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1: 2018-04-07: @DSLikesIt And their hamburgers suck.
2: 2013-11-17: Everyone has their sexual preference. I get turned on by cute little cars in big parking spaces. (Hamburg, Nov. 7)
3: 2013-11-08: Hamburg Rathaus under the moon (last night)
4: 2013-11-08: Hamburg, Germany - new photos from yesterday:
5: 2013-11-07: Biking to war @ Miniatur Wonderland, Hamburg, Germany
6: 2012-10-24: Fast Food Dietâ„¢ - Day 3: Scooby-Doo Hamburger Happy Meal, 365 calories.
7: 2012-03-31: RT @TheBosha: So cute how the commercials show vegetables next to the Hamburger Helper on the plate as if that's ever, ever happened.
8: 2011-09-25: .@xtinewu "Like a basket of 14 goats instead of PayPal" <== I'm thinking hamburger credits. My 2010 video explains:
9: 2011-07-05: Did you know that pasta, hamburger meat, dry pet foods, most juvenile breakfast cereals and foamy snacks are extruded? That's right!
10: 2011-05-26: Video Postcard: Cattle Call, Amarillo, Texas. 2-minute visit with hamburger-on-the-hoof at a massive feed lot.
11: 2011-04-07: McDonalds' "Billions of Hamburgers Served" translates into how many cattle slaughtered? They don't advertise that, do they?
12: 2010-12-31: Video #29: We propose a new world currency: hamburgers! From McDonalds, Deltona, Florida.
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