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1: 2016-11-09: Traumatic Moments in American History — Where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, Twin Towers, Trump election.
2: 2014-09-06: I'm going to have to give up my he-man credentials and admit I'm gay. I just went into Harbor Freight Tools and there was nothing I wanted!
3: 2014-01-20: Heeia Kea Boat Harbor, Oahu (Nov 2007)
4: 2014-01-13: Ghost ship in Baltimore Harbor (yesterday)
5: 2014-01-10: A man is rescued today from Baltimore Harbor after falling into the icy water (15 sec video, 2x speed)
6: 2013-11-16: The Typhoid Mary Retirement Plan: Live out your final days in a pleasant cottage on a private island in New York Harbor.
7: 2013-06-28: Tunnel vision. @ Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
8: 2013-06-11: Volcanic harbor.
9: 2013-01-27: RT @KilroyCafe: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
10: 2012-09-21: Hafnarfjörður Harbor, Iceland - 360° panorama (4 days ago) Zoom in for details!
11: 2012-03-03: Kinda cool to hang out for free where people spend huge sums to live. (@ Channel Islands Harbor) [pic]:
12: 2012-01-07: Ventura Harbor.
13: 2012-01-07: Ventura Harbor Marina - 360° panorama
14: 2011-12-07: Happy Pearl Harbor Day! It's not just about WWII but a day to celebrate sneak attacks of all kinds.
15: 2011-10-26: New photo albums (shot yesterday): JFK Airport New York Harbor
16: 2010-11-09: There is no safe harbor, only an illusion of safety that could wash to sea on the next storm.
17: 2010-10-14: There is no safe harbor.
18: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
19: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-07: There are no permanently safe harbors. Anything you think guarantees lifelong security is really just a prison in disguise.
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