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1: 2018-02-25: On My Bucket List: Find myself in debt to Russian oligarchs. They’ll be kind to me, won’t they?
2: 2017-12-12: If you believe Russia didn’t hack the election, I’ve got some security software from Kaspersky Labs to sell you.
3: 2017-09-19: Belarus has lost its distinction as "the Last Dictatorship in Europe". Russia and Turkey have re-joined the club.
4: 2017-07-29: @juliaioffe It's a remarkable testament to Russian fortitude to meet with federal officers the day after being murdered.
5: 2017-07-24: "I did not collude with Russia," says Kushner. How do you say that without sounding like Nixon: "I am not a crook"?
6: 2017-07-16: As US media attention turns to Russian money laundering, this may be a good time for Mr. Putin to create a new distraction. Watch for it!
7: 2017-03-02: Word of the Day: "blowback". As in, Russian meddling in elections may have unintended anti-Russian blowback.
8: 2017-01-08: Only LOSERS would let themselves be hacked by Russia. #channelingtrump
9: 2016-12-22: Martini, gin and tonic, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke, Highball, Manhattan, White Russian, Tom Collins... drugs I've never had.
10: 2016-12-10: RT @bruce_arthur: Fun: imagine Hillary was elected with Russian help and gave donors cabinet posts and kept the Clinton Foundation and went…
11: 2016-08-11: RT @cracked: Why Russia Is Like America's Jealous Ex Who Can't Move On -
12: 2016-04-24: RT @Peripatetia: "Visiting the Russia-Norway Border" - my new 4-minute video
13: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Visiting the Russian border – Part 2 of my forthcoming travel video on Northern Norway (shot 1…
14: 2015-12-05: The Russian Catch-22: You can't get anything done without paying a bribe, but as soon as you do you are vulnerable to prosecution for it.
15: 2015-10-21: Russia retreats to autarky as poverty looms
16: 2015-08-13: Russia has no strategic vision. It's just waiting on Putin.
17: 2015-08-09: RT @Peripatetia: I have read that a pro-Communist group in Russia is calling for selfies with Lenin, so I a… http:/…
18: 2015-08-05: In Russia, there is no escape from corruption. Vox: New Yorker:
19: 2015-05-29: SURVEY: In a Russian election, who would you vote for? (choose one only)
20: 2015-04-18: Putin rewriting Russian history to say nothing bad ever happened.
21: 2015-03-24: With its overtures to North Korea and other rogue states, Russia is assembling an Axis of Evil not seen since Blofeld created SPECTRE.
22: 2015-03-23: Russia may be corrupt and inefficient, but it has one thing to be proud of: Its rationalization generators are the best on the planet!
23: 2015-03-19: According to Russia's state-sponsored polling agency, public opinion firmly supports the state.
24: 2015-03-16: Is there a slow motion coup under way in Russia? #PutinMissing
25: 2015-03-14: Poor Germany, stuck in the middle between Russia and Greece. Hang in there, Angela! @MailOnline
26: 2015-03-14: Russians have been living in a world of lies for so long that hardly anyone knows what truth is.
27: 2015-03-01: Who could be killing Russian opposition leaders? I bet it's other Russian opposition leaders! That's why we can't let them out of prison.
28: 2015-02-28: Russia suffers the double whammy of falling energy prices and western sanctions. Kerpow, Ka-Boom, Bam, Bang and Splat may be close behind.
29: 2015-02-27: The Absurd World of Russian Public Opinion. (Moscow Times)
30: 2015-02-26: Tragic news: My Russian mail-order bride left me right after gaining citizenship. Who could've seen it coming?
31: 2015-02-16: Trapped in Siberia, cold and unemployment, the people watched TV and celebrated the triumphs of Mother Russia.
32: 2014-12-22: Russia's partner in graft: "Exports of sea fish from landlocked Belarus have doubled during the last three months."
33: 2014-12-20: New torture report: detainee was forced to watch a TV with only three channels: Russia Today, North Korean propaganda and Fox News.
34: 2014-12-06: Russia's Brain Drain Is Astounding
35: 2014-12-05: Wilbur Glenn Voliva would probably do well in today's Russia.
36: 2014-12-05: RT @TIME: Putin’s rambling state of the nation speech unnerves Russia’s elites
37: 2014-11-17: RT @MiriamElder: 0_o RT @brianweeden: Apple is worth more than the entire Russian stock market:
38: 2014-11-12: Russia today is in a worse position than the USSR.
39: 2014-11-11: Russia and the Menace of Unreality - the Atlantic:
40: 2014-11-05: These days, all the best entertainment news comes from Russia.
41: 2014-11-05: iPhone to be banned in Russia
42: 2014-11-04: I guess, since #TimCook came out, every Russian with an iPhone must trash it. And any form of technology. The Stone Age wasn't gay, was it?
43: 2014-11-03: Sanctions on Russian may not matter. The people are living in Soviet conditions anyway.
44: 2014-11-02: Russia has gone so far off the deep end that international pressure doesn't mean much. All we can do is sit back and watch what happens.
45: 2014-10-07: RT @Peripatetia: Kiev: Monument to Unification of Russia and Ukraine (today) #Hyperlapse
46: 2014-10-05: Europe's sales pitch to Ukraine: Join us for a better life. Russia's sales pitch: Join us or we'll break your knuckles.
47: 2014-09-28: 25 years ago Eastern Europe threw off the yoke of tyranny. Now Russia is wearing it again. It's a comfortable yoke. You know what to expect.
48: 2014-09-27: Putin is doing everything he can to assure Europe's eventual non-dependence on Russian gas. Capitalism will win again!
49: 2014-08-19: RT @NewYorker: Masha Lipman asks: Will Putin’s ban on food imports hurt Russia?
50: 2014-07-19: “Putin’s Approval Rating Reaches Record High in Russia” — NOT an Onion article — so sad. See:
51: 2014-05-27: The history of Russia (and other oppressive regimes) in an animated illustration by Pawel Kuczynski
52: 2014-05-23: RT @TIME: Russians blockbuster gas deal makes it look weak
53: 2014-05-05: Where is Yakov Smirnoff now? We need him to comment on those funny Russians. For example: @TelegraphNews
54: 2014-05-04: RT @sbadsgood: How Russia deals with protesters.
55: 2014-05-02: On My Bucket List: Threaten Russia with additional sanctions.
56: 2014-04-08: It looks like the pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine need "protection" from Mother Russia. Look at how they're abused! @TelegraphWorld
57: 2014-04-06: Russia's 'oil sickness' erodes urgency for reform
58: 2014-03-19: RT @TIME: Former U.S. ambassador to USSR: Let Russia take Crimea
59: 2014-03-18: The economic cost to Russia for its Crimea adventure.
60: 2014-03-17: Russian government admits economy is in crisis
61: 2014-03-17: Complete list of things Russia produces that the rest of the world needs:
62: 2014-03-17: If Russia imposes the same draconian visa restrictions on Crimea as the rest of Russia, it will kill the tourist industry there.
63: 2014-03-16: Russia is like an addict who stays clean for a few years then falls back into it. The lure of authoritarianism is just too great.
64: 2014-03-16: RT @garciaruize: Masha Gessen's sobering piece on why Putin is winning in Russia
65: 2014-03-14: My tips on applying for a Russian tourist visa—after my own effort FAILED.
66: 2014-03-10: The logical next step: Russian TV suggests taking Alaska back from USA. See @MiriamElder
67: 2014-03-10: For Putin's next annexation, how about here? Abused and ignored by the central government. Many Russian speakers.
68: 2014-03-08: "We might not pay our debts. We might seize your assets." — The best way to discourage investment in your country. #russia #notwinning
69: 2014-03-04: RT @PaulSonne: Here's the sort of scene playing out at #Ukraine's bases in Crimea, most encircled by Russians. (via…
70: 2014-03-02: RT @AdamBlickstein: To protest Russian aggression, will be changing all retweet "RT's" to "Freedom" & only using Thousand Island instead of…
71: 2014-03-02: RT @MiriamElder: Now it's serious. Russia's state-run Channel One says it won't air the Oscars tonight because of events in Ukraine http://…
72: 2014-03-02: This language map of Ukraine explains Russian intervention better than any other. Source:
73: 2014-03-02: Russia takes Russian-speaking Crimea, apparently with majority support of the Crimean people. I'm not going to miss Crimea. Will you?
74: 2014-02-25: Foreplay wasn't enough for the Russian girl. "Putin!" she cried.
75: 2014-02-10: Oxymoron Alert: Russian customer service.
76: 2014-01-06: Motel 6 Russian Roulette: Turning on the shower to "Hot" not knowing if hot water or cold will come out. It's a 50/50 gamble.
77: 2013-08-03: The problem with boycotts: They rarely hurt who you hope they will. ==> Stoli boycott targets Russia but hits Latvia
78: 2013-06-30: Playing Russian Roulette, if you pull the trigger and nothing happens, it gets easier to spin again.
79: 2013-06-27: RT @washingtonpost: Snowden's only safe choice may be to stay in Russia indefinitely
80: 2013-03-31: Evidence out of Russia suggests average Russians are pretty happy being ruled by corrupt bureaucrats. It's what they're familiar with.
81: 2013-03-22: RT @MailOnline: Germany drives Cyprus into the arms of Russia: Cash-strapped country refuses to take part in call with EU ...
82: 2013-02-16: RT @TheEconomist: New anti-Americanism in Russia is less a response to American actions than to Russia's domestic situation ...
83: 2013-01-05: Depardick. ==> "Gerard Depardieu arrives in Russia to collect his passport from Putin" re @Telegraph
84: 2012-09-26: New travel blog entry: "Moscow Dreams: How to Apply For A Russian Visa (In Theory)"
85: 2012-09-11: I love you like Russians love vodka and cigarettes.
86: 2012-09-10: Russia is both to the east and to the west of me. Check it out!
87: 2012-09-08: Summary of the Estonian countryside: Trees. Lots of 'em. Almost claustrophobic. Feels very Russian.
88: 2012-04-07: Kaliningrad is a tiny outpost of Russia between Lithuania and Poland. I did not know this! #geographylesson
89: 2012-04-06: US visitors to Russia need a visa, which is a bitch to get, but Ukraine requires no visa. Only crime is an issue.
90: 2012-01-26: RT @MailOnline: 'Native Americans' actually came from a tiny mountain region in Russia, DNA research reveals
91: 2012-01-22: How do you say "death" in Russian? (Tel Aviv, April 2011)
92: 2012-01-15: RT @AncientProverbs: A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue. -Russian Proverb
93: 2011-09-15: Russia may be biggest. And nicer isles in Greece. But America's still the fattest. No one matches our obese!
94: 2011-06-12: Was lost on the streets of Moscow last night, then I remembered you need a visa for Russia which I didn't have, so it was just a dream.
95: 2011-04-22: "You are going to die" in Russian.
96: 2011-02-01: RT @AncientProverbs: A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue. -Russian Proverb
97: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: On my bucket list: Become a Russian spy and infiltrate American society, becoming known as a femme fatale with my sexy Facebook photos.
98: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: Mail order bride from Russia? So how long do you expect to keep her after she gains U.S. citizenship? Facebook ad:
99: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-05: "Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools." - Napoleon. Yeah, but that trite wisdom lead him to Russia!
100: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-01: New philosophy essay: "RUSSIAN ROULETTE: Childbirth..." (Kilroy Cafe #58)
101: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek movie fact checking: In the 23rd Century no educated human will speak English as a second language, let alone Russian as a first.
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