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1: 2014-05-28: Grave of three unknown sailors washed ashore in Seaside, Oregon. "Known Only To God" (yesterday)
2: 2014-04-28: After Switzerland, all mountains in America look pathetic. Sorry, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, you just can't compete.
3: 2014-04-01: Kevin McNatt, riding his high wheeler from Delaware to Oregon, seeing at a rest area on I-84 in July…
4: 2014-01-09: Tortured pup at the Oregon Humane Society (July 2012)
5: 2013-02-08: Pacific Northwest - new index of all my albums from Oregon & Washington
6: 2012-07-29: Likes her belly rubbed (Oregon Humane Society, an hour ago)
7: 2012-07-27: New Video: High Wheeler in Oregon 2-minute editing exercise, shot and edited this afternoon in under two hours.
8: 2012-07-26: RT @jdbrewton: Kevin McNatt (pictured) and Tim Schmidt are riding these #HighWheel bicycles to Oregon... #EPICNESS! - #Photojournalism h ...
9: 2011-10-09: .@MinnieGupta "And there is also a Miami in Ohio." + Wyoming & Oregon... meaning Ohio has no real identity of its
10: 2011-08-07: Our first 360° self portrait! Lava Lanes, Bend, Oregon.
11: 2011-08-07: Bizarre form of entertainment in which giant balls are hurled at wooden sticks. (Lava Lanes, Bend, Oregon)
12: 2011-08-07: Middle-of-nowhere road stop, Hampton Station, Oregon — 360° panorama:
13: 2011-08-07: Morning in central Oregon.
14: 2011-08-07: An ancient icon of human communication, rediscovered in the outback of Oregon.
15: 2011-04-11: Downtown Pendleton, Oregon.
16: 2011-04-11: Near Pendleton, Oregon.
17: 2011-04-11: Post-apocalyptic wasteland. Oregon.
18: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-01: In Oregon and New Jersey, you can't pump your own gas. Attendants have to do it. It's the (stupid) law! AKA "socialism".
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