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1: 2014-03-18: Jerusalem, Skopje, Pristina and now Yalta — cities where you are bound to offend somebody even by saying what country it is in.
2: 2014-02-26: Old Jerusalem: A newly reedited video of my walk from the Damascus Gate to the Western Wall. Dec. 2010.
3: 2014-01-02: RT @martinlighthous: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Old Jerusalem: Walking From Damascus Gate to the We…
4: 2013-12-31: Jerusalem (Dec. 2010) - new cover photo
5: 2013-05-15: Walking through Jerusalem - my video from Christmas 2010.
6: 2013-05-03: New York City is the Jerusalem of North America—many cultures packed together in the same place yet maintaining their own identities.
7: 2012-11-17: RT @nytimes: Sirens Disrupt the Sabbath in Jerusalem
8: 2012-11-17: Jerusalem - new hi-res photos from past visits Sample:
9: 2012-11-17: As one who has visited Jerusalem many times, I say there's no safer place to be right now. Missiles from Gaza are only a symbolic threat.
10: 2012-11-17: Israeli military in Jerusalem (my photo from 2009) - Young boys with big guns. ... More
11: 2012-11-15: The great spiritual journeys: Mecca, Jerusalem, The Vatican, Benares, Lhasa, World's Biggest Walmart in Albany, New York.
12: 2011-12-27: @aaroncajes "Jerusalem, check! Vatican, check! How'bout mecca? :D" <== Two out of three ain't bad!
13: 2011-12-27: One year ago, we spent Christmas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (for real!) Check out are archived tweets, photos & videos:
14: 2011-09-22: Just made public this 1-minute video of the "Jerusalem Subway" (May 2011)
15: 2011-05-01: Jerusalem is a magnet for all kinds of religious nutcases. Even Rael wants to build an Extraterrestrial Embassy there!
16: 2011-04-23: Video Postcard: Jerusalem Central Bus Station. (30 sec. 3 days ago) Typical chaos waiting for a bus to Masada.
17: 2011-04-20: It's done! The best TV series proposal ever created! Filmed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past few days.
18: 2011-04-19: Jerusalem is the quintessential medieval city. In spite of the tourist trappings, you can't get closer to what life was like 1000 years ago.
19: 2011-04-18: Video Postcard: Looking out over Jerusalem from the roof of my hostel. (30 seconds)
20: 2011-04-18: View from the roof of my $25 hostel in Jerusalem. Right now!
21: 2011-04-18: Jerusalem is testament to the human willingness to believe in whatever system you were born into.
22: 2011-04-17: Early results of yesterday's video shoot in Old Jerusalem. (2-minute draft portion of a promo video)
23: 2011-04-16: In Jerusalem, I eat a balanced diet: falafel pita for breakfast, falafel pita for lunch and a sensible falafel pita for dinner.
24: 2011-04-16: My favorite falafel stand in Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate.
25: 2011-04-16: RT @Kyoks1: Jerusalem te ensena q todas las religiones son lo mismo; diferentes sombreros y festividades misma suspencion de logica via ...
26: 2011-04-16: Video Postcard: Old Jerusalem "Subway" - Many cities have subways, but this one is FREE and carries only 3 boys.
27: 2011-04-16: Jerusalem teaches you how every religion is the same. Different hats and holidays, same underlying suspension of logic.
28: 2011-04-15: Local politics. Just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem: "Free Palestine"
29: 2011-04-15: All our tweets, photos and videos from our last visit to Jerusalem in December: jerusalem>
30: 2011-04-15: Just chillin' in Old Jerusalem. (@ Jaffa Gate Hostel)
31: 2011-04-05: All our Christmas photos, videos and tweets from Bethlehem (West Bank) Jerusalem
32: 2011-02-27: All our best tourist photos from the past four years, spanning half the globe from Jerusalem to Hawaii.
33: 2011-01-01: 2010 Highlights: Christmas in Bethlehem Jerusalem More (Dec)
34: 2010-12-29: Video #27: Settlement protests in Jerusalem. I infiltrate two opposing demonstrations in Zion Square. (Dec. 23)
35: 2010-12-28: Video #25: Exploring an abandoned building in Jerusalem (on Christmas).
36: 2010-12-26: Passing through the Israeli checkpoint from Bethlehem back to Jerusalem (essentially a "Checkpoint Charlie").
37: 2010-12-26: JERUSALEM — Moi-même on the Damascus Gate, Christmas Morning. Photo:
38: 2010-12-25: JERUSALEM — Christmas party at the Abraham Hostel, happening RIGHT NOW! Come on down! FB Album:
39: 2010-12-25: JERUSALEM — A miraculous appearance of the Virgin Mary on a bus from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
40: 2010-12-25: JERUSALEM — Bible, Talmud or Koran? This pilgrim to the Old City brought his own sacred text. Photo: (Christmas Morning)
41: 2010-12-25: Video: Panoramic view of Old Jerusalem from the top of the Damascus Gate on Christmas morning. (Video #22)
42: 2010-12-25: Just returned to my Jerusalem hostel after a second visit to Bethlehem for Christmas. Videos and photos coming!
43: 2010-12-25: Shabbat in the Jewish areas of Jerusalem means being able to walk down the middle of a city street that's normally packed with traffic.
44: 2010-12-25: I'm in Jerusalem, right? It is supposed to be controlled by the Jews. SO WHY CAN'T THEY STOP THE DAMN CHRISTMAS MUSIC?!?!
45: 2010-12-25: Christmas morning in Jerusalem! Weird dreams last night. Men in funny hats are chasing me for not keeping Shabbat. Also Area 51 security.
46: 2010-12-25: I walk the streets of Jerusalem with complete equanimity toward Jews, Christians and Muslims. They're all Loony Tunes!
47: 2010-12-25: JERUSALEM — Archive photos from the Western Wall & an Israeli Army graduation ceremony there (Oct 09)
48: 2010-12-24: In deference to the Christian holiday, HHBDL is suspending his usual words of wisdom to report LIVE from JERUSALEM and BETHLEHEM!
49: 2010-12-24: JERUSALEM — Sabbath enforcer appears at the door of my hostel to make sure we are not doing business (just now!)
50: 2010-12-24: Today's best photos from Old Jerusalem!
51: 2010-12-23: Video #18: Jerusalem, Israel: Crossing the Old City. - Intro tour from Damascus Gate to the Western Wall. Today!
52: 2010-12-23: Awesome shot from the Muslim Quarter of Old Jerusalem! Now adding more to FB album:
53: 2010-12-23: In front of my hostel in Davidka Square, Jerusalem. More at - Going exploring now!
54: 2010-12-22: My hostel in Jerusalem: - 75 Shekels a night! (Oy, vey—can you imagine such a thing!?) Location:
55: 2010-12-22: I'm in Jerusalem for Christmas, hoping to produce a few new videos for you. In the meantime, photos from my last visit:
56: 2010-11-29: Photos: HHBDL in Jerusalem: — Trying to broker a Mid-East peace. Luckily, His Holiness has no dog in this fight.
57: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: My photo of the new "Berlin Wall" in Jerusalem: - (Oct. 09) Also see my other Israel albums:
58: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-25: My new photo albums from ISRAEL: - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa
59: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-22: Religion sucks! There's nothing like a visit to Jerusalem - the crossroads of religion - to renew my faith in the stupidity of ALL of them!
60: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-21: Photos from my current visit to JERUSALEM: (still there!)
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