine.
244: 2010-12-15: Chicago (right now) ==> That's all most people use their freedom for: to choose their own addictive substances.
245: 2010-12-13: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is merely addiction.
246: 2010-12-01: Virtual reality is pure addiction — the crack cocaine of the 21st Century.
247: 2010-11-29: Caffeine gives you energy only in the same sense that nicotine gives you pleasure: because addiction has taken it away from you.
248: 2010-11-28: It is sad to watch a friend descend into addiction and almost as sad to see them bury themselves in possessions and obligations.
249: 2010-11-26: “Music is a safe kind of high." Jimi Hendrix via @astrangersashes — It can still be an addiction drawing you from more productive things.
250: 2010-11-21: Love and addiction are the same. The same pleasure centers are stimulated in courtship and at the other end the same withdrawal symptoms.
251: 2010-11-18: The concept of drug treatment is inherently flawed. It only frees the addict of responsibility by placing his cure in someone else's hands.
252: 2010-11-17: There is nothing more ineffective in curing addiction than mandated drug treatment. As soon as supervision ends, so does the cure.
253: 2010-11-16: Romance is the P.R. department of addiction.
254: 2010-11-14: You can't reason with the gambler, the addict or someone in love. They may agree with your logic, but it won't change their behavior.
255: 2010-11-12: What most people call "boredom" is really the withdrawal symptoms of a stimulation addiction.
256: 2010-11-10: Music can be a powerful addictive drug—a brain parasite—occupying the mind and preventing it from doing more useful things.
257: 2010-11-05: The dangers of stimulants in any system are the risk of addiction and the crash when they are removed.
258: 2010-10-31: Addiction and fatalism go together. You don't see one without the other.
259: 2010-10-26: Making jokes about your addictions is just another way to try to justify them.
260: 2010-10-20: You are addicted to something if you do it not for its own reward but for how anxious you feel when you don't do it.
261: 2010-10-05: All the different varieties of alcohol are just a charade to make you think you're cultured instead of addicted.
262: 2010-09-27: The paradox of protection is that people get addicted to it and become less motivated to protect themselves.
263: 2010-09-27: The ugly side of romance is co-dependence, where you enable each others' addictions and personality flaws.
264: 2010-09-20: Wealth is an enabler of dysfunction. It allows people to indulge their delusions and addictions without accepting the consequences.
265: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-25: If you can't make it through the night without getting up to pee, you're probably addicted to either caffeine or alcohol.
266: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-06: RT @BadDalaiLama: All the different varieties of alcohol are just a charade to make you think you're cultured instead of addicted.
267: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: Something is an addiction when you are doing it not for its own reward but for the anxiety you feel when you don't do it.
268: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-08: There is nothing as pathetic as the risk aversion and addiction to routine of those in the latter half of life. What are you saving it for?
269: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-31: An addiction that has divided families and broken up marriages. Recycling. Just say no.
270: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: The news is a convenient addiction to distract you from how little is happening in your own life.
271: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-21: Addiction and fatalism go hand in hand. You don't have one without the other.
272: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: It is good to be physically fit, but fitness can also be an addiction, costing far more than any benefit in longevity or quality of life.
273: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-07: Mature love means learning how to deal with manipulation, addiction, co-dependence and all the other demons riding on the tails of romance.
274: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-10: Free yourself of the addiction of possessions. Own only what you use every week. Rent the rest only when you need it.
275: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Drug abuse is a personality disorder. It is an expression of not just a chemical addiction but a certain philosophy of life.
276: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-18: Stuffaholism — n. the tragic addiction to possessions and their acquisition. Victim becomes so overburdened with stuff he can hardly move.
277: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: The usual effect of wealth is to allow people to indulge their addictions without accepting the consequences.
278: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-03: Money is the greatest enabler of dysfunction. Too much of it tends to fund your addictions and isolate you from the effects of your actions.
279: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-16: Personality, like addiction, is impervious to reason. It construes the world in such a way that no other personality is possible.
280: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Isn't addiction treatment just another form of addiction? Isn't it just shifting responsibility for the problem to someone else?
281: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Oxymoron Alert: "Drink Responsibly." Also: "Gamble Resposibly." Does adding these words to advertizing have any affect on addiction?
282: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: Religion, like other addictions, is the enemy of self-responsibility.
283: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: If someone is drug or alcohol addicted, and they are still financially solvent, then there must be an enabler propping them up.
284: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: What makes an Olympic athlete: a driven parent, a lost childhood, an addiction to repetitive exercise, a gambler's delusion of winning big.
285: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: My current subsistence business (and travel addiction satiator):
286: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: Humor is the alcohol of life. A little of it can loosen people up, but a steady diet of the stuff is just another destructive addiction.
287: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: Oxymoron alert: "addiction treatment" (The implication is that addiction can be fixed by some outside force rather than the addict himself.)
288: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-20: Entertainment is an addiction and the enemy of accomplishment. Either you take the drug and remain numb or you do something with your life.
289: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-12: Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay are not food companies but drug companies, serving our non-nutritive addiction to sugar, fat, salt and caffeine.
290: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-29: Addiction isn't just a problem of a few of us but all of us. It comes in many forms and is the main thing blocking our potential.
291: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-05: Step 1 in a 12-Step program for BlackBerry addiction: Walk into the bathroom without it!
292: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-19: New blog entry: "Things You Don't Need: TiVo" - It's concentrated television: even more addictive!
293: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: #oxymorons: Addiction treatment.
294: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-07: Your television addiction has been licked if you check into a hotel and never even think about turning it on.
295: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: Book readers see themselves as a cultured bunch, but it can be just another form of addiction. Don't you have something better to do?
296: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-23: Caffeine, like other addictions, is an illusion. It gives you "energy" only by stealing it from someplace else.
297: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: It's easy to confuse passion and addiction.
298: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: Addiction is when you repeat the same activity without much pleasure only because not doing it is so painful.
299: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: If you want to understand music, the first thing to do is throw away your iPod and music collection. That's merely music addiction.
300: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: There's a fine line between music appreciation and music addiction, and it is usually crossed when you buy the music.
301: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: LA Times: "China's Internet-addiction camps turn dangerous" - It's a long road to recovery from "device addiction".
302: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: For many, music is a destructive addiction that sucks up their lives just as surely as meth and cocaine.
303: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: For many, music is a destructive addiction that sucks up their lives just as surely as meth or cocaine.
304: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-30: There's not much money is supplying people's needs. Supplying their addictions is where you make the big bucks!
305: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-28: Words won't change an emotionally-driven behavior. Only boundaries can. (Kilroy Cafe #22) Addiction, dom. violence, etc.
306: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: What most people take for "thirst" is really an addict's craving for caffeine. Bodily fluid levels are fine.
307: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-25: The most common addictions are caffeine, television and listening to music. Are you addicted? Try going without for a day!
308: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: My old essay on the tragedy of "Male Sports Addiction" (Kilroy Cafe #10, June 08)
309: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-09: The goal of the Capitalist system is to get people addicted to things they don't need, so they can be milked for profit.
310: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-06: Wherever you go, your caffeine addiction will be served. In the middle of nowhere, the first thing you'll find is a Coke machine!
311: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: In marriage, you inevitably become the enabler of your spouse's addictions. You lose power as soon as you say "I do."
312: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-28: "The model of ownership, in a society organized round mass consumption, is addiction." Christopher Lasch. More quotes:
313: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: The #1 risk of romantic commitment is that your mate becomes a perpetual child addicted to your protection.
314: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: What, exactly, are "drinkability", "refreshment" and "thirst-quenching"? Aren't they really masks for alcohol and caffeine addiction?
315: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-15: Religion, like other addictions, is the enemy of self-responsibility.
316: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: Just republished a classic Kilroy essay from a year ago: "Male Sports Addiction: A Clinical Profile" - Is there hope?
317: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-01: Common addictions: drugs, alcohol, cigs, caffeine, TV, video games, music, shopping, sports, sex, porn, religion, travel, food, love...
318: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-01: An addiction is a repetitive activity that isn't getting you anywhere but that causes you great anxiety when you try to withdraw.
319: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-30: I have written a new philosophy essay on addiction: "In Defense of Placebos" (Kilroy Cafe #42) - Treatment doesn't work.
320: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-28: NY Times: "When Bad Advice is the Best Advice" - My take: Triage and Addiction
321: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-26: Should children be allowed to text? Wash. Post (2/22) shows extreme case of text addiction: Take it away, I say!
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