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1: 2014-08-17: RT @Peripatetia: Godzilla is to Tokyo what Doctor Who is to London.
2: 2013-09-30: My 360° panoramas from around the world, Aug. 2011 to present: Iceland, Europe, Tokyo, USA - Over 350 so far! -
3: 2013-09-07: My iPhone panoramas from around the world: Venice, Iceland, London, Tokyo, Kosovo...
4: 2013-05-07: Tokyo is cheaper to visit than any US city! (hostelling) Confusing as hell but the safest big city on Earth. No one would ever hurt you! Go!
5: 2013-01-16: Tokyo is NOT expensive or particularly crowded. Myths! Confusing as heck, but the safest city on Earth. Nothing will hurt you!
6: 2012-06-11: A Day in the Life of Tokyo - April 17, 2012. My completed album from a single day.
7: 2012-06-10: Urban sadness. Tokyo. (April 17)
8: 2012-06-05: Tokyo is my idea of the perfect vacation destination: completely safe yet totally indecipherable.
9: 2012-06-05: RT @PepGarcia: @BadDalaiLama Excellent Tokyo pics!!!!
10: 2012-06-05: Best photos from Tokyo so far (still many more to edit) Sample:
11: 2012-06-05: Tokyo: Some newly uploaded photos from the Shibuya shopping district (April) Sample:
12: 2012-05-26: Shinbashi Plaza, Tokyo - 360° panorama (April 22) More:
13: 2012-05-20: Tokyo - new photos added to albums (1 month ago): Day 4-8 Capsule Hotel
14: 2012-05-04: 44-second video of a procession I came upon in Tokyo two weeks ago. What's happening? You tell me!
15: 2012-04-29: Gazing upon her ancestors. (National Museum of Science, Tokyo, 6 days ago). Album: -
16: 2012-04-28: This tiny wide-angle lens for the iPhone was well worth the $60 price. Tokyo tested! #ottoclip
17: 2012-04-27: Tokyo always makes perfect sense. (10 days ago)
18: 2012-04-25: Most of our tweets from Tokyo:
19: 2012-04-25: Watched The Matrix on the flight from Tokyo. One of the great existential films. Would you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?
20: 2012-04-25: TokyoFact 11: One yen is easy to translate. It's roughly one euro cent or an expensive US penny.
21: 2012-04-25: The Tokyo transit system is easy to figure out. Anyone can do it. (10 days ago)
22: 2012-04-24: New photo album: Akihabara Electric City (Day 1 of Tokyo visit, 10 days ago)
23: 2012-04-24: Hama-rikyu Gardens, Tokyo - new photo album (Saturday)
24: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 9: The Japanese have the world's most elaborate toilet etiquette. You can't just shit or pee. There's a way these things are done.
25: 2012-04-22: 8-day Tokyo vacation: $900 airfare from LAX plus $470 total ground costs = $1370.
26: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 8: If you have a cold, wear a facemask. It's only common courtesy.
27: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 7: 100-yen shops are the equivalent of U.S. dollar stores except they stock mainly groceries. Great for cheap food shopping.
28: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 6: Tokyo is a bicycling paradise. Cheap to rent, safe to use and the best way to see the city. (Don't expect a helmet, though.)
29: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 4: Any English speaker with good analytical skills can get along fine in Tokyo.
30: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 4: No one will cheat or hustle you in Tokyo. If you lose something, the person who finds it will try to get it back to you.
31: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 2: Tokyo is big but not chaotic. Everyone obeys the rules.
32: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 2: Tokyo is the safest and cleanest big city on Earth. Nothing bad will happen to you here unless you do it to yourself.
33: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 1: Tokyo is affordable! Airfare aside, about the same costs as any American or European city.
34: 2012-04-22: Conclusions from my first visit to Tokyo, now ending...
35: 2012-04-22: You aren't getting the authentic animé experience unless you're watching it in Tokyo in Japanese.
36: 2012-04-21: A walk down Electric Avenue (Akihabara, Tokyo) - 6-minute iPhone video
37: 2012-04-21: Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo - wandering through the marketplace (9-minute iPhone video from yesterday)
38: 2012-04-21: Wedding photos at Hama-rikyu Gardens, Tokyo (photo sequence shot today)
39: 2012-04-21: Best bargain in Tokyo: 24 hour bicycle rental for ¥200 ($2.50)!
40: 2012-04-20: Tokyo capsule hotel - new photo album (yesterday, 22 photos)
41: 2012-04-20: Glass-walled rooftop bathhouse in my capsule hotel (yesterday). Don't mind my nakedness. (No one else in Tokyo does.)
42: 2012-04-20: Outside Akihabara Station at night, Tokyo - 360 panorama (April 19)
43: 2012-04-20: Tokyo cityscape from the roof of my hostel - 360° panorama
44: 2012-04-20: Checking into my 3rd hostel in Japan. (@ Khaosan Tokyo Annex) [pic]:
45: 2012-04-19: Weather in Tokyo for the remainder of my stay.
46: 2012-04-18: Tokyo goes on FOREVER! Godzilla and Ghidorah combined, rampaging for years, could hardly lay waste to a fraction of it.
47: 2012-04-18: Leaving Tokyo for a mystery destination. (@ 御茶ノ水駅 (Ochanomizu Sta.) w/ 4 others) [pic]:
48: 2012-04-18: My Tokyo photos so far: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 (All albums are incomplete)
49: 2012-04-17: Self-portrait on the Tokyo Metro at rush hour.
50: 2012-04-17: 渋谷 Shibuya shopping district, Tokyo - 360° panorama
51: 2012-04-17: Shopping/people watching in Tokyo: Ginza = boring. Ueno = practical. Shibuya = cookin'!
52: 2012-04-17: In Tokyo there is virtually no trash on the street but also no trash barrels. Where does it all go?
53: 2012-04-17: This tells you about Tokyo: Bicycle is a major form of transport, but most bikes are parked unlocked on the street. Who would steal a bike?
54: 2012-04-16: Tokyo video postcard: Monster Koi at a Shinto shrine (iPhone video, 1:14)
55: 2012-04-16: @fujiwiryani Good idea, but the cost is beyond my budget. Where should I go within an hour or so of Tokyo?
56: 2012-04-16: RT @fujiwiryani: @BadDalaiLama hey, you're in Tokyo! What are ya doin there? You should visit Osaka too! :)
57: 2012-04-16: 44 hours in Tokyo and I'm pretty much adjusted. Sleep levels okay. Food systems okay. Understand the transit system. Now what?
58: 2012-04-16: Tour Group 463, Imperial Palace, Tokyo.
59: 2012-04-16: There is no bloody end to Tokyo. It goes on and on and on! (@ Apple Store, Ginza w/ 5 others) [pic]:
60: 2012-04-15: My haul from an early morning shopping spree in Tokyo. This lot set me back ¥1,217
61: 2012-04-15: Now taking suggestions about what to do and where to go in Tokyo (not requiring much money). I have a week here!
62: 2012-04-15: My goal this week is to parse Tokyo, to distill all the confusion into at least geographical understanding.
63: 2012-04-15: Tokyo: photo album from my first day
64: 2012-04-15: Tokyo Video Postcard: Moving Noodles and Running Man 28-second iPhone video of no great significance.
65: 2012-04-15: The only risk in visiting Tokyo is massive confusion, not safety.
66: 2012-04-15: After an 11-hour recovery, heading out into Tokyo again. To them, it's getting late. To me it's first thing in the morning.
67: 2012-04-15: The toast is ready. (@ Khaosan Tokyo Ninja (カオサン東京忍者)) [pic]:
68: 2012-04-15: My first electronic toilet (at my hostel in Tokyo). Detail of controls:
69: 2012-04-14: Shinagawa Station concourse, Tokyo - 360° panorama My first experience changing trains in Japan, early Sunday morning.
70: 2012-04-14: About 1 in 20 subway passengers in Tokyo are wearing surgical face masks. Silly germophobes!
71: 2012-04-14: First lesson in Tokyo: Don't get cash from a cash machine! Cost me nearly $45 over exchanging US cash. [pic]:
72: 2012-04-14: The Menu of Service for my flight. After $675 in taxes, the airline is getting $229 to fly me back and forth to Tokyo.
73: 2012-04-13: Just a short hop to Tokyo! (compared the 56 hours getting here) (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)) [pic]:
74: 2011-11-15: For the same time and money others spend doing Vegas in luxury I could do Bangkok and Tokyo on the cheap. Who gets the better experience?
75: 2011-09-14: Cheap lodging in Tokyo? Try a capsule hotel. - Many listed at
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