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1: 2013-09-21: New York to Cairo in 21 minutes.
2: 2013-08-16: Things I would never do today: Crossing the Sinai Visiting Cairo
3: 2013-07-22: Live-tweeting some past tours and events: Kosovo, Cairo, Balkans, Istanbul Protests, Santorini, etc. Facebook album:
4: 2013-07-21: Journey to Cairo: tweets from the Middle East, June 2011 (new tweet archive search function)
5: 2013-06-04: I have visited both Tahrir Square in Cairo and Taksim Square in Istanbul. I feel far safer in Istanbul. Cairo: not again.
6: 2012-07-05: @DalyaElMaghraby While trapped in shitty Cairo, you should take photos. Therapy for you and interesting for us. Document the shittiness!
7: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Cairo, Egypt (June)
8: 2011-12-28: Impressions of Cairo (six months ago): Everyone living on the edge, hustling to survive. Our archived tweets:
9: 2011-11-13: RT @Kyoks1: He estado n Palestina, cruce L Sinai n bus d Israel☇Cairo,tambn L muro d Berlin, pero c/esta frontera(El Paso) no me meto vi ...
10: 2011-11-12: Been to Palestine. Crossed the Sinai by bus from Israel to Cairo. Even crossed the Berlin Wall. But this border here I'm not messing with.
11: 2011-06-30: 7am Cairo time. Midnight Austin time. Wide awake, but at least I got 9 hours sleep. A hostel is better than a trash bag!
12: 2011-06-25: Archive of all our tweets from our epic Cairo journey:
13: 2011-06-25: @female_masrya Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my stay in Cairo!
14: 2011-06-25: I had no fear of violence on the streets of Cairo but a real fear of death by vehicle or falling object.
15: 2011-06-25: Cairo: No working traffic lights! You cross the street by boldly threading through moving traffic.
16: 2011-06-23: After 4 days in Cairo, it is a pleasure to get back to the stability, cleanliness, safety and prosperity... of Greece!
17: 2011-06-23: FB albums from this trip: The Great Pyramids: Urban Cairo Taba and the Sinai Desert
18: 2011-06-22: Cairo, with 14 million cars, doesn't seem to have a single working traffic light. Kinda amazing traffic moves at all!
19: 2011-06-22: It is refreshing to find an English language menu in Cairo, but two of the items are a little disturbing.
20: 2011-06-22: This is where I'm headed today. Old Cairo. Looks like a maze!
21: 2011-06-21: It's not terribly hot in Cairo. I have A/C in my room but haven't used it. Just leave the window open and listen to the city.
22: 2011-06-21: There is a sporting event on TV and all of Cairo is watching. Out my window I hear simultaneous whoops and groans from the whole city.
23: 2011-06-21: A 2-minute tour of my tiny hostel in downtown Cairo On the 11th floor of a grungy office building near the Nile.
24: 2011-06-21: My hostel is on the 11th floor of a downtown Cairo building. The elevator is out, so it's up and down this stairwell:
25: 2011-06-21: Some random photos from Cairo, taken today. (This was my recovery day, and I didn't venture far.) FB album:
26: 2011-06-19: Arrived in Cairo! Took 40 hours to get here! Here's m view from the window of my $14 private room. Right now!
27: 2011-06-18: I'll be splurging on accommodations in Cairo: a private room for $14/night. Hostelworld:
28: 2011-06-18: Just booked my escape route out of Cairo: a short flight to Athens. At $205, it's the most expensive part of the trip.
29: 2011-06-18: Map of my bus route from Tel Aviv to Cairo, as first dreamt in December. FB photo:
30: 2011-06-18: Got plenty of time to plot and plan at the Tel Aviv airport (due to Shabbat). Petra is out! Heading straight to Cairo over next 24 hours.
31: 2011-06-17: Correction: Tel Aviv to Eilat: 75 Israeli Shekels. Taba to Cairo: 70 Egyptian Pounds. Grand total, including transfers: less than $50!
32: 2011-06-17: The total cost of the land journey, Tel Aviv to Cairo: under $100! A lot less than the airfare from Athens to Cairo.
33: 2011-06-17: I've already researched the route: Tel Aviv south to Eilat by bus (5+ hours). Cross the Egypt border at Taba, then bus to Cairo (6 hours).
34: 2011-06-17: But wait! There's a flight later tonight to Tel Aviv. No cheap flights to Cairo, but I can get there by LAND across the Sinai Desert!
35: 2011-06-17: My first option was the simple one: fly free to Athens, then hop a cut-rate airline to Cairo... FOILED when the Athens flight check in full!
36: 2011-06-17: ++++ LIVE TWEETING my attempt to visit to Cairo. Now in PHL, trying to work it out.
37: 2011-02-07: Was planning to head to Cairo tomorrow, but apparently there have been Twitter connectivity issues. Something to do with the Super Bowl?
38: 2011-01-30: RT @danavachon Tourists besiege Cairo airport, but flights halt - Yahoo! Finance <== Yup, Cairo vacation is off.
39: 2011-01-29: I'm not worried so much about Cairo itself but about crossing the Sinai, which is a semi-lawless area even in the best of times.
40: 2011-01-29: MISSION ABORTED! Not going to Cairo right now. This WAS my intended bus route on Feb. 10 but there are too many risks.
41: 2011-01-28: My own visit to Cairo is scheduled for Feb. 10. Will I get my visa? Will they let me in (at Taba)? CAN I TWITTER?
42: 2010-12-28: A future dream itinerary: Tel Aviv to Cairo by bus for less than $100. Map:
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