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1: 2015-06-29: Japan's Orwellian future: too many old people.
2: 2014-05-04: RT @sbadsgood: The Valley Of The Dolls Is #Japan's Creepiest Suburb -
3: 2014-02-01: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan (April 2012)
4: 2013-08-13: Toyko, Japan - my best photos from April 2012:
5: 2013-02-22: Two surprises: 1) Japan has capital punishment. 2) They do it rudely. via @latimes
6: 2012-12-15: RT @TheNewDeal Gun Deaths 2011: Japan 48, Britain 8, Canada 52, Israel 58, Sweden 21, Germany 42, U.S. 10,728 <== Still statistically tiny!
7: 2012-09-04: On a Thomas The Tank Engine train in Japan (April 19)
8: 2012-09-02: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan - newly uploaded photos from April Sample:
9: 2012-08-31: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan (April)
10: 2012-08-30: Shinto Temple at Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan (April 19, 2012)
11: 2012-08-30: Newly uploaded panoramas: Prishtina, Kosovo Split, Croatia Japanese temple
12: 2012-07-27: RT @EkDoTween: Story of Onoda, a WWII Japanese soldier who kept fighting in the jungle till 1974 for he didn't know the war was over. ht ...
13: 2012-06-14: Germany is a lot like Japan: safe, clean, orderly, rational. If Germany and Japan ever joined forces, I bet they could take over the world!
14: 2012-06-10: Stairway to Nowhere. Kawaguchiko, Japan (near Mt. Fuji). 360 panorama (April 19)
15: 2012-06-04: My nine photo albums from Japan (from April) are now indexed in this "Best of Japan" album.
16: 2012-04-27: @xtinewu @B_SDoll Indeed! Japanese society is fundamentally intertwined with the Hello Kitty concept.
17: 2012-04-25: ToykoFact 12: The Japanese have the cleanest bottoms on Earth, thanks to their fancy electronic toilet seats. Try it, you'll like it!
18: 2012-04-25: @Kyoks1 This is why I would probably not last long in Japan. I feel the need to verbalized what I know.
19: 2012-04-25: RT @Kyoks1: Nice article on multicultural communication "Same Words, Different Meanings in Japan, Mexico and the U.S."
20: 2012-04-25: ToykoFact 10: Two-prong US plugs work in Japanese outlets but not three-prong ones.
21: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 9: The Japanese have the world's most elaborate toilet etiquette. You can't just shit or pee. There's a way these things are done.
22: 2012-04-22: Hour Two of vegging in front of stupid Japanese television BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO. #noexcuses
23: 2012-04-22: You aren't getting the authentic animé experience unless you're watching it in Tokyo in Japanese.
24: 2012-04-20: From where I sit. Japanese toilet details.
25: 2012-04-20: Japanese advertising uses English for its symbolic value. The words don't actually have to mean anything.
26: 2012-04-20: Western-style toilet, with advanced electronic toilet seat, compared to the traditional Japanese equivalent.
27: 2012-04-20: Checking into my 3rd hostel in Japan. (@ Khaosan Tokyo Annex) [pic]:
28: 2012-04-19: I am naked in a penthouse Japanese bath, full glass walls, where anyone who cares to can gaze upon me. #onlyinjapan
29: 2012-04-19: Tiger Woods is still appearing on Japanese commercials, apparently untarnished.
30: 2012-04-19: Now watching Japanese music videos. Everyone is young. Songs are bouncy. Big smiles!
31: 2012-04-19: Japanese TV and pop culture is fascinating to watch not so much because it is different from American but because it is virtually identical.
32: 2012-04-19: Now playing on Japanese infomercials: a slimming girdle and a kitchen chopper. Amazing products! Call now!
33: 2012-04-19: Watching Japanese infomercials in my capsule hotel bed. Heaven or Hell? (@ Capsule Hotel Asakusa Riverside) [pic]:
34: 2012-04-19: The greatest danger of Japanese society is getting caught in an infinitely recursive loop of "Oh, but after you!"
35: 2012-04-18: There are no obese Japanese. Also no "mega-sizes" of anything. Even fast food restaurants have small and medium, never large.
36: 2012-04-17: Positive: Legendary Japanese courtesy and deference. Negative: It can be very difficult to deduce what people really think and feel.
37: 2012-04-17: Positive: Little crime in Japan. Negative: A rigid social structure of unwritten rules enforced by shame.
38: 2012-04-17: Unlike Westerners, Japanese wear surgical masks not to protect themselves but to protect others from their flu (says @Kyoks1). Makes sense.
39: 2012-04-17: Positive: The Japanese are the cleanest people on Earth. Negative: A nation of germophobes.
40: 2012-04-17: So sad! The Japanese are texting their lives away. Oh, wait, I guess the rest of us are, too!
41: 2012-04-17: Japanese women wear the highest heels in the universe. The number of ankle injuries must be huge!
42: 2012-04-16: Japanese culture is a lot different than American culture. For example, you see a lot more white iPhones on the street than black ones.
43: 2012-04-15: A Japanese electronic toilet performs various procedures upon your underside. Bizarre and yet strangely exhilarating.
44: 2012-04-15: English is a prestige language in Japan, sort of like French to Americans. Used in advertising to give Veblen products more cachet.
45: 2012-04-15: RT @Kyoks1: "@lonelyplanet: Japanese bath etiquette: how to visit a sento #lp"☇cc @BadDalaiLama a most if you haven ...
46: 2012-04-14: Shinagawa Station concourse, Tokyo - 360° panorama My first experience changing trains in Japan, early Sunday morning.
47: 2012-04-14: The nice thing about not knowing a word of Japanese is I don't have to listen to any inane banter. It's all just music to me.
48: 2012-01-28: Faded empires once destined to take over the world: IBM, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Arabs, Japanese. Fading soon: Facebook, Google, China.
49: 2011-11-16: On My Bucket List: Become a Japanese CEO forced to acknowledge my company's malfeasance by bowing deeply in public.
50: 2011-04-08: RT @TIME: Despite everything you've heard, the health risk of radiation in Japan remains pretty low |
51: 2011-04-08: RT @KimKardashian: Just turned on the news, and saw that there was another earthquake in Japan. So sad, my prayers go out to everyone in ...
52: 2011-03-29: RT @Kyoks1: @BadDalaiLama have you been to a japanese public restroom? Not only they work + are spotless clean but have an interesting e ...
53: 2011-03-20: Wailua River (Japanese graveyard headstone in foreground)
54: 2011-03-13: RT @DalaiLama: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Expresses His Sadness Over the Recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
55: 2011-03-13: Thinking of starting a prototype model/celebrity twitter: Worked out today! Here's a new photo of me! Praying for Japan—so sad!
56: 2011-03-12: What makes Japan a better use of your resources than 10,000 other catastrophes? Because it's on CNN? Is that how you choose your good works?
57: 2011-01-04: Microsoft, Arab Oil Sheiks, Japan, IBM... Things that were supposed to take over the world but didn't. Next: Google, Facebook, China.
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