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1: 2017-03-16: @nguyenivy Yes, I've flown Norwegian several times. Good deal. Best to buy your tix on Expedia, where you may get free checked bags.
2: 2016-11-26: How they teach sex education on Norway TV.
3: 2016-07-15: Coup attempt in Norway? My new 1-hour video released today: "Management Crisis at Red Cross Nordic"
4: 2016-04-24: RT @Peripatetia: "Visiting the Russia-Norway Border" - my new 4-minute video
5: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Introduction to Northern Norway. This is the first segment of a video I am working on, hopefully…
6: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Visiting the Russian border – Part 2 of my forthcoming travel video on Northern Norway (shot 1…
7: 2015-11-28: Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial in Vardø, Norway - my new 4-minute video with commentary on witch hunts.
8: 2015-10-10: RT @Peripatetia: Tasting Reindeer Meat in Northern Norway - my new 2-minute video filmed a week ago in Fiinmark
9: 2015-10-02: The 1905 Norwegian War of Independence: Norway said, "We don't want to be a part of this anymore," and Sweden said, "Okay."
10: 2015-03-12: The latest bombshell chapter in my "Witch-Hunt in Norway" document, filling in a missing piece of information.
11: 2014-12-22: RT @Peripatetia: Glenn's Facebook Year in Review 2014 - Norway, Alps, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep…
12: 2014-11-06: RT @cracked: Norway reforms convicts by giving them more freedom. 5 Terrible Ideas That Solved Huge Global Problems -
13: 2014-09-21: Have you heard of the 1905 war between Sweden and Norway? Norway said, "We don't want to be part of this anymore," and Sweden said, "Okay."
14: 2014-06-03: Bergen, Norway (April 9)
15: 2014-06-02: My path is blocked in Norway - had to back out 1/2 km (April 12)
16: 2014-06-02: Art meets reality, Bergen, Norway (April 9)
17: 2014-05-25: My virtual "commencement speech" for a high school in Norway that would have been delivered today:
18: 2014-05-18: My (virtual) commencement speech for Red Cross Nordic, a high school in Norway.
19: 2014-05-12: "Witch-Hunt in Norway: My Tiny Little War with United World College Red Cross Nordic"
20: 2014-05-01: Go ahead, Norway, rub it in.
21: 2014-05-01: Approaching an underground rest area in the Lærdal Tunnel, Norway (Apr 12)
22: 2014-04-29: Two paragons of virtue assail Norway's atrocious human rights record d via @washingtonpost
23: 2014-04-27: Free wifi in Norway (April 11)
24: 2014-04-27: Down by the river in Olden, Norway - 360° hi-res panorama (Apr 11)
25: 2014-04-27: Underground rest area in a tunnel in Norway - 360° iPhone panorama. - Very "blue"
26: 2014-04-27: Norway - not a painting (Apr 12)
27: 2014-04-14: New article on my misadventures this past weekend: "My Strange Norwegian Epic My Tiny Little War with UWCRCN"
28: 2014-04-14: I've got 17 Kroner burning a hole in my pocket as I leave Norway (about $3) and the only thing I can…
29: 2014-04-13: Watching the hail accumulate on my windshield, Bergen, Norway @ Bergen, Hordaland
30: 2014-04-13: Inside my "birdhouse" on the Norwegian coast, my lodging last night.
31: 2014-04-13: A two-breasted farts-humper, a common sight in Norway.
32: 2014-04-13: I just spent the night in this funny little "birdhouse" in the Tjeldstø nature reserve in Norway.…
33: 2014-04-09: 7-Eleven, 1am, Bergen, Norway
34: 2014-04-09: Bergen, Norway @ Bergenhus Fortress
35: 2014-03-31: If you happen to be in Flekke, Norway on April 11 feel free to drop in my chat with UWCRCN students.
36: 2014-02-14: Norwegian Air Shuttle - New airline with extraordinarily low fares between USA and Europe. Article: @TIME
37: 2013-12-13: Akershus Fortress, Oslo, Norway (Nov. 4)
38: 2013-11-15: Niga Kebab Restaurant, Oslo, Norway, November 3
39: 2013-11-04: A dark figure protecting the city. More: @ Oslo, Norway
40: 2012-08-28: Let us never forget the Battle of Kringen, how peace-loving Scots were slaughtered by Norwegian hordes. Now is not too late for vengeance.
41: 2011-01-20: My spirit animal is a pigeon. No pretense, can adapt to anything. Either that or a Norway rat. Beats your nearly extinct eagle or wolf!
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