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1: 2014-02-23: It's that time of year again (15 sec video from Georgia)
2: 2014-02-06: I would never eat at this place. I hear it's just awful. (today in Georgia)
3: 2013-12-10: How "Crazy Eddie" and Ayn Rand ran Sears into the ground via @georgiatriallaw
4: 2013-05-26: Gator on the prowl. Don't play on the water's edge, kids! (Georgia, 3 days ago)
5: 2013-05-23: For atmospheric misery, nowhere in America beats coastal Georgia in the summer. Heat, humidity, bugs!
6: 2013-04-16: Sunset last night in St. Marys, Georgia ... More from St. Marys:
7: 2013-02-09: @georgiatriallaw Like the difference between "their" and "there"?
8: 2013-01-18: Latitude is really weird. As soon as you get north of Georgia, you don't even need air conditioning!
9: 2012-10-16: @EvilSchwartzie @dslikesit ...or put the lights out in Georgia.
10: 2012-06-08: Mickie and Minnie at a Dollar Tree grand opening in Macon, Georgia, 2/6/11. Photo:
11: 2012-05-13: Abandoned strip club in Georgia: new photo album shot today (95+ photos) An anthropological investigation.
12: 2012-05-12: Adult Cafe in Georgia — Daily Home Cooked Specials... for adults!.. And it's For Sale!
13: 2012-04-12: Full burka in Atlanta. Wearer speaks in a native Georgia accent. That think must be a killer in the summer!
14: 2012-04-12: 5 am rest stop, Tifton, Georgia.
15: 2012-04-03: Take a chance? Kingsland, Georgia.
16: 2012-03-05: Anger is a natural emotion but not a noble one. You don't exercise it in public any more than the sexual function. cc: @georgiatriallaw
17: 2012-02-19: RT @georgiatriallaw: It occurred to me that celeb addicts like Whitney have not one enabler but millions of them. No wonder they cannot ...
18: 2011-11-01: RT @georgiatriallaw: @BadDalaiLama Maybe it is a zero sum game, unless you are trying to inrease attention spans across the board, a wor ...
19: 2011-10-28: No manatees over 5 tons please! FB photo, shot in Georgia this morning.
20: 2011-10-27: New photos from Georgia.
21: 2011-03-13: RT @georgiatriallaw: @BadDalaiLama Gotta live and let live Lama.
22: 2011-03-02: RT @georgiatriallaw: @BadDalailama is killing me this morning. Spiritual gemstones from the master. #winning
23: 2011-02-05: Famous Georgians: Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, Martin Luther King Jr, Joseph Stalin, King George IV.
24: 2011-02-05: Dollar store ambassadors, Macon, Georgia.
25: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: Can you say "Georgia"? Round heeyah it's "JAW-jah".
26: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-17: Camping a field near the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. Only a thin layer of fabric saves me from sci-fi death by insects. (Kingsland)
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