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1: 2013-11-28: Bay Bridge and downtown San Francisco from Treasure Island (this morning)
2: 2013-10-10: Quarterback in training, San Francisco Airport
3: 2013-08-20: If you call California "Cali" or San Francisco "Frisco", it proves you don't know either place; you're only pretending to.
4: 2013-03-18: San Francisco at Night - 360 panorama at Geary and Mason (2 days ago)
5: 2013-03-17: Chinatown (yesterday) ... More from San Francisco:
6: 2013-03-16: Margo Baby. San Francisco, corner of Powell & Market, last night.
7: 2013-03-16: San Francisco: Home of the world's most colorful mental illnesses.
8: 2012-04-29: My hotel room for the night—inside security. (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 91 others) [pic]:
9: 2011-09-10: San Francisco. Right now!
10: 2011-01-28: - Mini-Video: San Francisco cable car at Powell and Bush. (0:30)
11: 2011-01-28: Thanks to advances in steam technology, central heating comes standard in most San Francisco rooming houses.
12: 2011-01-28: Decent enough! They gave His Holiness his own room in the heart of San Francisco for $29. (@ USA Hostel)
13: 2011-01-28: Local ladies. San Francisco.
14: 2011-01-28: San Francisco. Right now!
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