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1: 2013-07-10: I have been to the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost Walmarts (Fairbanks, Kona, St. John's, Kauai). Such a rich world!
2: 2013-02-05: Why did the chicken cross the road? Here is one whose motives can no longer be questioned. Photo from Kauai:
3: 2012-05-19: Hawaii: Newly uploaded photos from 2007: Maui Oahu Kauai
4: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #6: Kauai, Hawaii. Best selection of Chinese-made Hawaiian souvenirs!
5: 2011-09-28: Newly edited video from Hawaii (shot in March): How to Beat High Food Prices on Kauai (1:11)
6: 2011-03-29: Compare Walmart's price for bread in Portland, Maine, to Big Save in Lihue, Kauai.
7: 2011-03-26: See our new Kauai video - Our own exercise in autodidactism!
8: 2011-03-26: Jungle Journey to the Blue Hole, Kauai—Part 1 (5 days ago) - Our best video ever! Gnarly! (Part 2 coming soon!)
9: 2011-03-22: Young newlyweds leaving Kauai are all lovey-dovey. I hate to tell them that, statistically, their marriage is doomed, but someone has to!
10: 2011-03-21: Our new video: "How to Beat High Food Prices on Kauai" — 50-sec preview of coming video. Check out the local "bargains"!
11: 2011-03-21: On Kauai, chickens are everywhere! They roam every street and parking lot. If ever you want a chicken dinner, just reach out and grab one!
12: 2011-03-20: Driftwood shore, Kauai.
13: 2011-03-20: Same dollar menu as the mainland—a rare bargain on Kauai! (@ McDonalds Lihue)
14: 2011-03-19: Breakfast in the jungles of Kauai: vienna sausages, butterscotch pudding, saltine crackers, root beer barrels, diet Coke
15: 2011-03-19: #### End. This has been a live 1-hour essay by the Bad Dalai Lama: "Travel" — From the base of Mt. Waialeale, Kauai.
16: 2011-03-18: The sun sets on the Kauai bus system.
17: 2011-03-17: RT @carlsjrofvegas: @BadDalaiLama Wecome to Kauai, if you get up to the Kilauea Lighthouse area, stop by the ice cream shop in the cente ...
18: 2011-03-17: #### END live-tweeting of my unplanned camping experience on Kauai. We now resume our originally scheduled programming.
19: 2011-03-17: The Kauai bus system. This will serve my transportation needs tomorrow. 50 cents to Walmart. $2 to Hanalei!
20: 2011-03-17: ++++ Begin LIVE TWEETING of my unexpected camping experience on Kauai, Hawaii.
21: 2011-03-16: Visiting Kauai in 2007 with NO MONEY. FB album: - Just places I could get to on foot from the airport.
22: 2011-03-16: What can you do with a $4 disposable camera? My 2008 photo experiment on Kauai, Hawaii
23: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-22: New photo album: Kauai, Hawaii, with a disposable camera:
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