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1: 2015-04-27: Coconuts live by the ocean,
2: 2013-03-31: All over the planet, trillions of animals are pissing in the oceans and shitting on the land. Why do we need HazMat suits when humans do it?
3: 2013-01-26: This week has been tough. No bed to sleep in. No heat. Forced to bathe in the ocean. Need a little Newark in January to lift my spirits.
4: 2013-01-21: My office for today. Everything you need in an office: internet, quiet, shade, ocean surf, tropical breeze.
5: 2012-10-27: The ocean views in Atlantic City are always in season... if you could actually see them!
6: 2012-07-13: The classic calendar photo is a coconut palm leaning out over the ocean. Turns out they WANT to do this cuz it helps distribute their seeds.
7: 2012-07-13: Rule #1 in the tropics: Don't camp under a coconut tree! (My campsite on left, unlike damn fool oceanside on right.)
8: 2012-06-13: Life is like traveling on an ocean liner. Most people are preoccupied with the intrigues aboard ship. Few care where the ship is going.
9: 2012-01-17: After swimming in the ocean, you could put a label on yourself: "Now seasoned with SEA SALT!"
10: 2011-10-14: Many a hapless sailor has been lured to his demise by the siren song of the ocean resort: "All U Can Eat!"
11: 2011-03-18: Ocean Rescue. Hanalei.
12: 2011-01-16: Some oceanfront property in Sarasota, Florida, site of our next philosophy video. Should we buy?
13: 2011-01-15: What is the point of oceanfront property? Once you have been there for a few days, you stop seeing the ocean.
14: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-23: If the Yukon ain't north enough for ya, there's Inuvik on the Arctic Ocean, 750 road miles from Whitehorse.
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