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1: 2014-01-15: Tonight, our panel of journalists and academics will discuss the topic "Talk: When is Enough Enough?"
2: 2013-10-03: RT @neiltyson: If you need to invoke your academic pedigree or job title for people to believe what you say, then you need a better argument
3: 2013-02-24: "Crazy Horse III—Awarded Best Strip Club In The West!" ... Who gives out these awards? The Academy of Adult Entertainment Arts and Sciences?
4: 2012-12-23: The higher the academic degree, the longer one has been sequestered from the real world.
5: 2012-10-26: Even before its release, Skyfall deserves an Academy Award... for marketing!
6: 2012-10-19: I am woman. I am strong. I will prove it by forming an academic department to talk about it endlessly.
7: 2012-10-19: On My Bucket List: Become an academic pioneer in the field of Men's Studies, proving that my gender can be just as prissy as any other.
8: 2012-09-17: Why you should never listen to "experts" ==> American Academy of Pediatrics reverses recommendations on circumcision
9: 2012-08-25: On My Bucket List: Have pompous academics argue for years about every minuscule thing I ever said—like Shakespeare or the Beatles.
10: 2012-08-06: One can have high academic achievement and low emotional intelligence. They're not at all the same.
11: 2012-06-14: RT @KilroyCafe: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
12: 2012-05-01: The place for people who really love fire. (@ Fire Science Academy)
13: 2011-12-18: semester — n. the academic cycle in which students are moved in and out of a professor's class before they can realize he's full of shit.
14: 2011-10-22: United States Naval Academy - Bancroft Hall: 360° panorama. Look up!
15: 2011-03-10: RT @Arhanious: hahaa :) cogunluk icin dogru! RT @BadDalaiLama academia-community of educated people united by their lack of experience i ...
16: 2011-03-10: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
17: 2011-03-04: I've never found a #ted talk that grabbed me. Just academics talking. Help me out here. Show me one I can use. #imtrying
18: 2011-01-09: Academia is the ultimate bluepill society—an artificial environment supported from the outside and isolated from redpill reality.
19: 2011-01-09: Women's Studies are a crock! Doesn't it just say, "We need to be treated differently"? How about Men's Studies for prissy male academics?
20: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-08: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
21: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-09: Academia is the fundamentalist religious belief that all knowledge flows from others.
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