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1: 2014-05-12: Eggs from free-range chickens: 43ยข each at a supermarket in France (Apr 16)
2: 2014-04-16: Etiquette tip for Americans in France: Never drink wine directly from the bottle. Always use a straw.
3: 2014-01-12: Lingering bitterness over the XYZ Affair has caused me to rethink my diplomatic relations with France.
4: 2013-02-12: France - new index of our photo albums
5: 2011-04-27: In France, stop signs say "STOP". In Quebec, they say "ARRET". Because you can never be too French!
6: 2011-04-08: Travel Mythbusters: The French savor their meals and abhor fast food. Then who's eating at all those fast food restaurants all over France?
7: 2011-03-19: @lolahayes And how do we even know you're in France. No geotags? No pix? Prove you're not in North Hollywood!
8: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-21: RT @TheBosha: Hey France! They've raised our retirement age here in the United States also, to NEVER.
9: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-22: New photo album: "Mont St. Michel, France" - Re-edited from 2006.
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