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1: 2015-05-29: My video of protest in Istanbul's Gezi Park in 2013 now appears in a Germany documentary.
2: 2014-06-29: RT @Peripatetia: Last week was my 1 year anniversary on Instagram. Here is my first post from Istanbul on June 21, 2013:…
3: 2014-04-08: Some of my Istanbul Gezi Park protest footage from June has been used in this new German documentary.
4: 2013-10-08: Istanbul - newly uploaded photos from June:
5: 2013-07-22: The epic war now being waged in Istanbul.
6: 2013-07-22: Live-tweeting some past tours and events: Kosovo, Cairo, Balkans, Istanbul Protests, Santorini, etc. Facebook album:
7: 2013-07-10: Easy Rider in Istanbul (new photo from June 15) + More from Istanbul
8: 2013-07-09: Looks like more of the same in Istanbul.
9: 2013-06-28: My first tear gas experience in Istanbul (new standalone clip from an earlier video - June 15)
10: 2013-06-24: Kitty Convention (June 22) + more non-protest photos from Istanbul:
11: 2013-06-23: NY Times: Turkish Capital Heats Up as Protests Subside in Istanbul
12: 2013-06-23: Just concluded my dream vacation in Santorini & Istanbul. Paradise, protests and teargas! Satisfying and meaningful.
13: 2013-06-21: Istanbul: Armored police vehicle outside my window. @ Chillout Cengo Hostel
14: 2013-06-20: Istanbul Protests: Awesome time-lapse video of crowd being repelled by tear gas on Saturday night.
15: 2013-06-20: Boy outside my hostel, yesterday. + More non-protest photos from Istanbul: -
16: 2013-06-18: My fellow passenger on a flight from Bodrum to Istanbul, June 15 + More animal photos:
17: 2013-06-16: Gezi Park before the crackdown: photos shot yesterday in Istanbul.
18: 2013-06-16: Co-written by a guy at my hostel ==> RT @latimes: Turkish riot police clear demonstrators from Istanbul park
19: 2013-06-15: Istanbul: Just back from the Saturday night protests. Saw the water cannon. Felt the teargas. It was cool!
20: 2013-06-13: Santorini is swell, but after 5 days, the Paradise is wearing thin. As things heat up in Istanbul, I've decided to head back there.
21: 2013-06-13: An Uneasy Calm in Istanbul as Protests Continue at Taksim Square
22: 2013-06-12: My eyewitness report on the Istanbul Protests. (new blog entry)
23: 2013-06-12: As Istanbul protests turn violent again, please see my June 6 photos & video from the scene &
24: 2013-06-09: Istanbul Protests - my 17-minute video tour of Taksim Square and Gezi Park just uploaded - What you won't see on CNN!
25: 2013-06-08: The Hug Brigade seen yesterday at the Istanbul protests. - Full album:
26: 2013-06-08: RT @nytimes: Critic’s Notebook: In Istanbul’s Taksim Square, an Achilles’ Heel
27: 2013-06-07: How is it prices in Istanbul can be generally half those of the USA but chain hotels can still charge New York rates? Short answer: suckers!
28: 2013-06-07: Istanbul Protests 2013 - photo album from yesterday now complete!
29: 2013-06-06: The fashion in Istanbul this year + tons of more great photos from today's protests:
30: 2013-06-06: My best relationship shot from today's protests. ... More from Taksim Square, Istanbul:
31: 2013-06-06: Istanbul Taksim Square Protests - my new photos shot 2 hours ago!
32: 2013-06-06: Photos from my earlier Istanbul visits indexed here:
33: 2013-06-06: Looking for my Istanbul transit card. It's here someplace!
34: 2013-06-06: Istanbul or Constantinople? (@ İstanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) - @istanbulairport w/ 250 others) [pic]:
35: 2013-06-05: My flight plan over the next 72 hours, including a day in Istanbul (booked before the current protests).
36: 2013-06-05: All my videos from Istanbul, including my first visit to Taksim Square YouTube @BadDalaiLama
37: 2013-06-04: Istanbul - my Feb. 2011 video of a protest by medical interns near Taksim Square: Diving right in!
38: 2013-06-04: I have visited both Tahrir Square in Cairo and Taksim Square in Istanbul. I feel far safer in Istanbul. Cairo: not again.
39: 2013-06-04: Taksim Square in Istanbul, site of the current protests. (My photo of routine protest in Dec. 2) re @BadDalaiLama
40: 2013-06-04: Istanbul Protests: Here are my photos from some low-level protests in December:
41: 2013-04-03: If you're in Istanbul and your Turkish is good, check out my current interview in Kültür Mafyasi.
42: 2013-03-17: RT @MailOnline: BREAKING NEWS: Homeless man accused of killing Sarai Sierra in Istanbul is caught
43: 2013-02-04: Yipes! Places I know! ==> New York tourist found dead in Istanbul
44: 2013-01-30: My interview just published in a liberal Istanbul newspaper. "Marriage is like being chained to your loved one."
45: 2012-12-26: My Christmas present from Istanbul: My first published book! Now available by the pallet.
46: 2012-12-08: I still have lira on my IstanbulKart transit card, so I guess this means I'll have to come back. (yesterday)
47: 2012-12-07: Last few hours in Istanbul. My current location:
48: 2012-12-06: Satellite Street, Istanbul. ... and more Best Travel Photos
49: 2012-12-06: Some of my neighbors in Istanbul. ... More:
50: 2012-12-04: If you're allergic to cats, don't come to Istanbul. You'll die!
51: 2012-12-03: Che Guevara lives... at Starbucks! ... More protest photos from Istanbul (yesterday):
52: 2012-12-03: "How to Make Movies... In Your Mind!" - My new essay on filmmaking from Istanbul. cc: @lawnrocket
53: 2012-12-02: Many great Istanbul photos, taken today, added to the end of album:
54: 2012-12-02: New addition to the Pretty Girl file from the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. ... More pretty girls:
55: 2012-12-01: New resident of my Istanbul hostel.
56: 2012-11-30: "Meta-Skills and How to Gain Them" - Today's philosophy essay from Istanbul.
57: 2012-11-29: "How to Become a Great Artist" - my new essay from Istanbul cc: @lawnrocket
58: 2012-11-28: Bookstore kitty, Istanbul ... More:
59: 2012-11-27: Istanbul at Night. New photos from Hagia Sophia & the Blue Mosque, shot this evening.
60: 2012-11-27: Good news: not many rats or mice in Istanbul. Bad news: a serious cat problem.
61: 2012-11-27: "Why They Built The Pyramids... And What It Means For You!" My new philosophy essay from Istanbul.
62: 2012-11-26: Fish, anyone? ... More photos taken this evening in Istanbul:
63: 2012-11-26: Welcome to Istanbul.
64: 2012-11-26: My office in Istanbul. (@ Chillout Cengo Hostel) [pic]:
65: 2012-11-24: Heading to Istanbul tomorrow. Here are my photos and videos from last year's visit.
66: 2012-11-24: Newark to Istanbul, tomorrow. A most AWESOME seating configuration! A middle seat better than First Class! $300 o/w
67: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Istanbul, Turkey (February)
68: 2011-03-22: To me, jumping from Istanbul to Rome to Hawaii seems as superficial as changing TV channels, because it doesn't change my core goals.
69: 2011-03-21: Woman selling bird food in Istanbul (last month).
70: 2011-03-21: Istanbul from the Bosphorus Bridge (last month).
71: 2011-03-09: His Holiness tweets pix and video from some exotic places: Gibraltar, Morocco, the West Bank, Naples, Istanbul, Impersonators in Vegas...
72: 2011-02-20: FB photos from last week: Istanbul Naples The Vatican Rome
73: 2011-02-19: Istanbul from the Bosphorus Bridge (4 days ago).
74: 2011-02-17: Funny airline safety video on my flight from Istanbul to Rome—given by kids!
75: 2011-02-15: Leaving Istanbul. (@ Sabiha Gökçen Uluslararası Havalimanı w/ 4 others)
76: 2011-02-14: Today's Best Photo: Woman selling pigeon food outside the New Mosque in Istanbul.
77: 2011-02-13: - Enjoying a fine protest in Istanbul. (8 minutes of local disgruntlement)
78: 2011-02-13: Istanbul Moving Postcard (on the ferry from Europe to Asia). - Like a postcard, but moving. Cool 3D effect!
79: 2011-02-11: Another handsome young Turk. — Added 30+ Istanbul photos today:
80: 2011-02-11: Istanbul for $13/night! Here's a look at my hostel. (Istanbul Travelogue, Part 3)
81: 2011-02-11: Philosophy video from Istanbul: Too Much String Cheese! (Video #38)
82: 2011-02-11: Dragon on the Bosporus. More Istanbul photos from today:
83: 2011-02-11: Trying to make sense of it all in Istanbul.
84: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Travelogue, Part 2: The Spice Market. — Walking through the busy souk earlier today.
85: 2011-02-10: - A TOTALLY UNPREVOKED cat attack in the streets of Istanbul. (Okay, well maybe a LITTLE provoked.)
86: 2011-02-10: Istanbul: Hagia Sophia Mosque. Right now! (I love a mosque with free wifi!)
87: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Facebook Album: - Photos will be added here throughout my visit.
88: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Facebook Album: - Photos will be added here throughout our visit. Check back later for more!
89: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Travelogue, Part 1: Arriving in Taksim Square. (Video #36)
90: 2011-02-10: Good morning, Istanbul!
91: 2011-02-09: - Landing in Istanbul (3 hours ago).
92: 2011-02-09: ISTANBUL — Right now! Turkish cat.
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