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1: 2018-07-22: On July 4, 2018, I suffered blackout on the highway in Colorado, leading to a cancer diagnosis. Since then, I've engaged in the nearly painless process of fighting it, mainly in a comfortable hospital bed in Boston. For latest, see
2: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: Extraterrestrial Highway in Hyperlapse - 1-minute video: - NV highway just N of Area 51, driving a…
3: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: Rachel, Nevada, capital of the Extraterrestrial Highway—which ain't sayin' much (yesterday) http:/…
4: 2015-04-29: RT @Peripatetia: J$100 got me this photo at a highway rest stop. He's doing a bad Bob Marley impersonation.… http:/…
5: 2014-08-16: RT @Peripatetia: Liard River Hot Spring on the Alaska Highway - spooky 3-minute video (Aug. 3)
6: 2014-04-20: No hostel nearby so I slept comfortably in my rental car at a highway rest area. @ Autostrada A2
7: 2013-12-14: Another tragic highway statistic in Mississippi (2009)
8: 2013-09-28: Vultures on the highway feeding on dead vultures killed by traffic while feeding on dead vultures. #escheresque #iInfiniterecursion
9: 2013-09-13: Alabama Law: No weapons in highway restrooms. Conduct you shootings outside, please! @ ALDOT Rest Area
10: 2013-08-19: Fireworks stand on the highway, Burns, Wyoming (just now)
11: 2013-07-23: My favorite highways in America: I-10 in TX & I-80 in NV. Straight. Fast. Uncomplicated. Nowhere else do the miles fly by so painlessly.
12: 2013-07-09: Alaska Highway - photos shot over the past week
13: 2013-07-07: Video Postcard: Liard River Hot Spring on the Alaska Highway (yesterday) 3-minute video at water level.
14: 2013-07-07: Selfie from behind the falls at Liard River Hot Spring (yesterday) + more Alaska Highway
15: 2013-07-04: Driving the Glenn Highway approaching Glenallen. Alaska (yesterday) - video
16: 2013-06-27: Aurora Borealis seen on a winter road trip on the Alaska Highway, Feb. 2012. New album:
17: 2013-06-27: Alaska Highway: a new index of past albums:
18: 2013-06-27: Brrrr! - Alaska Highway in the Winter: my photos from 2010 and 2012
19: 2013-02-14: Florida Geography Quiz: Which highway is longest in Florida: I-95, I-10 or I-75? (Is Florida taller, wider or fatter?)
20: 2013-01-22: Found my perfect camping spot near Arecibo. Just a few yards from the beach, but invisible from the highway.
21: 2012-11-21: You may rest at this highway rest area, picnic tables provided, but loitering is strictly prohibited.
22: 2012-10-29: Highway toll takers, touching hundreds of hands and germ-laden bills every day: Do they get more colds than others—or fewer?
23: 2012-10-23: Highway tragedy in Kansas.
24: 2012-08-13: It is impossible to not break the law on this highway (I-88 west of Chicago, 3 days ago)
25: 2012-07-02: If aliens landed in a field beside the highway, many motorists would turn their heads but few would stop their cars.
26: 2012-06-08: If James Dean were alive today, he'd be dead on Highway 58 between Barstow and Kramer Junction. Whew! Killer road at night!
27: 2012-06-07: Interstate 40, New Mexico (earlier today) More highway photos:
28: 2012-06-03: Glenwood Canyon, Colorado - driving through the canyon. My dashboard video of a spectacular highway (1 week ago, 5 min)
29: 2012-03-07: There are only two highways in America with 80 mph speed limits: I-10 in West Texas and here.
30: 2012-02-16: Photos from this trip: Alaska Highway in Winter Anchorage Whitehorse
31: 2012-02-14: Mile 0 on the Alaska Highway. (@ Dawson Creek, British Columbia w/ 2 others) [pic]:
32: 2012-02-14: Fort St. John — First Walmart in 825 miles. That's how wild the Alaska Highway is! (@ Wal-Mart) [pic]:
33: 2012-02-13: Aurora borealis, photographed at 5:30 this morning at Laird Hot Spring, near the midpoint of the Alaska Highway.
34: 2012-02-09: Typical view on the Glenn Highway south of Tok, Alaska, before dawn this morning.
35: 2012-02-09: Setting moon seen through my rear-view mirror this morning on the Glenn Highway near Glenallen, Alaska.
36: 2012-02-09: Glenn Highway, Alaska - 360° panorama
37: 2012-02-07: The Alaska Highway in winter. Because summer is for wimps! - Step 1: Retrieve my vehicle in Anchorage.
38: 2012-02-07: The Alaska Highway in winter. Because summer is for wimps! - Step 1: Retrieve my vehicle in Anchorage.
39: 2012-01-24: Satan's Highway.
40: 2011-12-27: If you removed all the "Please Drive Safely!" signs from the highways, would it change the accident rate?
41: 2011-12-22: When I see a Southern highway plastered with anti-abortion billboards I think, "What a waste!" They could get better results with a TV spot.
42: 2011-11-30: If slogans really change human behavior, then we should erect signs every few feet along the highway: "Always Drive Safely!"
43: 2011-09-17: The brands upon which my lifestyle depends: Walmart, Motel 6, Golden Corral, Dollar Tree, Verizon, Apple, US Interstate Highway System.
44: 2011-07-01: Fact: If you die by rodeo in Oklahoma, they name a highway interchange after you. Perished in the line of duty.
45: 2011-04-28: If you want the Alaska Highway experience without going that far, driving over the top of Lake Superior will give a pretty good taste of it.
46: 2011-03-24: When you drive an interstate highway, you're riding on a set of Federal rules about how these roads must be built and maintained.
47: 2011-03-07: Archive photo: A tragic highway fatality in Louisiana.
48: 2011-01-29: Overseas Highway.
49: 2010-12-31: 2010 Highlights: Alaska Highway Whitehorse Yukon Bear Flats (Nov)
50: 2010-11-29: If slogans really change human behavior, then we should erect signs every mile along the highway: "Always Drive Safely!"
51: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-23: It's -10'F on the Alaska Highway and I'm not wearing any pants!
52: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-23: Just completed my first WINTER drive in the Alaska Highway, sleeping in truck. Low: -20F. Photos:
53: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-20: Glenn Highway, Alaska: The winter days are very short (6 hours now), but the dusk is long. Two hours after sunset, still light in the sky!
54: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: One little shark attack ruins the beach for everyone, but one deadly car accident doesn't ruin the highway. Why?
55: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-08: Photo: A tragic highway fatality in Louisiana.
56: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: The Alaska Highway is a lonely road that includes several long stretches without Wal-Marts. Photos:
57: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: The posted speed limit is shown by signs on the highway. The unposted limit is when cops actually start ticketing. That number is secret.
58: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: On any open highway in America, there ain't nobody going below the speed limit. There's an unwritten buffer between rules and enforcement.
59: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-20: Indiana Toll Road: America's Rip-Off Highway. $27 for 155 miles!
60: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-31: Surreal experience: driving a lonely Texas highway at night with a freight train alongside going the exact same speed. A ghostly horizon!
61: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-04: Only in Texas can you take a six-lane highway and call it a "Lane".
62: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-07: My new photos from Bear Flats, an abandoned roadhouse along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon:
63: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Travelers' essentials along any highway in America: gas stations, restaurants, motels, adult superstores, "Nude Girls - XXX".
64: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Seen along a highway in Texas: "Make a Difference... Be A Corrections Officer". Photo: - Never thought of it that way.
65: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: Some new photos from the Alaska Highway:
66: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-19: The Alaska Highway is an "adventure" only in the sense that you have endured five days of driving through a lot of trees.
67: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-17: The Alaska Highway is still rugged. 1500 miles from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks and only three Wal-Marts!
68: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: In Oklahoma, don't fall for those "Scenic Turnout" signs along the highway.
69: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: Seen along a highway in Texas: "Make A Difference... Be A Correctional Officer."
70: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-07: Highway rest areas on I-84 in Connecticut are marked "NO LOITERING". What else can you do at a rest area?! My photo:
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