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1: 2016-09-23: Florida is a state
2: 2015-07-07: RT @_FloridaMan: Florida Man Dies After Strapping Fireworks to Head on Fourth of July
3: 2015-03-14: RT @Peripatetia: A pelican almost gets me! @ Robbie's Marina, Islamorada, Florida (today) #video
4: 2015-02-23: RT @Peripatetia: Dawn at Bud n' Mary's Marina on the Florida Keys. 5-minute video shot this morning. - Peaceful, eh?
5: 2014-06-10: London, Venice, New Orleans, Florida – who needs 'em? We'll always have Denver and Kathmandu. #globalwarming #whatsthebigdeal
6: 2014-01-31: I get all my Florida news from @_FloridaMan — "the world's worst superhero"
7: 2014-01-29: Bigfoots from Arkansas parked in a handicap space at Walmart in Florida City.
8: 2014-01-26: Harassing the wildlife on the Florida Keys (15 sec videos)
9: 2014-01-22: Mermaid, Wekiwa Springs, Florida (May 2013)
10: 2014-01-05: Florida:
11: 2013-12-26: Seven Mile Bridge on the Florida Keys (15 sec time-lapse video)
12: 2013-12-25: Christmas Princesses, Ormond Beach, Florida (today)
13: 2013-12-25: In Florida, time is measured in days, months, years and major hurricanes.
14: 2013-12-20: Car wash, Sarasota, Florida (15 sec video) @ Shell
15: 2013-12-20: Halloween villainesses in Gainesville, Florida (Oct 2011)
16: 2013-12-05: RT @_Flor1daWoman: Florida Woman Attacks Husband For Not Explaining Why He Was Basting Thanksgiving Turkey |
17: 2013-11-19: A bleak November day in South Florida. :'(
18: 2013-10-09: Miami and South Florida - my photos 2007-present
19: 2013-08-12: Return to the Eemian. Goodbye New York, Florida, London. We're going to miss you! re @nytimes
20: 2013-07-20: Until Stevie Wonder ends his Florida boycott, I will not be buying any of his records or attending any of his concerts.
21: 2013-07-17: RT @_FloridaMan: Florida Man Wakes Up In Hotel Room With No Memory; Can Only Speak Swedish |
22: 2013-07-01: Support Zombies (Miami, this morning) + More photos from Miami & South Florida:
23: 2013-05-22: Florida billboard: "The Bible. Inspired. Absolute. Final." — I would add. "Ambiguous. Incoherent. Irrelevant."
24: 2013-04-15: Orlando, Florida. Right now!
25: 2013-03-21: Budweiser Bottling Plant, Jacksonville, Florida - 30-second video postcard shot 2 days ago. (An editing exercise.)
26: 2013-03-20: Florida resident with perfect horizontal allignment (2 days ago) ... North of Jupiter:
27: 2013-03-18: Feeding the birds in Cocoa, Florida. Just now! ... More:
28: 2013-02-17: Tampa, Florida, 1964 (or yesterday)
29: 2013-02-16: Transportation of the Proletariat, Tampa, Florida.
30: 2013-02-15: Key West, Florida - photos from multiple visits. The only Caribbean island you can drive to!
31: 2013-02-14: I have climbed all the mountains, skied all the slopes, scaled all the cliffs and run all the rapids of Florida. What is there left?
32: 2013-02-14: Florida Geography Quiz: Which highway is longest in Florida: I-95, I-10 or I-75? (Is Florida taller, wider or fatter?)
33: 2013-01-30: Boo at the Zoo, Gainesville, Florida. One of my best albums of 2011.
34: 2013-01-30: Florida rules & regulations (Ocala, today) ... More Central Florida photos
35: 2013-01-15: Miami, last night ... More photos from Miami & South Florida
36: 2012-10-30: Road Grannies From Hell (horror) — Rogue Florida seniors drive 45mph in 65mph zones causing bloody crashes behind them. Who will stop them?
37: 2012-10-16: Contrary to the protests of some, failing to take your child to Disney World does NOT constitute child abuse. (*in 49 states except Florida)
38: 2012-08-21: This is the face of Florida White Trash: very red! ... Article:
39: 2012-08-17: Florida White Trash is like northern White Trash but redder.
40: 2012-05-11: Morning in Miami (just now!). More photos from Miami and South Florida:
41: 2012-05-11: Florida blueberries—or are they grapes?
42: 2012-05-08: You need a jacket in Florida mainly to protect you from overcranked air conditioning.
43: 2012-04-12: LOL! 2:20am on the campus of Univ of Florida, Megabus pulled over for speeding in a 20mph zone, moments after leaving bus stop.
44: 2012-04-08: About 1/3 of the wine section of a Florida supermarket. I seriously don't have a clue how to tell them apart.
45: 2012-04-05: A random spot in the woods, Palm Coast, Florida - 360° panorama
46: 2012-04-05: Good rule of thumb in South Florida: Sudden gusts of wind mean a downpour is coming momentarily. Seek shelter fast! (I just made it!)
47: 2012-04-02: How and where to spot manatees in eastern Florida—'cuz it's #ManateeMonday in ManateeLand. cc @xtinewu @zenandtheartof
48: 2012-03-30: Tweeting on the beach, Fort Pierce, Florida (yesterday)
49: 2012-03-30: Our Florida regional albums: Miami Gulf Jupiter Orlando
50: 2012-03-27: Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church, main courtyard, Palm Beach, Florida - 360° panorama
51: 2012-02-21: I love this sunset photo from Florida two months ago. It's HDR (color enhanced), but still cool.
52: 2012-01-17: A day after visiting a nude beach in Florida, I am sunburned in places I have never been before. #nudeskincancer #firstworldproblems
53: 2012-01-15: The magical latitude in Florida where you have to turn on the air conditioning in January.
54: 2012-01-12: Florida, Southern California and now Boston. Suddenly it hits me: Winter sucks!
55: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Florida Key West & Florida Keys
56: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Pelicans of the Florida Keys (December)
57: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Boo at the Zoo, Gainesville, Florida (October)
58: 2011-12-29: It's sunny in Northern Florida but not warm enough to swim. #firstworldproblems
59: 2011-12-28: Times may have changed, but you can still get a "Support Home Ownership For All" Florida license plate.
60: 2011-12-26: Boy feeding the fish... and hopefully not the other way around! Giant tarpon on the Florida Keys.
61: 2011-12-26: Just updated my G+ travel notes on Key West and the Florida Keys: "Best cheap winter vacation in America!" - Go now!
62: 2011-12-26: Christmas Pelicans! New photos taken yesterday on the Florida Keys.
63: 2011-12-24: Abandoned mansion on the Florida Keys - 360° panorama
64: 2011-12-24: .@xtinewu Have a very manatee Christmas! From the Florida Keys. #ManateeMonday
65: 2011-12-22: Florida-bound matryoshka.
66: 2011-12-20: Volkswagen Heaven (or Hell). Orlando, Florida.
67: 2011-12-20: Lake Conway, Orlando, Florida - 360° panorama
68: 2011-12-19: New photos from Titusville added to Florida album.
69: 2011-12-19: Private Waterfront, Titusville, Florida - 360° panorama
70: 2011-12-16: C-C-Colorado is f-f-frickin' f-f-frigid! M-m-must g-g-get b-b-back t-t-to F-F-Florida!
71: 2011-12-13: Rainbow over Lake City, Florida (yesterday)
72: 2011-12-10: New photos from Florida: (end of album)
73: 2011-12-10: There are no cascades in Florida, but you can still build a housing development, put a fake waterfall in front and call it The Cascades.
74: 2011-12-10: Jupiter is cool as long as you can handle the gravity and poisonous atmosphere. (@ Jupiter, Florida)
75: 2011-12-10: Florida sunrise. Near Daytona Beach.
76: 2011-12-10: The modest amenities of my $30 Florida motel room. (For $100, I would have got little shampoos and things.)
77: 2011-12-07: New photos from Florida (end of album)
78: 2011-12-06: Beach Bug. Sanibel Island, Florida.
79: 2011-11-21: Early explorers saw the manatee in Florida and thought they were seeing the mythical mermaid. "Man, those girls are ugly!" #manateemonday
80: 2011-11-17: "Hydroponic Gardening Superstore" — What are people in South Florida growing hydroponicly that they need a superstore?... Wait, never mind!
81: 2011-11-16: People take tours of Florida and Disney World because I guess something like that is just too complicated to do on your own.
82: 2011-10-31: Just shot some fantastic photos tonight at "Boo in the Zoo" in Gainesville, Florida. - Scary sweet!
83: 2011-10-29: Florida's "Tin Can Tourists" of the 1930s were proud of their frugal methods. Photo: - Ol' Flagler didn't make a dime!
84: 2011-10-27: No procession of nature is more majestic than the autumn migration of giant RVs to their winter spawning grounds in Florida and Arizona.
85: 2011-10-23: My $20/night "motel" in Ft. Myers, Florida - tax included! FB photo:
86: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #3: Florida City, Florida. Southernmost Walmart in the continental US (excluding Hawaii).
87: 2011-07-26: Indoor surfing, Aventura, Florida.
88: 2011-07-25: Been to Transylvania, but had my first Transylvanian meal in Hollywood, Florida. (Transylvania Romanian Restaurant)
89: 2011-07-25: Enjoying fine Transylvanian cuisine — in Florida! (@ Transylvania Romanian Restaurant)
90: 2011-07-13: Archive photo albums: Key West Pirate Festival 2008 Key West and the Florida Keys
91: 2011-06-27: Early explorers to Florida, upon seeing the manatee, assumed it was the legendary mermaid. "Man, those girls are ugly!" #ManateeMonday
92: 2011-05-19: Alien anal probe, Pensacola, Florida.
93: 2011-05-06: On My Bucket List: Retire in Florida to a house adjacent to a golf course so I can play golf. Every. Single. Day.
94: 2011-05-05: Nephew damage, Orlando, Florida.
95: 2011-03-02: Video Postcard from Florida: "RV Madness" (40 seconds) — Because you can never have too much shit!
96: 2011-01-30: Florida gold! It's lying around everywhere, free for the taking!
97: 2011-01-29: - On the Florida Keys, going where no iPhone has gone before! — A journey into another dimension!
98: 2011-01-29: Live-tweeting my swim on the Florida Keys. Brutal! Water temp can't be more than 75 degrees. Video coming.
99: 2011-01-29: Florida Keys. Right now!
100: 2011-01-29: - Giant hamsters! Key Largo, Florida. Right now!
101: 2011-01-21: Florida in the rear-view mirror (5 days ago).
102: 2011-01-17: Philosophy Video #31: "The Problem with Property" From the beach in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday.
103: 2011-01-16: Some oceanfront property in Sarasota, Florida, site of our next philosophy video. Should we buy?
104: 2011-01-16: One word describes retirement in Florida: antiseptic. Like spending your final years in a hospital.
105: 2011-01-15: Airboat. Everglades City, Florida.
106: 2011-01-15: Private dock. Everglades City, Florida.
107: 2011-01-15: Blue crab and its new owner. Naples, Florida.
108: 2011-01-15: The inevitable effect of too much testosterone. More photos from Florida:
109: 2011-01-15: Florida is America's capital of non-productivity. Nowhere else do so many people go to DO NOTHING.
110: 2011-01-15: So which is better: Venice, Italy; Venice, California or Venice, Florida? (Hint: Only one has a Walmart Supercenter.)
111: 2011-01-14: On My Bucket List: Retire to Florida, then severely injure myself in a tragic Segway accident.
112: 2011-01-13: Better than any hostel: $17/day for transportation AND lodging! Planned R&R on Florida's west coast.
113: 2010-12-31: Video #29: We propose a new world currency: hamburgers! From McDonalds, Deltona, Florida.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-01: There are no rocks in Florida! (Look around. You won't find any not hauled there by man.)
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-09: Photo: Spring Break, Destin, Florida. These poor guys are hopelessly outnumbered! - A humanitarian crisis?
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: In Florida, live-tweeting alligator biting off my arm. Guess what guys?! I have a new tweeting hand! (Thank God it didn't get my B'berry!)
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-16: Tooloosahoochee, Florida. Not a real town, but it should be.
118: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Most states have Amber Alerts for missing children but Florida also has Gray Alerts for, um... I forget... Where am I? Whose tweet is this?
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-16: In Florida, there's a fine line between amenity and a manatee!
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: On the bus system in Broward County, Florida, stops are announced in two languages: English and... Haitian Creole!
121: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-29: From Florida to the Arctic Circle, summers look pretty much the same. They just get shorter the further north you go.
122: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: If you like mountains, cool breezes, crisp air, babbling brooks and charming local culture... Florida ain't the place.
123: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: My spy photos from the Adam & Eve™ Romance Superstore, St. Augustine, Florida (taken an hour ago) - So this is romance?
124: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-12: Early sailors visiting Florida saw the manatee and thought they were seeing the mythical Mermaid. "Boy, is this lady ugly!"
125: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: Someone living in bad faith survives only by becoming more and more isolated from the world around him. Then he retires to Florida.
126: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-17: Florida is flatter than Kansas - only a few feet above sea level. The highest hills are trash landfills.
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